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    FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * * * Mario 64 - The FAQ * * *
    marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)
    Let's face it, Mario 64 is the game that started the entire line of 3D 
    games. It spawned countless clones (Gex? Croc? Crash Bandicoot? Banjo-
    Kazooie? Give me a break!), some were pretty good, others were horrible. 
    But one thing is still clear, and that is Mario 64 is still a very fun 
    game. A game so fun, I've decided to make this rather large and detailed 
    guide. Enjoy... 
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Version 1.0
    Revision History:
    July 11th - I have a bad habit of making great new versions of my FAQs, 
    and then forgetting to spellcheck. I fixed that little problem...
    July 10th -  Major revisions to: Enemy, controls, walkthroughs, and I 
    completed the 1-up list. Unique to this FAQ! 
    June 5th, 1999 - Spellchecked it, I forgot to do it last time! Silly me.
    December 22nd, 1998 - First release.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
    Table of Contents
    - - - - - - - - - - - 
    1) Controls *
    2) Items *
    3) Enemies *
    4) Cap Courses *NEW*
    5) Walkthrough *
    6) Castle Stars *
    7) Locations of 1-ups *
    8) Weird Things/Secrets *
    9) Fun Things *NEW*
    10) Coin Lists *NEW*
    11) Credits *
    12) Legal Stuff *
    13) End
    A "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of June 
    10th, 1999.
    1) Controls
    Everytime I write controls for a game, I feel so dirty...
    Walking and Running: 
    Push the analog stick to run or walk in the direction you desire. 
    Pressing the analog stick with different pressure will make Mario tip-
    toe, walk, sprint, and run at full speed. Since Mario doesn't get tired, 
    you can blast full-speed without worry. But around narrow bridges and 
    platforms, it's wise to go slowly.
    The most basic move in any Mario game is the jump, and that rule is 
    unchanged in this version. Pressing 'A' will cause Mario to jump once, 
    up into the air. If you press 'A' while running you will go much 
    farther. On the SNES and NES controllers, the 'A' was 'B'. Why did they 
    change it? 
    Double Jump: 
    The double jump is basically just jumping twice in a row, except the 
    second jump will be much higher than the last. You can do this standing 
    still or running.
    Triple Jump: 
    You can not do this move standing still, you have to be moving forward. 
    Basically, jump three times in a row, and the third jump, Mario will do 
    a graceful spin move in the air, going very high and very far. You know 
    you did it when Mario says one of the following: 'YAHOO!' 'YIPEE!' 
    When standing still, press 'Z' to crouch on the ground, this is the same 
    as pressing down in previous Mario games. 
    While crouching, press 'B'. This is probably the most useless move in 
    the game!
    While crouching, press 'A', and Mario will do an impressive backflip, 
    going over almost any obstacle. 
    While in the air, either falling, or from a jump, as long as you're in 
    the air, press 'Z' to do a nice butt-stomp, borrowed from Yoshi's 
    Island. With this you can hurt powerful enemies where the jump could 
    not, pound stakes into the ground, push buttons, and many other things.
    While running at full speed, press 'B', and Mario will hurdle forward, 
    fists extended. This is a very useful attack! You can also do this while 
    jumping through the air, if you time it right.
    Run at full speed, press 'Z', and them press 'A' almost immediately 
    after, and Mario will do a very long, but not very high, horizontal 
    leap. This is useful for going very quickly and, obviously, clearing 
    large gaps.
    Frontal Kick: 
    Run forward, press 'Z' to start sliding, and then press 'B', Mario will 
    dive forward, feet first. This is very hard to aim.
    Run at one direction, then pull the analog stick in the extreme opposite 
    and press 'A', this is useful in situations where there is not much 
    space, and time is short.
    Borrowed from the Metroid Series, Mario can now jump on walls. To do 
    this, run at a wall and jump, when you are about to make contact with 
    the wall, press 'A', and Mario will jump off. You can do this is many 
    different areas, and is most useful in vertical shafts.
    While standing still, press 'B' and Mario will punch.
    Double Punch: 
    Punch twice.
    Double Punch and Kick;
    Punch three times, and the third push will cause Mario to kick.
    Mid-Air Kick: 
    Jump straight up, and press 'B', and Mario will kick the opposition.
    Fall into some water and you can do the following moves. Hold down the 
    'A', and Mario will do the flutter kick, which is very slow, but very 
    accurate. If you tap the 'A' button, you can do the breast-stroke, which 
    is very fast, but not all that accurate. If you Press 'B' you can grab 
    onto objects underwater.
    grab onto a tree, pole, or pillar, and shinny up and down by using the 
    analog stick, and jump off with 'A'. If you reach the top, you can do a 
    handstand by pressing up on the stick. Remember, that when you jump off, 
    it will be in the direction of Mario's back.
    With the help of a special item, you can soar through the air at amazing 
    speeds. Press up on the analog stick to descend, and down on the stick 
    to ascend –- just like in an airplane. Use caution, though, because you 
    lose speed very quickly when going straight up. 
    2) Items
    These are what you're looking for throughout the entire game. You can't 
    progress unless you collect enough of these to unlock the levels. There 
    are 6 in each level, which can be retrieved in a number of different 
    ways (helping someone out, racing someone, finding it, uncovering it, 
    etc.). Another one in each level can be found by collecting 100 coins, 
    as well. There are also 15 secret stars around the castle. This adds up 
    to 120 stars, in total.
    1-up Mushrooms:
    Free life! These can be found in hidden areas. Very well hidden...check 
    the appropriate section for locations. 
    Yellow Coins: 
    If your energy bar is low, get one of these to fill it up one notch. 
    Worth one coin on the coin meter (get 50 for a free-life)!
    Red Coins:
    If your energy bar is low, get one of these to fill it up two notches. 
    Worth two coins on the coin meter (get 50 for a free-life)! Collect all 
    eight in each level to receive a Star.
    Blue Coins:
    These rare coins are worth five coins on the coin/health meter. 
    Koopa Shells:
    Found in "!" Boxes and from dead Koopas, these will serve as a 
    skateboard like contraption. Now you can go practically ANYWHERE! Over 
    lava, water...Your also invincible. Just don't hit a wall or you will 
    end your ride.
    "!" Boxes:
    These can hold almost anything: Stars, 1-ups, coins, Koopa Shells...you 
    name it. Although, I miss the "?" boxes of yore...
    Spinning Hearts:
    Run through these to gain back energy! The amount you get back depends 
    on how fast you went through it. To get the full effect, dive through 
    Pick it up to throw it against an enemy or wall to see what's inside. 
    More than often, it is a bunch of coins.
    Crazed Crate:
    Same as above, except when you pick it up it will jump around wildly 
    before crash landing into the ground. Take this into consideration 
    before using, because you don't want to end up dead.
