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    FAQ by BJ

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                 S T A R  F O X  6 4   F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H
    Created by: BJ
    E-Mail Address: bjknows@hotmail.com
    Genre: Nintendo 64
    Version: 1.1 (8/8/00)
    FAQ#: 1
    Star Fox 64 © 1997 Nintendo.  All rights reserved.
    This FAQ is afficiated with Nintendo or any other producers with this game.
    This FAQ is copyrighted.  More details on section "Copyright Information".  
    Also, please read the section "E-Mail Note" before e-mailing me.
    1 > welcome
    2 > copyright information
    3 > revision of walkthrough
    4 > game information
    5 > the story
    6 > character profile
    7 > items and power-ups
    8 > walkthrough
    9 > medal listings
    10 > frequently asked questions
    11 > cheats and hints
    12 > e-mail note
    13 > credits
    Hello!  My name is Brian.  This is my first time to make an FAQ.  Don't know 
    where to start when I first started making it!  Don't know when it will get 
    done, but it will get done sooner or later {:^)  Hopefully you will find lots 
    of information about Star Fox 64 you didn't know about.
    Remember to check out my new site called Nintendo Dome, provided by 
    GeoCities.  The URL is http://www.geocities.com/nintendodome/ and will be 
    open once I get frames!
    Copyright Information
    Copyright © 1999-2000 Beejay.  All rights reserved.
    This FAQ is the property of me.  Do not steal or copy it off of here and put 
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    (5) days, I will be very strict and can delete your page off the internet 
    and/or sue you.  The only thing I want you to do to this is to just print it 
    off.  If you only want the walkthrough or a specific other thing, just 
    highlight the part that you want, right click on the highlighted part, select 
    "Print", click on "Selection", and then click on OK.  Please don't copy and 
    paste this either.  You can only do that by e-mailing me and then I'll give 
    you the signal to do that.  Please e-mail me BEFORE doing that.  Thanks.
    Note: My FAQs should ONLY be found at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), my site 
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    anywhere else, please contact me.
    Revision of Versions
    Version 1.1   08/08/00   Revised FAQ
                             Put new section: "Medal Listings"
                             Put new section: "Tips, Tricks, and Cheats"
                             Put new section: "Credits"
                             Put on FAQs
    Version 1.0   05/02/99   Started this FAQ
                             Completed everything
    *Deadline for submitting things to this FAQ for Version 1.2 is 08/12/00!
    Game Information
    TITLE            Star Fox 64
    CONSOLE(S)       Nintendo 64
    ESRB RATING      Everyone 6+ (Animated Violence)
    PLAYERS          1-4 Players / Simultaneously
    ACCESSORIES      Designed for N64 Rumble Pak (included with original version)
    COMPANIES        Nintendo
    GENRE            1st-3rd Person / Adventure
    The Story
    (my version)
    All right, this whole this started in the Lylat System.  These planets 
    circling around the sun enjoyed their years of fun.  Well, that is until 
    Andross gone mad.  He has made a secret weapon and then threw it at the 
    Cornerian planet.  Lots of the major cities were destroyed, and also innocent 
    civilians.  That's when General Pepper knew that Andross had to be caught.  
    With his team, they eventually captured him and sent him to Venom.  But that 
    didn't stop Andross.  Not at all.
    A couple years after the capture, Pepper found some strange things happening 
    in Venom on his computer.  He didn't know what it was, so he sent his team to 
    Venom.  Once he did, they never came back.  Pepper then found out that his 
    team members were all dead, destroyed by Andross.  Pepper then knew that he 
    had to send his Top Ace pilots: James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare, 
    to explore the area.
    Before they reached Venom, they found it difficult to reach to reach Venom.  
    Probably the torchure was going through all the planets.  When they reached 
    Venom, Pigma had gotten hypnotized in a light beam.  It made him betray his 
    team members and join Andross's team.  When the remaing two pilots reached 
    Andross, they didn't know what they were in for.  Peppy went flying all over 
    the place, and then he was blow away out of the arena.  Then, it was all 
    James.  He was the last one.  But soon, he would be the last one … to die.  
