can you give me a list List of stars?

  1. Can you give me a list of how to get every star?

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  1. Quick Reference Guide Continued:

    Final Section: Upper Floors & Tower Continued

    Stage 15: Rainbow Ride (Watch your step! This place is one huge pit!!)
    1) Make your way to the Flying Airship to collect this one.
    2) Make your way to the Cloud House and ride the Magic Carpets to it's roof for this one.
    3) In the Sky Maze, collect 8 Red Coins using various Jump Techniques.
    4) At the point where the spinning platforms are, head down a pole to reach an area with several swinging platforms. Cross them and some Donut Lifts to reach a slope where some Goombas are. Crawl or jump up the slope and head left to find this one.
    5) Follow the same path as Star 4, but pass the slope and head to where you see some triangle shaped platforms. Hit the switch and quickly make your way up the platforms to reach this one.
    6) Activate the Cannon at the top of Sky Maze and then head to the Flying Airship, get in the cannon there, and shoot to a pole past a Rainbow Ring to reach it. Beware of the Chuckya there!
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Secret Stars:
    1)Cloud Hopping For Coins: Know how you get to Rainbow Ride? Same deal, just on the opposite end of Tick Tock Clock's Lobby.
    2) Talk to Toad in the 3rd Floor Lobby.
    3) Talk to Toad in Tick Tock Clock's Lobby.
    4) Bowser in the Sky: Collect all 8 Red Coins

    Final Tips:
    1) For more detailed info on Star Collecting, check an FAQ.
    2) If Mario loses his Hat, he takes more damage when hit. If he does lose it though, you can always find it in the Stage you lost it in.
    --Shifting Sand Land: Knock it out of Klepto's Talons
    --Snowman's Land: Random Snowmen have it. Run around them quickly to make them spin out of existence to get it back.
    --Tall, Tall Mountain: Ukkiki has it. Catch him to get it back.
    3) Special Things happen when you get all 120 Stars. Check the Cannon outside of the Castle and shoot to the Roof for a secret. You should also try challenging the Big Penguin to another race in Cool, Cool Mountain under a heightened difficulty...
    4) By crouching, then moving in a direction, Mario can crawl. This can be used to get up some of the most steepest of slopes, but doesn't work on all of them.
    5) Remember that in each of the 15 Stages, a secret Star appears when you collect 100 Coins, but not all Star Selection give you access to 100 Coins.
    6) Mario can fly better, farther, and even straighter when you fire him from a Cannon while wearing the Wing Cap.

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  1. This isnt popular use the 64 version dont worry its the same on game faqs but more popular :)

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  2. Quick Reference Guide. Copy, Paste and Print if you need to.

    1st Section:First Floor & Mezzanine

    Stage 1: Bob-Omb Battlefield
    1) Beat the Big Bob-Omb.
    2) Race Koopa the Quick to where Big Bob-Omb was.
    3) Activate the Cannon by talking to Pink Bob-Ombs. Use Cannon on Mountain to shoot to the floating Island and smash the "!" Block
    4) Find all 8 Red Coins
    5) Use the Wing Cap to fly through the Coin Rings in the air near the Floating Island whilst grabbing the Coins in the Middle of each Ring.
    6) Pound the Post holding Chain Chomp to free him.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 2: Whomp's Fortress
    1) Beat the King Whomp.
    2) Climb the Tower that appears where King Whomp was.
    3) Activate the Cannon and shoot to the platform on the side of the wall.
    4) Find all 8 Red Coins.
    5) Shake the tree at the Start Point to wake the owl. Ride the Owl and drop into the Caged Floating Island.
    6) Gte in the cannon and shoot Mario into one of the ledges to dislodge this one.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 3: Jolly Roger Bay
    1) Get inside the Sunken Ship and drain the water.
    2) Knock the Star of Unagi the Eel's Tail.
    3) In the cave found underwater, open the Treasure Chests in the right order.
    4) Find all 8 Red Coins
    5) Activate the Cannon and shoot to the pillar next to a high platform on a wall.
    6) Use the Metal Cap to reach it in the Jet Stream located where the Ship was.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 4: Cool, Cool Mountain
    1) Enter the Cabin through the Chimney and head down the slide and out the bottom door.
    2) Grab the Lil' Penguin near the Cabin and use the outside path to reach the Mother Penguin with Baby in tow.
    3) Beat the Big Penguin in a race on the Cabin Slide without using the Shortcut.
    4) Find all 8 Red Coins
    5) Lead the Snowman's new body from it's platorm near the Cabin to the Head at the bottom of the outside slopes. Stay in front of it and don't fall!!
    6) Activate the Cannon and fire to a tree across a chasm. Follow the path then wall jump to reach it.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Secret Stars:
    1) Secret Slide: In one of the 1 Star Rooms, head into one of Peach Windows and finish the Slide for this one.
    2) Secret Slide: Finish the Slide in 20 Seconds or less to get a second Star. Jump to a lower level at the right moment to make it.
    3) Secret Aquarium: Find Jolly Roger Bay's Lobby in a secret hole in the wall. Collect all the Red Coins.
    4) Tower of the Wing Cap: In the Mezzanine, stand on the Sun Symbol on the Floor when it's bathed in light after getting 10 Stars and Look Up at the cieling at the source of light to get here. Hit the Switch to unlock Wing Caps. Get all Red Coins for a Star.
    5) Bowser in the Dark World: Collect all Red Coins.

