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    FAQ by N64 Master

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/20/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           _  _______      _         _______   _____  _______ __        __    
          / /|__   __|    /_\       |  ___  | |  ___||       |\ \      / /   
         / /    | |      // \\      | |   | | | |    |  ___  | \ \    / /    
        / /     | |     //___\\     | |__ | | | |__  | |   | |  \ \  / /     
        \ \     | |    / _____ \    |     _/  |  __| | |   | |   \ \/ /      
         \ \    | |   / /     \ \   | |\ \    | |    | |   | |   / /\ \     
         / /    | |  / /       \ \  | | \ \   | |    | |___| |  / /  \ \     
        / /     | | / /         \ \ | |  \ \  | |    |       | / /    \ \     
       /_/      |_|/_/           \_\|_|   \_\ |_|    |_______|/_/      \_\
                            |                         |   
          Revision 1.0      |     Starfox 64 FAQ      |      By N64Master
        December 20,1998    |                         | n64player_@hotmail.com
    Here is another FAQ from N64 Master.The latest revision of this FAQ will be
    available first at my homepage and http://www.gamefaqs.com/.The address is 
    "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut" just look for "FAQs".If the "FAQs"
    link is not there yet,then go into "Help and Strategy Guides".If you have 
    anything that is not in this FAQ,and would like to contribute to it,then
    E-Mail me the info and I will make sure to give you the credit.
    What's Changed
    Revision 1.0-This is my first revision of the Starfox 64 FAQ.I should have a                      
                 new revision up soon!!!All the new revisions will have the same      
                 layout,so look in the Revision box up top to see if you have  
                 the newest version.
    1)Introduction to the Game
    2)Characters and Vehicles
    5)Secrets and Codes
    6)Extra Help
    7)Wish List
    8)Future Updates
    10)Legal Stuff(Disclaimer)
    1)Introduction to the Game
    What It Is
    Starfox 64 is developed and published by Nintendo.It has amazing graphics.The
    vehicles are very detailed,as well as the backgrounds and scenery.The 
    controls are easy to learn and use.The analog stick gives you more control
    over your vehicle.The sounds are good too.The character's voices sound great!
    It has a high replay value because of all the different ways to go.
    Game Modes
    1)Main Game
      -The main game
      -You get to shoot down enmy planes and other things to get you ready for
       the main game
      -You get to fight your friends
      -Top ten
      -Change the sound configuration
      -Erase the game data(top-ten scores)
    General Information
    Starfox 64 supports Rumble Pak,but not Controller Pak(memory card).It 
    supports four players at a time.It is Player's Choice,so it is only $39.95!!
    A good price for a game this good!!!It has fifteen levels,and they are all
    fairly big,some being bigger than others.I would recommend this game for a 
    gift.It is fun and cheap!!!!!
    2)Characters and Vehicles
    1)Fox McCloud
      -The leader of the Starfox Team
    2)Peppy Hare
      -The senior member of the team,and a long time friend of Fox's father
    3)Slippy Toad
      -The most enerjetic member of the team,good at mechanical skills
    4)Falco Lombardi
      -A member of the avian race,this member is a natural pilot
      -Rob operates the Great Fox and lends support when the team needs it
      -The primary fighting machine of the team
      -This tank is equipped with a laser cannon and can accomplish temporary 
    3)Blue Marine
      -You will use this marine vehicle in the water level Aquas.It is designed 
       by Slippy himself
    4)Great Fox
      -This is the flying headquarters of the team.It carries everything they
    Basic Controls
    A:Fire Laser
    B:Smart Bomb
    C-Up:Change Camera Angle
    C-Right:Respond To A Message From Rob64
    L Button:Not Used
    R Button:Tilt to the Right
    Z Button:Tilt to the Left
    Analog Stick:Move Vehicle
    D-Pad:Not Used
    Start Button:Pause the Game
    Screen Display
               Shield Guage
     Shield | ___________              x 6 -------No. of Lives left
     Guage---|___________|            ________   |
            |     _                  |________|---Boost Guage
            | 49 |_|                   /\ /\      |
            |  |    |                  \/ \/ ------No. of smart bombs left     
     No. of |  |    |                            |
      hits ____|    |                            |
            |       |                            |
    Shield _________|                            |
    Rings   |               _____                |
            |              |     |________________Aiming Cursor
            |              |_____|               |
            |     ___________                    |
            |    |  Vehicle  |                   |
            |    |___________|                   |
            |                                    |
             ------------------------------------ **************KEY****
                                                  * _____             * 
                                                  *|_____|:Guage      *
                                                  *    __             *
                                                  *   |__|:Ring       *
                                                  *                   *
                                                  *     /\            * 
                                                  *     \/:Smart Bomb *
    I hope the Screen Display section has helped you,because it was hard to make.
