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Star Fox 64 is often considered one of the best games to hit the N64. Wait is it? Read on to find out!


I love how the story plays out in this game. You play as Fox McCloud who has been charged with the task of defeating the evil scientist Andross. Along the way you meet many characters you won't soon forget such as General Pepper, and the feminine Katt. What's really unique about the games story is that it shifts around depending which path you take through the game. For example in one level if you beat the boss fast enough you'll go onto infiltrate an enemy base, if you don't one of your teammates will be struck down and you'll be tasked with going after them. It's those touches that help keep this game from falling down the path of normal video game clichés.


This is where the game really shines, the gameplay. I always like to compare this game to a 3D Galaga, you're basically flying around in your Arwing shooting robots, mutant freaks, and almost anything else that's shootable. The game works really well with the Wii's Classic Controller and you'll get the feeling that you really are Fox McCloud piloting your little ship. Along the way you'll be given the option of taking multiple paths through the game each which leads you to a host of crazy planets. Each planets environment is not just for show, often times the environment will affect your ability to make it through the level in one piece. For example in the lava level you gradually lose health if you fly too low. It's these touches that really make you coming back for more every time. You also get the opportunity to control two other vehicles: a submarine and a tank. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Sadly these vehicles are clunky and hard to control and you'll often find yourself at the receiving end of an attack.

However the game isn't all apples and oranges. There are a lot of things that could have been fixed. Fir one thing, new players will have a lot of frustrations when it comes to the fact you have to repeat levels over and over and over to get the best ending, and while normally this wouldn't be a problem it is in this game because you can't save. Now I know the game is short, but allowing one to save would take away the risk of a controller smashing into a wall. Another problem that might frustrate newbies is the fact the game goes from very easy to very hard in the blink of an eye. There's really no in between. Another problem I encountered was in multiplayer, even when you're playing two players the screen is still divided into four sections, and it's REALLY hard to see. Despite some minor issues the gameplay is top-notch and will keep you hungry for more.


The game looks great. There are plenty of colors and the enemies are richly detailed. Each level looks different than the other. For example in one you're flying over lava and fire is bursting out from the surface, and in another giant asteroids are hurling torwards you! But the real testament is when you fight a boss. The bosses are so incredibly detailed and just plain cool you'll feel like they're popping of your screen! The game has really pushed the N64 to its limits!


The music in this game is pretty good and fits the levels nicely, but it sometimes gets boring and repetitive. Where the sound really shines is the voice acting. Yes, voice acting. The characters voices are all pretty funny and sound like something out of an 80's-90's cartoon (good times, gooood times). But in the end the sound falls short for a Koji Kondo soundtrack. However still the music can be very bland and boring.


Even once you beat the game there's still lots to do, getting all the medals, finding all the different paths, and of course multiplayer. The game has so much to do you'll probably be playing this one for a long while.


Despite its flaws Star Fox 64 is a great game that's defiantly worth the ten bucks. But for those of you who hate to read:


+smooth controls
+great graphics
+multiple paths
+engaging story
+lots of replay value
+nice voice acting


-music ain't so great
-seep learning curve
-can't save
-may frustrate newbies


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: Star Fox 64 (US, 04/02/07)

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