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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wayne_steed

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    A Guide for the Confused Person/Persons
    Wayne Steed 
    Copyright 2006-2007
    *****TABLE OF CONTENTS*****
    i. Hey, There! (Introduction) 
    ii. The Storyline
    iii. A History of Star Fox
    iv. Friends and Foes
    v. Game Controls
    vi. The Goal and Ultimate Goal
    vii. Medals of Valor
    viii. Items
    ix. Expert Mode
    x. Other Important Notes
    1. Planet Corneria: Former Army Base
    2. Meteo: Asteroid Field
    3. Planet Fortuna: Former Defense Post
    4. Sector X Combat Zone 
    5. Planet Titania: Arid Desert
    6. Bolse Defense Outpost
    7. Planet Katina: Frontline Base
    8. Solar
    9. Planet Macbeth: Venom Army Supply Train
    10. Sector Y Combat Zone
    11. Auqas Ocean
    12. Planet Zoness: Toxic Waste Area
    13. Sector Z Combat Zone
    14. Area 6 Defense System
    15. Planet Venom: Andross’ Homeworld: The Easier Version
    16. Planet Venom: Andross’ Homeworld: The Harder Version
    17. Unlockables
    18. FAQ
    19. Other Star Fox Games 
    20. Legal Stuff/Contact Me
    21. Other Stuff I’m Working On/Signoff
    *****MISSION BRIEFING*****
    + i. Hey, There! (Introduction)
    Hellloooooo, Internet! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wayne 
    Steed. I’m a classic games kinda guy, you know, N64 kinda thing. And a 
    Nintendo fanboy all the way! It should be no surprise that my first 
    FAQ/Walkthrough is on an amazing N64 game such as Star Fox 64 (which,
    by the by, is my favorite game of all time). I hope this guide is a
    helpful source of information for you all.
    I’d like to dedicate this guide to several important people:
    Kirby025191: Brian McPhee, you are my inspiration. Your walkthroughs 
    have helped me in times of distress. I express my most sincere thanks.
    Greg B., Jason B., and Eric M.: Three of my best friends, and Nintendo 
    fanboys, like myself. They are very supportive and encouraging. Thanks 
    so much, Gerg-o, Jasonson, and Minishboy!
    Shigeru Miyamoto: Miyamoto-san, I have no idea what to say. Thank you. 
    That’s all. Thank you.
    That’s pretty much it. If I didn’t mention you, please, don’t be 
    offended; I have nothing against you. Now, onto the guide itself. 
    +  ii. The Storyline
    "Corneria, fourth planet of the Lylat System. The evil Andross turned 
    this once thriving system into a wasteland of near extinction. 
    General Pepper of the Cornerian Armada was successful in exiling this 
    maniacal scientist to the barren, deserted planet Venom.
    "Five years later, General Pepper noticed strange activity coming from 
    Venom. James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare of the Star Fox team 
    were sent to investigate. Upon their arrival, Pigma betrayed the team,
    and James and Peppy were captured by Andross.
    "Peppy barely escaped and went to tell James’ son Fox about his father’s 
    "A few years have passed. Andross has again invaded the Lylat System. 
    General Pepper has turned to a new Star Fox team, headed by Fox McCloud, 
    to save Corneria and free the Lylat System once again."
    --from the game introduction
    +  iii. A History of Star Fox     
    In 1993, Star Fox was released for the Super NES. It was developed by 
    Shigeru Miyamoto, best known for the Mario and Zelda games. He has 
    mastered various game aspects, such as difficulty progression and 
    intriguing gameplay. As you can imagine, Star Fox was a success.
    The cartridge was one of the first to include the Super FX chip, which 
    allowed the SNES to pull off 3D much better. It was considered 
    revolutionary, but the cost added too much to expensive games, so there 
    were very few FX titles. Star Fox, however, was lucky.
    A sequel to Star Fox was planned, but the new Nintendo 64, which had 64-
    bit 3D capabilities, overshadowed the poor SNES before the project was 
    completed. A lot of the gameplay elements from Star Fox 2 were re-created 
    in Star Fox 64. Miyamoto produced this game, and he believes that "In
    Star Fox 64... I believe that we accomplished all we could in that game."
    With this guide, you’ll be able to fight off Andross and his goons with 
    the greatest of ease. Get ready for the biggest intergalactic adventure 
    ever! At least, until the next one. 
    +  iv. Friends and Foes
    Fox McCloud- The fastest gun in the west-- er, Lylat System, Fox is a born
    hero who tries to follow in his father’s footsteps as a pilot. He and his
    team are ready to crush Andross and his evil plans once and for all!
    * "Say your prayers, Andross." --Fox
    Falco Lombardi- Fox’s longtime friend, he is the ace pilot of the team.
    He tries to help Fox out the best he can-- no matter what the cost.
    * "Ah, you're getting better, Fox." --Falco
    Peppy Hare- A friend of the late James McCloud, Peppy is a valuable
    member of the Star Fox team. He’s a good pilot, and has a knack for
    * "Do a barrel roll!" --Peppy
    Slippy Toad- Although he’s a rather bumbling pilot, Slippy is the team
    engineer who helped designed ROB64 the robot and the Arwings. He is also
    the team mascot, and jokes a lot. Okay, enough positive connotations.
    Probably the worst idea for a character EVER. Seriously, Nintendo has
    got to be crazed not to ax this blasted frog. Words of criticism fail to
    reach my lips; he’s that bad.
    * "Fox, get this guy off me!" --Slippy
    ROB64 - This helpful robot calls you in the heat of battle and sends you
    supplies. When your friends’ Arwings get beat up, ROB fixes them and,
    one stage later, has them ready for takeoff.
    * "Location confirmed. Sending supplies." --ROB64
    General Pepper- The general of the Cornerian Armada, he debriefs Fox and 
    gives him his objectives.
    * "We need your help, Star Fox! Andross has declared war! He's invaded the
    Lylat System and is trying to take over Corneria! Our army alone can't do the
    job! Hurry, Star Fox!" --General Pepper
    Bill Grey- An old friend of Fox’s, he and the Katinans run into trouble 
    at their frontline base. Fox helps them out in the game.
    * "The hatches are open!" --Bill
    Katt Monroe- She is Falco’s girlfriend, and she assists you by helping 
    you shoot searchlights on Zoness and missiles at Sector Z or switches on 
    Macbeth. Plus, her theme music is from The Odd Couple. Er... okay.
    * "You tryin' to damage my pretty face?" --Katt
    James McCloud- Fox's dad. No word on who the mother is. He has suffered the
    worst: his (creepy) teammate betrayed him, and he died. Sucks to be him...
    His guiding vision has helped Fox through the bleakest of circumstances
    (and --SPOILER ALERT--will help).
    * "Don't ever give up, my son." --James
    Andross- The evil Andross is a villain like no other, because he’s, 
    like, a giant monkey face thing. He and his powerful forces create 
    obstacles for the Star Fox team, but they never give up, and neither
    does he.
    * "Ah, the son of James McCloud!" --Andross
    Wolf O’ Donnell- Head of Team Star Wolf, he is Andross' numero uno
    dogfighter, and he is very persistent: You can fight him and his team
    three different times in your adventure. He always follows you around
    during your skirmishes.
    * "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox!" --Wolf O' Donnell
    Leon Powalski- As Wolf's right-hand man, he's a good pilot, and tends to
    go after Falco. He's the third-creepiest character on the team, with Wolf
    being fourth, Andrew being second, and Pigma leading the pack.
    * "You're not as tough as I thought." --Leon Powalski
    Pigma Dengar- Fox has good reason to hate this obese, greedy fellow;
    he betrayed James McCloud for money. Pigma is notorious for his love of
    "moola", and his creepy meter is in the red zone.
    * "That reward's as good as mine!" --Pigma Dengar
    Andrew Oikonny- The nephew of Andross, Andrew is notoriously loyal to
    his favorite uncle (who else could be a giant monkey face?), and likes
    to unleash his guns on Slippy. I tend to wipe him out early on in the
    * "Bow before the great Andross!" --Andrew Oikonny
    Granga- This annoying bossman mech takes up residence on Corneria.
    * "Those who cross Andross will die!" --Granga
    AC Pilot- This boss, flying in the Attack Carrier, also is dispatched
    to Corneria.
    * "Deploy all units! CHARGE!!!" --AC Pilot
    MC PIlot- This guy pilots the Meteo Crusher, on (you guessed it) Meteo.
    * "Let's see what you've got." --MC Pilot
    Spyborg- One of Andross' top secret weapons, it is built at Sector X.
    * "I will terminate all enemies." --Spyborg
    Goras- This freaky plant thingy captures Slippy on Titania.
    Vulcain- Another freaky bio-weapon, Vulcain is found on Solar.
    Mechbeth- The general of the supply train on Macbeth, he combats Fox
    using a weapon attached to his beloved train.
    * "You're too slow. Time to end this!" --Mechbeth
    Shogun- This boss is dispatched into Sector Y to deal with Fox and Co.
    * "I'll take these guys out from the ship." --Shogun
    Bacoon- A giant clam bio-weapon, it is nestled in the oceans of Aquas.
    Sarumarine Pilot- This respected sea captain of the Sarumarine decides
    to combat the team in the toxic waters of Zoness.
    * "Fire! Fire!" --Sarumarine Pilot
    Caiman- The head lackey of the Venom defense force, he leads the charge
    against Team Star Fox.
    * "Not yet, sir!" --Caiman
    Commander- The leader of the Venom defense force, he sends out a powerful
    ship to deal with the intrepid squad.
    * "Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!!" --Commander
    +  v. The Controls
    A: Fire lasers. Try to fire rapidly.
    Hold A: Charge homing blast. Release it when it locks on.
    B: Fire Smart Bombs. Press B again quickly to detonate them early.
    Start: Pause the game.
    C-Up: Change the camera angle from behind the ship to inside the 
    cockpit, and vice versa. 
    C-Left: Boost forward. Push the Control Stick downward simultaneously to 
    do a somersault.
    C-Right: When the icon appears, press it to receive supplies from ROB64.
    C-Down: Brake. Push the Control Stick downward simultaneously to do a U-
    turn (only on all-range stages) 
    Control Stick: Move, make menu selections.
    R: Tilt right. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    Z: Tilt left. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    A: Fire lasers. Try to fire rapidly.
    Hold A: Charge homing blast. Release it when it locks on.
    B: Fire Smart Bombs. Press B again quickly to detonate them early.
    Start: Pause the game.
    C-Up: Change the camera angle from behind the tank to inside the 
    cockpit, and vice versa. 
    C-Left: Boost forward.
    C-Right: When the icon appears, press it to receive supplies from ROB64.
    C-Down: Brake.
    Control Stick: Move, make menu selections.
    R: Tilt right. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    Z: Tilt left. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    R+Z: Hover for a limited time.
    A: Fire lasers. Try to fire rapidly.
    B: Fire Homing Torpedo. You can only fire another after the previous one 
    hits. They are infinite!
    Start: Pause the game. 
    C-Up: Change the camera angle from behind the sub to inside the cockpit, 
    and vice versa. 
    C-Left: Boost forward.
    C-Right: When the icon appears, press it to receive supplies from ROB64.
    C-Down: Brake.
    Control Stick: Move, make menu selections.
    R: Tilt right. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    Z: Tilt left. Press twice to do a barrel roll.
    + vi. The Goal and Ultimate Goal
    The goal of each stage is to stay alive, and keep your wingmen alive 
    too. You should also get enough points from the enemies to get a medal 
    of valor, which will be explained later. You should also defeat the 
    stage’s boss quickly to get a +10 hit point bonus. 
    The ultimate goal in Star Fox 64 is to get all the medals for all planets
    to unlock Expert Mode, then to get all the expert medals, which will net
    you cool stuff in VS. Mode (see the Unlockables appendix for more info.)
    +  vii. Medals of Valor
    If you complete a stage with a certain amount of hits, you will get a 
    medal of valor. Medals are important because, not only do they earn you 
    bragging rights, but, when you get all of ‘em, they net you Expert Mode 
    and VS. Mode goodies. Whee!!!
    The respective medal scores for each stage are listed at the beginning 
    of each chapter, but, since they’re more convenient all in one place, 
    here they are:
    Corneria: 150
    Meteo: 200
    Fortuna: 50
    Sector X: 150
    Titania: 150
    Bolse D.O.: 150
    Katina: 150
    Solar: 100
    Macbeth: 150
    Sector Y: 150
    Auqas: 150
    Zoness: 250
    Sector Z: 100
    Area 6: 300
    Venom (easy): 200
    Venom (hard): same (if you don't have the medal for easy Venom)
    Good luck finding those medals!