    Laser Upgrade:It makes the laser more powerful
    Smart Bomb:You get one smart bomb
    Supply Ring(silver ring):Shield Guage will increase slightly
    Middle Supply:Shield Guage will increase more
    Shield Ring(gold ring):Get three to make your shield guage increase to max.
    Wing Repair:Get to replace broken wings
    Container:Include various items,shoot to open
    The level strategies are divided into subsections so that if you don't want 
    the medal,you don't get it,but you are going to need the boss part cause you
    fight them on each level!!
                              ****Regular Strategy****
    This one's pretty easy.Just make sure not to get close to the ground.After
    the checkpoint,there are three guys right behind Falco.Shoot them down,then 
    fly under all the stone arches in the water,and when you get out,Falco will
    say "Follow Me!!".If you follow him under the waterfall,you fight a different
    boss.If you're a beginner,I would suggest just going straight and not take 
    the waterfall path described above.
                                ****Boss Strategy****
    There are two bosses on this level,I will cover both.
    Regular Boss:This boss is easy.All you have to do is shoot the green pack on
                 his back a couple of times to kill him.You could shoot off a leg
                 so that he won't move while you're trying to shoot him. 
    Second Boss:This is the one under the waterfall.When he opens up his little
                "arm" things,shoot inside of them,and eventually they will blow 
                off.Repeat process to all of the "arms" and then he will be 
                beat!!!If you are low on life,then shoot his missles for silver
                                ****Medal Strategy****
    You need to know the lock-on attack(hold A and let an enemy fly within your
    cursors)well to get 150 hits on this small level.Basically,just shoot 
    everything in sight!!!The big red robot guys are worth 5 hits,so make sure to
    hit all these!!When you kill the regular boss,you get 10 hits.It will take 
    time but you will probably get the medal.
    Meteo(Easy Way)
                             ****Regular Strategy****
    You will end up here if you fought the easy boss on Corneria.If anything gets
    in your way,shoot it!!!!Sometimes you will see 5 asteroids connected together
    with a hole in the middle,fly between them to get the laser upgrade described
    in the item section of this FAQ..If you fly through the all of the
    bluish-purple rings.Each one will send you spinning even faster,so watch out
    and try to stay on course.If you manage to get through all of them,then you
    will warp to Katina.
                              ****Boss Strategy****
    There is only one boss on Meteo.
    The only boss:Shoot the little yellow parts that light up on his ship until
                  they turn black.Repeat the process on the other yellow parts
                  to beat the boss.When he flips over,watch out for his purple
                              ****Medal Strategy****
    You have to get 200 hits on Meteo to achieve the medal.One major way to get
    hits is to blow up asteroids.Blow up as many as you can while making your way
    through the level.Be sure to blow up the long,worm looking guys,too.Shoot any
    and every thing you see!!!!When you kill the boss,you get extra hits added to
    your amount.
