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"If you haven't played this game, you are missing quite a lot of AWESOMENESS."

Star Fox 64 is a sci-fi type rail shooting game in which you control Fox McCloud and set out to defeat Andross. Along with Fox McCloud is his teammates, Falco Lombardi the falcon, Slippy Toad the toad, and Peppy Hare the rabbit. Falco is supposed the be the second best flyer on your team(Fox is the best) and helps you out. Slippy is an inexperienced flyer that helps your team out technically and helps show the enemy bosses shield. Peppy is the oldest of the crew and the wisest. He gives you tips on how to play this game and how to destroy the boss. ROB64 is the pilot of the Great Fox(your mother ship) gives you supplies.

On your way through your trip to Venom(Andross' planet he is on) you will encounter enemies, bosses, and friends. You will also use many different vehicles to get through. In some battles you may meet Bill, a dog, who is your friend. He helps you out in a couple battles. Katt will help you in a couple battles as well. Your enemies, however, are not so helping, of course. There is a rival group of Star Fox, sent by Andross, called Star Wolf. The crew members of that team are Wolf O'Donnell, a wolf, the leader, Leon Powalski, a chameleon, Pigma Dengar, a pig, who used to be on Star Fox, and Andrew Oikonny, the nephew of Andross. You can see them 3 times in this game, Fortuna, Bolse, and Venom. Almost every level in this game has a boss except Sector Z. Bolse and Fortuna's bosses could be Star Wolf.

The story line in this game starts out as Andross is on Corneria as a scientist. He becomes too dangerous in General Peppers' mind, and he exiles Andross to Venom. Years later, General Pepper noticed strange activity on Venom. He sent out a Star Fox that consisted of James McCloud, Fox's father, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar. Once the team got to Venom, Pigma betrayed the team and Andross captured Peppy and James. Peppy barely escaped and told Fox about his father. Now, Andross is attacking Corneria, and General Pepper has sent out the new Star Fox team to free the Lylat system.

The planets/Sectors in this system are the following: Corneria, Sector Y, Aquas, Zoness, Sector Z, Area 6, Meteo(astroid field), Fortuna, Sector X, Katina, Solar, Titania, Bolse, Macbeth, and Venom. In this game, you travel through 7 of those planets in a route that determines your difficulty, rather then setting one before hand. 2 of those 7 planets are automatic planets you HAVE to play, which are Corneria and Venom. To get through the harder paths of the game, you have to accomplish certain tasks that may be difficult, depending on the level. The good thing about playing through the harder levels, is that the ending is much cooler than the easier ending. To get to Venom the hard way, you must go to Venom from Area 6. To get to the easier ending, just go to Venom from Bolse. To know if your path you are going to is easy or difficult, you just look at the route color. If it is blue, it is easy. Red is hard, and yellow is normal. You can cross between easy and difficult by completing certain tasks, as I said before. In some levels, you would need to use different vehicles. In Titania, and Macbeth, you use the Landmaster. In aquas, you use the Blue Marine. In every other level, you use the Arwing.

Overall, this game is great and you NEED to get this game. You would be missing out on quite a lot, and is one of Nintendo's classics. Overall, a solid 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/09/08

Game Release: Star Fox 64 (US, 07/01/97)

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