    +  viii. Items
    GOLD RING: Collect 3 of them to increase your Shield Gauge. Collect 3 
    more for an extra life.
    SILVER RING: Refills your life gauge a little.
    SILVER STAR RING: Refills your life gauge a lot.
    SMART BOMBS: Bombs enemies with a load of firepower. Recommended 
    for boss battles or large enemy swarms.
    LASER POWER-UPS: Collect one to get Twin lasers, which fire double green 
    beams. Collect another to get Hyper lasers, which fire double blue 
    SPARE WINGS: Gets a damaged wing or wings back together. These replace 
    all laser power-ups on a stage if your wings are damaged.
    SUPPLY CRATE: Respond to ROB64’s message with the right C button and 
    he’ll send you this crate. Shoot it for a bomb, silver or gold ring, or 
    laser power-up.
    CHECKPOINT: Fly through the checkpoint ring to, if you crash, return to 
    that spot. You also get part of your life gauge refilled. 
    +  ix. Expert Mode
    Expert Mode is basically Star Fox 64, but way harder. There are more 
    enemies, so getting medals is easier, except you’ll be shot at a lot 
    more and you’ll lose your wings far more easily. Also, Fox wears shades,
    like his father. That doesn't affect the story, but it makes him look
    It’s not all bad and average, though. You get a sound test, you can play
    VS. Mode with Landmasters and on-foot, and you get an alternate opening
    screen and alternate ending on the harder version of Venom! So, what are
    you waiting for?! Get those medals!!!
    + x. Other Important Notices 
    I think I should tell you how I’m structuring this guide, seeing as 
    Star Fox 64 is a non-linear game, and it has multiple pathways to get to 
    the end. Therefore, I have decided to start with the easy bottom 
    pathway, the medium middle three planets, and the hard top row of 
    planets. Just so you know.
    Also, if you want a specific chapter, you can press CTRL+F (Apple+F if 
    you’re on a Mac and using this) to search for the section you want.
    As well, this guide uses a LOT of quotes from the game. Have fun with
    Finally, when writing stages for games like this one, I use a technique 
    that I made up called "Bulleting." I put little bullet points (they’re 
    asterisks, actually), in front of every goal or part of the stage that you 
    need to accomplish. When writing other stuff (such as the Overworld in 
    Zelda and the Adventure Field in Sonic DX), I don’t use Bulleting, but 
    for the stages (or dungeons) I use this oh-so-fun technique. 
    But enough of my yammering. Let’s play the game! Turn it on, sit back, 
    and enjoy the ride...
    * "We need your help, Star Fox! Andross has declared war! He's invaded the
    Lylat System and is trying to take over Corneria! Our army alone can't do
    the job! Hurry, Star Fox!" --General Pepper
    +  1. Planet Corneria: Former Army Base
    "Enter Star Fox"
    Points For Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Meteo, Sector Y
    * "Open the wings." --Fox
    * "Check your G-diffuser system." --Fox
    * "Falco here. I'm fine." --Falco
    * "This is Peppy. All systems go." --Peppy
    * "Slippy here. I'm OK." --Slippy
    * "I see 'em up ahead! Let's rock 'n roll!" --Fox
    * Here it is! The first stage! As it begins, charge a homing blast and 
    release it on one of the two enemies. Kill the first one, too. I’d wait
    until they both get to the center, then kill them both to get an extra
    +1 hit point. Exploding things... it’s fun... Alternately, you can
    simply hit them with a homing blast (not locking on) for hidden bonuses.
    * Here comes another group of two enemies. You should shoot them 
    * "Slippy, get back here!" --Peppy
    * Five more ships approach from the sides. Lock on to one group and wait 
    for it to pass the other group, then fire to destroy them all and get a 
    laser power-up. Another enemy flies through quickly. If you shoot him 
    down, you can skip the next step. So far, though, I haven't hit him, so
    maybe it's impossible. But well...
    * "Slippy, watch out! Bogey on your tail!" --Peppy
    * "Whoa! Help me!" --Slippy
    * Peppy calls out that there are foes on Slippy’s tail. Charge a blast, 
    and shoot that bogey down. Don’t fire rapidly or you might hit Slippy. 
    As much as you want to, don’t, or you can’t get a medal.
    * As you go through the pass, enemies advance from the top, one at a 
    time. Shoot them all down rapidly.
    * "We're entering Corneria City now." --Fox
    * "This is horrible..." --Falco
    * "Everybody, stay alert!" --Peppy
    * You now fly toward Corneria City. Shoot all fiour fighters down and they 
    leave a silver ring. Fly under the open arch to get a gold ring. Or, you 
    can shoot open the doors on another arch and fly under for a smart bomb.
    As you get better at flying (I'm assuming this is your first time through
    the game), you can get both, concentrating on enemies all the way.
    * Blast the robot that tries to make the pillar fall for +5 hit points. 
    Then, if the pillar didn’t drop, get the laser power-up.
    * Fly through the next arch to get another gold ring, your second of the 
    level. Get three to increase the size of your health bar. Before you get
    the ring, though, charge a blast for the group of three enemies.
    * Peppy warns you about foes on your tail, so hit the brakes or (my 
    preferred approach) somersault over them, then shoot them down.
    * Next, you have a choice. There are two robots pushing over pillars, 
    and a closed-off arch in the middle. Shoot it open to get a gold ring, 
    your third one. That will increase the capacity of your shield gauge. If 
    you want points, points, and more points, fly to the left and shoot the 
    first bot...
    * ...then charge a blast as you roll to the right and fire it at the 
    second robot. Ka-blammers! You can get both, though. Just do what I
    outlined earlier, but fly through the arch after killing the first bot.
    * Next is the chekpoint. Fly through the ring to get a health surge.
    * "I'll take this one. Get the one behind me!" --Falco
    * "Something's wrong with the G-diffuser." --Falco
    * "Use the boost to chase!" --Peppy
    * "I could use some help here, Fox!" --Falco
    * Falco flies through, but soon gets targeted by a series of foes. 
    Charge a blast to shoot them all, and boost forward if Falco flies too 
    far ahead. You have to save Falco to go to Sector Y, so help him out. If 
    he has to leave, don’t worry; he’ll reappear in Stage 3, but you’ll have 
    to go to Meteo. Not so good...
    * A note: for extra points, just save Falco at the very end, and go
    through all the openings visible to bring out extra enemies. That is
    really beneficial to me when I go on medal runs.
    * By the end of the city, you must have saved Falco. Charge a blast for
    the turrets over the hill and do a barrel roll to deflect the blaster
    bolts. This next quote is the quote that everybody associates with this
    * "Do a barrel roll!" --Peppy
    * Charge a blast for the two robots carrying big steel beams. The first 
    one throws its beam forward, so go high or low to avoid it. The second 
    one drops the beam as it’s hit, so you should be high. There are three 
    turrets near the shore of a lake area, so shoot them too.
    * Fly through all the arches in the lake area to get to Sector Y if you 
    wish. There’s a gold ring under the last arch.
    * Now, this walkthrough diverges. If you saved Falco, you’ll fly into a 
    waterfall to face an alternate boss. Right now, though, we’ll pretend 
    you didn’t make it, and go from there...
    * The boss that you’d fight in the waterfall flies overhead. If Falco 
    dropped out during the Corneria City chase, you’ll fly straight ahead.
    There’s a gold ring and silver ring, one above the other. Go for the 
    silver ring on the bottom, then somersault to get them both. 
    * "Enemy robot, dead ahead." --Slippy
    * "Let's go!" --Falco
    * "All-range mode." --Fox
    * Oh, here we go!!!
    *****BOSS: GRANGA*****
    * "Ah! So this is Star Fox!" --Granga
    * "I’m going to crush you!!!" --Granga
    * The boss has weak legs, so blast them to knock him over. Go forward, 
    then do a U-turn to face him.
    * Granga’s weak spot is the green power pack on his back. Just fire at 
    it hard, and you’ll earn a +10 hit point bonus as you beat him. You’ll 
    be off to Meteo now! That was easy as eating pie! Or cake!
    * "My emperor! I’ve failed you!!!" --Granga
    This section assumes that you saved Falco and flew through all the 
    arches on the lake...
    * After the last arch, Falco will fly into a waterfall, and you’ll 
    * "Pretty smooth flying, Fox." --Falco
    * "Follow me, Fox!" --Falco
    * "Falco, where ya going?" --Fox
    * "I found the target! Try to keep up." --Falco
    * There are a bunch of flying enemies in the area, so shoot them as you 
    head over the water. Wait a minute... Who’s that?
    *****BOSS: ATTACK CARRIER*****
    * "Ah... someone wants to play!" --AC Pilot
    * "Incoming enemy from the rear! Drop altitude!" --Peppy
    * Fans of the SNES iteration of Star Fox will remember this familiar-
    looking bad boy! He’ll open up the right section the ship, so fire at 
    the opening and at the missiles for silver rings. When he opens the left 
    sections of the ship, do the same thing.
    * Keep firing when each section is opened, and they will, after a few 
    very good hits, blow off. 
    * The Attack Carrier will retreat. Start firing at it to lower its 
    energy rapidly...
    * ...then it’ll explode and you’ll get a +10 hit point bonus. You’re off 
    to Sector Y!
    * "Who are you guys?" --AC Pilot
    * "We’re Star Fox!" --Fox
    * "You’ll never defeat Andross!!!" --AC Pilot
    * Either way, though, good first level. Well done.
    * "We're heading out. All aircraft report!" --Fox
    * "You did it! I was worried for a moment." --Slippy
    * "You're becoming more like your father." --Peppy
    * "I'm fine. You OK over there, Fox?" --Falco
    + 2. Meteo: Asteroid Field
    "Into the Asteroid Field"
    Points for Medal: 200
    From Here, You Can Go To: Fortuna, Katina
    * "Things are starting to heat up!" --Slippy
    * "Quit dinkin' around, Slip." --Peppy
    * "We're headin' into the asteroids." --Fox
    * As you start the stage, shoot the asteroids for +1 hit point each.
    * "Don't mess up that Arwing." --Peppy
    * Fly through all three rings of metal asteroids to make a laser power-
    up appear in the middle of another circle. Don’t shoot your wingmen; they
    fly in front of you next.
    * "It's quiet. Too quiet." --Peppy
    * "Be careful! It's a trap!" --Peppy
    * Moths come out of the incoming asteroids. Shoot them rapidly to kill 
    them. Or, alternately, use a bomb, then rapidly shoot the stragglers.
    * You’ll approach a cave. Giant snakes come out. Shoot them with a 
    homing blast then fire rapidly to destroy them.
    * "Try a somersault." --Peppy
    * After you fly through the cave, you’ll see a silver ring, gold ring, 
    and a bomb stacked. Aim for the bomb at the bottom and somersault to get 
    them all.
    * "Here comes a BIG one!" --Slippy
    * Another ring of asteroids; fly through to get another laser power-up.
    * "Whoa! Can you make it?" --Slippy
    * "Use the brake!" --Peppy
    * A group of huge asteroids come up next. Slippy panics, but Peppy says 
    to brake to avoid two meteors that collide in your path. Use your 
    brakes or fly over them...
    * "Use the boost to get thru." --Peppy
    * ...then hit the booster to shoot past the next two boulders while 
    getting the smart bomb.
    * "Incoming message from ROB64." --Peppy
    * The next four creatures are asteroid look-alikes, but when they flip 
    over, blast the yellow triangle. You’ll be sent a message at this point; 
    press C-Right to get a supply crate from ROB64. It contains a bomb. Try 
    and get as many enemies as you can. I like using a bomb, but that's me.
    What about you?
    * Three enemies are on your tail. Hit the brakes or somersault over them, 
    then blast them! Advice: when you see the supply crate, lock onto it and
    blow it up. When you are buzzed (the period just before someone talks to
    you on the communication unit), immediately somersault to avoid the group.
    * "They're on me! I'm gettin' careless!" --Peppy
    * Peppy is being chased. Shoot down all the enemies to save him.
    * "Thanks, Fox." --Peppy
    * Groups of five alien ships each approach. Charge a blast and hit them all 
    at once to earn +4 hit points as a bonus.
    * "The enemy's comin' from behind." --Peppy
    * Another cave is coming up. Enemies spiral around you to create a sort 
    of web. Shoot them down to stop the web.
    * At the cavern’s exit, there are turrets on the walls. Lock on to each 
    one and kill it. Do barrel rolls to reflect the beams.