    Andross grabbed the Arwing in his hands.  The plane was trying to wiggle out, 
    but couldn't.  The Arwing then got crushed with James in it, and while it was 
    crunching, steamy blood was pouring out the bottom.  Peppy saw all what was 
    happening.  It was the plane's oil and fuel … and James's blood.  Peppy then 
    escaped in horror to tell Fox, James's son, about his father's fate.
    When Andross knew that the Cornerian army was out to get him, he consumed 
    with rage, and Andross declared war on the Lylat System.  After a while, 
    Pepper's team has failed, and Andross has taken control of every planet, 
    including Corneria.  Pepper knew that his army couldn't stop Andross alone, 
    so he had to send his other 4 Top Ace pilots: Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy 
    Toad, and Falco Lombardi.
    Character Profile
    Here is the list of the characters in the game and my description about them. 
    Now remember--these are my opinions, so don't go e-mailing me and dissing me 
    that you think they're neat and I think they're stupid.
    Unbelievable--He's one of the youngest members in the Star Fox army and he's 
    the leader.  I bet Falco is complaining on that one!  This guy is pretty 
    cool, and he should be a real pilot and fly in planes in the "real world."  
    Still, I would have to say, he could get a little dull in dialect.
    How many of you guys think that this guy is a real crybaby? "I!"  This dude 
    is a real annoying butthole if you ask me.  God, I mean, he screams and 
    shouts for help whenever he sees an enemy and he always repeats his gosh darn 
    words all the time!  But, the best thing about him is that he can analyze the 
    boss's life meter.  Heck, they should of given that to Peppy as a skill.  I 
    still wonder how he managed to build the Blue-Marine.
    A wise old rabbit.  He is the oldest in the Star Fox team, but he can give 
    great info if you are playing this game for your couple first times.  He just 
    gets a little annoying repeating the words, "Don't give up!  Trust your 
    Do you know what ticked off means?  If you don't, ask Falco.  He has tons of 
    it!  All I do is try to ignore him.  Don't accidently shoot him or shoot at 
    his target.  But, besides that, he could actually be the team leader if he 
    would calm down.  But then, this wouldn't be a game, would it?
    The "Top Gun" of the Star Fox army.  He won't join your team, but he really 
    needs to save the Lylat System.
    This is the robot that runs the Great Fox.  He his a nice dude, because if 
    one of your team members's sheild gauge go down to 0%, ROB64 will call them 
    and tell him to come on the Great Fox and get repaired.  He also helps out on 
    giving you items when you need them.  If this guy was on your team, you would 
    kick butt. But then, who would run the Great Fox?  General Pepper??  
    >KATT (?)
    She appears in: Zoness, Macbeth, and Sector Z.  You will have to be at Zoness 
    to meet her a second time.  If you destroy all the lights, you will travel to 
    Sector Z and meet her there.  If you don't destroy all the lights, you will 
    travel to Macbeth.  Well, she is Falco's girlfriend, and she can be a 
    pest … like Falco.  Hey!  I think they make a match!
    You first meet this guy in Katina.  If you destroyed the mothership, you will 
    go to Solar where you'll meet him.  If you didn't derstroy it, you will meet 
    Bill in Macbeth.  This guy should be in the Star Fox team, but he does have 
    his own team.  This guy is very calm and friendly and could be the best 
    leader.  Well, he is, but not in the Star Fox team.  Just don't shoot him or 
    then he will get mad at you.
    Do I really?  Puh-lease!
    Items and Power-Ups
    Here is my list of items and power-ups for weapons.
    This is the item where it can upgrade your laser.  You start out in the game 
    with a Single Laser.  Then you can get these until it's up to a Twin Laser, 
    then a Hyper Laser.  Remember, you will have your Laser Upgrade until you die 
    or lose a wing.  Then you will go back to a Single Laser.  Collect 1 of these 
    Laser Upgrades to get a Twin Laser, and then collect another one to get a 
    Hyper Laser.
    These bombs are not actually smart--they don't target and hit!  Oh well, at 
    least they give off a lot of damage to enemies.  My advice is to not use 
    on bosses.  They go through them.
    Get these and your shield gauge will recover a little bit.
