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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TYNAN2000

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    StarCraft 64
    Nintendo 64
    Version 1.2
    by TYNAN2000 (Tywriter@aol.com)
    Last Update: 1/11/01
    	This document is CopyRight 2000 TYNAN2000. You may not put any of 
    this information on your site, unless you get permission from me before-
    hand. If you see this information on another site other than
    please give me an E-Mail ASAP.
    2)Regular Codes
    3)GameShark Codes
    1.0: Started FAQ. I am going to finish the Walkthrough before anything 
    else is started on.
    1.1:Added codes. Also, fixed the legal stuff.
    1.2:Added more to the Walkthrough.
    1) Walkthrough
    1. Take your 5 SCVs and 5 Marines, and follow the road. when the road 
    ends, head south. You will meet Jim Raynor, the Marshal of the area. 
    Keep south, and you will find your base.
    2. Get your SCVs to work. Build three more SCVs, and have them all 
    harvest. When you get 150 Minerals, build a barracks. Train 5 Marines. 
    1. Build four move SCVs. Keep harvesting Minerals. Dont get a Refinery, 
    because you will not need gas in this mission. Keep building SCVs until 
    you have 8. Now, have one SCV build two or three more Supply Depots, and 
    make 18 Marines.
    2. Send the Marines north. There will be a Creep Colony, which will do 
    nothing. Kill the five Zerglings that are near it, then kill the Colony. 
    Head north a little more, and you get a new base.
    3. Put four Marines in each Bunker. Keep building Marines. When you have 
    18 Marines, send them East and start killing. Once you destroy the 
    Infested Command Center in the upper right corner, General Duke will 
    start talking and make an ass out of himself.
    NOTE: Every enemy in the level attacks you eventually. The reason you 
    will attack the Zerg is to cut down enough enemies to make the remaining 
    Zerg managable by the Bunkers at the base. 
    1. Repair the Bunker. Load the bunkers with 4 Marines each. Then, build 
    about five more SCVs and start harvesting Minerals. No, do not make Gas 
    yet. Build an extra Barracks,. and make 18 Marines. You will also need 
    to build three or four more Supply Depots. 
    2. Meet the 18 Marines together in front of the upper Bunker. Follow the 
    road Northeast, and start killing. Keep sending Marines up here when the 
    other ones die off. 
    3. Eventually, a massive Zerg force will come. You are bound to lose 
    your Bunkers. Target the Hydralisks and Mutalisks first. The Zerglings 
    might live, and if they do, simply make your Command Center liftoff. You 
    should be OK. For some strange reason, my level timer said 28:41, but 
    the level is supposed to be 30 minutes long.
    1. Make about five more Drones, and three Overlords. Start gathering 
    both gas and Minerals immeadately. Build a Hydralisk Den. Build a force 
    of 18 Hydralisks. As you do this, Cerebrate Zasz will be giving you 
    extra instructions.
    2. Take the Hydralisks North. There will be a few Terrans on the way, 
    but nothing much. When you get to the top, take a Right. Here, destroy 
    the base. You may need to get extra Hydralisk reinforcements.Now, head 
    south and destroy the rest of the Missile Turrets and Barracks.
    1. Same as before. Make 10 more Drones, and harvest gas and Minerals. 
    Make a Hydralisk Den. Make 18 Hydralisks. This one will definately take 
    a few turns, so keep making Hydralisks. Always have about 10 extra 
    Hydralisks at the base AT ALL TIMES!
    2. Send your Hydralisks South. There is a Protoss base in wait. Destroy 
    3. Keep wandering the map, destroying Protoss structures. You will 
    eventually find the beacon. Next, have a Drone pick up the Crysalis. Put 
    him in a group with a few other Hydras, and head to the beacon with that 
    1. As usual, build 10 more Drones, and gather Gas and Minerals. Build an 
    extra Hatchery. Build a Spire. Blah Blah Blah, this walkthrough is 
    boring, I know. Use the Spire to improve Tech Tree.
    2. Build 18 Mutalisks. Keep sending group after group to kill. There are 
    extra resources North of your starting location. You will need those. 
    Most of the Terran forces are along the West wall of the map.
    1. You must take your 2 Dragoons and 6 Zealots to Fenix and the base. 
    The base shows up on your map, so I will not give you directions.
    2. Business as usual at the base. Start harvesting, and build a few 
    Photon Cannons at strategic points at entrances to your base. Keep Fenix 
    back, for he loves battle. (He says that too) Now, build a Cybernetics 
    Core. Keep building Dragoons and Pylons. Station Dragoons around the 
    walls of the base, to watch for Mutalisks. Send a force of 18 Dragoons 
    at the enemy base, located in the north. 