    There are many different kinds of these...they all do something strange. 
    Most are purple "!" switches, which open doors and activate platforms, 
    and Blue Coin switches, which activate Blue Coins for a short amount of 
    Bob-omb Buddies:
    These pink bombs are your friends! They will activate the cannons when 
    talked to.
    These can not be accessed until you talk to the Pink Bob-omb Buddies. 
    Once you climb inside you get a first-person view of the environment. 
    You can aim pretty much anyway you want. Once you have your target in 
    aim, push B or A to shoot. Note, however, for longer distances you'll 
    want to aim slightly above, because Mario will go downwards after a few 
    dozen feet.
    Pound these into the ground with a stomp and see what happens! Before 
    doing so, though, run circles around it fives times, you'll get many 
    You can climb up these and do a handstand at the top, where you can jump 
    off of! The direction you'll go is the direction Mario's back is 
    pointing to.
    (to receive the following items, you have to activate the switch in 
    their respective secret course)
    Wing Cap:
    Allows you to fly! Woohoo! Up is down and down is up, just like flying 
    an airplane. However, unlike an airplane, Mario will slowly go 
    downwards, it's impossible to stop. This, in my opinion, ruins the 
    entire Wing Cap concept.
    Metal Cap:
    Now you're metal Mario! During this time, you are invincible, can walk 
    under water, and...that's it. Same effects as getting a Star Man in the 
    original Marios. I like that music!
    Invisible Cap:
    Allows you to walk through enemies, fake walls, fire, etc...
    Invisible Metal Hybrid: 
    At one point in your adventure, you can get both the Metal and Invisible 
    Caps, which means you are invulnerable to everything but cliffs, can 
    walk through walls and enemies, can walk underwater, and have cool 
    music. I wish there was a Wing Cap near by...
    3) Enemies
    These little mushrooms love to travel in groups of three and then charge 
    at you! Any attack will put them down in one shot. 
    Coins: One yellow.
    Upon spotting you they will charge and attempt to explode on you. You 
    can pick them up in time and hurl them at a foe, blowing them up (this 
    is a very powerful attack). 
    Coins: One yellow
    In the Mario days of yore, every level was crawling with Koopas, you 
    would be lucky to NOT see one, but not so in this game. Surprisingly 
    rare, these turtles will run away, only to attempt to slide into you 
    when your back is turned. An attack will make them pop of their shell, 
    leaving them totally defenseless (and in their underwear). Take their 
    shell for a ride and see what you can find. Coins: One blue
    Another rarity (good thing) -- Only three of them exist. They will 
    attempt to fall down on you. While they're down, stomp 'em on the band-
    air on their back You can also receive four coins by jumping on them 
    while they are down. 
    Total Coins if you jump: 9 yellow
    These huge stone heads will attempt to crush you! Don't let this happen, 
    it is VERY painful. Invulnerable.
    Normally asleep, they will be awaken if you run near them. During this 
    time they will try to snap ya! The trick to beating them is to sneak up 
    on them and kick them. Coins: One blue
    A blue shark that is made up of about 20 polygons, they inhabit the 
    water (where else?) and won't attack unless you get in their way. They 
    are invulnerable, so that would be a good idea.
    They open their mouth occasionally, showing you their treasure. Get it 
    before they snap shut! Invulnerable.
    Small fish, very rare. Found in the beginning of Dire, Dire Docks. Not 
    much of a threat since most people don't even know these EXIST! :) 
    These shy ghosts will only become attackable when they are solid, which 
    is when your back is turned on them. When they get near you, jump and 
    stomp 'em! Coins: One blue (normally).
    They throw snowballs at you! To defeat them, run around them very 
    quickly. Coins: Five yellow
    MR. I:
    These eyes will shoot balls of plasma at you! To defeat them, run around 
    them quickly until they get dizzy and explode. Coins: One blue
    Only two exist, they jump up and down over a bridge, attempting to push 
    you off. Be careful! Invulnerable.
    These flying metal balls will give you a charge if you touch 
    One of my favorite enemies! Too bad there isn't more of them...These 
    purple balls will attempt to throw you over a cliff, down one, whatever. 
    To defeat them, make your way around them, pick them up, and hurl 'em! 
    Coins: Five yellow
    Another favorite...These aqua-colored insects skim across water. Not too 
    bright, though...Coins: Five yellow
    These blue, jelly-like creatures will attempt to land on you! Found in 
    the Hazy Maze Cave. Coins: One yellow
    Same as the normal Thwomp...just different :) I couldn't care less what 
    the real name is. Invulnerable.
    These books will come flying out from the bookshelf! Coins: One blue
    Watch out as these chairs float in mid-air and then fly at you like a 
    Small black balls with horns and slanted eyes that try to bump you into 
    the lava...Very dangerous when it is in groups! The best stragedy is to 
    wait near the edge, then when they come running, jump! If they don't 
    fall in, give 'em a little nudge. Coins: One yellow
    SHY GUY:
    These fly, though...They fire fireballs at you! If you can jump on them 
    you can do a helicopter move. Coins: One yellow
    Found in cold places, these flower creatures will give you a helicopter 
    move if you jump on them! Other than that they're practically harmless. 
    Coins: One yellow
    Found in the desert, these are the same cactuses as in Super Mario 
    World! Kick each segment off to destroy them. A shot to the head will 
    kill it instantly. Coins: One blue
    Those turtles in the clouds are back! It appears that the one who is 
    carrying your camera is a goodie-two shoes. They throw Spinies down at 
    you...jump from under them to destroy them. Coins: Five yellow
    Wow, this is probably the least-dangerous creature in the entire game. 
    They don't even TRY TO ATTACK! And, where is its head? Invulnerable.
    What a pain in the...! They will try to swallow you whole. No matter how 
    much health you have, you'll die. If you're trying to survive I advise 
    staying far away from it. However, if you want to have some fun, try to 
    see how long you can stay around it without dying. This is a very fun 
    little game...Invulnerable. 
    A giant box with strange faces on each side, they live in a maze and try 
    to crush adventuring plumbers. To get past you'll either have to go when 
    they're away, or position yourself so they fall ontop of you with their 
    hollow side.
    Snuffits are cousins of the Sniffit; these particular fellows float in 
    mid-air and don't move very much. This isn't that much of a 
    threat...unless it's in a group. Fires three bullets at you at once. 
    Coins: One yellow
    They pop out of the ground and throw a rock at you. They can not be 
    killed, but they can be "hit." If you hit about eight of them, you get a 
    free life.
    Small, red & yellow beetles that will charge at you. Coins: Three 
    Only one cannon exists, it fires these guys constantly. Fun to play 
    with, but not much of a threat.