    This sucker will recover your shield gauge about 3x-5x more than a Supply 
    Get three of these to make your shield gauge twice as big.  It will also 
    recover some of your life, too.  If you collect another 3 of them, you will 
    get a 1-up.  Remember: You can take the left-over rings to the next planet if 
    you have any.
    This will only appear if you lost a wing.  It can appear in tricky locations, 
    so listen to the "beep, beep, beep..." until you find it.  If you grab the 
    Wing Repair, your wings will be fixed.  Or, if you just finish the stage, 
    they'll be repaired, also.
    I call it this because the Great Fox will give you a box with a helpful item 
    that suits you.  If you don't have a lot of bombs, ROB64 will give you a 
    bomb.  If you need just a little more life, ROB64 will give you a Supply 
    Ring.  If you need life, ROB64 will give you a Middle Supply Ring.  If you're 
    lucky, you will get a Shield Ring.  And, of course, if you don't have your 
    wing(s), ROB64 will give you a Wing Repair.  If you need a Laser Upgrade, 
    he'll give you that too, but that hardly ever happens!  Hey...this should be 
    called the ROB64 Box {:^)
    Here is my walkthrough for Star Fox 64.  If you are still having problems, 
    keep on trying – you'll get it!
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Easy
    BWeapon: Single
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : 1-Granga
             2-Attack Carrier
    You can survive with a Single Laser during the level.  Oops, forgot to tell 
    you what the B means on BWeapon.  It stands for "Best Weapon."  It could be 
    hard to get the medal in this level, but you can always try again!  First 
    off, Slippy already gets in trouble!  Shoot the enemy off his tail.  Continue 
    on and on.  Make sure to destroy the robots that are knocking down the 
    building.  They will give you a HIT+5.  A little after the checkpoint, you 
    will have to save Falco.  If you don't, you will have to beat the normal 
    boss.  Whenever you reach the shore, you will find arches in the water.  Go 
    under them all to go into the waterfall and beat the special boss.  If you 
    don't, you will have to go through the regular route to the regular boss.
    GRANGA (NORMAL BOSS): If you have the hyper laser, listen.  Shoot one of his 
    legs off before you run into him.  Then, fly to the mountains.  Make a U-Turn 
    and when you see Granga, shoot him in the green box as fast as you can until 
    he blows up.  This should only take 15 sec. to do.  You will go to Meteo.  
    ATTACK CARRIER (SPECIAL BOSS):  Destroy his arms off whenever they are open, 
    and then hit the middle of the carrier until it blows up.  You should go to 
    Sector Y.
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Easy
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 200 hits
    Boss   : Radgar
    Hopefully all of you know why this "so-called" planet is called Meteo.  'Cuz 
    meteors and meteorites are shooting everywhere!  To my knowledge, make sure 
    to keep Peppy alive.  He warns you about the booby traps.  Here's an example: 
    After the beginning flying meteors, Peppy will worn you that there are ships 
    hiding behind the big meteorites.  The best way to get 200 hits in this level 
    is to go through the warp, otherwise get a Hyper Laser and shoot those 
    meteors!  This level is not really a "walkthrough" level.  Just expect to see 
    more of the same.  
    RADGAR (NORMAL BOSS): This dude can be a pain at first!  First of all, you 
    need to take out his shield.  Do that by hitting the yellow triangles.  Be 
    very careful of not hitting the shield too often.  If it gets bright green, 
    it will let out a big laser shot.  After you take out the sheild, shoot for 
    the big yellow diamond, but be careful of his laser beam.  If it hits you and 
    you have a half amount of life left, about a 65% chance that you will die.  
    After you do that, you'll entirely destroy the back end of the ship.  But, 
    it's not over yet!  He'll turn his ship around.  Destroy the two yellow 
    rectangles.  Be extremly cautious!  He will let out an extremely very 
    powerful laser beam.  If you get stuck in it, you are dead for sure (or very 
    darn close to it)!  After you destroy the yellow triangles, he will lose 
    power and be blown up.  You will be heading to Fortuna.