    * Another series of web monsters outside make a grid out of web. Fire a 
    smart bomb and detonate it early to blow them up and get lots of points.
    * Next are little space turrets that shoot every which way. If Falco's
    with you, he'll help you out.
    * "I guess it's your turn to be thankful." --Falco 
    * The next moth-like enemy flies in, then fires rings of energy. Stay 
    inside the rings while shooting at it for a gold ring. But hurry; if you 
    take too long, he’ll fly away.
    * Now, Slippy is being chased by the camouflaged enemies from earlier. 
    Save him!
    * Lock on to the next wave of enemies and get them all with one shot.
    * If you kept Falco alive, he’ll shoot open an asteroid with a gold ring 
    for you. Finally, the wingmen start helping! If he's not around, look for
    a biggish asteroid near the center right of the screen (when it shows up--
    it's one of the last of the flow of asteroids).
    * This next movie is a magic fairy alien thing. Shoot it rapidly for +3
    bonus points.
    * "Hold A to charge your laser." --Slippy
    * "You can also lock onto enemies this way." --Peppy
    * This next zone is a tad odd. Lock on to each cluster of moths and hit 
    them for mega points, something like +7 or so. Here you can reach the
    warp to Katina, but more on that later.
    * Shoot the worms that wake a zigzag web for a point. Shoot the snake 
    for bonus items, like a gold ring. Also, shoot the center of the 
    asteroids that split open for a hit. And shoot the regular meteors for
    a point. Well, looks like smooth sailing from he-- oh, no...
    *****BOSS: METEO CRUSHER*****
    * "I cannot allow you to go any further." --MC Pilot
    * The Meteo Crusher will come from above, blocking your path. Don’t 
    shoot at the big shield; it’ll absorb your fire and shoot it back 
    at you. Instead, aim for the glowing yellow triangles when the opening 
    shifts to them.
    * After all the triangles are destroyed, the shield will fly off. Stay 
    near the opening in it to avoid it. 
    * Stay to the far left or right to avoid the electricity the ship fires. 
    Fire at the diamond in the center until you destroy it (while avoiding 
    electricity, of course!).
    * "I’m no match for you." --MC Pilot
    * "I admit defeat." --MC Pilot
    * "Are you gonna listen to that monkey?" --Falco
    * "Ah... you're not as stupid as you look!" --MC Pilot
    * The Meteo Crusher flips over, and reveals its big guns. Shoot the two 
    yellow rectangles while dodging the two turrets that fire circular beams.
    * When both spots are destroyed, you’ll get a +10 hit point bonus if you 
    did it quickly. The Meteo Crusher has been... er... crushed!
    * "I can’t believe I lost to this scum!!!" --MC Pilot
    * "Sorry to jet, but I’m in a hurry!" --Fox
    * "Never give up. Trust your instincts." --Peppy 
    * When you reach the asteroid field before the boss, there are rings of 
    blue triangles. Go through them to gain a boost of speed. The more rings 
    you go through, the faster you’ll go. To make things harder, the rings 
    are far to the left and right of each other, so make sharp turns using
    Z and R. That always helps me. And, when you go through all six rings...
    * ...you’ll warp! You’ll end up in a freaky area where threats are few.
    It looks cool, but don’t get distracted. There are tons of power-ups.
    * Be sure to somersault when you see a line of items to get them all. 
    * Shoot at the enemies connected to the lines for easy points. Use bombs 
    to destroy a screen full of asteroids.
    * Eventually, you’ll leave. No +10 point bonus for you, but the sights 
    were well worth it. Plus, come with, oh, +150 hit points (although it is 
    possible with fewer), and you’ll get an easy medal, no prob. I know I did!
    + 3. Planet Fortuna: Former Defense Post
    "Enter Star Wolf"
    Points for Medal: 50
    From Here, You Can Go To: Sector X, Solar
    * "Split up and take it to 'em!" --Fox
    * If you’re on the easy path, this is your first fully all-range stage. 
    To get the medal, you have to kill 10 ships at the beginning, then kill 
    all four members of Team Star Wolf (for +10 points each.) A base is at 
    the center, but don’t worry about it.
    * Shoot the enemy jets down for +1 point each. Save your wingmen and get 
    lots of points. Actually, +10 hits is all you really need to get the 
    medal after eliminating Team Star Wolf, but hey, the more the merrier.
    * Slippy nervously points out that ships are coming out of the base. 
    Then, to heighten the tension, ROB64 confirms that there is a bomb! Fox 
    will try to deal with it, but then Wolf, Leon, Andrew and Pigma 
    intervene. The battle is on!
    * "Why are ships coming out of the base?" --Slippy
    * "A bomb has been planted at the base." --ROB64
    * "Geez! Can anyone take care of it?" --Fox
    *****BOSS: TEAM STAR WOLF*****
    * "Can’t let you do that, Star Fox." --Wolf O’ Donnell
    * "Andross has ordered us to take you down." --Leon Powalski
    * "Peppy! Long time no see!" --Pigma Dengar
    * "Andross’ enemy is my enemy." --Andrew Oikonny
    * "Just who I needed to see. Star Wolf." --Fox
    * "Let's take care of these guys first." --Fox
    * You have about five minutes to kill Team Star Wolf. Follow one of your 
    wingmen, than wait for someone to get on his tail. Shoot them with rapid 
    * Another technique is to set yourself up as bait. Fly straight to lure 
    an enemy onto your tail. Then when you see lasers shooting at you...
    * ...do a somersault to get behind him, then turn in the direction the 
    bad guy turns. Shoot rapidly to hit him. After several direct hits, the 
    enemy will be destroyed, and you’ll get +10 hit points.
    * Destroy Wolf, Leon, Andrew and Pigma, then Fox will take care of the 
    bomb. Then you’ll go to Solar. If you fail to destroy them all in the 
    time allotted, the base will explode and you’ll have to go to Sector X.
    * "My beautiful reward! Aaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!" --Pigma Dengar
    * "Uncle Andross!" --Andrew Oikonny
    * "This can't be happening!" --Leon Powalski
    * "I...can't...lose!!!" --Wolf O' Donnell
    * "I’ll take care of the bomb now." --Fox 
    * You did it. Good job! However, this isn't the toughest dogfight in the 
    game. If you want to prove that you can stay on the harder paths, you'll
    have to face some of the toughest dogfights in the house... But, hey, don't 
    let that ruin your glory streak.
    * "All aircraft report!" --Fox
    * "Hey, we made it!" --Slippy
    * "Fox, take it easy!" --Peppy
    * "That was a close call, Fox!" --Falco
    + 4. Sector X Combat Zone
    "Mystery of the Space Base"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Titania, Macbeth, Sector Z
    * "Let's take out that weapon, boys." --Fox
    * "Let's have a little fun!" --Falco
    * From the beginning, waves of enemies approach. Bomb them! 
    * Here comes another swarm. Use charged blasts on these guys.
    * "He's quick! Be careful!" --Peppy
    * Here are some enemies that spin to the left and right if they're
    onscreen too long, shooting all the way. Shoot them rapidly to avoid
    * "Enemy group behind us. Man, they're fast!" --Falco
    * Now, use a bomb when a new swarm gets onscreen, then detonate it at
    the right time to rack up about +20 points.
    * "We're gettin' close to the base." --Peppy
    * When Peppy says that, shoot another bomb, if you have one, into the
    mines ahead. If not, boost through them and pray you don't get damaged
    too much.
    * You now enter a piece of wreckage. Shoot the turrets. Also, gun down 
    the drones for a laser power-up.
    * "Somebody beat us here. It's all gone!" --Falco
    * Shoot at the turrets 'til a moth comes up. Fire at it while going
    inside its energy rings to get a gold ring.
    * Checkpoint! The wall closes, but an opening appears in the center. Fly 
    through, then go up slightly to avoid the... giant hand?
    * "What the heck is that?" --Falco
    * Peppy needs help! Shoot those goons down and be happy.
    * Up ahead you’ll see a robotic hand floating by, and the path forks.
    Where you go next is dependent on which way you go. If you go left,
    you can try to get to Sector Z, but I’ll go right...
    * "Interceptor system dead ahead." --Slippy
    * Around the corner, a few ships fly by, then platforms with turrets 
    slide out of the nearby wall. Shoot them while avoiding the platforms.
    * A ten-enemy swarm is next, so charge a blast and hit them.
    * More vertical platforms appear, along with turrets for a few easy 
    * After a while, Peppy will be chased. Charge a blast for the swarm.
    * "Where is the secret weapon?" --Peppy
    * Next, there’s more floating debris, and a moth. Shoot it for a gold
    ring. Oh no, it’s... it’s...
    * "What the heck? Fox, look behind you!!" --Falco
    *****BOSS: SPYBORG*****
    * "So this is the secret weapon." --Fox
    * "Destroy. Destroy." --Spyborg
    * "I will terminate all enemies." --Spyborg
    * "You are an enemy." --Spyborg
    * The Spyborg will fuse together from pieces of debris. His weak spot is 
    his face, so shoot it. He can shoot lasers from the cannons sticking out,
    so watch for that. He'll also swing his arms to try and slap you. Roll to
    avoid that. 
    * He’ll also back up, then fire his arms like missiles. Reminds me of
    Dragon Ball Z... Dodge them and keep firing at him.
    * "Where is the creator?" --Spyborg
    * "What’s he saying?" --Fox
    * Eventually you’ll blow his head off, but the battle’s not done yet! 
    When I originally played this boss, I wondered why the red eye on the 
    viewscreen was not visible. Well, there it is!
    * "Yippee! You did it!" --Slippy
    * "Huh? What?" --Fox
    * "The view is clear. Destroy. Destroy." --Spyborg
    * "Destroy what? He's crazy." --Falco
    * He’ll regain some of his energy, then throw debris at you. Shoot at 
    his eye to kill him. If you beat the boss quickly, you’ll go to Macbeth, 
    but if you take too long, Slippy will try to help, but the Spyborg will 
    knock him to Titania.
    * "I must be complete." --Spyborg
    * At the juncture, you can also go left to try to warp to Sector Z. 
    After turning, several walls will close, but not all the way. Fly 
    through the cracks.
    * "I can't to see this secret weapon!" --Falco
    * Inside a crack in the third group of walls is a gold ring.
    * "I found the gate. Looks like a warp." --Falco
    * Be sure to brake through the opening and closing gates.
    * Right after you see a bomb, be ready for Door #1! Watch for it in the 
    background and fire rapidly. (If you charge, it’ll lock on to one of the 
    many turrets.)
    * A note: if you cleared Katina, but decided to change course (yes, it
    is possible) and go here, or if you lost on Katina, Bill will fly in and
    help you shoot the doors. Yay!
    * "I'm going to open the gate. Back me up!" --Bill
    * "Bill! You're OK!" --Fox
    * "Of course. I'm here to help." --Bill
    * With good aim, the door will open at the last moment. If you crash 
    through the door, it won’t count. If you get through the door without 
    damage, you’ll be on your way to the warp!
    * Don’t rest yet! Fire rapidly at Door #2. Fly through when it opens.
    * "Something's not right here." --Falco
    * "Who took this base out?" --Falco
    * Door #3 comes up quickly, so shoot it hard.
    * "YEAH! Just one more!" --Falco
    * "Take it easy, Fox. Don't let us down." --Bill
    * Door #4 rises up as you shoot it. Get through it...
    * ...and you’ll warp into the secret path. There are differences between 
    the Meteo-Katina warp and this one. This one is much harder, and if you
    lose a wing, switch to Titania instead. Without wings, Sector Z is far
    harder. Also, there aren’t as many power-ups.
    * Charge your lasers and fire them when they lock on to something. Avoid 
    hitting the walls. I especially hate the time where you have to spiral
    through the passages. It is easy to hit them, so maneuver through the
    whole thing and hope for the best. That's what I do.
    * Watch out for the rotating frames at the end. Again, no +10 point bonus,
    but the sights were well worth it. It’s really an easy medal if you detour
    through here. However, it's easier for me to get a medal when just plainly
    going through the level. But that's just me.
    + 5. Planet Titania: Arid Desert
    "The Search for Slippy"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here You Can Go To: Bolse Defense Outpost
    * "Give me Slippy's location, ROB." --Fox
    * "Life form indicated at 12 o' clock." --ROB64
    * You’ll eject from Great Fox in a Landmaster for one of two ground-
    based stages. Watch out for falling pillars. Hover over them or boost 
    under them for power-ups. The first pillar falls to the right. 