    Not really! But in the Pyramid, it will try to squish you.
    These big balls will shoot flames at you. 
    These will flip you up with their trash collecting tray. Their real name 
    is "Heave-Ho." Arf, arf.
    Pick him up from behind and toss him on the ground! After hitting the 
    ground three times he will be defeated. Similarly, he can pick you up 
    and throw you! The third throw will see you at the foot of the mountain, 
    badly injured. If you try to throw him off the mountain, he will tell 
    you it's against the rules. Very interesting...
    A giant Block Wall (Whomp), he's just like a normal one. He'll fall, 
    then you need to stomp on the "X" on his back. Three hits and he's 
    dust...But be careful, as he is VERY large and VERY strong. 
    He can not be killed, or avoided easily. Getting hurt deep underwater 
    will surely kill you. He does look quite impressive, even for a game 
    this old. I like him a lot...
    Very dangerous, as it's teeth are quite sharp. AVOID IT! It can rip you 
    apart easily.
    BIG BOO:
    Appearing three times, it's always the same -- kill him exactly the same 
    way you would a normal Boo. Takes three hits to kill. Each time he will 
    get faster.
    A giant Bully, this guy just needs a hot (cold) lava (ice) bath. Defeat 
    him like a normal Bully.
    Discovered in Tiny-Huge Island, these five, fire spitting creatures 
    guard the first star. They can be beat just like normal flowers, problem 
    is, they all fire deadly amounts of fire and they are three times the 
    size of you!
    Found in the desert, he will attempt to pull your hat off! To hurt him, 
    get up high and kick him! Then he'll leave you alone...for awhile. Isn't 
    it funny that he has the first few letters as in Kleptomaniac? Hmm...
    This guy gets faster and faster as you hit him. Simply jump on his back! 
    This can be difficult, as he twists and turns all the time. Three 
    strikes and he's out.
    This guy is very powerful, taking 1/3 of your health each time he hits 
    you. Try to keep away. You can free him by stomping the stake he is 
    connected to three times, but this is really tough, especially if you're 
    new to the game.
    Found in the pyramid in the desert, this is probably the most difficult 
    boss in the game (not to mention FUN!). This boss is really two giant 
    hands with an eye on each. They will try to pound you, grind you, slap 
    you, etc. VERY DANGEROUS! It can kill you in three hits! To defeat, 
    punch their eye when it's open. Requires three hits per hand. 
    The evil dinosaur/dragon/frog/turtle has returned yet again to spoil 
    Mario's pleasure. In Mario RPG he was the size of Mario, but he has 
    grown since then, becoming nearly five times his size, he takes up most 
    of the screen when close up. You have to pulverize him three times if 
    you wish to beat the game.
    4) Cap Courses
    Location of: TOWER OF THE WING CAP
    Once you have collected 12 Power Stars, a light will beam down from the 
    ceiling and hit the sun icon on the main floor. Stand on the sun icon 
    and use C up to look into the light. You will transport to the course! 
    Once inside, fly to collect the pairs of Red Coins around the tower. 
    You'll have to start with the ones directly across the level, because 
    they are the highest and can not be gotten from the tower. When they are 
    all gotten, go and stomp the red "!" switch, which will activate all the 
    Wing Caps in the game. Collect the Star to exit!
    Location of: METAL CAP CAVERN
    Go to the Hazy Maze Cave. From the start, go left and longjump over the 
    pit. Follow the path and ignore the door, and jump to the far side where 
    the boulders are spilling into the hole. Carefully avoid them and go 
    into the door behind them. Get on the elevator to transport to the 
    underground lake. Climb on the back of Dorrie, the sea "monster." Stomp 
    her back and her head will lower, climb on it and she will carry you to 
    any place you face. Go to the door on the far side of the cavern. 
    Inside, jump into the pool of liquid metal. 
    This cavern is filled to the brim with Snuffits, but you are have the 
    Metal Cap, so you have no reason to worry. Run forward and turn left, 
    avoiding the waterfall, which would plant you back outside the castle. 
    Two Red Coins are behind pillars, two others are next to the switch, and 
    the rest are underwater, surrounding the pillar with the switch. Stomp 
    the green "!" switch to activate all the Metal Caps in the game, collect 
    the coins, then get the Star to exit the course.
    When in the basement, there is a regular wooden door next to the area 
    with the Hazy Maze Cave. Go through here and swim down the tunnel of 
    water, then surface to find two pillars and a sign. As if the sign 
    wasn't direct enough, stomp down the two pillars and the water will 
    drain. Go through the new door, and, surprise, you're outside the 
    castle, and the moat has been drained almost completely. Go in the 
    direction of the waterfall and you will see a hole in the floor...
    Once here, slide down the hill and collect the various items on the 
    ledges, including four Red Coins. At the bottom, continue past the 
    teeter-totters, flaming jets, and other obstacles to find another four 
    Red Coins. You'll need to use careful jumps around the revolving 
    platforms, and find the ledge with the blue "!" switch...stomp it! This 
    will activate all the Vanish Caps in the game. Grab the Vanish Cap and 
    go through the gate to get the Star, that is, if you got eight Red 
    5) Walkthrough
    Note: You will have to go back to get some of the stars as many of them 
    require caps you won't be able to get until later.
    After starting a new game and watching the opening cinema, run forward 
    and enter the castle. After hearing Bowser's threat, turn left and talk 
    to Toad to learn of Bowser's plan. Go in the door that is up the ramp, 
    it has a blank star on it. Jump into the painting!!
                       COURSE 1: BOB-OMB BATTLEFIELD
                   B O B - O M B  B A T T L E F I E L D 
    General Notes: 
    There is a bridge that crosses from the field over to the mountain, you 
    can go underneath it to find a purple "!" switch. If you activate it, 
    the door in front will open up, allowing you free access to all the 
    canyon areas.
    The bowling balls are the main hazard on the mountain, as an infinite 
    amount pours out of a hole near the summit. They eventually hit a wall 
    at the base, near the above door, and explode. 
    If you wander around the fields for awhile, you will notice bubbles 
    falling from the sky. They're easy to avoid, but annoying. When you get 
    to the top of the mountain, you discover the source of this: a cannon 
    being controlled by a Bob-omb! 
    There is a warp point if you want to save some time. From the start, go 
    forward, across the bridge, and turn right to find a patch of yellow 
    flowers. Stand in there and you will warp to the other side of the 
    level, appearing in another patch of flowers. I still say using the 
    cannons is easier...
    There is another warp on the mountain, inside the little holes where the 
    bowling balls from. 