    WARP (NO BOSS - SPECIAL WARP): This warp is very easy to get through, and you 
    should be able to get the medal in Meteo.  This warp should take you to 
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Easy-Medium
    BWeapon: Twin
    Medal  : 50 hits
    Boss   : Star Wolf Team
    This should be one heck of an easy medal to get indeed.  Just shoot 10 or 
    more ships before the Star Wolf team comes and then shoot the Star Wolf team 
    down in 5 minutes.  It's that simple!
    STAR WOLF TEAM: These guys are the boss.  Star Wolf, Leon (?), Pigma Dengar, 
    and the Andrew (?).  If you defeat them and disarm the bomb, you will go to 
    Solar.  If you fail and the bomb blows up, you will go to Sector X.
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Medium
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Spyborg
    Oh boy!  This planet has been totally destroyed...and totally armed with 
    enemies!  This should be a very easy medal to get!  Make sure to save Peppy 
    in the middle of the level--use a bomb to destroy them all.  You won't hurt 
    Peppy.  Remember, it's a SMART bomb!  If you went to Katina before, Bill will 
    show up helping to go through the warp by shooting the tiles for you.  Just 
    shoot them a couple more times and they will open for you to go in!
    SPYBORG (BOSS): Here is Andross's Secret Weapon.  Shoot the eyes only 
    whenever they glow yellowish.  Whenever his head blows off, doesn't mean that 
    he's dead!  He still has some more juice in him!  Make sure to kill the rest 
    of him off before Slippy rushes in and gets slapped to Titania.  If he 
    doesn't get slapped, you will go to Macbeth.
    WARP (NO BOSS): There is also another route.  To go to Sector Z.  This warp 
    is not as easy as Meteo's warp, and you have about a 70% chance of losing a 
    wing or dying.
    Machine: Landmaster
    Level  : Medium
    BWeapon: Single Shot
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Goras
    You will end up here if Slippy has been sent flying here.  Remember, you can 
    only go here and there is only one route out of here--defeating the boss.  
    This level can be very hard if you don't know how to control the Landmaster. 
    Refer to the instruction booklet on how to run it.  Be careful of all the 
    catuses, bombs, and detonators!  That's all the advice about this level that 
    I know of.
    GORAS (BOSS): Now this is some boss.  He looks like a dog!  First off, shoot 
    the "paws".  While you are shooting them, Slippy will be calling.  After you 
    shoot the "paws", the whole body of Goras will come out.  In one of his arms 
    is holding Slippy.  Shoot that arm first, then the rest of them.  Becareful 
    of his tail whip and strong laser.  Hover over the tail whip and barrel roll 
    out of the way for the laser.  Whenever his arms get shot off, shoot for his 
    chest until he dies.  This can be a tough battle!
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Easy-Medium
    BWeapon: Twin
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Star Wolf Team
    This level is in all-range mode.  Here is the step-by-step guide: First, 
    shoot the towers that is guarding the core.  Until the towers are destroyed, 
    everything is force field--even the enemies!  When the towers are destroyed, 
    the enemies will be unarmed, so you can shoot them down until the Star Wolf 
    team comes
    STAR WOLF TEAM (BOSS): If you have beaten these guys in Fortuna, they won't 
    show up so now all you have to do is destroy the core bar whenever is comes 
    up.  Otherwise, be prepared to fight them.  I would use a Hyper Laser to beat 
    these guys, but hey, that's just me.  They can be won by the Twin Laser.  It 
    may take a heck of a lot longer!
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Medium
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Enemy Mothership
    This level is also in all-range mode.  You will meet your friend, Bill, here.  
    Help him out!  There are two ways to get in it, and two ways to get out of 
    it.  Whenever you destroy 10 ships, the Enemy Mothership will show up. Keep 
    shooting until the cool FMV plays.
    ENEMY MOTHERSHIP (BOSS): Whenever the hatches go down, shoot them until they 
    all blow off.  Then, shoot the core under 5 minutes.  If you destroy the 
    mothership, you will go to Solar.  If the mothership destroys the Katina 
    base, you will be headed to Sector X.
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Medium-Hard
    BWeapon: Hyper
    Medal  : 100 hits
    Boss   : Vulcain
    No doubt about it--you are definitly in the eternal flames--and I don't mean 
    the opposite of Heaven!  It's the sun, and you're gonna need the Hyper Laser 
    to get through this level.  You could beat this level with Twin and it could 
    be near impossible with the Single because the Fire Birds can take the heat!  