    * Shoot the land mines before you run over them. Boost under the next 
    pillar for an easy gold ring.
    * "I think you look better in a tank." --Falco
    * "Why don't you come down here, Falco?" --Fox
    * "I'll pass, Fox." --Falco
    * Next, a large turtle will fall from the sky. Shoot at his head to get 
    +3 hit points. Watch out for him as he falls.
    * You can go through two different paths into a set of arches with land 
    mines. There are no bonus items, so it’s your choice.
    * "He can sure be a pain in the neck." --Falco
    * "Don't go too fast, Falco." --Peppy
    * When you get outnumbered by turtles, bomb them! After the wave of 
    turtles, hover over a skull to get a silver ring. 
    * Go on the bridges, not on the mainland; it’s infested in land mines. 
    On the third bridge, grab a gold ring, and shoot the yellow trees to 
    find silver rings. Stay under the laser of the enemy while firing at 
    * Watch out for tanks guarding the next bridge. Go through a minefield 
    and a few airborne enemies. Checkpoint!
    * "Ahh!! I'm hit!" --Slippy
    * "Is that you, Slippy?" --Fox
    * More columns with items are next, so boost forward. Shoot a bomb to 
    the upper-left to hit a squad of enemies above. 
    * Stay in the center to get a bomb in the next area. There are two 
    structures. Enter the left one to get a gold ring. Watch out for the
    toppling pillars. You will be paged, as well.
    * "Don't be dead, Slip." --Peppy
    * There are high hills with rings for energy. There are also columns 
    with gold rings before the... 
    *****BOSS: GORAS*****
    * "Slippy!!" --Fox
    * "I knew you'd come help me!" --Slippy
    * You’ll see three odd tentacle appendages, presumably claws. One of
    them has Slippy’s Arwing! Shoot the other hands to make him go
    * "Fox!!" --Slippy
    * "Let me get a piece of that action, Fox." --Falco
    * The Goras comes above the desert’s surface, and man, he is GINORMOUS! 
    Shoot at his arms to blow them off. When they’re all gone, shoot at his 
    head to make fire a stream of energy at you. Roll to avoid it.
    * When the boss’s energy meter appears, shoot at his heart to make him 
    retreat. If you take too long, he’ll regrow his arms and start spitting 
    a stream of energy. Shoot them all off.
    * Fire at his heart until he dies and get a +10 point bonus.
    * "All aircraft report!" --Fox
    * "I thought I was a goner!" --Slippy
    * "We're always savin' your hide, Slip." --Falco
    * "I'm sure he's learned his lesson." --Peppy
    * "When we get back, we'll head to Venom." --Fox
    + 6. Bolse Defense Outpost
    "The Last Hurrah"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Venom (easier)
    * "Aim for the six energy towers." --Peppy
    * "I'll cover ya, Fox!" --Falco
    * The twisted gravity magnetism on this stage pulls you around the arena 
    clockwise. The change in physics is caused by six energy towers and a 
    force field. Shoot the top of the energy towers to destroy them. Watch 
    out for the electricity.
    * Once you destroy them all, the force field will disappear and a swarm 
    of enemies will fly out from the center.
    * "Hey! The force field is disappearing!" --Fox
    * "Looks like we've got company." --Falco
    * The medal score is 150, so kill as many enemies as you possibly can to 
    get it. The same dogfighting rules apply. If you see lasers from behind 
    you, somersault and shoot the enemy down. Rather difficult if this is 
    your first time on the easy path, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble. 
    * Well, this is easy enough. Wait... What the heck is that?!
    * "Good. I see the enemy core." --Peppy
    *****BOSS 1: CORE TOWER*****
    * A core tower will rise from the center of the station. It has glowing 
    yellow blocks that you need to shoot (for up to +10 hit points each.) 
    Guard your wingmen carefully; if they leave, you won’t get any more 
    medals for the rest of the game.
    * "Destroy the satellite's core." --Peppy
    * When you get over +150 points, hit the last block, and you’re off to 
    Venom-- and Andross!
    *****BOSS 2: TEAM STAR WOLF*****
    * "Play time is over, Star Fox." --Wolf O' Donnell
    * "I think I'll torture you for awhile." --Leon Powalski
    * "Daddy screamed REAL good before he died!" --Pigma Dengar
    * "You'll be sorry you crossed us!" --Andrew Oikonny
    * "Just who I needed to see. Star Wolf." --Fox
    * "Let's take care of these guys first." --Fox
    * If you haven’t already fought Team Star Wolf, you’ll fight them here, 
    as well as the Core Tower. They are worth +10 points each (important for 
    getting the medal), but if you just want to finish the stage, ignore 
    them for the moment, and focus on the core, saving your wingmen when 
    * "Venom, here we come." --Fox
    + 7. Planet Katina: Frontline Base
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Solar, Sector X
    * "Fox, you made it!" --Bill
    * "Bill! Is that you? I can’t believe it!" --Fox
    * "We can catch up later, Fox." --Bill
    * As the stage begins, your old friend Bill and the Katinan army is 
    under attack. This is an arena stage, and rather a rip-off of 
    Independence Day. I mean, come on! A flying saucer above a base with a 
    big laser? That’s no co-inky-dink!  
    * Besides the enemy and the wingmen, there are several friendly ships 
    attacking the enemy. Don’t shoot them; you won’t get points for them.
    * "Enemy mothership approaching." --Bill 
    * After you shoot down ten enemies, Bill will warn you about an enemy
    mothership approaching. Just fire at the enemies. 
    * The game cuts to a cinema of the mothership positioning itself above 
    the pyramid and releasing a boatload o’ ships. It's go time!
    *****BOSS: SAURCER***** 
    * "Here they come!" --Falco
    * There’s no shortage of enemies now. Fire at them, and save the 
    friendly ships and your wingmen. It is hard to tell the difference 
    between the friends and enemies. One way to tell: charge a blast and it 
    will lock on the enemy, not the friends.
    * "Go for the 4 hatches on the underside!" --Bill 
    * Bill will advise you to hit the four hatches under the Saurcer, but if 
    you want a medal, you should just fire on the opposition. (If you shoot 
    the hatches down quickly, the clock will start prematurely.) My suggestion
    is to shoot all but one of the hatches quickly for plenty of points, but
    ignore the last one.
    * "There's some sort of energy reaction!" --Bill
    * "The core has appeared. Stand by to attack!" --Bill
    * After a while, a clock with one minute on it will appear, and the core 
    will appear. After firing on it a bit, it will be destroyed, and you’ll 
    head to Solar. If you fail, you’ll go to Sector X.
    * "Yeehaw! You did it!" --Bill
    * "Take care, Fox." --Bill
    * "You too... Bill." --Fox
    + 8. Solar
    "Out of the Frying Pan..."
    Points for Medal: 100
    From Here, You Can Go To: Macbeth
    * "The Arwing might not make it!" --Falco
    * "This baby can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees!" --Slippy
    * The heat of the level (from the lava below... duh) will cause your 
    ship’s shield gauge to lower constantly, so DON’T FLY LOW!!! Sorry, I 
    just wanted to get that out of my system. I should’ve thought that it 
    was perfectly obvious. Fly high. Oh, and watch out for little snakes of 
    flame coming out from under the lava.
    * "Shoot the rocks!" --Peppy
    * Shoot the boulders for a LOT of silver and gold rings, and hit points. 
    If you shoot lots of surrounding birds, as well as boulders, you will 
    probably get the medal.
    * "Looks like you could use some help, Fox." --Bill
    * "Bill!" --Fox
    * "Don't get too excited. Here we go!" --Bill
    * If you played on Katina, at this particular point, Bill will fly in
    to help you, then leave after a bit. For now, just blast some birds ‘n
    boulders to gain points.
    * After the wave where Bill comes, blast each bird with a charged shot. 
    After this section, Bill will leave. We heart you, Bill!
    * "Watch yourself, Fox..." --Bill
    * Next, a flock of birds will fly in from the left... so bomb them! You’ll 
    get more bombs, not to mention more points.
    * Here’s the checkpoint! Two flame snakes will cross at the checkpoint, 
    but you can fly through after they both splash back into the lava.
    * "I ain't your buddy! Go away!" --Falco
    * Keep grabbing silver rings to keep your shield gauge high, then hit 
    the bird tailing Falco.
    * "It's too hot! I can't take it anymore!!" --Slippy
    * Save Slippy quickly here, 'cause if he gets hit enough, the lava will
    dismember him. And that's damaging to your medal chances. Not bad, just
    * Here comes another flock, from the left. Bomb it! 
    * A huge flock flies up from the lava ahead, so throw a bomb to get lots 
    of points. Oh boy, the lava is rumbling. That ain’t good... GEEZ!!! A
    giant lava wave may seem threatening, but actually, it's yet another...
    *****BOSS: VULCAIN*****
    * "THIS is the enemy’s bio-weapon?" --Peppy
    * "Andross is an insane fool!" --Falco
    * When you get to the boss, have at least +90 points for a medal. If you 
    have Hyper lasers (double blue) the Vulcain is a breeze.
    * After Slippy analyzes the boss’ health, shoot at his arms. If you 
    don’t shoot them quickly, he’ll go into the rest of his pattern. He’ll 
    spit fiery boulders at you, so shoot them all for silver rings.
    * The boss will duck under the lava, and more boulders will appear. 
    Shoot them, again, for silver rings.
    * Vulcain will resurface in the distance and whack the lava to create a 
    flame snake. Dodge it by going to the far left or right. He’ll then make 
    a wave with his arms, so go high. 
    * He’ll resurface near you, so keep shooting his arm till you destroy 
    it. Shoot the other one off and lava will flow out the sockets (eew...). 
    Shoot the boss’ head now!
    * He’ll spin in a circle, and the lava from his sockets will fly at you, 
    so go high to avoid it.
    * A few more hits to the head, and bye-bye boss! You’ll get a maximum of 
    +10 hit points. Vulcain, we hearted you, too... until you tried to kill 
    * "Yippee! You did it!" --Slippy
    + 9. Planet Macbeth: Venom Army Supply Train
    "The Forever Train"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Bolse Defense Outpost, Area 6
    * "I spot the train. I'm takin' it out!" --Fox
    * "Here come the little hyenas, now!" --Mechbeth
    * Another tank stage! Yah! A train will be moving nearby, so you can 
    shoot at the cars of the train for points... and fun!
    * Within seconds, you’ll be bombarded by enemies, so fire at them. Bear
    in mind that barrel rolling does not deflect lasers in a tank, so watch
    for that.
    * "They're not takin' me seriously." --Mechbeth
    * "Here ya go!" --Mechbeth
    * Destroy more cars until they dump out boulders, then use a bomb, if 
    you have one, to get all the rocks.
    * Note: if you came here from Zoness, Katt shows up. Hi, Katt! Falco
    doesn't seem so enthused.
    * "Startin' without me? Boys, I'm crushed." --Katt
    * "Katt?! Not you again!" --Falco
    * "Is that any way to greet a girl?" --Katt
    * Enemies will attack from the sky, but don’t lose sight of the ground; 
    turrets on platforms will attack. Shoot each for a silver ring. The last 
    one has a gold ring as well. Hover to get that.
    * "Incoming!" --Slippy
    * Watch for the overhead enemies. Get them with a homing shot.
    * "How's the Landmaster, Fox?" --Slippy
    * More boulders, rolling this time. If you’re going for the medal, blast 
    as many as possible for points. If you’re a sap, hover over them.
    * Dodge the giant nuker turret, and fire on the continuing boulders.
    Hover to get the upcoming gold ring.
    * "Dang! Detatch the rear vehicle." --Mechbeth
    * "Don't let 'em get to the supply depot!" --Peppy
    * As you head under the train tracks, the nuker on top of the train will
    fire bombs at you. Roll to dodge them.
    * Next, you will pass under the train track, and Falco will get tracked 
    by an enemy. Shoot a homing shot to kill it quickly.
    * You can shoot cars on the train as you head up to the tunnel, but you 
    should always shoot the boulders in front of you, or even the nuker 
    cannons. In fact, as you're there, shoot at the fuel tank to make the
    whole thing go kablooey.
    * When you reach the tunnel, you will be directly behind the train. 
    Shoot at the cars of the train to blow them up and get mega points. 
    There will also be barriers that pop out of the wall, so hover over 
    them. Near the end, hit the big fuel bunker atop a train car to cause a 
    HUGE EXPLOSION. This certainly is not the last one in the level.
    * At the end of the tunnel is the checkpoint.
    * Shoot the hatchways on the buildings to open up a narrow path through, 
    but only for a little bit. You may have to boost to get through in time.