    Talk to the Bob-omb buddies to learn of Bower and the Stars. To get this 
    one, follow the dirt path, go across the bridge, turn left, and watch 
    out for the Giant Chain Chomp. Keep going, past the bridge. This bridge 
    is like a giant teeter-totter, so watch out. Go across the field of 
    Bomb-ombs and be careful of the falling bubbles, turn right, into the 
    gates. Run up the spiraling path that goes up the mountain, being 
    careful not to be hit by bowling balls, until you reach the summit. 
    To defeat the King Bob-omb, do a backflip or sidejump so you are behind 
    him, then grab him with 'A'. Then, toss him to the ground. Do this three 
    times and he will explode, revealing the Star.
    Go forward and talk to the large Koopa. He will challenge you to a race 
    to where the Big Bomb-omb used to be. Say yes and beat him to win the 
    star. If you have any trouble with this race, quit playing this game 
    while you're ahead!
    Go forward and talk to the Bob-omb buddy. Now fall into the cannon 
    beside him. Shoot yourself over the gate to the left. Get in the second 
    cannon and fire yourself to the top of the mountain (or close to it). 
    Now walk down, you'll spot a cannon. Aim yourself to the island it's 
    pointed to. Aim for the tree and you won't fall off. Climb down and get 
    the star in the nearby "!" Box.
    It doesn't get more direct than that, eh? 
    Coin 1: 
    After the first bridge, keep going straight, past the Goombas, and it 
    will be on a green hill.
    Coin 2: 
    On the giant Chomp's Stake.
    Coin 3: 
    Near the Chain Chomp is a series of platforms that go up and down, 
    allowing you to get from the canyons below to the above area. Once on a 
    platform, you can see it clearly.
    Coin 4: 
    Out in the field after the teeter totter (turn left).
    Coin 5: 
    Next to Coin four.
    Coin 6: 
    On a long hill on the mountain. Requires a bit of patience to walk up 
    there, or you could slide down from above.
    Coin 7: 
    Under the bridge to the mountain, with a 1-up and the purple "!" switch.
    Coin 8: 
    On the island in the sky. Climb the tree.
    The Star appears in the field with the four stakes, near the Giant Chain 
    The Wing Cap is not required for this one, but it helps tremendously. 
    Simply go to the Island in the sky, get the Wing Cap, point the Cannon 
    right in the middle of the first ring and launch...DON'T PRESS ANYTHING! 
    You'll soar through each one, earning a number. When you reach five, the 
    Star will appear in the field below. If you don't have the Wing Cap, 
    you'll have to aim for the center of each ring one at a time.
    Go to the Giant Chain Chomp...this is always hard. See that stake he's 
    connected to? You have to pound in three times so it goes down. The 
    problem is, everytime this guy hits you your health goes down 
    dramatically. Run around the stake so he follows you, then when he's not 
    looking, stomp! Quickly! When it's all the way down the gate behind him 
    will open, revealing the Star.  
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    This one shouldn't be too difficult...really. It's easy to forget about 
    the coin rings in the sky, the stake trick you can do with the stakes, 
    and the red coins. Be sure to kill all the enemies, too.
    OK, now to get to the second level, exit and go to the door on the other 
    side that's NOT up a ramp. It has the number one on the door. Jump in 
    the painting after listening to Toad's ramblings.
                               COURSE 2: WHOMP'S FORTRESS
                            W H O M P ' S   F O R T R E S S 
    General Notes: 
    Around this area you can find several Piranha Plants, if you run near 
    them they will wake up and attack, so try to go slowly, unless you're in 
    a big hurry.
    Near the start, you will find that the walls come out, if you note the 
    way they are out of the wall, you can gauge whether or not they will pop 
    out. After that you need to watch out for the Thwomps! 
    Near the middle of the level is a wooden plank that rotates around, 
    stops for someone to get on, and continues. To get across, you'll need 
    to stay in the center, otherwise you will be sweeped off by the block.
    There is a warp point very close to the Thwomps. In the area with the 
    sign and the green "!" box, stand in the corner, and you will warp to 
    the giant pole with a 1-up at the top.
    Hop up on the path, go forward, avoiding the wall things, jump across 
    the gap, go up the stairs, avoiding the Thwomps, go up the stairs to the 
    right, across the collapsing bridge, across the turning bridge (you'll 
    have to stay in the center not to be knocked off) and then get past the 
    many Whomps. After that, use the platforms to reach the top.
    To defeat King Whomp, go in front of him so he falls on his face, then 
    quickly run to the side to avoid getting squashed. Stomp on the giant 
    band-aid on his back. He'll get back up and the process will start 
    again, do it three times in total to get the Star! 
    Pretty easy! Get to where the boss was, now instead there is a large 
    tower with moving steps. Hop up the platforms, being careful not to fall 
    off the moving ones, then you'll reach the top, where this easy Star is.
    Go to the Bomb-omb Buddy (Instead of going to the path with the wall 
    thingers, do a backflip up the wall and run across the water) and make 
    him activate the cannon, which is right there. Hop in and aim the 
    crosshairs on the pillar so you won't keep going past the platform. You 
    will rocket through the air, hit the pillar, and fall backwards towards 
    the end of a pole. Slide down the pole and collect the Star!
    Coin 1: 
    Near the Walls that try to push you over. 
    Coin 2: 
    Get on the stairs above the 2nd Thwomp and jump on top of him, he'll 
    carry you to it.
    Coin 3: 
    Behind the 2nd Piranha Plant, shortly after the Thwomps.
    Coin 4: 
    Near the Bomb-omb Buddy, on the gray hill, below the wooden bridge that 
    Coin 5: 
    On a narrow ledge near the 3rd Piranha, you'll need to move slowly.
    Coin 6: 
    On the rotating bridge, when it drops you off, stay on the edge and it 
    will carry you to it.
    Coin 7: 
    Go to where the Boss was. There is a large piece of wood standing up 
    straight. Punch it, then while it's facing away from you, hit it again 
    to form a bridge to a bunch of platforms. There is one.
    Coin 8: 
    Another platform near Coin seven.
    The Star will appear near the start of the level. Of course you already 
    know this since you see the cinema but...
    Hop into the tree where you begin and a friendly owl will fly out. Jump 
    into him and he'll carry you over the level! You should see a large cage 
    with a star floating in mid-air...Fall into it! 
    Another, more difficult way is to try to actually shoot yourself into 
    with the cannon, although I think that is near to impossible. 
    Go to the cannon and aim to the right...See the gray flooring and the 
    two brick walls surrounding it? Aim near the top of the one farthest 
    away and fire! It will break, revealing a star. Go get it! Man, I don't 
    know how ANYONE could know about that if they didn't know about it... 
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    This stage is saturated with blue coins! Four Piranhas = 20 coins. 
    Another four blue coins is near the Bomb-omb Buddy. ANOTHER 20 can be 
    caught using the Whomp trick on the Whomp...then there's the eight red 
    coins, which makes another 16. That's 66 right there!
