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    Boss FAQ by LordLocke

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 08/19/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 18:25:24 -0700
    From: ldctk <locke@napanet.net>
    The LordLocke Guide to the Bosses of StarFox 64  v2.5
    	Hello again!  This is your ol' pal, LordLocke, whippin' up another
    hot faq for your viewing pleasure.  This one is on the BOSSES of StarFox 64.
    The regular stages are overly easy (I defeated all of them the first time I 
    reached them, and I never played the orignal StarFox), so I felt they didn't
    need a run-through.  The bosses, on the other hand, were fairly challanging, 
    and caused MAJOR problems, especially the ones closer to Venom.  At one point
    (The Star Wolf team on Venom), I almost threw down the controller, yanked out 
    the game, tied it to a REAL plane, and watch IT get shot down.  But, in the 
    end, I won, and that was that.  So, even though this game is a rental-finish, 
    I decided to write a FAQ anyways.  
    Because of lack of demand...IT'S DEAD!
    Version History
    v. 1.0: The first one!
    v. 2.0: Corrections in spelling.
    	Revised tatics in Sector Z
            Added Mulit-Player Tatics
    	Added Medal Information
    v. 2.5: Corrected Warp in Sector X
    	  Added Boss Names
    	  More Multi-Player Tips
    	  Added thank you section
    `	  Killed the "Beat the Boss" label
            Changed Andross's brain stratagy
    	  Added "Earning A Medal" mini-section
    	  Other minor corrections
    Basic Boss Fighting Tips
    Forget the Barrel Roll:  Only a couple bosses have projectiles that are 
    deflected by this (MAJOR EXCEPTION: The lasers of the Star Wolf team can be
    deflected, and while waiting for the boost to refill, this is your ONLY 
    Listen to your Wing Men:  Peppy in particular, as if you havn't found the 
    weak points, he'll tell them to you.  Falco and Peppy consist of a cheering 
    squad, who'll tell you if what you're doing is working.  While Slippy won't 
    say much (he never does, unless he's in trouble), he provides the boss 
    meter.  This will help you decide what tactics to take.
    Nova Bombs:  In most cases, these are worthless.  The only bosses I've 
    found a use for these are the bosses of Zoness (you MUST use them here), 
    Aquas, Titania, and Sector Z.  If you are not fighting one of these, use 
    lasers.  These can, however, find the enemies weak spot for you.
    Charged Laser Shots:  Use these only on bosses with LARGE damage areas. 
    Full Range Mode: If fighting in all-range mode, use the radar to find the 
    boss if you lose him, not to mention find your wingmen.
    Earning Those Medals
    To earn the medals, you must do the following
    *Kill the required number of enemies
    *Keep all 3 wingmen alive
    I will give each medal a 1-10 diff rating, from 1 being a cake walk, 
    to 10, being MEGA HARD!
    The Bosses
    Corneria Medal:  Basically, shoot everything that moves.  Try to look for 
    clusters to rack up a few free points.  Hit all of both the immobile and 
    wave-riding mechs.  At +5 and +3 to hits each, these are too good to pass 
    up.  Also, try and hit the "cars" on the road in the first half of the 
    stage.  They are all clustered, making an easy +2 or +3 bonus possible. 
    You need 150 kills....no problem!
    Difficulty: 2
    Granga: This boss is a giant humanoid robot.  This guy is easy. First, 
    shoot one of the legs.  Then, make a U-Turn and fire upon his back.  If 
    you have the Hyper Laser, you should be able to destroy it on one pass.  If 
    not, just make a U-Turn, then fire again upon his back.  REAL EASY!
    Attack Carrier: Despite how easy the first one is, this one is even easier.  
    Just shoot the open pod.  It'll open the right one first, then both the 
    ones on the left.  As you are fireing, you'll also take out the fighters 
    and missles coming out.  After the pods are gone.  Fire on the main part, 
    avoiding the fire he shoots as the charges at you.  Peice of Cake.