    1. Get to work immeadately with harvesting. You will need 2 Gateways, 
    and a ton of Dragoons, so start as possible. Use Dragoons as defense. 
    Keep sending 18 Dragoons at a time at the base to the east of your base. 
    Eventually, Fenix will be in position. 
    2. Keep the Dragoons attacking, until they meet up with Fenix. Leave 
    Fenix back in the corner with the other Zealots, but have the Dragoons 
    and Reavers march south, toward the Cerebrate. When you come across a 
    Sunken Colony, have the Reavers take them out with their overwhelming 
    1. Nothing new here. Gather Gas and Minerals, and build Dragoons.
    2. The Zerg here are around the west side of the map, and they are 
    tough. Just keep sending Dragoon group after Dragoon group. There is 
    extra Minerals and Gas to the NorthWest of your starting place. You will 
    need them after a few battles. There are also a few Zerg forces to the 
    North of your base. These Zerg are easier to take out.
    1. This level is extremely hard, for your first Brood War campaign. Head 
    southeast, where you will find a few Zerglings and some Nydus Canals. 
    Have the Dragoons and Zealots attack the Zerglings, while Zeratul 
    destroys the Canal. Ahead is a Sunken Colony. Attack full force, and you 
    will very likely lose one troop. Head for the Canal next. Keep following 
    the obvious path, and you will find two Zealots. They need help in 
    battle. There will be a massive Zerg force, so help out by killing 
    Zerglings, while Zeratul destroys the Canals. This battle will greatly 
    reduce your forces. Hell, all my guys died except for Zeratul. You will 
    meet two more Dragoons. Then, you will meet two more Zealots. Kill the 
    Nydus, then kill the Spore. You will now fight a Sunken. Destroy the 
    Spore using Dragoons. Next, take Zeratul up to kill the Sunken. Keep 
    following the path, and kill TWO ULTRALISKS. Yup. They are hard. At the 
    crossroad, take a right, and meet five more Zealots and one more 
    Ultralisk. Go west, and fight another Ultralisk, and two Hydras. North, 
    you will meet the last Reinforcements. Go east, and kill the Nydus Canal 
    right away. Then, destroy the many Hydras. Retreat to the Shield 
    Regenerators, and heal, then continue. Here, sacrifice an injured unit, 
    and use the Templar to use their Psionic Storm on the Zerg. This is 
    hard, but necessary. Now, keep sending the Templar in there to use 
    Psionic Storm, then run. Do this until the Creep is clear. This will 
    take a long time. It helps to try to ignore the Sunkens, and fight them 
    later. When you have killed all the Hydras and Zerglings, attack the 
    Colonies. The rest of the path is straightforward, and clear.
    1. Go North, and West. You will fight two Zerg on the way. Establish a 
    base as usual here. Soon you will meet four Dark Templar. Do not rely on 
    them to be your main defense, as the enemy cannot see them. Instead, 
    place one next to each Zealot, and the Zealots will attract the 
    attention while the Dark Templar do the slashing. Build a few Photon 
    Cannons to defend against Mutalisks. 
    2. Now, build up an army of Dark Templar, and a few Scouts. The strategy 
    here is to use Dark Templar to kill, and when you fight a Mutalisk or 
    other flying fighter, bring in the Scouts to kill. Leave a few Dark 
    Templar at home, to defend. Now, go out and kill. South of your base is 
    another key point for your resources, which are bound to be suffering 
    after making that expensive army. Go South, kill, and bring down a 
    3. Build Photon Cannons along the base, especially in sections where 
    only flying enemies can get to. 
    4. Send more Dark Templar and Scouts east, and kill the remainder of the 
    Zerg. This will take a few waves of attacks. 
    1. Set up base.
    2. Soon, Corsairs and Dragoons will come. Move the Corsairs away, and 
    have the Dragoons kill both Sunken Colonies. Then kill the Spore 
    colonies. Bring in a Probe and build a base here.
    3. Scatter Photon Cannons all over the place, and put a few at the 
    bridge. Build up Dark Templar and Shuttles.
    4. Send in the Shuttles West of the starting base, and south. Drop off 
    as many Dark Templar as you can. Kill all the Spore Colonies in the 
    area. Now, go head on to fight each Cerebrate. They are both near the 
    temple, in the Southwest. The first wave of Dark Templar will die, but 
    you should be able to kill one Cerebrate.
    5. Send in another wave of Dark Templar to kill the other Cerebrate.
    1. Kill! Take note of the Bunker in the south. Either use Reavers or 
    Kerrigan (cloaked) to kill this.