    Go back outside and go through the door that is up the ramp, it has the 
    number three on it. 
                                COURSE 3: JOLLY ROGER BAY
                              J O L L Y   R O G E R   B A Y
    General Notes: 
    There are several clams underwater, and they all have Red Coins inside 
    of them, except one, which has a Koopa Shell. If you grab onto it, you 
    can go very quickly under the water! It only lasts a limited time, 
    This level is home to Unagi the Eel, which is the largest single enemy 
    in the game. When diving underwater, if you want to live, stay as far 
    away from him as you can, because if you get hurt underwater at that 
    depth, you can just subtract a life right there.
    Swim forward as far as you can, then go down to find a ship with the 
    infamous Eel inside of it. Swim back to the surface, then come back 
    down. Mr. Eel will now be swimming about, leaving the sunken ship 
    accessible...go inside! You have to trigger these treasure chests in a 
    certain order...it's clockwise, just like when you enter the room. 
    The positions of the chests above are almost exact!
    The water will lower (the ship is rising to the surface...duh) so you 
    can bust open the "!" Box at the top of the stairs. If you're quick, you 
    can swim there before the water is completely gone. Which is, BTW, a 
    helluva lot easier than transgressing those nasty stairs.
    Swim to where Mr. Unagi is, but now he's inside of a large hole in the 
    side of the ocean wall. Go to him and he'll start to come out. Attached 
    to his tail is a star, to get it you must touch it...The easiest way to 
    do this is to get it the second his tail comes out of the cave. If you 
    can not do this, however, you will have to chase him around the bottom 
    of the sea, which is pretty hard since he is really fast and turns on a 
    Swim to where the Eel was, except go in the gigantic hole in the wall 
    (not the same one as before). It's an underwater cave! Beware of the 
    Goombas, falling pillars, and um...more falling pillars. At the end 
    you'll have to activate Treasure Chests in a certain order...The one in 
    the left row farthest from you. Left row closest. Right row farthest. 
    Right row closest.
    ?         ?
    ?  1   3  ?
    ?         ? 
    ?  2   4  ?
    ?         ?
      s    x
    S = This is the sign from the weird pirate guy. I think it's Johnny 
    Jones from Mario RPG...
    X = This is the direction you come from. 
    With the final chest, the Star will come flying out.
    Coin 1: 
    In a clam in the first underwater area.
    Coin 2: 
    In a clam farther out.
    Coin 3: 
    This clam is close to the piece of floating debris near the Bob-omb 
    Coin 4: 
    In the clam on the bottom of the deep part of the sea, where Unagi 
    Coin 5: 
    On a pole behind the Bomb-omb Buddy
    Coin 6: 
    On the ship. To reach the ship, go near the Bob-omb Buddy. Across from 
    him is a platform, get up there. Activate the purple "!" switch and 
    cross the bridges that appear. This coin is at the front.
    Coin 7: 
    Also on the ship, go in the opposite direction and do a triple jump to 
    reach the upper deck. The swaying floor makes this harder than it should 
    be, and watch out for the sliding treasure chest!
    Coin 8: 
    Across from Coin seven.
    The Star will appear on the ship.
    Get in the cannon and aim at the pole nearest to the left...Then jump 
    off to the ledge below. It's best to do this from a handstand, though it 
    is not necessary. Remember, you jump in the direction of his back. Get 
    the Star from the "!" Box.
    In the middle of where the Eel lives, there is a large jet stream with a 
    Star in it. You can't get it because the jet pushes you away...Simply 
    collect a Metal Cap from any of the nearby blocks and get it! I think 
    the closest one is the one inside the underwater cavern.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    There's a Blue Coin switch in the underwater cavern, a ring around the 
    pillars, near the surface, and the many coins on the bridges leading to 
    the ship. That's the best amount of coins!
    Run to the last door with a Star in this room and jump into the 
                             COURSE 4: COOL, COOL MOUNTAIN
                          C O O L,  C O O L   M O U N T A I N
    General Notes: 
    The first thing you'll notice in this level is the huge amount of hills, 
    which when capped off with ice, means a lot of sliding around. You'll 
    need to master the fine art of turning Mario into a sled, especially if 
    you want to get out of this level alive.
    This is a big level, and due to that, there are several ways to get from 
    one end to the other. From the top, the most obvious way is to use 
    either the chimney or the outside sliding course. From the bottom, you 
    can use the warp. The warp is on the broken bridge near the mother 
    penguin, at the last plank of the bridge. 
    You can also use the gondola if you're on the bottom, which is also near 
    the mother penguin. Just step right on and it will activate 
    automatically, taking you to the middle section of the mountain. Along 
    the way, be sure to jump off and have a chat with the Pink Bob-omb 
    buddy, who will turn on all the cannons in the level. Getting back on 
    the gondola from here is difficult, so jump back to the land. This is 
    easier than it looks, because the wind will glide you along.
    Make like Santa Claus and go down the chimney of the cottage. Slide down 
    the slippery trail and you'll get a Star when you exit the house. Of 
    course, it's not as simple as that. The track has hairpin turns and no 
    handrails to boot. The best way to get down quickly is to use the 
    shortcut. When you see a trail of five yellow coins going into the wall, 
    follow it, and you'll go into a secret tunnel that spits you out at the 
    Get on the chimney, do a backflip, and pick up the penguin. Now slide 
    down the course until you find a bridge with snowmen jumping on it. 
    Slowly make your way across, then fall down to meet mother penguin. 
    She'll reward you with a Star for returning her child. Beware, there is 
    a decoy penguin on the cottage near the mother penguin. If you give it 
    to her, she says it's not her own child. Which means...
    Go inside the cottage and win the race against the Penguin! If you go 
    really slow at the start and then fast at the end you can easily win. 
    However, if you go as fast as you can at the start the penguin will get 
    PO'ed and go REALLY fast, and might even push you over the side. If you 
    use the shortcut described above, you are disqualified.
    Coin 1: 
    On the tree at the start. This is impossible to miss. 
    Coin 2: 
    While sliding down the mountain, jump off to the right at the bridge 
    part. Another stragedy is to aim the cannon near the snowman head and 
    blast at the giant ice block. 
    Coin 3: 
    Found in a corner near the giant snowman head.
    Coin 4: 
    Found near where the gondola leaves you, it's by the giant snowman head.
    Coin 5: 
    On a tree near momma penguin, next to the cottage.
    Coin 6: 
    On a broken bridge near the bridge with hopping snowmen. 
    Coin 7: 
    In the corner at the level of momma penguin.
    Coin 8: 
    On the broken bridge near the mother penguin. Be careful!
