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"It doesn't live up to the hype..."

This game has been hyped from the time it was announced. Although many reviews disagree with me, I have to say this is one of the most overrated games ever. Sure, it's fun for a day or two, but it gets old fast. The levels are repetitive and fun to play through a couple times, but then it gets boring. Here are some of the categories...

Graphics: 5/10

For the N64, the graphics could be a whole lot better. The explosions are pretty nice (but look all the same) and the frame rate isn't bad. There just isn't the amount of detail in other, better N64 games. Some of the cut scenes look pretty nice, but it could be much, much better.

Gameplay: 2/10

I have to admit, the first time I flew through the Lylat System, I had a pretty fun time. However, I died very rarely and it was too easy to blast through. Even the multiple path element adds little because all the levels are very easy. You can beat the game on the easiest path on your first try and it doesn't take much to beat it on even the hardest path. Getting medals is boring and the amount of variety is very low.

Control: 8/10

This is the only good part of the game. You will not have any trouble with the play control and should be able to learn it quickly.

Replay Value: 4/10

Flying through over and over is just boring and so is earning medals. The multiplayer mode adds some replay value to save it from getting a 1. However, the single player mode could be A LOT better. This game really needed more missions and a bigger challenge.

Multiplayer: 2/10

Compared to Goldeneye 007, this is pathetic. Just three areas to choose from and they aren't much different. Basically the areas are just open space with a couple obstacles thrown in. If you have a few friends to play with, it can be fun once or twice, but after that it's just too repetitive.

Rent/Buy: DEFINITELY RENT if you have to play this game. It just isn't worth the money even at $39.99.

The only thing this game was good for was introducing the Rumble Pak. The rumbling in this game is actually pretty strong and it rumbles at the right times. However, this game is just boring and should be skipped. It's the most overrated game I've ever played and the muliplayer is nothing compared to Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and Perfect Dark. One of the worst games for the N64

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/01/00, Updated 07/01/00

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