    Sector Y(Hard Way)
                            ****Regular Strategy****
    You will got here if you fought the boss under the waterfall in Corneria.This 
    is a fairly hard level.Make sure to shoot down as many of those green robots
    as you can at the beginning,because they will scratch you up bad.If a big 
    fleet of ships come flying toward you,just shoot a bunch and duck out of the
                              ****Boss Strategy****
    First two bosses:There should be two GIANT robots come out.They aren't hard 
    to beat,if you can catch them.Just shoot a bomb at them and keep shooting 
    them.Most of the time,while you are fighting one,your teammates will destroy
    the other,but not always.
    The third boss:He is harder than the last two bosses.He flies everywhere,but
    it shouldn't be too hard to catch up.Just shoot him with bombs if you have
    any left.When he says "I'll take you guys out from the ship!",or something
    like that,he will fly over and stand on the ship.Just get in front of him,
    and fly toward him shooting like you've never shot before,and he will most
    likely die.If that doesn't work,then do it again!!!
                              ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 100 hits to go to Aquas.This can be hard at some points.At the 
    beginning,shoot down as many of the robots as you can.Shoot the big fleets
    of ships that zoom by also.Just like on all levels before,if you are running
    short on hits,shoot everything you see!!The bosses give you about 20 hits or
    so,so that will help.
    Fortuna(easy way)
                             ****Regular Strategy****
    You are here if you were playing the Meteo level last.There is basically no
    strategy to discuss except the Medal and Boss strategy that follows.Basically
    you just keep shooting the ships already there,and helping your teammates 
    when they ask you until the Starwolf Team comes.
                              ****Boss Strategy****
    StarWolf Team:These guys are kind of hard.One easy way to beat them is to let
    them get behind you,do a somersault thing to get behind them,and fire away.
    I will in clude more easy ways to beat them as I find them.
                              ****Medal Strategy****
    You only have to get 50 hits to get the medal!!!!All you have to do is defeat
    the StarWolf team,and shoot as many other ships at the very beginning to get
    the medal on this level!!I think this is the easiest level to get the medal
    Katina(Medium way)
                             ****Regular Strategy****
    You got here if you didn't get 100 hits at Sector Y.You have to blow up the 
    Mother-Ship to win this level.You need to lock on to enemies,because there
    are good guys flying ships that look very similar to the enemy,and if you 
    shoot them then Bill will get mad.Just shoot down ships until the Mother-Ship
    arrives,and Bill will tell you what to do to the Mother-Ship.
                              ****Boss Strategy****
    The Mother-Ship:Bill will tell you what to do,but I thought I might should 
    help you a bit.The mother ship will open what Bill calls hatches to let out
    more ships.Shoot the hatches till they blow up.Bill will tell you when the 
    hatches are open.After you blow all the hatches,around the 1 minute mark,Bill
    will say that the core has appeared.It is underneath the Mother-Ship like the
    hatches,and is at the very center.Shoot until you blow this,or you will fail
    the mission.But remember that you only have a minute.If you blow it up Bill
    will say "Yahoooo!You did it!!",and a movie of the ship crashing will play.
                              ****Medal Strategy****
    You have to get 150 hits to get the medal.There are many enemy ships flying
    around at the beginning,so tag as many of those as you can.The hatches are 
    worth 5 hits apiece,so you are going to have to shoot down a LOT of ships at
    the beginning of the level.
    Aquas(hard way)
                              ****Regular Strategy****
    This is a very hard level.One downside is that you can't see most of the 
    time.However,you have UNLIMITED torpedos for the submarine you are driving!!!
    You have to make use of those torpedos in this level,because there are many
    ships and they are hard to beat.My advice is to just keep shooting.Fire a 
    torpedo,then blast away with the laser.I have only beaten this level twice.
                               ****Boss Strategy****
    The only boss:This boss is some kind of clam or something.You have to shoot
    the three things on top of him.After you blow those,shoot the two things that
    hold the clams two shells together until they turn to a neon color,then shoot
    them with a torpedo.Next blow his eyes up with torpedos.