    The Star appears on the other side of the broken bridge, where Coin six 
    is. To get it, either jump to it from the slide down the mountain, or 
    perform a mighty longjump. 
    Get to where the baby penguin is and then slide down to find a large 
    snowball. Talk to him and race him down the mountain. When you get to 
    the Giant Head, bump right into him and hide behind the head. Now they 
    will hit each other, forming a snow man. Talk to it and it'll reward you 
    with a Star. How did it lose his body in the first place?
    There are two ways to do this...activate the cannon by the momma penguin 
    and blast to the tree. Then do a bunch of wall kicks to get the star 
    OR...or you can jump off the Spindriff's head near the beginning and 
    simply float to it. The flower is easier...although, it is not the 
    "right" way to do it.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    With all the coins on the slides this one should be all but too simple. 
    There's also a nice blue block switch on a place above the location of 
    the Star from eight red coins. You can get to it when sliding down the 
    mountain, though.
    Now walk right from the exit and enter the door. Follow the Boo through 
    the hall to the backyard of the castle. Turn left and kill the ghost 
    with a strange item inside. Now just get near it and...
                                COURSE 5: BIG BOO'S HAUNT
                                B I G   B O O ' S   H A U N T
    General Notes: 
    The two main areas of this level are the haunted house and the haunted 
    shack, which is to the left of where you start the level. The shack and 
    house are connected by holes, but you can't get to the house from the 
    shack. The house itself is home to eyeballs, ghosts, haunted pianos, 
    flying books, and worse...
    All you have to do is destroy all the ghosts inside the house...I would 
    be insulting your intelligence by listing them. But hey, I've done that 
    enough times already, so let's do it again! 
    Ghost 1: 
    In the room with two bookcases and a big picture of a boo, sit around 
    for a couple of seconds, facing away from the picture, and the ghosts 
    will come out. There is a door in the back of the house that leads to 
    the hidden room, but this is easier.
    Ghost 2: 
    Same as above.
    Ghost 3: 
    In the other room with the Mr. I.
    Ghost 4: 
    In the room where you run across the collapsing bridge. Be careful! If 
    you fall, you end up in the haunted shack.
    Ghost 5: 
    In the last room, there are thin ledges and many flames. Ahoy! 
    Once they all appear, the Big Boo will appear in the main part of the 
    mansion. Treat him like any of the other Boos. The only difference is 
    the size and the amount of times it takes to kill, which is three. The 
    Star appears on the second floor, and you can't get there. That is, 
    until the stairway forms. 
    From where you start the level, head left and go into the shack. Go down 
    the elevator, through the tunnels, and you will hear a strange noise. 
    The first I heard this I thought I was going crazy, but it turns out 
    that there is a giant merry-go-round in the basement! Ah, listen to that 
    carnival music...actually, this merry-go-round isn't so merry, because 
    there are flames coming out of the walls, and there are several ghosts 
    who are trying to kill you. Kill five of the boos and the Big Boo will 
    come back for some more tricks. Kill him again and this Star is yours.
    Go upstairs in the house and through the door on the left side...Go 
    through the library, jumping to avoid the books, until you come to a 
    part where three books are sticking out. Hit the top one, the bottom 
    one, and then the middle one and the shelf will move aside, letting you 
    get the Star in the next room.
    Coin 1: 
    First floor, behind the haunted piano.
    Coin 2: 
    First floor, in the room with two bookcases, above one of the bookcases.
    Coin 3: 
    First floor. See as above.
    Coin 4: 
    First floor, in the room with narrow ledges. 
    Coin 5: 
    2nd Floor, under one of the moving coffins.
    Coin 6: 
    2nd Floor, same as above.
    Coin 7: 
    2nd Floor, in the room with red grating that is above a first-floor 
    Coin 8: 
    2nd Floor, near a trap in the floor which will send you hurdling to the 
    haunted shack.
    The Star, obviously, appears on the second-floor. 
    Go into the house, second floor, door furthest to the right. Then go 
    through the door to the place with a library, the side with TWO 
    Bookettes. Do a wall jump to reach a higher platform. OK, go through the 
    door and defeat Big Boo yet again (he never knows when to stop). To 
    reach the Star you must long jump to one of the things on the side of 
    the house, then crawl to the Star. The only difficult part of that is 
    the long jump itself, because if it's too short or too long, you have to 
    get all the way back to the balcony again!
    Go get the Invisible Cap on the 2nd floor of the house and then do the 
    wall jump like the past Star. But instead of going to the balcony, walk 
    through the wall with a ghost on it to discover a gigantic Mr. I! You 
    can treat him the same way as his brothers –- that is, run around him 
    and he'll die, giving up the Star. The real trick is to get there before 
    the Vanish Cap wears out...
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    Almost every creature here gives you a Blue Coin, so it shouldn't be too 
    Now exit the level and go to the big Star Door. Open it up and run 
    towards the picture of Peach. As you get closer, it transforms into a 
    picture of Bowser, then you fall into a secret trap in the floor. 
    Nintendo is ingenious I tell you!
                            BOWSER IN THE DARK WORLD
                   B O W S E R   I N    T H E   D A R K    W O R L D 
    This is an area where you can get one of the Castle's Secret Stars. All 
    you have to do is get eight Red Coins...
    Coin 1: 
    Run forward and you will soon see a flameshooter showering a purple "!" 
    switch in fire. When it stops, press the switch and a wooden block will 
    appear next to you. Quickly go out there and get the coin.
    Coin 2: 
    When you activate the above switch, it also makes a wooden block appear 
    at the beginning, so quickly run back to get that one.
    Coin 3: 
    On the long, green trail with many Ampz flying around, you can find this 
    coin hidden behind one of the crystals sticking out of the ground.
    Coin 4: 
    After the green trail, you will find a platform with a moving bridge. 
    This coin is on the far side of it.
    Coin 5: 
    This one is in the series of platforms that go around in squares, it's 
    pretty hard to miss.
    Coin 6: 
    After the above coin, you will come to the start of the teeter-totter 
    area. Instead of proceeding, head in the other direction to find a thin 
    bridge leading to an island with some coins, a "!" box, and this coin.
    Coin 7: 
    Once at the teeter-totter area, make the second teeter totter in your 
    desired direction, allowing you on to the platforms above. Turn around 
    and do a long jump and you'll see this one easily.
    Coin 8:  
    In a very thin aclove type area next to the teeter-totters, I suggest 
    dropping down from above to get this one.
    The Star appears next to the pipe that leads to Bowser.