    Meteo Medal:  You should use at least one Nova Bomb in each of the meteor 
    fields, and charge shots on the enemies in rings.  Another good spot for 
    Nova Bombs is inside the second "ring" meteor, where the wierd planes wrap 
    some sort to ribbon around your jet, taking out the laser turrents inside.  
    These 4 areas should give you about 125 hits if done right, so only 75 
    regular hits are needed.  There IS a warp just teeming with enemies, which 
    can be accessed by flying through the blue triangle rings, but it's tough to 
    do, so don't rely on the warp.  Difficulty: 6 (1 IF you manage to hit the 
    Meteo Crusher:  This boss can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing.  
    FIrst, fire upon the yellow spots under the laser shield, avoiding his 
    laser shots.  When the shield is removed, do not forget to avoid it.  The 
    new target is in the center of the body, and is only vulnerable when he is 
    charging or firing his hyper-laser.  Stay away from the center of the 
    screen, and fire upon the target.  Lastly, he flips over, and his two 
    targets are just above and under the center.  Watch out for the ripple 
    laser, and fire at whichever spot is yellow.  To avoid the laser, move up 
    or down from where you are.  This works better if you start from the very 
    top of bottom of the screen.
    Fortuna Medal:  You have to take out at least 6 enemies before Star Wolf 
    shows up, then YOU YOURSELF must take out all four members of Star Wolf.  
    Only 50.....that's easy.  Difficulty: 1
    Star Wolf (in the Wolfen 1):  Ah, your first encounter with Star Wolf.  This
    one is tricky if you don't pay attention to those
    messages.  Each member of Star Wolf has a trademark message.
    Wolf: "You'll be seeing your father soon, Fox."
    This meens that Wolf is about to open fire on YOU!  Do a loop-the-loop, and 
    Wolf will comment "What the Heck?", and pass under you. Open fire on HIM 
    Leon: "Annoying Bird, I am the Great Leon"
    Even if Falco dosn't say that he's in trouble, he is.  This is the PERFECT 
    TIME to take care of Leon.  Find Falco.  If you find Falco, you'll find 
    Leon.  Now, open fire on Leon.  He'll either try a loop the loop (If you 
    are far enough away, you can shoot him while he's doing this), or just keep 
    following Falco.  SHOOT HIM DOWN!  The only time you should ignore messages 
    like these is if Wolf is on your tail
    Pigma: "I'll do you fast, Peppy old pal"
    Same as Leon, only Pigma is following Peppy.  
    Andrew: "Stick to the pond, Froggie"
    Same a Leon and Pigma, only Andrew is following Slippy.
    Also, if any wingmen are down, their respective enemy will work on YOU! 
    So, KEEP THOSE WINGMEN ALIVE!   Also all 4 will take pot shots at you 
    without messages.  So keep alert about laser fire around you. If you finish 
    off the members of Star Wolf while they are chasing your wingmen, this will 
    be easy.  This time around, you have 3 min. to kill 'em all off.  If you 
    are having trouble, don't worry.  All you have to do is to survive for the 
    3 min.
    Sector X medal:  This one is tough.  You should Nova Bomb at the first wave 
    of enemies, and again just before you enter the tunnel.  You need to have at 
    least 80 kills coming out of the tunnel, as the rest of the level, including 
    the warp, is not very enemy heavy.  The warp is on the left side, and no 
    matter how hard it is to shoot open all 4 gates, it's easier than saving 
    Slippy from the boss.  There are about 80 kills inside the warp as well, but 
    all the enemies are spread out until the end.  Note: IF THE BOSS SWATS 
    Difficulty: 6
    SpyBorg: This contraption has a VERY SMALL target.  You better be good 
    with your aim.  This boss will attack first with a blue laser, which looks 
    a LOT like the lasers from um...well, that old Sega arcade game where you 
    are running away from the player...anyone know it's name?  Anyways, move 
    left or right to avoid it.  Then, it'll swing downwards at you with it's 
    two fists, first the right, then the left.   It's vulnerable after it 
    swings the left, when it turns it's head towards you.  FIRE AT THE EYES!  