    Be very careful of the flames.  I always stay at the top of the screen until 
    Bill comes with the Supply Rings.  You will meet him only if you defeat the 
    mothership in Katina.  Otherwise, I just go right or left of the fire arches 
    and the big hills.  Good luck in this level--and good luck with the boss!
    VULCAIN (BOSS): There is only one way to leave this frying pan...and that is 
    to beat the boss!  First of all, I want to tell you that this is not the 
    Secret Weapon.  That is at Sector X.  I think this is the fire mutant from 
    some game I played before--can't remember.  Is it one of the Metroids??  
    Anyway, to beat this dude you have to blow off the arms.  You will know once 
    the fire comes flying out of his arm sockets.  Then, shoot the head until his 
    head blows off and then he gets self-destructed.  Be careful of his fire 
    splashes at you.  Shoot the rocks that he spits out to get the Supply Ring.  
    This is a tough match--I think that's why Nintendo made the boss strategy 
    Machine: Landmaster
    Level  : Medium-Hard
    BWeapon: Single Shot
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Mechbeth
    If you like trains, this is the level for you!  Katt will show up if you met 
    her in Zoness.  The only objective of this level is to blow up all the train 
    tracks.  Make sure you know how to use the hover technique for the 
    Landmaster.  If you don't, it's this: R and Z button.  Well, good luck, 
    that's all really I have to say about this level.  Well, I do I have more.  
    The way to blow up the train into the Macbeth Base!
    MECHBETH (BOSS STAGE): If you have chosen to beat the bird, here's what to 
    do.  First of all, you have to blow off the legs and head.  Once the fake 
    head is blown off, it'll use a very powerful laser beam at you.  Be careful 
    of that!  Then, you have to shoot the train's power unit whenever it is open.  
    The energy will go flying to the bird and hurt him so you can shoot him until 
    he dies.  Repeat if you didn't kill him the first time.
    MECHBETH (BLOW UP TRAIN STAGE): To destroy the bird plus the train and the 
    driver, shoot all the 8 switches, then shoot the switcher.  Once you shoot 
    it, the switch will stick out.  Shoot at the switch to make the train switch 
    tracks.  It will then run into the Macbeth Base and then both the train and 
    the base will blow up.  You will also get a nice HIT+50 bonus {:^)
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Medium-Hard
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Shogun Guards & Shogun
    Wow!  There are three bosses: 2 Shogun Guards and the original Shogun dude.  
    I won't explain how to beat them until a little bit later.  I want to tell 
    you that this level is filled with robots.  If you watched the beginning FMV 
    sequence, you will see that their laser guns can really hurt you, so that's 
    why I also put this as Hard.  Also, you can beat this with Twin Laser for 
    sure, but it is 10x as easier with the Hyper Laser.  This should be easy to 
    get 150 hits if you count the boss.  Hey, you got a total of HIT+19 there!
    SHOGUN GUARDS (MID-BOSS): These guys aren't the real boss, OKAY!  I put "(MID 
    BOSS)" there, all right!  So stop e-mailing me about it {:^<>  Now, to beat 
    these dudes--just shoot them until they blow up.  They both share the same 
    boss meter, so Nintendo made a little easier for you.  Sly dogs!
    SHOGUN (BOSS): Do the same thing with this boss like you did with the other 
    bosses.  If you scored over 100 hits at the end of the level, you will be 
    heading to Aquas, my next level walkthrough.  If you don't, you will be 
    heading to Katina.
    Machine: Blue-Marine
    Level  : Hard
    BWeapon: Twin
    Medal  : 150 hits
    Boss   : Bacoon
    If you do not know how to run the Blue-Marine, read the following.
    A=Shoot Laser  B=Shoot torpedo  R/Z=Barrel Roll
    That's all there is to it!  Now, if things get all wacky, press A, B, R, and 
    Z all together.  Remember--you have unlimited torpedoes, so that's why you 
    can just use the torpedoes to beat the level, but you need some strong laser 
    to beat the boss.  Twin will do.  Hyper is faster.  This level is very 
    difficult to beat, so if you are having trouble, look in: Nintendo Power-
    Volume 99 (the GoldenEye 007 issue) or the Star Fox 64 Player's Guide.  My 
    advice is always use the barrel roll to beat the level.  And use the 
    torpedoes on the enemies!  Good luck!