                               ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 150 hits to achieve the medal.Just keep firing torpedos and shooting
    your lasers at everything that moves.That is about the only way to get the
    150 hits.By killing the boss,you also get some more hits.
    Zoness(hard way)
                              ****Regular Strategy****
    This level is very hard.You have to blow up all the lights along the way.This
    is hard because there are so many lights.It is very hard to find some of the
    lights.At one point in the level,Falco's old girlfriend Katt will come and 
    blow up some of the lights for you.Look at which one she blows up,then shoot
    the other one.It's going to take alot of looking to spot all the lights.
                                ****Boss Strategy****
    Only boss:This is like a boat or something.First,shoot the pipes that are on
    both sides of him.When he dives under the water,shoot a bomb at the scope
    thing.When he surfaces,shoot bombs at the side things that are firing at you.
    When he turns around shoot bombs at the big crane.If you did all this right,
    then he will go haywire spinning around everywhere.All you do from there is 
    shoot him until he blows up.
                                ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 250 hits to get the medal.To get 250 hits,be sure to hit all the 
    lights explained above.But you still need to look for other ships and shoot
    those down also,or you won't have enough hits.I usually try to hit every ship
    I see,but don't do this too often,or you are sure to miss some of the lights.
    Solar(medium way)
                               ****Regular Strategy****
    In this red-hot level you need to stay as high above the lava as you can.One
    of your teammates will remind you of this at the beginning(I think it is 
    Slippy).The red flying things in the level can take you down fast because 
    they fly in groups and ram you.Take a bomb and blow 'em out of the sky.If you
    are running low on health,bombs,ect. then shoot the rocks that pop up out of
    the lava.They contain those items.If the rock is flashing,it contains a gold
                                ****Boss Strategy****
    Lava Monster:This guy is a gentic freak or something(really!!).First of all,
    you have to blow his arms off.Take them one at a time,and blow them off.
    After his arms are gone(lava will be flowing out them),you need to shoot his
    head.When he raises his head up(it looks like he is screaming),shoot a bomb
    in his mouth and then immeadietly start pumping his head full of laser.That
    should do the trick.
                               ****Medal Strategy****
    To get the medal,you need 100 hits.To get enough hits for the medal you need
    to shoot all the red flying things.You get more hits if you find them flying
    in a pack,that way you can shoot a bomb into the middle of them and get 
    multiple hits!!!
    Sector X(easy way)
                              ****Regular Strategy****
    This would probably be better grouped as a medium level.This place is some 
    kind dump in space.I don't have much regular strategy for this level right
    now,but I will play and try to find some good strategy for this level,and it
    will probably appear in the next revision of this FAQ.
                                ****Boss Strategy****
    Robot:The way to beat this robot is to shoot his eyes.He will seem like he is
    about to blow up,but he will come back to life with just a little bit of 
    health.You have to beat him before Slippy decides to take things into his own
    hands,or the robot will throw Slippy into Titania faster than you can say
                                ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 150 hits to recieve the medal for this level.I am sorry that I don't
    have much strategy at all for this level,I barely ever play this level.Once
    again I will play this level and write some strategy for it in the next 
    revision of this FAQ.
    Macbeth(medium way)
                               ****Regular Strategy****
    I would classify this as a hard level myself.You have to destroy this extra-
    long train one piece at a time.Just drive along in your tank and blow up all
    the train cars.Watch out for boulders.If you come to something you can't 
    drive past,press L and R at the same time to hover over it.
                                 ****Boss Strategy****
    Train:To avoid fighting the boss face-on,you need to hit all the switches.
    Peppy will alert you of this when you get close.If you hit all the switches,
    then you have to hit the switchbox.It will pop up and and you have to shoot 
    it and if you do a really cool movie of the boss crashing into the weapon
    supply buiding will play.If you miss the switches,you have to shoot the big
    flying things head,and make sure not to get picked up by the tail.Make sure 
    to blow up the arrows because they will hurt you bad.