    Just keep repating until you "destroy" it.  It will suddenly come back to 
    life, and start attacking. YOU HAVE ONE BATTLE CYCLE TO SAVE SLIPPY!  
    Target the EXACT CENTER of the neck with your laser.  Once again, if you 
    have the hyper or twin laser, you should make it fine as long as you DON'T 
    MISS.  If you only have one laser, shoot Nova Bombs the whole time you're 
    fireing to deal that extra notch of damage you'll need.  The battle cycle 
    is this: He throws a peice of sheet metal with the left hand, then swings 
    with the right.  That's it.  
    Titania Medal: Just shoot everything.  No fancy tricks.  As Peppy said, 
    "Just shoot it, Fox"  Using the charged laser helps, though. 
    Difficulty: 5
    Goras: If you're here, you just HAD to let Slippy get swatted.  You're 
    going to need your nova bombs here.  At first, all you see are two 
    hammer-like claws, and a claw holding Slippy's ArWing.  Just worry about 
    avoiding the hammers until the monster dives under the sand.  When he comes 
    up, he'll do a little taunt opener, then attack.  As soon as it starts 
    attacking, fire a Nova Bomb.  Keep fireing Nova Bombs until you are out, or
    the only limb left is holding Slippy.  Start fireing on the limb holding 
    Slippy, until he breaks free.  You'll quickly destroy it.  If you didn't 
    have enough nova bombs, this is where it gets hard.  You must destroy the 
    two hammers, as well as the two turrent-claws, with just your cannon.  Roll 
    left or right to avoid the hammers, and fire upon them first.  Then, just 
    move left and right rapidly to avoid the lasers, and destroy the claws.  
    After all 4 limbs are gone, fire at the chest, avoiding the tail by 
    hovering, and avoiding the HUGE beam by rolling, then hovering over it as  
    approaches you.  If it gets all it limbs back, repeat until dead.
    Bolse Medal:  This is a lot easier if Star Wolf is still around. It's still 
    possible if they arn't, but you have to shoot out all the pods on the core 
    while they still give a +10 bonus.  Any way you put it, you must do it while 
    the core gives a +5, so take care of Star Wolf fast if they do show up.
    Difficulty: 8
    Bolse Core: If you didn't take care of Star Wolf at Fortuna, 
    then you'll face them here. Use the previous tatics, but this time, YOU 
    MUST KILL THEM.  Otherwise, fire upon the yellow spots on the rotating core 
    after it appears.  Every time a yellow target dissapears, a laser turrent 
    will appear on it. Barral Roll when you get close. Near the end, if you 
    have Nova Bombs, use them to take care of the final targets without 
    entering that Guantlet of lasers.
    Sector Y medal: Same as Titania.  Just use bombs after the ship drops down 
    and releaces the two waves of 9, and right after ROB64 calls. Difficulty: 3
    Shoguns & Shogun Warlord: It opens as a battle vs 2 huge shielded warriors.  
    These two slow moving targets are easy to kill. Just fire at them. Really.  
    The 3rd one will be launched after the first two are scrapped.  This one 
    moves fast, and has a shield that will asorb laser blasts.  You can handle 
    this one in two ways:  Hunt him down, and make a pass by it, blasting like 
    mad, than U-Turning and repeating, or wait for him to say "I'll take you out 
    from the ship." Then go to the ship, and take him out there.  Through this 
    whole battle your wingmen will be taking damage from laser shots, so the 
    faster this goes, the healther your wingmen will be
    Katania Medal:  SHOOT EVERYTHING!  Take out 3 hatches, but save the 4th.  