    BACOON (BOSS): The shells mouth is being protected by barriers.  Shoot them 
    until they turn colorful, and then use a torpedo on one of them.  Do the same 
    thing on the other one.  Next, shoot the tubes to get more hits.  And 
    whenever the mouth opens, shoot the cover to the eye until it disappears.  
    Then, shoot a torpedo in the eye.  Repeat until he dies.  After you beat the 
    level, you will go to Zoness no matter what!
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Hard
    BWeapon: Hyper
    Medal  : 250 hits
    Boss   : Sarumarine
    This level could be one of the hardest levels of the whole game.  Katt will 
    show up sometime in the level.  Trust me--she is a pain!  You will have to 
    cross strong ships over sea and on sea.  Make sure to get 3 Shield Rings to 
    increase your shield gauge.  On the decks, make sure to destroy the boxes to 
    get the items from them.  This level cannot be walkthroughed because it 
    continues on just continuosly until you find the toxic wastes.  That is why 
    the sea is so polluted.  And now, the boss.
    SARUMARINE (BOSS): Here is how you defeat the tough boss.  Use a bomb to 
    destroy the smoke stacks on top of the submarine.  Next, destroy one of the 
    launchers.  The sub will turn around.  Once the crane is picking up the 
    launcher, shoot the crane 3 times with a bomb before the launcher comes back 
    up.  Then, the sub will turn around.  Blast off the other launcher.  Now, 
    this is why you NEED the Hyper Laser.  Shoot the ship with your laser until 
    it the ship is sunk.  If you have the Twin Laser, it will take you up to 5 
    minutes to take down the ship and with the Single, it will take at least 7 
    minutes.  If you destroyed the enemy search lights, you will be heading to 
    Sector Z.  If you have not destroyed all of the lights and was spotted, you 
    will be heading to Macbeth.
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Hard
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 100 hits
    Boss   : None
    This is the only level with no boss.  It just has 5 missles coming toward the 
    Great Fox and trying to destroy it...DESTROY IT!!!  Oh boy!  If you need 
    help, read the following.
    THE ATTACK OF THE GREAT FOX (NO BOSS): First off, you have to destroy the 
    first wave of missles which include a total of 2 missles.  Destroy them off.  
    Your teammates will probably help you if they aren't busy or being chased by 
    an enemy.  Then, the second wave will come out with a total of 3 missles.  Do 
    the process once again.  If you have met Katt in Zoness, she will come and 
    shoot the missles with you, too.  If the Great Fox doesn't get hit, you will 
    go to Area 6.  If the Great Fox gets WHAMMED!, then you will go to Bolse.
    >AREA 6
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : V. Hard
    BWeapon: Hyper
    Medal  : 300 hits
    Boss   : Gorgon
    The level is determined to be the hardest level since there are a lot of 
    enemies, and since there are a lot of enemies, the medal meter has to be 
    large, so Nintendo has put you to the test--nab 300 hits to get the medal!  
    Of course, the easiest way is to hit the satelites, right?  WRONG!  Just 
    concentrate on the groups of enemies.  You can shoot some of the satelites, 
    but not all of them you see.  This level is also very long, so it is 
    important to get 3 sheild rings and the Hyper Laser.  It also wouldn't to 
    have some extra lives.  After you complete the basic stage (line 1) you will 
    reach the ships.  After you went through half the battle of the ships, you 
    will reach the last line (line 3) you will run into 
    harder ships and you will run into the boss, Gorgon.
    GORGON (BOSS): This will be run into steps, OK?