    Inside, though, you’ll find rings.
    * "I can see the fuel bunker on the right side!" --Falco
    * Actually, it's on your left, but on his right. You know what to do.
    * "Change the switch ahead." --Peppy
    * "Shoot the 8 switches to open the lock." --Peppy
    * Hover over the bars that close in. See those things sticking out of 
    the ground? They’re switches. You should hit them to, later in the level, 
    cause the BIGGEST FRICKIN’ EXPLOSION EVER. Hit #1 and #2, both of which 
    are on the right. You know you’ve hit them when they rise a little higher 
    and activate green lights.
    * Answer to ROB's message after #2. #3 is on the left; #4 is to the right 
    atop the large box thing. Move to the right after hitting both and grab 
    the crate that ROB sent inside the building.
    *****BOSS: MECHBETH*****
    * "I didn’t expect to have to use this!" --Mechbeth 
    * "You’re very lucky." --Mechbeth
    * Heh, heh. Mechbeth. That’s a funny name. The boss should appear, but 
    for now just ignore him and hit switches. #5 is on the left. 		
    * Immediately move to the right to go through the building and hit #6.
    * "I'm here to rescue you!" --Falco
    * Watch out for the boss’ giant spears as you head towards #7 and #8, 
    which are on opposite sides of the track. Hit #7 (on the left) and Falco 
    shoots #8 for you. Thank you, bird boy!
    * "Okay, now shoot the switcher." --Peppy
    * When you get to the track switch, the switch will pop out if you hit 
    the other eight. Hit it to activate a cinema.
    * The track will switch to a different path, and the train will crash 
    into barriers and such as it heads towards a giant warehouse.
    * "Good going, Fox." --Peppy
    * "No! Hit the brakes!!" --Mechbeth
    * "I can't STOP IT!!" --Mechbeth
    * You’ll get +50 points--then... 
    the biggest frickin’ explosion ever. Even typing can’t express its sheer 
    size.  This game is so awesome.
    * "All aircraft report." --Fox
    * "I can see the look on their stupid faces!" --Slippy
    * "I'm sure we hurt 'em this time." --Peppy
    * "You're pretty good, tiger. See you again!" --Katt
    * "Now it's our turn to kick some tail!" --Falco
    On the other hand, if you miss even one switch, you’ll have to shoot the 
    boss off the train instead... Shee-ooot...
    *****BOSS: MECHBETH (again)*****
    * "I didn't expect to have to use this!" --Mechbeth
    * "You're very lucky." --Mechbeth
    * Heh heh. Mechbeth. That’s still a funny name. The boss is a flying 
    robot attached to the train, and he’ll fly overhead now. Every so often, 
    he will swoop down and grab you with a claw, then drop you. That attack 
    is so sadistic. So, concentrate your fire on the claw for now.
    * When you reach #7 and #8, he’ll drop huge spears into the ground. They 
    won’t give you any points, but shoot them anyway. 
    * Next, you’ll reach the track switch. If you didn’t hit all eight
    switches, just ignore it. It won’t do anything.
    * "Well, at least we can take this boss out." --Peppy
    * When the claw is gone, he’ll still drop huge spears, but this time, 
    he’ll go just above you, flatten out his wings, and fire beams into the 
    ground. It is possible to stay between the wings and avoid the lasers 
    completely, but I’d barrel roll.
    * Sometimes your friends will need you to save their butts, so do that.
    * Occasionally, the boss will move his wings to the side and rotate them 
    quickly to try and nuke you. Roll around and hover away to avoid the bombs.
    * When the boss is at, oh, 1/3 of his health, the back of the train will 
    open up occasionally and release a box that creates an electric barrier. 
    Hover over it or shoot it to death. 
    * A great way to damage the boss is, when the train opens up, to fire a
    shot into the opening. This causes the kite to wobble like a bird with
    epilepsy. At this time, it is best to bomb it. And it won't even drop a
    box. Yay!
    * This may seem tough, but you can beat him. Once you do, you’ll go to
    Bolse Defense Outpost. Destroy the whole train and you’ll go to Area 6.
    * "No! Get away!!! Gwahh!!!" --Mechbeth
    + 10. Sector Y Combat Zone
    "Fierce Melee"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Aquas, Katina
    * "Let's back up the squadron." --Fox
    * "Somebody's gonna pay for all this." --Falco
    * "Don't let any of 'em through!" --Peppy
    * I love this level. I think it’s the best space battle in the game. The
    Cornerian army is getting clobbered by Andross’ army, and you need to
    save their butts.
    * As you fly in, you’ll see several robots, called Mech Troopers, on the
    horizon. One will readily appear within shooting distance. A few hits or
    a charged shot will kill it. Shoot the others that appear. When you see
    a blue mech, be ready for an invasion.
    * "Something's wrong. I don't see anything." --Slippy
    * "Surprise attack coming from above!" --Peppy
    * The enemies come down. Just pick them off with quick fire.
    * Soon enough you’ll reach the dark ship from which enemies swarm out of
    the openings. Use a bomb on one part, and just pick off the others with 
    normal lasers. You can then take a path above or below the ship--it’s 
    all the same. Although, personally, I always go up (for better luck).
    * See? THIS is why they call this level "Fierce Melee." There are dozens 
    of turrets, all gunning for you. Barrel roll a lot as you shoot, and you 
    shouldn’t have any trouble.
    * After the turret storm, there’ll be five ships shooting at you. Do a
    loop to get behind them, then shoot the H-E-double hockey sticks out of
    * On a nearby battleship, there’s a gold ring atop a sort of control 
    tower, and a checkpoint just to the lower right. I’d go for both by 
    getting the gold ring, then barrel rolling to the checkpoint.
    * Now, up ahead, you’ll encounter two mechs. If you go for the top one, 
    you’ll go up; take on the bottom one to go below. The walkthrough will 
    diverge from here...
    IF YOU GO UP...
    * "I'll take care of everything below." --Peppy
    * A huge swarm of ships will attack. Move up, mop up, move on.
    * Slippy will charge in and chase after mechs, but then he’ll be 
    attacked by a dozen or so fighters. Idiot... kill those scum.
    * There’s more mechs and assorted ships. Blast them! As the next mech
    shows up, be sure to homing-shoot him. If you use quick fire, you might
    hit Falco. 
    * "Take 'em down with one shot!" --Falco
    * This next area has several groups of enemies that you can lock onto and
    shoot down with one shot. You will then head down towards the turrets.
    * "We're gonna break through that fleet." --Fox
    * "I've got everything above." --Falco
    * You will see an army of mechs in the background. Bomb those creeps!
    * The silver mech leaps off the battleship at you. Kill him!
    * You will see long ranks of ships with turrets on them. You know what 
    to do.
    * Fly through the gold ring as you head towards the turret storm.
    * "We're gonna break through that fleet." --Fox
    * "You're becoming a better pilot." --Peppy
    * Now our walkthrough is whole again. After several lines of ships, get 
    the gold ring in the arch on the last line. You will recieve a message
    from ROB at the outset of this last line, as well.
    * "Something's up ahead. Looks different." --Slippy
    * "All-range mode." --Fox
    * Oh, how original. Mechs... but blue and gold. Creative. Anyway, these 
    guys are a little faster and smarter. The life bar is shared, so once it 
    reaches the half point, one blows up. The most you can get is +3 points 
    for killing them. Wah-hay! We did it!
    *****BOSS 2: SHOGUN*****
    * Well, that was easy. Nothing to it... Wait a minute! 
    * "Don’t party just yet." --Shogun
    * It’s not over yet! The Shogun will launch off the ship. 
    * "It’s time to try our new weapon." --Shogun
    * He’s even faster than the other mechs. Watch out for him on the radar. 
    Sometimes he’ll fire his weapons at you and your allies. He can also try 
    to ram you, like a kamikaze.
    * This guy is so annoying. He’s taunting when you’re not hitting him, 
    and whiny when you are. Examples: 
    * "What’s wrong? Is that it?" --Shogun
    * "Cocky little freaks!!!" --Shogun
    * He’s not too hard, though. Just shoot the heck out of this idiot! To get
    to Aquas, you must finish the level with at least +100 hit points. If you
    don’t, off to Katina you go.
    * "Aaaahhhhhhh!!!" --Shogun
    * If you go to Katina, it's not bad. You're improving. And if you go
    into Aquas, well, lucky you.
    * "We're headin' for Aquas. Report in." --Fox
    * "There ya go!" --Slippy
    * "Your skills have improved, Fox." --Peppy
    * "I guess you're good for something." --Falco
    + 11. Aquas Ocean
    "Terror of the Deep"
    Points for Medal: 150
    From Here, You Can Go To: Zoness
    * "I'm gonna check out the bio-weapon." --Fox
    * Oh, mama! A submarine level! Woohoo! This level is pretty dark. At 
    least you have unlimited torpedoes. They’re not nearly as strong as 
    smart bombs, but they help you see in the dark ocean, and besides, this 
    is the only time in the game that you have unlimited anything. Except 
    lasers. But they don’t count.
    * OK, fine, I’ll get on with it. To get to Zoness, all you have to do 
    is survive. Yes, finally! Shoot the clams to get items inside. 
    * On a side note, this is the only level where your wingmates are inside 
    the sub with you (at least, that’s where I assume they are), so they 
    won’t be chased. But you don’t care.
    * WHOA! A giant sea serpent! Fire at its head in the brief window of 
    time you have to kill it. If you take it down, +3 hit points for you.
    * This next area has a lot of pillars. Some pillars have chewed-away 
    sections, so fire a torpedo at them to get a free hit point! Plus, there 
    are also power-ups inside, such as a gold ring.
    * You end up in front of a giant fish with a spotlight. Eeeeww... shoot 
    it dead with a few torpedoes while following up with a few laser strikes 
    on the side. +3 hit points a pop.
    * Watch out for the camo manta rays on the sea floor! They’re not too 
    much of a threat--that is, unless they come up under you.
    * Here’s the much-sought-after checkpoint. Whew!
    * You’re on the homestretch. Kill all the spotlight fish and manta rays 
    by using torpedoes.
    * Oh, man. And just when your health bar thought it couldn’t shrink 
    anymore, too. See, this next section has EXPLODING STARFISH. Hit them 
    with a torpedo before they explode in your face.
    * Peppy says that he has a bad feeling. OH GEEZ! Boulders are falling 
    down! Roll to avoid them while shooting the ones already on the ground 
    to clear a pathway.
    * One last arch. A warning: when you see it, you are about to see the 
    boss-- WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??!!
    *****BOSS: BACOON*****
    * "I found the bio-weapon." --Fox
    * Oh my, it’s a large... shell?! A single eye opens up to see you. You can 
    shoot at it, but it won’t do anything. 
    * The shell closes with a BAM. See those... things atop his shell? Hit 
    them with torpedoes. Shoot/torpedo them until they are destroyed. While 
    you do this, he’ll shoot toxic bubbles at you. Shoot at them and resume 
    fire. That is unrequired, but they will give you good bonus points.
    However, if you wish to get a +10 bonus at the end, simply do what I outline
    * After those doodads are eradicated, fire at one of the muscles holding 
    his shell up. Eventually, they will start glowing rainbow colored. An 
    alternative is to fire at the blob between the two muscles with a torpedo,
    then shoot repeatedly at a muscle.
    * When the muscles glow, fire a torpedo at one of them to render it 
    inactive. Do this again until both muscles are inactive, which should 
    keep the shell open. 
    * Now, a covering will come over Bacoon’s eye. Shoot at it rapidly to 
    make it fall, then fire a torpedo at his eye. Lather, rinse, repeat. 
    However, when his health bar is at, oh, I don’t know, 50% left, he’ll 
    release tons of bubbles, which makes it really hard to torpedo his eye. 
    Persevere, however, and he should go down. 
    * "Yippee! You did it!" --Slippy
    * "We're preparing to dock." --Fox
    * "Thanks, Slip. Blue-Marine came through." --Fox
    * "Slippy’s not such a screw-up after all." --Peppy
    * "Thanks a lot, Peppy!" --Slippy
    * "I’ll take the sky any day." --Falco
    * "Sheesh, Falco! You too?" --Slippy 
    + 12. Planet Zoness: Toxic Waste Area
    "Invasion Aftermath"
    Points for Medal: 250
    From Here, You Can Go To: Macbeth, Sector Z
    * "Let's sneak in low and suprise 'em!" --Fox
    * "THIS is Zoness?!" --Peppy
    * "What a dump!" --Slippy
    * Oh, man, what a dump, indeed. ‘Tis nasty. Ah well, it’s a level, meaning
    I have to write a walkthrough for it. All complaints aside, though, this 
    is a real sweet level. It would make the LSEPA (Lylat System Environmental
    Protection Agency) go insane, though.