    This'll keep a stead stream of targets coming out.  Keep killing fighters 
    until the core counter is at about 30 seconds.  You can cut it closer, but 
    I don't reccomend it  Difficulty: 7
    Saucerer:  Easy.  Just make runs at the hatches when they open.  Then make 
    runs at the core when it appears. The only challange is avoiding the stray 
    shots from the battle below, plus the one-min time limit to take out the 
    core when it appears.
    Solar Medal: Another just shoot everything medal.  The only time bombs help 
    is when a huge flock of lava monsters fly by.  Difficulty: 4
    Vulcan:  Another Easy boss.  First, fire at the arms.  During this fight, 
    avoid the claws.  The left ones swings up to down, the right swings right 
    to left.  When he dives and makes a wave, turbo through to get by without a 
    scratch.  Shoot the rocks that appear when he dives to refill your bar.  
    After the arms are gone, shoot the head, and watch out for the jump attack 
    where he zooms out of the lava, surrounded by boulders.  It's over sooner
    than you think.
    MacBeth Medal: A common mistake is to just shoot the enemies, not the train. 
    If you only shoot one thing, SHOOT THE TRAIN!  If you can take out everything 
    before they are dumped, you will rack up 75 of the 150 you need.  Hitting 
    the switches is the easy way to get another 50 hits.  The order is 
    Right, Right, Right, Left, Left (Katt will get these two if you came from 
    Zoness), Right, Right, Left (The last one behind a wall...SHOOT IT DOWN!)
    Then shoot the box, then the lever that appears. Difficulty: 6
    MechBeth: If you hit the switches, you took the easy, but better way out.  
    If not, then fire upon the boss, first at the tail, then the head.  
    Whenever he drops the spears, charge a shot, and blast 3-5 at once.  Dodge 
    the tail swipe be rolling left or right.  After both the head and tail are 
    gone, fire first at the train whenever the hatch raises, then the kite.  
    When the kite fires a Suber-Blast, head to one side of the screen, then 
    when it starts, move to the other.  Hover over the blocks the train drops, 
    or just avoid them
    Aquas Medal:  Did I mention shoot everything?  Your finger should NEVER 
    leave the brakes.  If the torpedoes lock on, kill it.  Difficulty: 3
    Bacoon:  To make this battle easier, first fire upon the 3 knobs on top of 
    it's head to remove the snake-creatures from the battle.  Then fire at the 
    two collumns whenever the mouth opens, and when it changes to rainbow 
    colors, fire a missle.   When both collumns are gone, then shoot at the 
    barrier surrounding the eye, then shoot a missle at the eye itself.  
    After about 3-4 hits, start shooting at the pearl pods before the eye to 
    make the battle easier.
    Zoness Medal: YOU MUST HIT ALL THE SEARCH LIGHTS!  When you hit, you get a 
    +2 bonus if the light is yellow.  You only get 1 hit if it's red. Otherwise, 
    another shoot everything level.  Just make the lights first priority.  
    Lots of charged shots, too. Difficulty: 9
    Sarumarine:  WHAT A PAIN!  You have to use Nova bombs for most of the battle. 
    During the majority of the battle, shoot the oil barrals it drops to refill 
    your shields.  Fire at the cannonballs to get more bombs.  First, fire at 
    the exaust pipes whenever they are raised.  Each should take 2-4 bombs.  
    Then, start fireing at the side pods, where the cannons are.  When one goes 
    down, fire at the crane when the ship turns arount to pick up the cannon. 
    If at any time the ship submerges, then just fly around and avoid the 
    spiked ball.  When both cannons and the crane are down, it'll start fireing 
    a steady stream of fire, and continously fires the spiked ball at you.  Fly 
    back and forth to avoid the ball, and fly near the top of the screen to 
    avoid the flames.  Your target is right around where the spiked ball 
    rested. Lasers will work now, too.