    Here's how to fight Bowser...as if you didn't know. Go around Bowser and 
    grab his tail, then swing him around using the analog stick. When you 
    get up enough speed, toss him into the bombs surrounding the 
    battlefield. One bomb will defeat him instantly. First off, though, 
    you'll need to learn his attacks. When he inhales deeply, move to the 
    side, because he will breathe fire all over the battlefield. This can be 
    good for you, though, because when the fire goes away, a few coins will 
    appear. If you get far away from Bowser, he will jump towards you. If 
    you are far away, and he lands, you will bounce around. However, if he 
    lands, and you are close, you will lose some life. Don't bother trying 
    to throw Bowser into oblivion, he will jump right back (which actually 
    looks pretty cool). When he dies, he says some stuff, then blows up and 
    leaves the BASEMENT KEY behind. Use this on the locked door near the 
    Go down the stairs and down the green hallway, go through that door. 
    Turn right and go through the door that is on a higher platform. Jump 
    into the liquid metal!
                                    COURSE 6: HAZY MAZE CAVE
                                   H A Z Y  M A Z E  C A V E                         
    General Notes: 
    The rocks in this cavern fall from a hole in the ceiling, roll down the 
    hill, and dump into the bottomless hole in the floor. If you get hit by 
    the rocks, you will be hurt quick a bit, but avoiding them is difficult 
    because they take up half the size of the hall! 
    The Toxic Maze is the only area in the level where the noxious green gas 
    can hurt you. If you stay in it too long, you will die from lack of 
    oxygen. If you wear the Metal Cap, though, you can avoid this fate...
    The underground lake is home to Dolly, the friendly pleosaur. Though the 
    signs warn of a terrible monster, Dolly is as placid as can be. Maybe 
    she can help you...
    Turn left, long Jump over the pit, and follow the path to a place where 
    large boulders are falling. This place is VERY dangerous! Be 
    careful...follow the path to an underwater sea with a large sea 
    creature, Dolly. Get on her back and STOMP! Then get on her head, face 
    the middle island, and she'll take you there! Now just jump off and get 
    the Star.
    Turn right and fall into the large workroom. Turn to your immediate 
    right and go up the stairs. Controlling zany platforms in the 2D era was 
    a breeze, but now you have to deal with this in the third dimension! The 
    rickety old platform will buckle when halting to a stop, and when 
    starting, so be careful not to fall off. The first three Red Coins can 
    be found in boxes in mid-air. Carefully avoid the bars that try to knock 
    you off, and get the fourth Red Coin in the corner. After this, make 
    your way towards the platform with a pole that goes up, and you will 
    find a green and yellow block platform. This will carry you to the last 
    four coins -– just be careful of the obstacles.
    Get off the elevator that leaves you to the hill before Dolly's lake. 
    Get the Metal Cap and hustle down the brown path. Keep going even when 
    you're underwater! Soon you'll find a switch, since it's underwater you 
    can only hit it as Metal Mario. It will open the nearby gate surrounding 
    the door. Enter it and jump over the holes to reach the Star.
    Go right to get to the workroom. Once there, go up the ramp and through 
    the hole to find the Toxic Maze, a place where the gases will slowly 
    drain your energy. To combat this, wear the Metal Cap! Go forward from 
    it to find a bunch of Flying Snuffits. Go forward to get the Metal Cap, 
    and turn left, then go along the wall to avoid the pits in the middle of 
    the floor. Then do a backflip over the wall with green stripes on them. 
    Follow the path to find the Star!
    Go to the same place as before, except jump up to the edge WITHOUT 
    stripes. Cling onto the grating and climb across, avoiding the bats, to 
    find the Star out in the middle of no where. Be very careful, if you 
    fall you will die, because the bottomless pit where the boulders fall in 
    is right under you.
    Stop in front of the door that leads to the elevator to Dolly's Lake, 
    which is where the rolling rocks are. Now, look up and you will see two 
    acloves high up. Do the walljump to get up there. One aclove has a Star, 
    the other doesn't. If you land in the empty one, do a longjump. Here...
    !  X      C
    !      _B_C    
    !      !    
    !      !
    !      ! 
    !      !
    A = The empty aclove above the doorway.
    B = The aclove above the doorway with a Power Star.
    CC = The door that leads to the elevator, which will take you down to 
    the underground lake.
    X = This is the bad place where the giant boulders come out of.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    You'll have to collect nearly every coin in this level! It is essential, 
    however, to get all of the Blue Coins in the maze. Trigger the switch 
    and go in front of the door that led to Star # 5. Voila! A string of 
    Blue Coins! 
    After the fun in that level, go jump into the painting of the fiery 
    monster that wants to kill everybody in a bloody pit of fire. What joy!
                                COURSE 7: LETHAL LAVA LAND
                            L E T H A L  L A V A   L A N D 
    General Notes: 
    When I say, "Use the Wing Cap", I am referring to the Wing Cap behind 
    where you start. It's hard to notice, but there is an island behind 
    where you start. Get a running longjump to get there, and use the 
    Wingcap for your perverted purposes.
    Many of the platforms in this level sink when you stand on them. To 
    avoid this, hop up and down, or stay in the middle. Other platforms, 
    however, sink for a few seconds and then come back up, regardless of 
    what you do.
    Be wary of large spinning blocks, as most of the spit out flames or 
    other nasty surprises.
    If you fall into lava, you will spring into the air. Try your best to 
    steer yourself towards a safe platform, because falling back into the 
    lava means certain death unless you have a full power-meter. If you get 
    hit by a flamejet, you will run around wildly. This is even worse, 
    because you might fall into a lava pool. To avoid this, jump up and 
    down, this will slow you down until you stop.
    There is a warp point under the Mr. I that is near the start. It carries 
    you to the island with the Wing Cap.
    Star # 1 - BOIL THE BIG BULLY
    Go forward and go through the path with fireballs on either side. Wait 
    for the moving bridge to be whole and run across, avoid Mr. I, make your 
    way through the sinking platform, go through the twisting puzzle of 
    Bowser, through the thin bridge with the Bullies, past the fire 
    breathing block, across the collapsing bridge, and you will meet up with 
    Big Bully, a black ball with green feet and yellow horns. The best 
    stragedy to beat him would be to stay near the edge of the platform, and 
    when he comes, jump straight up. He'll go under you, you'll land on his 
    back, and he'll fall into the boiling lava, giving up the first Star of 
    the level.
    Or, you could just use the Wingcap to get there...
    Do the exact same thing, except go to the island next to it via the cage 
    platform that goes back and fourth. Kill the three bullies, then the Big 
    one that comes down. Kill him, and you get another Star. Again, you 
    could use the Wing Cap to get there easier. Or, if you wish, instead of 
    going over the moving bridge, you could go the other way across the thin 
    platforms and the upside down pyramid platforms. Which ever one you 
    choose, you get to the same area.
