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    Parts & Pit Droid Guide by MMenzies

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/07/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Wars Episode 1: Racer
    	-  Parts & Pit Droid Guide
    Author:  Matt Menzies
    Email: menzies@windsor.igs.net
    Version: 1.1
    Updated: July 7, 1999
    VERSION 1.1
    	- redone the whole part guide
    	- added the author, email, version, and last updated
    	  at the top of the page
    NOTE:  I don't think anyone has seen version 1.0 since I was 
    	accused of copying others work.  This is a game faq right?
    	I made this because when I looked over the other faqs for
    	racer, I did not see what I needed to see.  I had to think
    	up new strategies for winning.  And now I'm sharing them with
    	you, so you don't have to be as frustrated as I was.
    1)  How Pit Droids Work
    2)  Junkyard Strategy
    3)  Part Guide
    -----1)  	H O W   P I T   D R O I D S   W O R K     ------
    Pit Droids maintain your pod parts (duh).  Each pit droid can only
    maintain 1 part.  So if you have 5 new parts and 4 pit droids (MAX, unless
    using a cheat) 1 part is going to get ruined (condition is brought down).
    So if you want to win you just want to get all 4 pit droids and choose 4
    categories that you want to max out and only buy those parts.  This is the
    key to winning.  
    ALSO:  The least expensive part in each category never gets damaged!
    ------2)	J U N K Y A R D   S T R A T E G Y    -------
    -  Use this strategy to 
    		1)  Get the parts you need
    		2)  Get more money
    The Junkyard Strategy is a really good way to win.  This strategy helps
    you earn money and get maxed out parts for cheap prices.
    	A)  Win a couple of races (DON'T UPGRADE and get a pit droid or 2).
    	B)  Go to the junkyard and try and find one of the best parts
    	    in bad condition.  If there isn't any in the junkyard, go to SELECT
    	    RACER and select your racer over again.  When you go BACK to the 
    	    junkyard, there should be DIFFERENT parts there.  REPEAT until you
    	    get one of the BEST parts for cheap.
    	C)  Race with this part so the pit droids repair it.
    	D)  The part should now be in mint condition and be able to get money
    	    for selling it.
    -----3)        P A R T S   G U I D E     -----
    -  A Podracer's traction determines how closely
    it hugs the ground.  As you increase your machine's
    speed, augment its traction for better handling.
    R-20 Repulsorgrip- 250
    R-60 Repulsorgrip- 400
    R-80 Repulsorgrip- 600
    R-100 Repulsorgrip- 1200
    R-300 Repulsorgrip- 2600
    R-600 Repulsorgrip- 6000
    -  To increase your Podracer's turn response, buy
    turning components.  The better the part is, the
    more touchy the steering of your craft will be.
    Control Linkage- 200
    Control Shift Plate- 400
    Control Vectro Jet- 700
    Control Coupling- 1600
    Control Nozzle- 3800
    Control Stabilizer- 7500
    -  Is it taking too long to go from zero to 600mph?
    Purchase upgrades for your fuel injection system to
    give your Podracer a little extra kick at the starting
    Dual 20PCX Injector- 800
    44 PCX Injector- 2200
    Dual 32PCX Injector- 5600
    Quad 32PCX Injector- 7000
    Quad 44PCX Injector- 10,400
    Mag-6 Injector- 14,000
    	-----TOP SPEED-----
    -  Thrust Coils increase your maximum speed.  As you
    upgrade your thrusting mechanisms, you will reach
    speeds in the neighbourhood of 900mph.
    Plug2 Thrust Coil- 1000
    Plug3 Thrust Coil- 2400
    Plug5 Thrust Coil- 6000
    Plug8 Thrust Coil- 14,000
    Block5 Thrust Coil- 17,500
    Block6 Thrust Coil- 20,000
    	-----AIR BRAKE-----
    -  You think these Podracers can stop on a trugut?
    Not really.  You need to upgrade your air brakes in 
    order to slow down quickly enough when the courses 
    get turny.
    Mark II Air Brake- 700
    Mark III Air Brake- 1400
    Mark IV Air Brake- 3600
    Mark V Air Brake- 7000
    Tri-jet Air Brake- 10,400
    Quadrijet Air Brake- 14,000
    -  As you reach your Podracer's top speed, your engines
    will start to overheat.  A good cooling system will cool
    down your engines quickly after thrusting.
    Coolant Radiator- 50
    Stack-3 Radiator- 100
    Stack-6 Radiator- 300
    Rod Coolant Pump- 900
    Dual Coolant Pump- 2700
    Turbo Coolant Pump- 5400
    -  You can repair your Podracer midrace, but it will slow
    down your pod.  Purchase better repair modules to fix your
    machine faster and maintain your speed better.
    Single Power Cell- 150
    Dual Power Cell- 300
    Quad Power Cell- 800
    Cluster Power Plug- 1400
    Rotary Power Plug- 4000
    Cluster2 Power Plug- 7000
    OF THE AUTHOR!!!!!!
    Thank you for reading my guide.......
    Email me questions at menzies@windsor.igs.net
    GUIDE/FAQ by:  Matthew Menzies

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