    Sector Z Medal: After this stage, YOU WILL WANT TO KILL YOUR WINGMEN! 
    (Not really, but you'll feel like it).  You must kill all 6 missles!  Sadly, 
    more than often, one of your wingmen will kill one while you finish off the 
    other two in the final set.  Use bombs to hit all 3, but wait for distance 
    20, so that you'll kill them with the bombs instead of just making it that 
    much easier for your wingmen to kill.  Difficulty: 10
    6 Copperhead Missles:  The 6 missles are real pains.  The first one isn't 
    too bad, and if Falco isn't busy, he'll help you out by adding his fire to 
    yours. When the next two come, Falco will make a return visit, and Slippy 
    will join in.  Slippy will destroy a missle by himself, and Falco will help 
    you destroy another one.  If you came from Zoness, Katt will join it to help 
    you with missles 4, 5, and 6.  All your wingmen will also help out,if they 
    are not busy.  Katt and Falco will take out the missle on the far right 
    (This is if you are BEHIND the missles), Slippy and Peppy will take out the 
    missle on the left, and you alone must take out the one in the center.  
    If ANY of the wingmen do not appear, or if you came from Sector X. you 
    should fire steady stream of Nova Bombs during the 3rd set.
    Area 6 Medal:  Shoot enemies, shoot ships, shoot everything.  Brake a lot. 
    Bomb a lot.  Just kill off as much as you can.  Charge shots almost every 
    time. Difficulty: 4
    Gorgon: This oddball boss isn't very tough, but he IS confusing.  First, 
    fire at the 3 red energy balls.  This should take a notch off his life 
    meter.  After this, fire at the claws.  Whenever he dissapears (except after 
    you fire all 3 of the claws off), he'll releace a volly of missles.  Shoot 
    as many as you can, as some yeild energy rings.  After you shoot off the 
    claws, he'll fire off A LOT of missles.  Just keep shooting, using a bomb 
    if REALLY needed.  After you shoot off the red energy balls for the 3rd 
    time, start fireing at the center.  When it closes, work on the claws again. 
    He now releaced fighters instead of missles, but your tatics for the missles 
    still work.  After you shoot off the claws now, he'll fire a HUGE laser.  
    DO NOT PANIC!  Just fly over to the upper left or right. Park it in the 
    corner until it's over.  Repeat until dead.
    Venom (Easy Route)
    Venom Medal: You only need to medal Venom (Hard Route). Besides, it's VERY 
    HARD to medal on the easy path.  Difficulty: 6 (10 on Venom 1)
    GoleMech:  You should worry about avoiding the obsticles more than 
    shooting down the boss.  Fire upon the chest, then the sholders, then the 
    feet, then finally the rear.  After that, the head will turn red.  Shoot the 
    head, then the center of the body.  As I said, the obsticles are the larger 
    Andross's Telekinetic Attack:  Andross's giant head, and two hands, will 
    appear.  To take him out, first fire upon his eyes.  Since you should have 
    the Hyper Lasers, you should be able to get him before he attacks.  While 
    he's stunned, fire at the RIGHT hand.  He'll fire back when he recovers 
    with a electric bolt.  Depending on what side of the head you were on, fly 
    to the opposite side.  After both hands are gone, fire at the eyes, and 
    if he tries to suck you in, fire a Nova bomb, the hit the breaks and fly 
    over to one of the extreme sides.  When the face explodes, fire at the 
    robot's eyes, avoiding it's charge.  This is fairly easy.
    Venom (Hard Route)
    Venom Medal:  KILL ALL STAR WOLF MEMBERS YOURSELF!  Also, kill withen 3 min 
    to get +50 bonuses from them! Also, you can allow only one to degrade to 
    +30 to get this medal, so be quick!  Difficulty: 6
    No matter what, Star Wolf is back, and they have new ships.  This is the 
    hardest battle in the game!  You'll lose quite a few lives before you get 
    SAVE YOUR WINGMEN! If you can get two of them down fast, the rest is easy.  