    * You begin by flying over the toxic water. It won’t hurt you, though. 
    In fact, if you run into a stationary object over water (say, a low 
    underpass) you can get briefly knocked underwater. Aside from the damage 
    you took from crashing into the thing, nothing else will hurt you.
    * A flock of birds comes flying by. Bomb them for a few extra points. 
    * If you still have some bombs, now is the time. Bomb the enemies that 
    fire spirally orbs at you. You may get up to +20 hit points.
    * Next up are some cranes. Shoot the crates they’re carrying for a few 
    easy points. Plus, they contain several silvers and a gold ring.
    * Uh-oh. They must be hiding something, because there are some 
    searchlights, presumably for security. Shoot the first two you see. This 
    is important, because if you want to continue along the hard path to 
    Sector Z, you’ve gotta shoot them. They’re worth a hit point each, too.
    * A few more enemies ahoy! Go under the arches to get good shots at 
    them. They also have powerups under them.
    * Some birds are after Slippy. You need him later in the level, and 
    besides, you do want to get a medal, so save him!
    * Great, now one’s on your tail! Since nobody’s going to help you, do a 
    loop, then pick that birdy off!
    * A few shrimp jump out of the water at you. Sharp shooting will net you 
    +1 hit point each. 
    * A column of a bomb, silver ring, and gold ring is next. Loop to get 
    them all.
    * More searchlights ahead! There are almost too many to shoot. Well, 
    luckily enough, Katt shows up!
    * "We're closing in on them, Falco." --Katt
    * "You take the right light, boy. I have the left." --Katt
    * "Katt, what are you doing here?!" --Falco
    * "Is that any way to greet a girl?" --Katt
    * Next up are a few sea serpents popping up out of the water. Since you 
    can’t kill them, fly under them to get by safely.
    * Checkpoint! I feel a song coming on! Or not.
    * There are a few searchlights or items behind gates. Open them by 
    firing at the gears on either side.
    * Barges, dead ahead! Fire at the crates on their decks to get items. 
    * Another enemy is tailing you. You know the drill.
    * Slippy starts going through the obstacle course of arches. Follow him 
    through until he veers off. You should find a laser power-up for your 
    * Next up, Katt flies in again. Shoot down the group of five ships before 
    she steals your valuable points!
    * A fleet of water-skimming tanks comes from behind you! Blast them all, 
    +1 hit point each.
    * Falco’s got an enemy on his tail. Quickly eradicate him. The enemy, 
    not Falco.
    * Oooh, jeez. Mines! Maybe that’s how the Titanic sank! Shoot them to 
    avoid them exploding under you. If you can’t destroy them, maneuver so 
    you aren’t in range.
    * "Something's coming from the sea!" --Slippy
    * "Be careful. It might be a trap." --Peppy
    * "Jeez Laweez! What is that?!" --Falco
    * Uhhh... the water’s starting to shake... you know what this means... 
    it’s... Monty Python’s Flying Circus! No... seriously... it’s...
    *****BOSS: SARUMARINE*****
    * "Disrespectful little whelps!" --Sarumarine Pilot
    * "I'll teach ye some respect!" --Sarumarine Pilot
    * Whoa, nelly! It’s a... thing! It’s really hard to describe, but it’s a 
    thing nonetheless! Hope you have bombs, you’ll need ‘em.
    * Anyway, the boss has a large ball and chain. Roll to avoid that if he 
    throws that at you. If you don’t have bombs, no biggie, just wait until 
    he fires little silver spheres at you. Shoot them for bombs.
    * Now, do you see those pipes on either side of the thing? Bomb them! 
    Normally, if you bomb one of the stabilizers on either side of him, 
    he’ll sink underwater. If this happens, no sweat, just watch out for 
    little splashes. That ball and chain will come up and hit you if you 
    don’t get away from there. He’ll come back up with no damage.
    * Instead of this never-ending pattern, bomb those pipes off, THEN bomb 
    a stabilizer.
    * "Argh... drop the crane now!" --Sarumarine Pilot
    * He’ll have to drop his crane to get it back, so bomb the 
    base of the crane to prevent that.
    * "Oh, SHOOT!" --Sarumarine Pilot
    * Bomb the other stabilizer to make him... unstable. Fire at that annoying 
    freako until his health bar is gone to send him to a toxic-watery grave. 
    The Sarumarine is submerged for the last time!
    * "Arrrrrgh!!!" --Sarumarine Pilot 
    + 13. Sector Z Combat Zone
    "The Ambush of Great Fox"
    Points for Medal: 100
    From Here, You Can Go To: Bolse Defense Outpost, Area 6
    * Notice that Sector Z happens to be Section 13 of my guide. Unlucky 13. 
    Man, this level gives me a migraine every time I play it. But I’ll still 
    write a walkthrough for it... Grr...
    * "Nice welcome!" --Falco
    * You start the stage surrounded by enemies on the far sides. Get out 
    there and blast them to pieces. You remember how to dogfight, yeah? If 
    someone’s behind you, do a loop, then kill ‘em. Get the rings they leave 
    behind to keep your health bar on the high.
    * Also, do scout for laser power-ups; you’ll need them in a few seconds. 
    Be sure to save your wingmates from certain death by explosion.
    * Normally, there would be something that says "BOSS: SO-AND-SO" here, 
    but you can’t really call giant missiles a boss. Oooh! How about this?
    * Whee! I like that! Anyhoo, there are six giant missiles aimed for the 
    Great Fox. Don’t worry, Great Fox fans: the ship will be okay if it gets 
    hit by a missile; it’ll just suck to see that ship lose a wing (yes... 
    spoiler... I know...).
    * "Six missiles coming from the left." --ROB64
    * "Missile number one is headed for Great Fox." --ROB64
    * "Here it comes!" --Fox
    * Anyway, you’ll be able to see the missile clearly marked on the 
    horizon. It’s very slow, so you can whale on it while it moves toward 
    the Great Fox. DO NOT use a bomb! They will be useful later. Each 
    missile is worth +10 hits.
    * "Missiles 2 and 3 approaching!" --ROB64
    * Next, two missiles appear on the left side of your radar. The 
    reason why it is tough as classic Zelda to get a medal for this 
    stage is because if your wingmen get the last shot off that 
    annihilates the missile, they’ll steal your points. And that’s bad.
    * Anyhoo, bomb these missiles as you get closer to them, then whale on 
    them with laser shots. Uh-oh, it’s Katt again! She shows up if you 
    completed Zoness. She’s another sadistic way for the wingmen to steal 
    the hits you need for a medal.
    * "Missiles 4, 5, and 6 approaching!" --ROB64
    * If you came here from Zoness, Katt appears. Yay for her, nay for you.
    * Are you gonna hog all the fun?" --Katt
    * "Katt?! Can't you go bother someone else?" --Falco
    * "Let me help you out." --Katt
    * The final three missiles come. Let your wingmen shoot a little, then 
    bomb the missiles at the last second to get the points. This is VERY 
    risky, because you might lose the points to a fellow pilot, so do be 
    * It's very sad to watch the Great Fox lose a wing, since it's such a
    beautiful ship, so do your bestest, 'kay?
    "ROB, is everything OK?" --Fox
    "Damage to rear left section of the ship." --ROB64
    "Dang, now they've done it!" --Falco
    "It could be difficult to attack Venom." --Peppy
    "Doggone it!" --Slippy
    * There is very little chance that you will even remotely get a medal 
    for this stage on your first try, even if you do blow up all missiles. 
    You must have at least +40 hits from the ships that you destroyed in the 
    dogfighting section of the level. However, other ships appear while you 
    are blasting the missiles, so you can alternate quickly between shooting 
    down the missiles, then rapidly blowing apart some ships. You do have a
    little down time between the missile groups, but not much. It’s tough,
    but practice makes perfect.
    * "I'm outta here. Take care, Falco." --Katt
    * "You're on your own. Good luck, little man." --Katt
    * "You owe me, Falco." --Katt
    * "ROB, is everything OK?" --Fox
    * "Great Fox is OK." --ROB64
    * "That was a close call." --Falco
    * "We've got the bad guys on the run." --Peppy
    * "Don't worry. Slippy's here!" --Slippy
    + 14. Area 6 Defense System
    "Through the Middle"
    Points for Medal: 300
    From Here, You Can Go To: Venom (harder)
    * "Caiman here, no problems." --Caiman
    * "Do you copy? Emergency maneuvers!" --Caiman
    * "Too late. Game over, pal!" --Falco
    * "Entering Venom air defense zone!" --Fox  
    * YES!!! This level’s boss is really hard, but it’s pretty easy to get a
    medal, because of the exponential increase in enemies. This level is one
    of the most fun and difficult, and it’s the perfect climax to an
    incredible game.
    * Anyway, you start off with spirally ships attacking you. +4 hit points
    each. Enjoy.
    * A cluster of ships has showed up! Shoot a charged shot for +7 extra
    * Ooh, wow, a minefield! Throw a bomb that you should’ve left over from
    the last stage, then throw another. You should net about +60 hits or
    more. Yay!!!
    * Now, if you want a medal, you MUST save Falco here. He’s being chased,
    so gun down that baddie!
    * Note how you are passing by pinwheel-y ships. Shoot the spines above
    or below to destroy it and net +3 hit points. I warn you, though, they
    don’t blow up, they just hang there in space an smoke, so avoid them.
    * Next is a tough decision you must make. There is a gold ring below one
    pinwheel station, and a laser power-up above. As you cannot loop-de-
    loop, you must choose one. If you have two gold rings, you could go with
    another one, but you might want the laser power-up for when the stage
    gets tougher. Tricky...
    * "Great Fox will cover you." --ROB64
    * Next come several large ships. They’re worth +2 hits when destroyed,
    but, like the pinwheel stations, they don’t disappear when destroyed, so
    watch it!
    * "Incoming enemy missiles!!!" --Slippy
    * Shoot 'em down, we're being marked!" --Peppy
    * Aww, great, missiles! Shoot them down (I suggest a bomb) before they
    hit you or a wingman. I lost Slippy to one of those missiles the first
    time I played this level, which prohibited me from getting a medal, so
    be on guard.
    * Ghreivyn (I can't begin to pronounce that) also sent in this tip:
    "In Area 6, right after the 5 missiles get shot at you, and the Gorgon asks
    'Did we get 'em?' and Caiman replies 'Not yet sir!' as soon as his radio
    screen disappears, do a somersault, and Peppy will start to say "They're on
    me, I'm gettin' careless!" but before he finishes he'll say "Thanks Fox" and
    fly away and you don't have to worry about shooting the annoying little
    explodey ships before they hit him."
    This is his exact email. Thank you, Ghreivyn! It's people like you who make
    my guide better!
    * "Did we get 'em?" --Commander
    * "Not yet, sir!" --Caiman
    * More enemies on Peppy’s tail! Good chance you’ll lose him here, so
    save him quickly.
    * You’ll be paged by ROB-- wait a minute-- ANDROSS!!!
    * "Ah... the son of James McCloud!" --Andross
    * "Those tin cans are no match for me!" --Andross
    * Pass through the checkpoint and shudder...
    * "They've broken through the first line!" --Caiman
    * Bomb the enemies that turn and boost for hit points a la maximum.
    * Evil death magic fairies that shoot rings of lasers appear next. Blow
    them to bits, and you should get a Gold Ring for the first one, as well
    as +3 hits. After that, many more may appear based on how quickly you
    destroy them. I got three or four more after the initial one, myself.
    +3 hits each. Have a party.
    * Enemy fighters will start to cluster close together, the idiots! Give 
    them a good homing blast in return for a few extra hit points.
    * Another group of enemies starts spinning towards you in a circle. 
    Charge blast, hit points, yadda yadda yadda.
    * "They've broken through the second line!" --Caiman
    * "Fire! Fire! Don't let them through!" --Commander
    * The third line is FULL of large star cruisers, worth +5 hits each. Barrel 
    rolling should be constant, as the crossfire is crazy. If you’ve got this 
    far without dying, I commend you. However, you’ll probably die here shortly...
    * "The last line has been breached!" --Caiman
    * "These guys are CRAZY!" --Commander
    * "Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!!!" --Commander
    * "Enemy ahead! This one's different!" --Slippy
    * "Crud! We were SO close to Venom!" --Falco
    *****BOSS: GORGON*****
    * This guy is one of the hardest bosses in the game. He opens up like a
    Venus flytrap to reveal three glowing spheres. On a side note, he
    resembles a monkey if you look at him a while. Shoot those spheres to
    destroy them, then blast the center.