    Step 1 - Defeat the three tentacles
    Step 2 - Shoot at the core until it turns red (it will then shoot a strong 
    laser, so be careful)
    Step 3 - Gorgon will then shoot out enemy ships so destroy them (it will then 
    shoot a strong laser, so be careful)
    Step 4 - Defeat the three tentacles to open the saucer
    Step 5 - Shoot the core until it blows (repeat if you didn't destroy the 
    After you beat the boss, you will be headed to Venom (Stage 2)
    >VENOM (STAGE 1)
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Medium
    BWeapon: Twin-Hyper
    Medal  : 200 hits
    Boss   : 1-Rock Dude
    Arrival: From Bolse
    If you didn't get to Area 6, you will have to go to Venom 1.  This place is 
    not in all-range mode, so you have to shoot a lot of the Venom ships.  They 
    are totally spreded over the Venom land, so it should be easy to get 200 
    hits.  Just make sure to have some bombs with you.  Otherwise, just try to 
    shoot most of the ships down.
    ROCK DUDE (MID-BOSS): Once you enter the temple, a rock dude (unknown) is 
    running away from you.  To destroy the dude, shoot off is body parts until 
    his head and body turn red.  Shoot them until the dude falls apart and 
    TUNNEL (ROUTE TO ANDROSS - NO BOSS): This is just a tunnel to go to Andross.  
    It also has some power-ups, so make sure to grab ahold of each one.
    ANDROSS (FAKE BOSS): Yep, this is the faker, but at least he is the final 
    boss.  Here's the easiest way to defeat him is to shoot one of his eyes.  
    Once one hand is itching an eye, shoot the other hand.  If you have the Hyper 
    Laser and you have shot fast enough, the hand should blow off.  Do same thing 
    to an eye.  He will not itch it so shoot the hand fast until it blows off.  I 
    would shoot the right hand first, because he would then use a magic laser 
    attack on you if you don't destroy the hand.  Then, after the hands are gone, 
    destroy the face by shooting it.  Then, the face will be destroyed, 
    uncovering a fake face machine.  Shoot it until that blows up.  You have 
    beaten the game...sort of.  After the credits, you will see the face of 
    Andross in the sky, and he will also laugh, telling you that you haven't 
    beaten the whole game.  I think that this fake Andross was his secret 
    weapon!!  Now try to go to Venom 2!
    >VENOM (STAGE 2)
    Machine: Arwing
    Level  : Hard
    BWeapon: Hyper
    Medal  : 200 hits
    Boss   : 1-Star Wolf Team
             3-Andross's Brain
    Arrival: From Area 6
    Let's get started with the bosses because this is all-range mode, and once 
    you enter, the Star Wolf team will invade.
    STAR WOLF TEAM (MID-BOSS): If you have beaten these guys in Fortuna, so what?  
    They are now rebuilt and some of their bodies are computer-generated.  Use 
    the same strategy to defeat these characters.  The medal will be easy to get 
    if you have the Hyper, because one enemy will be a HIT+50 if you beat him 
    under 3 minutes!  After you beat them, Fox will go in through the tunnel.
    TUNNEL (ROUTE TO ANDROSS - NO BOSS):  Through this tunnel, there is a route 
    to get totally equipped and I'm notta telling...oh, all right.  I will!  The 
    route is: <--, -->, <--, <--, -->, -->.  Then, you will face the real 
    ANDROSS (FINAL BOSS - PT 1): Defeat this Andross exactly like the one in 
    Venom 1.  See that above.
    ANDROSS (FINAL BOSS - PT 2): The screen will turn into all-range mode while 
    Andross releases his true form--a brain.  Now, he says that he has the 
    "brains" to rule the Lylat System...and kill you!  Kill him first by 
    destroying the two "things".  Hit them until they blow up.  If forgot how 
    much HIT points.  I think about HIT+3 or +4.  After you destroy those, shoot 
    the backside of the brain until Andross dies.  Make sure to remember that he 
    disappears whenever you hit him.  Don't run into his veins--they can really 
    destroy you!  After you deliver the last hit, his veins will grab you and he 
    will kill you with him.  After he 
    dies, you realize that you aren't dead.  You were saved by...you father!?