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  3. Quick Reference Guide Continued:

    2nd Section: The Castle Basement

    Stage 5: Big Boo's Haunt
    1) Defeat all Boo's to make Big Boo appear, then beat Big Boo.
    2) Get to the Merry-Go-Round in the basement of the Storage shed, then use the same tactics here as the 1st Star.
    3) Hit the Library Books in the Library in the right order to open a new path to this one.
    4) Find all 8 Red Coins
    5) Wall Jump to the Attic, get to the Balcony outside, beat Big Boo, then jump & crawl (hold crouch button the move in a direction) on the roof to reach it.
    6) Wall Jump while using the Vanish Cap and head through the Boo Poster while vanished to reach a new room. Beat Big Mr. I for it.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 6: Hazy Maze Cave
    1) Head to the Cavern with Dorrie the Dinosaur. Ride her back to the platform in the middle of the Lake.
    2) Find the Red Coins in the Elevator Room.
    3) In Dorrie's Room, use the Metal Cap to hit a switch underwater to open the way to room with this one. Long Jump to reach it.
    4) In the Hazy Maze. Jump to the small opening in the wall, out the door, and up the elevator.
    5) In the Hazy Maze. Jump to the small opening in the wall, out the door, climb across the fencing, and drop down to it.
    6) In the rolling Boulder room, get past the Boulders then wall jump near the door to reach it.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 7: Lethal Lava Land
    1) Stomp or Punch the Big Bully until he falls into the Lava.
    2) Same as Star 1 only on a different Platform. Defeat the 3 Small Bullies to make the Big Bully appear.
    3) Get the Red Coins on the Bowser Slider Puzzle.
    4) Either use the Wing Cap to get to this one near the fence with the Log or roll on the Log to it.
    5) Get into the Volcano and take the ledges to it.
    6) Get into the Volcano and take the Elevators to it.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 8: Shifting Sand Land
    1) Knock it out of Klepto the Condor's talons.
    2) Either get to the top of the Pyramid by foot or use the Wing Cap to reach this one.
    3) Get inside the Pyramid and get to the top of it's insides.
    4) Fly to the large Checkered Pillars, stand there a second on each one, and the top of the Pyramid while open. Head inside to reach Eye-Rok and beat him for the Star.
    5) Find 4 Red Coins on the ground and fly to the other 4 with the Wing Cap.
    6) At the top of inside the Pyramid, drop down to the ledges and the sand chute to collect 5 Special Coins for this one.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 9: Dire, Dire, Docks
    1) Get onto Bowser's Sub.
    2) Open the Treasure Chests near the Giant Whirlpool in the correct order.
    3) Use the poles in the Sub Room to collect 8 Red Coins. (Must complete Bowser in the Fire Sea Stage to get the Poles moving.)
    4) In the Sub Room,swim forcibly through 5 Air Rings in a row, then use the Metal Cap to grab it when it appears.
    5) Follow the Manta in the first area and swim through 5 Air Rings in a row for it.
    6) Swim to it whle using the Vanish Cap, or grab both the Metal Cap and Vanish Caps to walk to it behind a cage.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Secret Stars:
    1) Cavern of the Metal Cap: Find the entrance to this place by using Dorrie in Hazy Maze Cave to reach it's secret entrance. Hit the Switch to unlock the Metal Cap. Collect the Red Coins for the Star.
    2) Vanish Cap Under the Moat: Drain the Moat by pounding the Pillars and head outside to the drained moat. Head to the hole. Hit the switch inside to unlock the Vanish Cap. Get 8 Red Coins for the Star.
    3) Talk to the Toad in Hazy Maze Cave's Lobby.
    4) Catch Mips the Rabbit in the Basement's Main Hall.
    5) Mips appears again after you collect 50 Stars. Catch him again in the same area.
    6) Bowser in the Fire Sea: Collect all the Red Coins.

