Where can I find (the hazy maze place)?

  1. In super mario 64 there is a place called hazy maze maze,but where is it?

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    JoshR16 - 6 years ago

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  1. When you first walk into the castle, there will be two old wooden doors on either sides of the steps leading up stairs (these doors do not have stars or #'s on them). Go in either door. Once you go through the door, you will see a hall way with a boo in it. Do NOT go this way; instead, go DOWN the steps directly behind you (you will need a key for the door at the bottom of the steps). Now go RIGHT through the greenish hallway. Turn RIGHT once you get through the door, and in your sight will be the painting with the fire on it (lethal lava land, i believe). Go up to it, then go RIGHT. You should see a door (with a star on it) on a slightly elevated surface. Go through that door. You are now in a room with a checkered floor design. Jump down, and into the pool of what appears to be a 'black ink' type substance. That is the Hazy Maze Cave. NOTE:: I believe you get the key to the door at the bottom of the steps (the one I mentioned earlier) by beating bowser

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  1. Hope this helped :)

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