    2. Set up base. Put Photon Cannons at each ramp.
    3. Send your Reavers (loaded full with Scarabs) south and clear out the 
    area. Set up base there. Put Cannons at the openings, and a few in the 
    4. Now, in the middle-right part of the map, is your last resource area. 
    Bring in some Dark Templar to clear it out. 
    5. Take an Army of Dark Templar south of your second base, and clear out 
    as much as you can. Keep sending Dark Templar down here, until you have 
    created a clear path to the Uraj crystal. When you have a path, send in 
    a cloaked Kerrigan.
    1. Ok, this is my favorite level. Drop off your Dragoons, and retreat 
    when the Shuttles have low health. The Dragoons can destroy the power 
    generator northeast of you. 
    2. Northwest is two bunkers. Have the Dark Templar storm them quickly. 
    Soon, a Science Vessel will come. Bring in the Dragoons to destroy it. 
    Now, retreat from this area. We will send in Scouts later.
    2)Regular Codes 
    Buy anything
     While playing a game, press R + Z to display a menu with ground and air 
    units, regular and advanced buildings, upgrades and research.
     Play through the game until getting to Episode 3 (Protoss) in Brood 
    War. Successfully complete the last round on that episode to unlock the 
    Special Cheat (Invincibility).
    Give me cash/gas 
    Play through the game until getting to Episode 1 (Terran) X-07: 
    Patriot's Blood in Brood War. Locate the second Terran computer beacon 
    in the room with four civilians. Use the bottom door to exit. Move to 
    the right until the fire bats are encounter. Go through that area and 
    locate the Ursadon being held in a cell. Use a marine open the cell door 
    and approach the Ursadon. Move all your units into the cell when it asks 
    to be hugged and press B. This cheat will give you 1000 minerals and 
    All upgrades
     Play through the game until getting to Episode 1 (Terran) X-04: The 
    Jacobs Installation. You will start in a room with a door. Go through it 
    and up the hallway. There is a missile shooter in the wall at the end, a 
    door that goes up, and a hallway that goes left and right. Go through 
    the right side hallway (with the missile shooter). Just take Jim Raynor 
    and do not attack the orange civilian (move Raynor with the "Move" 
    button instead of B so he does not shoot him). Talk to him and he will 
    tell you not to kill him and that he will give you the cheat. Continue 
    through and he will disappear and give you the All Upgrades cheat. Note: 
    You have a short period of time to reach the orange civilian, so move 
    All research 
    Play through the game until getting to Episode 6 (Zerg/The Last Episode) 
    X-06: The Amerigo in Brood War. Reach the part where the Marines shoot 
    the Zerglings in the pen. You will also see a cage full of animals. Get 
    Kerrigen to the bottom left of the pen to get the cheat. Info mana Play 
    through the game until getting to Episode 6 (Zerg/The Last Episode) in 
    Brood War. Successfully complete the last round on that episode to 
    unlock the Info Mana cheat.
    Mega build 
    Play through the game until getting to Episode 6 (Zerg/The Last Episode) 
    in Brood War. After you save the first two hives in the first level, go 
    down into a corner and you will see a data disc. Touch it to unlock the 
    Mega Build cheat, which allows you to build faster.
    Fog of war off
     Play through the game until getting to Episode 3 (Protoss) X-03: Legacy 
    of the Xel 'naga in Brood War. Go to the small island after Corsairs fly 
    by at the beginning of the mission. Touch the white flag to unlock the 
    Open tech tree
     Play through the game until getting to Episode 3 (Protoss) X-06: Into 
    The Darkness in Brood War. When the mission begins, go down the hall 
    until you get to the stairs. Do not go down the stairs -- instead turn 
    to your left and proceed down the hall. The adviser will tell you to 
    turn back. Go back a short distance, then go back toward the dead end to 
    get the cheat.
    Bonus mission 
    Successfully complete level nine in the Zerg Brood War Episode with at 
    least five minutes remaining.Faster building Repeatedly press B on a 
    structure to build it faster.Control all three groups Play as the 
    Protoss against at least one Terran group and at least one Zerg group. 
    Use your Dark Archon with the Possess ability and possess a Drone and a 
    SCV. After doing this you can use the drone to build Zerg structures and 
    the SCV to build Terran structures.
    Hidden sounds
     Repeatedly select a person until he says a phrase that is not normally 
    heard during a normal game.
    3)GameShark Codes
    Game Shark Codes Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game 
    Shark to use these codes.