    * Taking no damage, he’ll close up and warp farther away. He’ll swing
    three metallic tentacles at your Arwing, so shoot them while frantically
    rolling away from them.
    * He’ll then launch a ring of missiles as he fades away. GET THE SILVER
    SERIOUS. Until you destroy all three of his arms, he’ll keep appearing,
    attacking, and disappearing.
    * When you finally destroy all three arms, The Gorgon’ll fade out, come
    back into your face, and open up. You’re doing fine. Keep it up.
    * Now, shoot the hecks out of his spheres, then blast the center to make
    him close up again. No damage, though... Arghh...
    * Repeat the pattern outlined earlier. However, he may add a new trick
    to his repertoire: his center’ll start to flash, so, ROLL, ROLL, ROLL
    over to the corner of the screen to avoid a devastating blast of energy
    that will probably kill you if it hits.
    * Finally, after repeating the pattern, the energy meter will appear if
    you managed to save Slippy. We can damage that stupid Gorgon now!
    * Argh! It’s those spheres again! Shoot at them (they move slightly
    quicker now), then blast the center with EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. If you
    have bombs left over, use them. Now. If you still have Hyper lasers, you
    will almost certainly take him down easily and get the +10 hit bonus. But,
    if you don't, read on.
    * He will probably close back up again, then shoot missiles or whatever.
    Then he’ll reappear, and do the sphere thing. You can now kill him.
    You might not get +10 hits for killing him (I didn’t, the first time),
    but you’ve beaten him. Take a deep breath. Now, you’re going to the
    harder version of Venom...
    * "Yippee! You did it!" --Slippy
    * "Hold on! We're entering Venom air space!" --Fox
    + 15. Venom: Andross’ Homeworld: The Easier Version
    Points for Medal: 200
    From Here, You Can Go To: N/A
    * This is it! The easier version of the final battle! Hope you have 
    Hyper (twin blue) lasers left over from the BDO, you’re going to need 
    * At the stage’s outset, a swarm of fighters flies toward you. Bomb it 
    for about, oh, say, +15-odd hit points.
    * "Don't relax. We're not done yet." --Fox
    * "Time to show the monkey who's boss!" --Falco
    * "They're everywhere!" --Peppy
    * Another swarm cometh! Fire a homing blast at one while bombing the 
    * Little cylinders of earth create an obstacle course of sorts. Fly 
    under or over them while shooting at anti-aircraft turrets. Also, one 
    cylinder has a gold ring near the bottom, and a laser power-up near the 
    top. Do a loop to net both.
    * As you leave... another swarm comes! Gun them down!!! Oh, and do save 
    your bombs. You’ll need them later.
    * A fleet full of aerial fighters flies into view, Slippy tailing them. 
    Try not to shoot your wingmate, because you want the medal.
    * After a few missiles launched out of the ground, you come to a fork in 
    the road.
    * "I'll take the left." --Falco
    * "I've got the right." --Peppy
    * Falco goes to the left, and Peppy to the right. Head left, because Falco’s
    far cooler. Either way, they’re essentially the same, what with the turrets
    and all that...
    * Slippy goes to the left at another fork. Yes, I know you hate him, but 
    there are more enemies on his end, so follow him. You’ll get some rings 
    or a bomb from them.
    * Now that you’re back into the open, several poles will fall from the 
    sky! They’ll create a sort of obstacle course for you. There is a gold 
    ring near the center, but watch out for those rascally poles.
    * JEEZ!!! A few poles fly directly at you. Turn sharply to avoid them.
    * You receive a message from--ANDROSS!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! And it sure isn't
    a form letter! Anyhoo, the next set of horizontal poles spin. If you’ve
    kept all three of your partners alive, they’ll destroy a pole so you can
    safely fly through.
    * The checkpoint has been reached! However, it is in front of an ancient 
    temple. Let’s head inside and check out the mysteries... 
    * "Jeez Laweez! What is that?!" --Falco
    * "That temple gives me the creeps." --Slippy
    * As you fly down the small hallway, simply watch out for the obstacles 
    of rock and stone. Wonder how they got there?
    * "What’s going on? He’s running away!" --Slippy
    *****BOSS: GOLEMECH*****
    * As ‘ol Slip brilliantly pointed out, the Golemech is running away. He 
    looks like a giant stone monkey, but that’s not what he really is...
    * Well, let’s just see what he looks like underneath that rocky 
    exterior. Shoot at his various body parts as he runs away from you.
    * Watch out, though: He can cause obstacles to pop out in front of you. 
    He’ll also jump and cause stuff to come out of the floor.
    * There is, next, a section with falling blocks and monkey statues with 
    rotating arms. Do your level best to fly low enough to avoid them.
    * Once all the stone stuff (including the block on his head) is gone, a 
    red flashing spot will appear on the boss’s back. His health bar should 
    be very low by now, so whup him! Boom!!!
    * Oh, but this game ain’t over yet! A little hole in the ground reveals 
    the entrance to Andross’ lair, into which Fox brilliantly insists on 
    going alone.
    * "I'll go it alone from here." --Fox
    * "Fox!!" --Slippy (or, if he's not around, Peppy, or, if HE's not around,
    * There are several powerups within the tunnel, e.g., gold and silver 
    rings, and laser power-ups, as well as a bomb. You will, however, have 
    to watch out for little lightning blasts. Just turn sideways to avoid 
    them. Or, if you want points, lock onto them and destroy two with one
    shot, courtesy of an experiment made by none other than me. Yay!
    * "I’ve been waiting for you, Star Fox." --Andross
    * "You know that I control the galaxy." --Andross
    * "It’s foolish to come against me!" --Andross
    * "You will die, just like your father." --Andross
    * LEAPING APAROIDS! (If you don’t get this joke, play Star Fox Assault.) 
    Andross is... a giant head with two floating hands? What drug is he on?! 
    Well, at least he’s only a mechanical fake.
    * He’ll start to wind up a punch. Shoot at the eyeballs! He’ll stop to 
    rub it, leaving his other hand completely vulnerable to your lasers. Get 
    * He will probably try to suck you in, along with asteroids. Chuck a 
    bomb into his gaping pie hole to get him to stop. Oddly, it won’t kill 
    * He can also shoot lightning out of his hands, so watch for that. Simply
    shoot his eyes from a distance, and he'll cut it out.
    * Once you’ve taken out his other hand, shoot at his eyes. Bomb him if 
    he starts sucking you in. Eventually, his face will crumple up to reveal 
    a giant metal monkey skull! So, that wasn’t the real Andross! Fox may 
    think it is, but we know for a fact. Shoot the hecks out of it to defeat 
    that evil creep for good. If you don't have a bomb, somersault over it when
    it comes near you.
    * Sit back and watch the final cinema and credits; you deserve it. Well, 
    it’s not the true ending (you can tell because Andross' face appears in
    the clouds at the end), but you did fine nonetheless.
    * "FOX!!! Are you okay?" --Peppy
    * "YES!! You did it!!" --Slippy
    * "Okay, I’ll admit it. You did good, Fox." --Falco
    * "Star Fox, we are in your debt. I would be honored to have you as part
    of the Cornerian army--" --General Pepper
    * "Oh, no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way." --Fox
    * "Great Fox is ready to go." --ROB64
    * "It's time for us to go now!" --Fox
    + 16. Venom: Andross’ Homeworld: The Harder Version
    Points for Medal: N/A
    From Here, You Can Go To: N/A 
    * This is it! The harder version of the final battle! Hope that you have 
    Hyper (twin blue) lasers left over from Area 6, you’re going to need 
    * "Say your prayers, Andross." --Fox
    * You actually start at the little tunnel entrance to Andross’ lair. 
    Well, that’s easy enough. Only it’s closed... Ah, well, we can do 
    something about th-- Aw, man...
    *****BOSS: TEAM STAR WOLF*****
    * "Don't get too cocky, Star Fox!" --Wolf O' Donnell
    * "Let's see how you handle our new ships!" --Leon Powalski
    * "Too bad Dad's not here to see ya FAIL!" --Pigma Dengar
    * "We'll make sure you never reach Andross!" --Andrew Oikonny
    * "We'll just see about that, Star Wolf." --Fox
    * Just when you thought that you’d killed ‘em! Unless you’ve been on the 
    hard path the entire time (meaning that you haven’t fought them), you’ll
    know why they are all bandaged up.
    * Anyway, their ships are now far better-looking and more powerful. 
    Luckily, when you destroy one, they cough up +50, count ‘em, +50 bonus 
    hit points, plus the one hit that you get for destroying the ship, 
    summing up to a total count of +204 hits if you shoot them all down. 
    That is great. If you don't already have the medal for Venom, you will 
    now. I know I did!
    * If you want to even remotely have a chance of beating them all, you 
    MUST have Hyper lasers. I tried this mission without Hyper lasers once 
    (with a solitary green laser) and managed to get one or two down before 
    I was shot dead. Aside from this easily being the toughest dogfight in 
    the game, the Hyper lasers make it far easier to beat.
    * Other than that, there’s really nothing else to say. You must abide by 
    the same dogfighting rules outlined earlier in the guide. Check the 
    sections for Fortuna and Bolse Defense Outpost. Oh, and do expect to get 
    the stuffing knocked out of you a few times before you manage to kill 
    them all (if this is your first time, that is).
    * Oh, yeah! Here’s the suggested order in which you should shoot them 
    1. Star Wolf
    2. Pigma
    3. Andrew
    4. Leon
    * Star Wolf always goes after you, so take him down first. Since Peppy 
    probably has taken lots of damage in the last level, save him from Pigma 
    next. Since Falco will probably be able to survive a little longer than 
    Slippy, shoot down Andrew. Now that Leon is alone, kill that creepy 
    * "This can't be happening!" --Pigma Dengar
    * "Ahhhhhh!" --Andrew Oikonny
    * "He's too strong!" --Leon Powalski
    * "No way! I don't believe it!" --Wolf O' Donnell
    * "I'll go it alone from here." --Fox
    * "Fox!!" --Slippy (or, if he's not around, Peppy, or, if HE's not around,
    * If you did manage to beat them all, down into Andross’ lair you go! 
    The tunnel is forking, but all paths lead to Andross. Depending on which 
    path you take, you can get different power-ups.
    * If you want to guarantee a return trip back to Andross, go right, then 
    left for an extra life. This will always be here, so if you die you can 
    keep coming back for another try.
    * You can also go left, then right for two laser power-ups (could’ve 
    used those earlier). Alternately, you can go left, left, and right for a 
    laser upgrade and a bomb. Or, for itemus maximus, go left, right, left, 
    left, right and right. You’ll get bombs, laser upgrades, and gold rings. 
    The final showdown is here!
    * "I've been waiting for you, Star Fox." --Andross
    * "You know that I control the galaxy." --Andross
    * "It's foolish to come against me!" --Andross
    * "Now you will feel TRUE pain!" --Andross
    *****FINAL BOSS: ANDROSS*****
    * This is the real Andross, not some creepy "fake ex machina!" Take him 
    down once and for all, and save the galaxy until Star Fox Adventures!
    * He has all the abilities of the fake Andross, but he’s just as simple 
    to defeat. You ought to read up on him in the previous section, to get 
    the idea. 
    * However, once you shoot that monkey’s face off, the battle ain’t over! 
    He reveals his monkey brain! Eeew!! And his eyeballs are still attached 
    to it! You’ll switch to all-range mode to fight it. And then, he makes a
    really corny pun:
    * "Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!" --Andross
    * "So, Andross, you show your true form!" --Fox
    * Save your bombs for later. For now, simply blow off his eyeballs with 
    * Use your dogfighting strategies to pick off the eyeballs. You’re doing 
    great; I commend you. They can stretch all over the arena, but 
    persevere, and they’ll explode (or, as I prefer, pop) eventually.
    * Now, you’ll have to take out the brain. There is no energy meter, so 
    you’ll have to just bite the bullet and live without it. One plus, though,
    is that you don't need double lasers to finish this; I generally do perfectly
    acceptably with just one, meaning you should, too. Hey, if you got here,
    you can live with the hardest option.