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  4. Quick Reference Guide Continued:

    3rd Section: Upper Floors & Tower

    Stage 10: Snowman's Land
    1) Find it on the Huge Snowman's Head. Ride the Penguin to avoid being blown away.
    2) Stomp or attack the Chill Bully into the harmfull Ice Water.
    3) In the ice sculpture at the Starting Point.
    4) Jump on a Spindrift at the pond and use the ensuing Spin Jump to reach a ledge across the Pond.
    5) Get to ledge you found Star 4 at and hit a "!" Block for a Shiny Shell. Use the Shell to collect 8 Red Coins.
    6) Use the Shiny Shell from Star 5 to climb a slope to an Igloo. Crawl (Crouch and move while crouching) inside. Use the Vanish Cap inside to reach it in a ice wall near the entrance.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 11: Wet-Dry World (The Water can be higher or lower when you enter depending on the height at which you enter.)
    1) Use the Arrow Lifts to reach it in a "!" Block.
    2) Flood the Main Area and use the platforms to reach it.
    3) Pushing certain Blocks and hitting certain "!" Blocks make secret numbers appear. Find 5 Numbers to reveal a Star.
    4) Get to the top of the cage while the Water is at it's lowest level and pound the wooden lift. Get down quickly and wall jump onto the lift to reach this one inside the Cage.
    5) Activate the Cannon and carefully shoot to the large Cage in the one corner of the area. Swim to the lower area, drain the Water, and collect the Red Coins.
    6) In the same area as Star 5. Stomp a switch and use the Vanish Cap in the process to reach this one behind a Cage.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 12: Tall, Tall Mountain
    1) Get to the top of the Mountain.
    2) Talk to Ukkiki the Monkey on the Top of the Mountain after you catch him. He'll lead you to it.
    3) On the Mushrooms and Ledges near the Base of the Mountain are 8 Red Coins. Collect them all.
    4) Where Fwoosh the Cloud is, there's a secret wall leading to the Mountain Slide. Get to the bottom of the slide to reach this one.
    5) Hit a switch to create a block near a cave at the top of the Waterfall you can long jump to to reach it.
    6) Activate the Cannon, use a secret Warp Point to reach it, and carefully blast to the Mushroom with this one on it out of reach of normal moves.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 13: Tiny-Huge Island (Big Painitng leads to Huge Island, Small one to Tiny. For easy results, always start on Tiny. Use Pipes to switch between the Islands.)
    1) Head to the left of where you start on Tiny Island, head down the Pipe, and defeat the Piranha Flowers for this one.
    2) In a "!" Block at the top of Huge Island.
    3) Race Koopa the Quick through Huge Island's Windy Valley.
    4) Like Wet-Dry World's 3rd Star, only you must walk near the holes that serve as entrances on Huge Island on Tiny Island to make it appear.
    5) Activate the Cannon on Tiny Island. Then on Huge Island, shoot to the Tree on a high ledge, head across a Wood Plank Bridge, and into a cave with 8 Red Coins you need to collect.
    6) On Tiny Island, pound the top of the Mountain to drain the Water. Then on Huge Island, access the new hole and defeat Wiggler inside for this one.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

    Stage 14: Tick Tock Clock (Head inside when the Clock's Big Hand is at 12 to stop the moving parts and 3 to slow the parts down. Jumping in when the Minute Hand is at 9 will make the parts move insanely fast.)
    1) You can stop the parts to reach this one in a cage near some spinning cogs.
    2) You can stop the parts to reach this one on the ledges where the Blue Coin Switch is or slow the parts if you can't jump to some of the higher platforms.
    3) Slow the parts and ride the first clock hand to it in a hole in the wall.
    4) Slow the parts and make your way to the top of the Clock, ride the 2nd clock hand, then a Thwomp Trap to it.
    5) Slow or Stop (if you can jump the right way with the stop on) the parts to reach this by jumping on moving bars leading to the cage it's in.
    6) Stop the parts and climb the wooden planks to the side of the Starting Point to collect 8 Red Coins.
    7) Collect 100 Coins.

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