    Enable Code (Must Be On) F109BA54 1000 
    Have All Ten Marines (1st Terran Mission) 800B5202 000A 
    Infinite Minerals P1 & P2 (Most Modes/Missions) D00A49E3 0000 810B1D46 
    FFFF D00A49E3 0001 810B1D4A FFFF D00A49E3 0002 810B1D4E FFFF D00A49E3 
    0003 810B1D52 FFFF D00A49E3 0004 810B1D56 FFFF D00A49E3 0005 810B1D5A 
    FFFF D00A49E3 0006 810B1D5E FFFF D00A49E3 0007 810B1D62 FFFF D00A49E3 
    0008 810B1D66 FFFF D00A49E3 0009 810B1D6A FFFF D00A49E3 000A 810B1D6E 
    FFFF D00A49E3 000B 810B1D72 FFFF 
    Infinite Vespene Gas P1 & P2 (Most Modes/Missions) D00A49E3 0000 
    810B1D76 FFFF D00A49E3 0001 810B1D7A FFFF D00A49E3 0002 810B1D7E FFFF 
    D00A49E3 0003 810B1D82 FFFF D00A49E3 0004 810B1D86 FFFF D00A49E3 0005 
    810B1D8A FFFF D00A49E3 0006 810B1D8E FFFF D00A49E3 0007 810B1D92 FFFF 
    D00A49E3 0008 810B1D96 FFFF D00A49E3 0009 810B1D9A FFFF D00A49E3 000A 
    810B1D9E FFFF D00A49E3 000B 810B1DA2 FFFF 
    Infinite Minerals Team 1 810B1D46 FFFF 
    Team 2 810B1D4A FFFF 
    Team 3 810B1D4E FFFF Team 4 810B1D52 FFFF
     Team 5 810B1D56 FFFF 
    Team 6 810B1D5A FFFF 
    Team 7 810B1D5E FFFF 
    Team 8 810B1D62 FFFF 
    Team 9 810B1D66 FFFF 
    Team 10 810B1D6A FFFF 
    Team 11 810B1D6E FFFF 
    Team 12 810B1D72 FFFF
     Max Minerals Team 1 810B1D44 3B9A 810B1D46 C9FF 
    Team 2 810B1D48 3B9A 810B1D4A C9FF
     Team 3 810B1D4C 3B9A 810B1D4E C9FF 
    Team 4 810B1D50 3B9A 810B1D52 C9FF 
    Team 5 810B1D54 3B9A 810B1D56 C9FF 
    Team 6 810B1D58 3B9A 810B1D5A C9FF 
    Team 7 810B1D5C 3B9A 810B1D5E C9FF 
    Team 8 810B1D60 3B9A 810B1D62 C9FF 
    Team 9 810B1D64 3B9A 810B1D66 C9FF 
    Team 10 810B1D68 3B9A 810B1D6A C9FF 
    Team 11 810B1D6C 3B9A 810B1D6E C9FF 
    Team 12 810B1D70 3B9A 810B1D72 C9FF 
    Infinite Vespene Gas Team 1 810B1D76 FFFF 
    Team 2 810B1D7A FFFF 
    Team 3 810B1D7E FFFF
     Team 4 810B1D82 FFFF 
    Team 5 810B1D86 FFFF 
    Team 6 810B1D8A FFFF 
    Team 7 810B1D8E FFFF 
    Team 8 810B1D92 FFFF 
    Team 9 810B1D96 FFFF 
    Team 10 810B1D9A FFFF 
    Team 11 810B1D9E FFFF 
    Team 12 810B1DA2 FFFF 
    Max Vespene Gas Team 1 810B1D74 3B9A 810B1D76 C9FF 
    Team 2 810B1D78 3B9A 810B1D7A C9FF Team 3 810B1D7C 3B9A 810B1D7E C9FF 
    Team 4 810B1D80 3B9A 810B1D82 C9FF Team 5 810B1D84 3B9A 810B1D86 C9FF 
    Team 6 810B1D88 3B9A 810B1D8A C9FF Team 6 810B1D8C 3B9A 810B1D8E C9FF 
    Team 7 810B1D90 3B9A 810B1D92 C9FF Team 8 810B1D94 3B9A 810B1D96 C9FF 
    Team 9 810B1D98 3B9A 810B1D9A C9FF Team 10 810B1D9C 3B9A 810B1D9E C9FF 
    Team 11 810B1DA0 3B9A 810B1DA2 C9FF Team 12 810B1DA4 3B9A 810B1DA6 C9FF 
    All Levels Complete Terran Episode I 800D13C4 000C 
    Zerg Episode II 800D13C5 000A 
    Protoss Episode III 800D13C6 000A 
    Protoss Episode IV 800D13C7 000A 
    Terran Episode V 800D13C8 000A 
    Zerg Episode VI 800D13C9 000A 
    CheatCC.com - for letting me use some codes.

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