                                ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 150 hits to get the medal for this level.Shoot all the ships that 
    fly by for some hits.I think blowing up the train cars give you hits too,but
    i'm not sure.Shooting all the switches and switchbox,making the boss crash 
    into the supply depot gives you 50 hits.Beating him the regular way gives you
    hits too.
    Titania(hard way)
                               ****Regular Strategy**** 
    You are here if Slippy got pounded by the robot on Sector X.This is a pretty
    hard level.Just watch out for all the bones and fighter jets and you should
    be ok.There is no real strategy for this level,because things are flying
                                ****Boss Strategy****
    Sometimes I wish Slippy wasn't on the StarFox Team.This is one of those 
    times.Slippy has gotten himself into BIG trouble this time.Just keep 
    constantly shooting the boss,but make sure not to hit Slippy.After Slippy is
    free,load this sand monster full of bombs and he should be done for.
                                ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 150 hits to get the medal on Titania.Like I said in the regular
    strategy section for this level,this is a level FULL of ships.Just shoot as
    many of them down as you can.Killing that Slippy torturing boss also gives
    you some much needed hits.
    Bolse(easy way)
                               ****Regular Strategy****
    Bolse is an easy level.Shoot the all the rod shaped shield things to power 
    down the force field and then some fighter jets will come out of the base.
    Just keep them busy until the StarWolf Team arrives.They won't arrive unless
    you didn't kill them on Fortuna.Sooon after a big rectangle with little 
    blinking lights on it will rise up out of the base.Destroy all the blinking
    lights to beat the level.Watch out for the blue lasers that come out of the
                                 ****Boss Strategy****
    StarFox Team:They won't come unless you didn't kill them in Fortuna.If you
    didn't kill them in Fortuna then just follow the Boss Strategy from the 
    Fortuna Level.
                                 ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 150 hits to get the medal on this level.After you destroy the force
    field,a lot of ships will fly out.Just gun them down for an easy 150 hits.
    Plus you get extra hits for winning the level.Shoudn't be that hard.
    Sector Z(hard way)
                                ****Regular Strategy****
    Hard just doesn't describe this level,it's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!At the beginning 
    it's easy because you just shoot some ships.But when ROB64 says 6 missles are
    coming,you better pay attention!Ypu have to destroy each missle before they
    hit the Great Fox.I can't help you much here,I've only beaten it once!This
    level is pure luck.
                                  ****Boss Strategy****
    There isn't really a boss in this level.You could call the missles a boss if
    you wanted to.As I expalined above,you have to be a genius or a total idiot
    to beat this level.It's all timing and luck.
                                 ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 100 hits to get the medal on this level.Blowing up all the missles
    get you a considerable amount of hits,but you also need to blow up some of
    the ships at the beginning also.
    Area 6(hard way)
                                ****Regular Strategy****
    These guys are determined not to let you enter Venom airspace!!!You need to 
    stay focused on the fighter jets on this level,but if you get enough time you
    can shoot the space stations for extra hits.As you near Venom,there will be
    some missles headed toward you,you have to hit them or you're gone.
                                  ****Boss Strategy****
    The Only Boss:This boss takes a while to beat.Shoot all three of his "arms" 
    off and he will pop open.Shoot the three red orbs and then after they are 
    gone,shoot the middle of him.Repeat the process until he dies.
                                 ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 300 hits to get the medal in this level.This is hard!!!You need to
    shoot down all the ships you can,and you need to try to shoot down an
    occasional space station.Killing the boss also gives you some well needed
                                 ****Regular Strategy****
    Easy Way:Venom is hard!!!Just keep cool and shoot down some ships.You will
    enter a stone temple soon.There will be a big rock guy running in there.Shoot
    the different parts of his body to defeat him.
    Hard Way:You will fight the StarWolf team on this path.They are a lot harder
    than in the other levels.The somersault behind them trick won't work here so
    you will have to experiment.