    THE "REAL" ENDING (OUT OF TUNNEL - NO BOSS): The last objective of the game 
    is to follow James McCloud (your father's ghost).  You cannot hurt him in any 
    way, so don't try it.  If you hit him with a Hyper Laser, he might turn red 
    but that won't harm anything.  He goes very fast, so use your boost as much 
    as you can.  Make sure you can tune into the speed of this.  After you exit 
    the tunnel, you have beaten the game.  Your teammates will congradulate you 
    on your bravery.  Congratulations!  You have beaten the MAIN GAME version of 
    Star Fox 64!  Only true Star Fox people can beat the game in EXPERT version, 
    so are you ready?
    Well, this conludes my walkthrough.  Hopefully it helped!  If you have any 
    questions, e-mail me.  If I have any corrections, e-mail me them, and I'll 
    fix them in my next version!
    Medal Listing
    Oh, yeah, uh-huh, sure!  You want ME to make it easier on YOU so YOU can just 
    look here at all the medal listings instead of looking at the walkthrough.  
    FINE!  Go ahead.  Look your little brains off.  If you have the game, it's in 
    the manual.  And, before I forget, in order to get the medal, all your 
    teammates must be alive (yes, even Falco).
    Corneria: 150
    Meteo: 200
    Fortuna: 50
    Sextor X: 150
    Titania: 150
    Bolse: 150
    Sector Y: 150
    Katina: 150
    Solar: 100
    Macbeth: 150
    Aquas: 150
    Zoness: 250
    Sector Z: 100
    Area 6: 300
    Venom: 200
    Frequently Asked Questions
    I have a lot of frequently asked questions in the past year.  Remember that I 
    will not except ANY questions that are in this FAQ or Walkthrough.
    Q. Can you save in this game?  If so, do you need a Memory Card?
    Q. Can you give me a list of all the medals for each planet?
    Q. I shot down enough enemies to get the medal, but I still don't have it!  
    What's wrong?
    Q. How do you get that new title screen?  I tried everything!!!
    Q. How can you reload your laser guns?
    Note: I get all these questions A LOT, and yes, even the last one.  If you 
    were going to e-mail me a question above here, please don't e-mail me it.
    Cheats and Hints
    Since I did the walkthrough, you guys help me on this one!  Send me a tip, a 
    trick, or cheat that you have.  Please don't send me one if it is already on 
    EXPERT MODE  Submitted by: Me!
    To get Expert Mode for the Main Game, just collect all the medals in it.  To 
    access Expert Mode, highlight Main Game on the menu screen, push the analog 
    stick left or right, and then it should say Expert.  Expert Mode is basically 
    the same as in Main Game, except the Fox wears the funky sunglasses (he must 
    have gotten contacts), the enemies are twice as harder, and you take twice 
    the damage.
    SOUNDTRACK MODE  Submitted by: Me!
    To get Soundtrack Mode, just collect all the medals in the Main Game.  To 
    access Soundtrack Mode, highlight Sound on the menu screen, push the analog 
    stick left or right, and then it should say Expert.  Soundtrack Mode has all 
    the songs to the Soundtrack CD, with some bonus extras.
    If you want, you can change the music bars by pressing C-right.  I ACCIDENTLY 
    found that out ;).
    NEW TITLE SCREEN  Submitted by: Me!
    To get the new title screen, just collect all the medals in Expert Mode.  It 
    will replace the old title screen right after the game restarts.
    (C'mon!  I need more cheats and hints!  Start typing!!!)
    E-Mail Note
    Even though I've dropped the subject codes DOESN'T MEAN that you just put 
    whatever subject name you want.  You need to put the name of the game on the 
    subject line, be it a question, comment, whatever!
    Now, if you want to e-mail me asking for permission on this game, please put 
    your URL address so I can see your site.
    I do have a couple more e-mail addresses, but please only e-mail me at the 
    one at the top.  Thanx!!
    The section that I have trouble on.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey – Accepting my FAQ on his site.
    Procyon Lotor – To tell you the truth, he inspired me on writing an FAQ from 
    reading his Super Mario RPG FAQ.  He is also one great FAQ writer and I do 
    believe with him that writing FAQs are fun and not for competition.
    marshmallow – One of the greatest FAQ writers ever, if not the best!
    Nintendo – Making the best flying shooter for the N64 up-to-date.
    E-Mailers – For making me busy during the boring day at noon.
    (((the end)))
       2000 BJ

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