Review by zenGOSM

Reviewed: 07/17/08

Use the Boost to Get Through!

I remember playing the original Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. I loved it, and I played that game a lot. When I first saw Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64, I was amazed at how much better it looked in every way! And there was actual voice acting! I never actually got around to getting this game for the Nintendo 64, so I just had to download it once I saw it was on the Wii's Virtual Console!

Ok, basically you're a anthropomorphic fox, named Fox, in a space ship. You're going straight ahead, with some control on how steer while going straight ahead, and you shoot at the enemy spacecraft that are coming at you. You also have three wingmen, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco. These guys will help you beat fight the enemy spacecraft, but you also have to protect them, and shoot any enemies who are on their tail. You can fly through rings to replenish your health, and you have two kinds of weapons at your disposal: lasers and bombs. Lasers are the weapon you're going to be using most of the time. You start off with a single laser blast, but you can pick up power-ups that will let you fire two blasts at a time, and then two more powerful laser blasts. You have unlimited lasers, but you have a limited number of bombs, though you can pick up extras during the level. These are really powerful and destroy just about anything in the vicinity other than bosses. You also have boosters to increase your speed, and brakes to slow down. You can do some cool tricks too, like flips and barrel rolls. The gameplay itself can be rather chaotic, but its also a lot of fun. In a few levels you can also play a tank, and in one level you can even pilot a submarine. The tank is alright, but I prefer the spaceship. There's a multiplayer mode too, but the screens are always split in four and really small. It can be fun, but it's also a pain. If you're looking for multiplayer, there are far better games than this.

This game is just a redone version of the original Star Fox. There're a few extra characters you'll meet, but other than that, it's pretty simple and gets the job done. You, Fox McCloud, are following in your father's footsteps as a pilot and mercenary head of the Star Fox team. You must go forth to give the evil Andross, crazy scientist exiled on the planet Venom, a few lasers in the face for General Pepper on Corneria.

Not too shabby. Far superior to the first Star Fox, and they do a fine job. A little bit polygonal, but it's not too bad.

Music is not annoying, but it's nothing special either. The voice acting is where this game shines. "Do a barrel roll!" The voice acting's hilarious. it adds together with the good gameplay to make an awesome game.

Play Time/Replayability
Play time is pretty short. You have to play through it in one sitting, so it has to be. There're different difficulties and different ways to play through the levels though, so that can add a lot to play time. You can also earn medals and things for doing really well, and you can even unlock extra multiplayer modes.

It's a fun game, and probably one of the best Star Fox games, if not the best. If you like shooting stuff with space ships, it's a good choice.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Star Fox 64 (US, 04/02/07)

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