                                  ****Boss Strategy****
    Andross on easy way:Shoot his eyes until he starts to rub them.While he is 
    rubbing them,shoot his other hand.Repeat process until both his hands are 
    blown up.After his hands are gone,shoot his face with everything you got.It 
    will look like you blew him up,but a robot face will appear,blow it up to 
    win the game!!!!
    Andross on hard path:Do what is described above,but here you will have to
    fight his brain and eyes.His eyes will fly out,you need to destroy those.
    After they are destroyed,you need to shoot the gray part of Andross' brain.
    Make sure you don't get stuck in the stringy,tentacle looking things at the
    bottom of the brain.If you destroy Andross,you're father will appear and you
    will have to follow him out.This is hard,so don't get left behind.If you get
    out you will get a sad ending.It is cool though!!
                                  ****Medal Strategy****
    You need 200 hits to get the medal on this level.There are plenty of ships to
    shoot down everywhere in the level.You will get some extra hits for 
    destroying Andross.
    Congratulations!!!!You have beaten the game!!!!!Here is you're certificate!!!
                                  | CONGRATULATIONS!! |
                                  |    You Won!!!     |    
                                  |                   |
                                  | x______   ______  |
        If you got a medal on every level,then you now have expert mode!!!!
    5)Secrets and Codes
    1)If you get a medal on Venom on the easy way,you get to use the Landmaster
    Tank in multiplayer.                    
    2)If you get a medal on Venom on the hard way,you get to run on foot in 
    3)At the title screen,you can move the 64 logo by moving the analog stick
    6)Extra Help
    This section is intended for some extra help.
    Medal List
    This is the number of hits you have to get in each level to recieve the medal
    1)Corneria     150
    2)Meteo        200
    3)Fortuna       50
    4)Sector X     150
    5)Titania      150
    6)Bolse        150
    7)Sector Y     150
    8)Katina       150
    9)Solar        100
    10)Macbeth     150
    11)Aquas       150
    12)Zoness      250
    13)Sector Z    100
    14)Area 6      300
    15)Venom       200
    Also,all of you team members have to be alive at the end of the level.
    7)Wish List
    This is a list of things missing from the FAQ that I need.If you have this 
    information and would like to contribute it,then E-Mail it to me and I will
    give you the recognition for it.My E-Mail is "n64player_@hotmail.com".Now the
    1)The exact location of all the switches on Macbeth.
    2)Some more secrets and codes.
    3)Some good strategy for Sector X.
    8)Future Updates
    In the next revision I will maje sure to have some good strategy up for 
    Sector X.If no one mails some to me,then I will write it.I will have most
    of the things in the Wish List up if someone mails it to me.If they don't 
    then I will research it until I find it.If you have anything that is not in
    this FAQ and would like top contribute,then E-Mail it to me.My E-Mail is
    "n64player_@hotmail.com".I will give you the recognition for the information
    if you send it to me.
    Me,N64 Master-I wrote it...............................n64player_@hotmail.com
    Nintendo-They made and published it...................http://www.nintendo.com
    GameFAQs-For posting my FAQs..........................http://www.gamefaqs.com
    My homepage address is "http://www.angelfire.com/tn/n64playerhut".Go there 
    for the latest revisions of my FAQs,codes,reviews,walkthroughs,news,and more.
    I just started it so I don't have much yet,so don't laugh.I will have more 
    stuff soon.
    10)Legal Stuff(Disclaimer)
    You may post this on your web site,or distribute it only after written 
    consent from me.E-Mail me asking to and be sure to include what you are going
    to do with it (if you are going to put it on a web site,give me the URL),and
    I will E-Mail you telling you whether you can or can't (in the future I will
    probably let you use it without permission).If you obtain written consent 
    from me to distribute or post it,it must be unedited.Also,you may not sell 
                            Copyright © 1998 By N64 Master 

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