    In order to do this though, you need a few more tatics than explained at 
    Wolf, unlike at Fortuna, will NOT STOP until he is dead.  So, your first 
    priority should be to make it so.  
    Any of the other 3 members of Star Wolf may stop chasing your wingmen if 
    they see you after them.  Even worse, they may start chasing YOU!  Beware! 
    ROB64 will be a welcome sight.  Any time he drops somthing off, break battle 
    and go get it, loop the looping as needed.  Quite often, it's a super ring 
    which will refill about 1/2 your shields.  
    Try to follow the same member of Star Wolf.  The more you concentrate on 
    one, the sooner he'll be gone.
    Always loop the loop if you are being chased, and if you are low on boost, 
    barral roll until it is full.  
    When all else fails, fire a Nova Bomb IF there are two or more Star Wolfs in 
    the bomb area.   The damage is about the same as two laser blasts.
    Andross's Telekinetic Attack: See Venom (Easy Route)
    Andross's Brain:  This is NOT easy.  Your first goal is to take out the 
    eyes.  This is done easily enough with one nova bomb when the two are 
    close to each other.  When the brain attacks itself, just shoot at it.
    It will teleport BEHIND YOU!  While it's teleporting, make a sharp turn
    to the left or right uning the brake+lean method (U-turn is too confusing)
    Fire on the odd spot under the front of the brain. Repeat until dead.
    Multi-Player Tatics
    - Mix up what you use.  If other weapons are open, switch when you die in 
    Time Trail and point match:
    ArWing:  Versitile, but is the easiest target for all 3....can outrun all 
    the other weapons. 
    LandMaster:  Powrful, but slow.....has a hard time avoiding hits.
    On Foot:  SMALL TARGET!  Otherwise, same as landmaster.
    -  Loop the Loop to avoid Locked-on shots.
    -  If behind opponent, and they don't know it, lock on a shot first, then 
    lasers, as if not to let them know it until it's too late.  
    -   Watch out for missed shots from others.....in 4 player matches, this is 
    a greater danger than being followed if two people are attacking the same 
    -  If using the LandMaster, hover up to their level as they pass you, shoot 
    with REGULAR lasers, then drop down.  When they loop the loop, and see 
    nothing, their expression will be of confusion.....and since they slowed down, 
    you get to do it again!!!
    -  While on foot may be fun, you are a sitting duck for sharp-shooters.  
    However, crappy pot shots are less of a threat.
    -Tanks only show on radar if you are about in the same 1/4 the map as it is. 
    You almost have to be on top of a guy on foot for him to appear on radar.
    Make use of this.
    All right, I got a reply e-mail telling me how much better my faq was then 
    Nintendo Power's Guide.  Well, I was bored (Car Trip cross country...)
    and I saw the guide. so I bought it.  I tried their techniques when I got 
    home 2 weeks later, and THEY DIDN'T WORK WELL AT ALL! He was right! 
    I did write a better guide than NP. I did, however, make use of the boss 
    names provided by the guide.  So just rember, you are reading a guide better 
    than NP's (Just had to gloat over that)
    Thank you
    Code_Master (code_master@pipeline.com): Correcting the typo about the warp 
    in Sector X
    Nintendo Power: Providing me with the boss names
    Next FAQs
    X-Men v.s. SF 
    Lufia 2: The Ancient Cave FAQ
    Dare to Compare: A look at the prominent series of fighting arcade games
    (SF, MK, Tekken, VF, Marvel, DarkStalkers)
    DarkStalkers 3: Vampire Savior (Maybe)
    SF3 Dudley FAQ (Maybe) 
    Tekken 3 Paul FAQ (Maybe)
    I'l do the last 3 if I get enough requests for them   
    Until next time, Mayhem fans.                                              
                                                    Matthew Karr (LordLocke)

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