    * Its weak point is on the cerebrum, or, if you dislike getting technical,
    the bottom back side. No more thinking for you, Andross! Now is the best
    time to use a bomb. The brain can teleport around, so it is essential
    that you use your radar. It may take a good while, but you will prevail,
    * "If I go down, I'm taking you with me!" --Andross
    * "Aaaaahhhhhh!!!" --Fox
    * "Don't ever give up, my son." --James
    * "Father?!" --Fox
    * "Follow me, Fox." --James
    * Your father knows the way out, so you have to follow. I can’t give exact 
    order, since his direction is random, but follow him out of that inferno!
    * "This way, Fox." --James
    * "Never give up. Trust your instincts." --James
    * Your dad is very fast, so boost after him, and DO NOT RUN INTO THE 
    WALLS. Also, don’t go off Daddy’s path, or you’ll face a wall of fire 
    and shuffle off this mortal coil. Don't worry, though; if you die, 
    you'll start back at the escape sequence. 
    * Near the end, you’ll see an octagonal ridge in the wall.
    * "You've become so strong, Fox." --James
    * Fox and James narrowly escape the exploding tunnel. As his teammates 
    congratulate him on his narrow victory, Fox's excitement turns to concern
    as he searches for his father among the stars... Was it all a dream? Or did
    his father really save him from Andross? And, if so, where is he? Will he
    ever see him again? These questions are up to you, the player, to
    interpret. I love making incomprehensible speeches about storyline stuff.
    * "Fox! You're OK!" --Peppy
    * "Way to go, Fox!" --Slippy
    * "That's our leader!" --Falco
    * "What's wrong, Fox?" --Peppy
    * "Nothing. Nothing's wrong." --Fox
    * And that’s the game! Congratulations, you’ve conquered Star Fox 64! 
    Great job! You win a medal in my book! Now, sit back and enjoy the 
    credits cinema; you've certainly earned it.
    * "Star Fox, we are in your debt. I would be honored to have
    you as part of the Cornerian army--" --General Pepper
    * "Oh, no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way." --Fox
    * "Great Fox is ready to go." --ROB64
    * "It's time for us to go now!" --Fox
    + 17. Unlockables
    This section is rather short. Basically, by getting all the medals of 
    valor in the game, you open up Expert Mode, which you can read up on by 
    (surprise!) looking at the section called "Expert Mode."
    But if you get all the medals in Expert Mode (no small feat), you’ll get 
    sweet goodies for Vs. Mode! You can run around on the ground and in the 
    Landmaster. Also, when you do get Expert Mode, you get two different 
    pics of the team, depending on which Venom you beat.
    And those, my friends, are the unlockables in their entirety. Sorry I 
    can’t provide more, but that’d be lying. This is truly it.
    + 18. FAQ
    Q: So, Wayne, just what is Star Fox 64?
    A: Geez, someone hasn’t been paying attention!
    Q: No, seriously.
    A: Sigh... an on-rails shooter game that pretty much every Nintendo 64 
    owner should play. Well, it’s usually on-rails.
    Q: Is it fun?
    A: Uhh... YEAH!!! In my opinion, it is a great game, and probably the best 
    in the series.
    Q: What are some of the other games in the series?
    A: I wrote an entire section called "Other Star Fox Games" on them. Go 
    check it out.
    Q: Why do you consider it so revolutionary?
    A: Well, it was the first Star Fox game to use an all-range mode with 
    radar. A lot of stuff that was originally supposed to be in Star Fox 2 
    was recreated in Star Fox 64. Check out the "Other Star Fox Games" 
    section for details on this forgotten sequel. Not very many of 64’s 
    predecessors rekindle its magic. For example, Adventures was so much of 
    a deviation from the Star Fox formula, it wasn’t even funny.  And 
    Assault was a little bit of the tried-and-true formula, though it was 
    more like third-person bug Halo with Star Fox characters.
    Q: Is 64 somewhat faithful to the original?
    A: Oh, yeah, this game has a lot of the same stuff, including a very 
    familiar-looking boss (the Attack Carrier). And the concept of saving 
    your friends from enemy ships, that’s a staple of the original.
    Q: Is Slippy a boy or a girl? He/she sounds a tad ambiguous!
    A: He is a guy. In fact, if you played Assault, his voice is more 
    distinctly male.
    Q: And what about Krystal? Where’d she go?
    A: She wasn’t introduced until Adventures. 
    Q: I noticed an error in your guide. What do I do?
    A: You can email me at wayne_steed@yahoo.com and tell me. If you were 
    correct, I’ll respond with a thank-you message and correct the guide at 
    Q: I have a tip that will make beating (such-and-such boss/level) much 
    easier. Will you put it in the guide?
    A: Of course! Well, it depends. First, I’ll try out the tip to see if it 
    works, and if it does, I’ll add it to the guide, and fully credit you 
    for it. 
    Q: What will you credit me as?
    A: If you give me a name or something, I’ll credit you using it, but if 
    you don’t, I’ll take the first part of your email address and call you 
    that. If, say, your email is "abc123@yahoo.com," and you don’t give me a 
    name, I’ll call you "Abc123," or something like that.
    Q: Can I put your guide on my site?
    A: No. This guide will only be available on GameFAQs.com, HonestGamers.com,
    and SuperCheats.com.
    Q: May I ask why?
    A: Well, I’m planning on updating this guide often, and if it’s only on the 
    previous three sites, I can simply update the guide and, within a few hours 
    or so, the update will be posted. If it’s on 200 different sites, I’ll have 
    to update them all. Individually. And that would suck. So, GameFAQs, 
    HonestGamers and SuperCheats only. That’s it.
    Q: I love your guide, and I want to see more of them. What other guides 
    are you working on?
    A: I have a section called "Other Stuff I’m Working On/Signoff" that you 
    can check out for details on that.
    Q: What guides have you already written?
    A: Actually, this is my first. Hope you liked it.
    Q: asl?
    A: There is no way I’d tell you that. And, um, my name is Wayne. Duh...
    Q: For the final question, what is your current high score?
    A: Mine is 1257 hits. Not exactly world-class, I know, but pretty good. I
    went on all hard courses, except Sector Z.
    Q: Thanks for your time.
    A: You’re welcome.
    --END OF FAQ--
    + 19. Other Star Fox Games
    Star Fox (SNES):
    This action-shooter, released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment 
    System, was the first in the series. It featured all the characters we 
    know and love (or hate, as is the case with Slippy), and was the 
    cornerstone for the rest of the franchise. You can read the section 
    entitled "A History of Star Fox" for more details.
    Star Fox 2 (originally slated for SNES release):
    This was originally intended to be the sequel to Star Fox, but the N64, 
    which immediately overshadowed the poor SNES, caused the team to 
    eliminate the project. It was full of alternate partners, new types of 
    Arwings, mandatory targets that you had to destroy, and all-range mode. 
    Many elements from this canceled sequel were peppered throughout the 
    later games in the series. It also included several gameplay elements 
    that would never make it to the series (using your Arwing to walk around 
    a la Mechassault? Yeah, uh-huh, no). But, if not for this sacrificial 
    SNES game, we may never have seen Star Fox 64 make it to store shelves 
    as good as it was.
    Star Fox 64 (N64):
    We don’t need to introduce this one. I had the whole guide to do that. I 
    think it is truly the best game in the series.
    Star Fox Adventures (GC):
    The then-new Gamecube console brought about incredible changes in the 
    Star Fox universe. It attempted to RPG-ize Star Fox, and, in my opinion, 
    did so very well. It was a fun game, but my main complain is that it 
    strayed too far from what made Star Fox great. There was very little to 
    no flying, and it introduced the annoying Slippy substitute, Prince 
    Tricky the dinosaur. However, it had incredible graphics, and was very 
    fun as an RPG. It also introduced Krystal, the Star Fox team’s newest 
    newbie and team telepath.
    Star Fox Assault (GC):
    This game is, in my opinion, the best game in the series after 64. It 
    introduced the Aparoids, evil buggy monsters attempting to conquer the 
    universe. The graphics were better, the music was better, everyone 
    looked cooler, there were several plot twists, Slippy sounded like a 
    guy-- it was great. It was also the first Star Fox game to -SPOILER- not 
    have Andross as the final boss. You also went on the ground, but it was 
    more a gun game than anything else. I really liked it, though, and its 
    Vs. Mode wiped the floor with 64’s.
    Star Fox Command (DS):
    The touch-screen action of the Nintendo DS was perfect for this game, in 
    which Fox and a cast of varying pilots (from Slippy’s girlfriend Amanda 
    to Leon of Star Wolf) saved the world from the Anglar, another extra-
    terrestrial menace with no arms. You used the touch screen to do 
    advanced maneuvers, as well as for strategy and tactics. This game also 
    was the first to feature multi-player using the Nintendo Wi-Fi 
    Connection, meaning you, say, a New York resident, could play against 
    some guy from LA. This new element allowed players to reach out and 
    touch each other with a shot in the back.
    When more of these come out, I'll update 'em. Drop me a line if you hear
    anything about a new one (check the next section for details on how).
    + 20. Legal Stuff/Contact Me
    This guide may not be shown, in part or as a whole, on any webpages 
    excepting these: 
    It cannot be reproduced, except for personal, private use. It cannot
    be distributed publicly without permission from me. Putting this guide
    on your website is a violation of copyright, and prohibited strictly.
    If you see this guide anywhere else, contact me and I'll look into it.
    I do not take any credit for development, copyrighting, and/or marketing
    of this game. I do not own the Star Fox license, or any of its 
    characters. This guide is copyrighted 2006-2007 by me, Wayne Steed. 
    Star Fox 64 is copyrighted 1997 by Nintendo. All rights reserved. 
    Any questions? Email me at wayne_steed@yahoo.com. For details on emailing,
    scroll down.
    You may only contact me via email at wayne_steed@yahoo.com. If I change
    my email address, I’ll let you know. I will ONLY accept:
    * Praise (I like to know how I'm doing.)
    * Constructive criticism (See above parenthetical message.)
    * Legal info questions (If any are to be had, that is.)
    * Tips that work (If it helps, please send it!)
    * Error messages (My ultimate vision is a 100% accurate guide.)
    * Good questions (If they're not in my guide, and they're legit, I'll
    answer them. I'll even include them in the FAQ.)
    I will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept this stuff, and will block you if you send
    it to me:
    * Friendship offers (I have enough friends, and I like to actually know
    who I'm talking to. Don't send me emails saying you want to be my buddy.
    Stop it.)
    * Spam (Oh, mama mia, NO. I hate the hamburgers it makes. And the viruses,
    * Chain emails (I already get plenty from my friends. Don't send me any
    * "Can I put your guide on my site?" emails (NO, DANG IT, NO!!! I TOLD
    ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I wanted to make it absolutely clear. Whew.)
    * Scams (This means you, "Bank of Africa!")
    * Anything else that is absent from the list above this one (Use your
    If you do any of the bad stuff outlined above, I’ll have to block you.
    And I don’t want to have to do that. Make the subject heading "Star Fox
    64 Guide" so that I know what you’re talking about. Oh, and as I’m fond
    of saying, write your email in SEAE (Standard Edited American English),
    not in AIMG (Automatic Instant Messaging Gibberish). I want to be able
    to understand what you have to say. And, please, be nice. I dislike mean
    people, especially mean people with an obvious deficiency of spelling and
    grammar skills. Thank you for following these guidelines. (That means you
    + 21. Other Stuff I’m Working On/Signoff
    Currently, my next project is a guide for the Vs. Mode of Star Fox
    Assault. I can’t say for sure when it’ll be out, but hopefully in the
    next few months or so. I also have an 90%-finished Tails walkthrough for
    Sonic Adventure DX, so expect that soon, as well. (I’m contemplating
    turning it into a guide for the whole game, but I don’t know.) I also
    have a Super Mario 64 guide, a Yoshi’s Story guide, a Sonic Heroes
    guide, and a Super Smash Bros. Melee guide waiting in the wings, as well
    as a Shadow the Hedgehog script. But don’t expect them for a while now.
    Writing a guide is a meticulous process that takes time. But I will
    write them. Note that I am not one of those hermits who live in their
    parents’ basements and play games/write guides all day and every day; I
    actually have a social life. And I enjoy it. So, these guides will not
    be up in the next few weeks. Maybe the Tails one, but I don’t know.
    Well, I’ve had fun. I’ve put weary labor, toil, heart and soul into my
    writing, and now it’s finally finished. Thank you, from the bottom of my
    heart, for using this guide. Don’t worry, though, this is not my
    swansong. I’ll keep writing guides for the old-school Nintendo games
    that you love. And, to finish off this guide in a dramatic fashion, I’ll
    end with a saying you should come to expect in future guides:
    Hope to see you soon! Buh-bye!
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