    Make your way to the shifting Bowser puzzle in some way, and then 
    collect the easy Red Coins. The only thing you have to be careful about 
    is the fact that some of the pieces are constantly moving, and there is 
    a pool of lava under each. Still, this is a cinch.
    Instead of taking the moving bridge, go across the upside down pyramid 
    platforms and get on the cage ferry, which takes you to a gigantic log. 
    If you run, it goes in the opposite direction. Do this a few seconds to 
    reach the platform with a Star. You have to come from the log's 
    direction, because a large cage covers it.  
    Or, for an easier way, you can get the Wing Cap and simply fly to the 
    Star. However, you still have to go past the log.
    Go into the volcano that is in the center of the level. There are 
    several ways to get there, so I won't bore you with that. Instead, I 
    will bore you with a stragedy on how to get the Star. Aren't you glad? 
    Jump into the volcano! Then, go forward, from Mario's perspective, and 
    jump up the platforms, avoiding lava baths, falls, Bullies, and giant 
    things that fall out of the wall. At the very top, you will climb onto 
    poles. Remember, the direction you jump is the direction in which 
    Mario's BACK is facing. Also, you can do a handstand on the highest pole 
    and jump to the Star without going to the last pole. Neat, eh?
    Go into the volcano, go behind you and get on the elevator. After a few 
    obstacles (that require SKILL) you will find the Star. Fun.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    The coins in this level are spread out, so it would be wise to get the 
    Shell in the box at the start. It only appears if you choose the 5th or 
    6th Star, though.
    This level was really rather pathetic, but if you want to make it a LOT 
    more interesting, simply don't use the Wing Cap! Haha! Now you'll be 
    When facing the painting to Lethal Lava Land, turn left and go into the 
    seemingly dead-end. Jump into the wall, and you will go into...
                                  COURSE 8: SHIFTING SAND LAND
                              S H I F T I N G  S A N D  L A N D
    General Notes: 
    When going through this course, you will have to be careful of the two 
    types of quicksand you will find. There are the circular pits, which you 
    can escape from by jumping over and over. However, the dark sand around 
    the pyramid and the Tox-box Maze will suck you down instantly.
    The Tox-Box maze is a large area consisting of  a path of stepping 
    stones going over dark quick-sand. The maze would be easy to navigate, 
    but there are huge Tox Boxes, which will try to crush you. The only way 
    to get past is to wait for an opening, or position yourself so the empty 
    side of the box lands on you, you're safe inside.
    The stone structure near the start of the platform has two useful 
    objects on top. To get there, just do a triplejump. The "!" box has a 
    Koopa Shell, which is useful for going up the large pyramid in the 
    center of the level. The other one, a red box, has a Wing Cap. Seeing as 
    this level is mostly open space, the advantages of this object is easy 
    to see. 
    In three different areas, a large twister will come out of the quicksand 
    and hurl you into the air. This can be useful, but be careful you don't 
    fall into the quicksand!
    There is a warp under the palm tree next to the oasis, it takes you to 
    the cannon inside the Tox-Box Maze.
    There is another warp inside of the pyramid. Turn right, use the Mummy 
    Thwomp as an elevator, go to the pole, and hop off. You see the corner? 
    Stand there, and you will warp to the top of cage like area. 
    From the start, go forward and ignore the stone structure, and make your 
    way through the Tox-Box Maze. Once on the other side, you will find two 
    red pillars which reach into the sky. If you run at them, you can run up 
    the side and reach the top –- do so. By now you should have spotted 
    Klepto the Condor, flying about with a Power Star in his talons. When he 
    gets close, jump at him and the Star will be free! 
    When you come back for more Stars, be wary when venturing around the 
    pillars, because Klepto will be very upset...he'll try to steal your 
    hat! If this happens, be sure to get it back in the same fashion as the 
    Star. You take twice as much damage without your hat. Besides...Mario 
    looks weird without a hat.
    You can either go up the side of the pyramid, fraught with fireball 
    blasters, Shy Guys, and other creatures that will make your trip very 
    difficult...Or could simply fly up there.
    Stroll on into the Pyramid and slowly make yourself up to the top where 
    you will find the Star. It's quite linear, but since I'm bored out of my 
    brains, I'll present this non-needed walkthrough.
    Turn right and avoid the Goombas. Or beat them into a bloody pulp. 
    Whichever one you prefer...Keep going and hop onto the Mummy Thwomp to 
    get to the above area. Go towards the entrance and get on the pole, and 
    slide on up. Jump up and cling to the grating and go across the sandpit. 
    Climb the small stairs, and jump over the rolling pin that tries to 
    squash you. Then, go up the sliding floor pieces, across the thin ledge, 
    up the pole, across the bridge, up the slope, hop onto the platform, and 
    in the infamous words of Mario..."HERE WE GOOO!"
    Get the Wing Cap and fly to each red pillar and stand in the center for 
    about 10 seconds. When each one has been visited, the top of the Pyramid 
    will blow off, revealing a platform that will take you down to Eyerok's 
    lair. Another way, although much more difficult, is to get to a very 
    high place in the pyramid and fall onto the red structure. Then locate 
    the hole, and attempt to fall off and cling to it. I've done it, I know 
    it can accomplished, but it's not a very sound method.
    Once you are fighting Eyerok, you'll need to overcome the huge onslaught 
    of slaps, claps, bangs, punches, and anything else you can do with your 
    hand (wait, wait...no, that's too nasty.) To defeat them, punch them in 
    the eye three times, each hand, so that's six punches. They only open 
    their eyes for a brief moment, so you'll need to be quick. They give you 
    a start once killed.
    Coin 1: 
    Behind you from the start.
    Coin 2: 
    In a block under the gray stone structure with the Wing Cap and a Shell.
    Coin 3:
    In the Tox-Box maze.
    Coin 4: 
    In the small lake near the Bird
    Coin 5 and 8: 
    These are around the pyramid. To collect them, talk to the Bob-omb Buddy 
    near coin four and he'll activate the cannon in the Tox-box Maze. Beside 
    it is a Wing Cap, so get inside of it with it on, blast out, and collect 
    the coins.
    The Star appears on the gray structure with the Wing Cap and Shiny 
    Go into the Pyramid and make your way to the very top, right before the 
    Star. See that little hole in the lip of the path? Fall down to get to a 
    secret platform with a single coin...which will give you a red number! 
    Fall down to the next platform for another...then into the sand for a 
    few more. When they're all gone a Star will appear near the end of the 
    sand river. Go get it! Some like to get on top of the grating and fall 
    onto the Star, instead of risking falling down into the quicksand below. 
    To get ontop of the grating you have to long jump from the path above.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    Collect all there is outside and then head inside the Pyramid. Most 
    people miss this, but there is a blue Coin switch near the start of the 
    pyramid! Look to your left...the coins will be nearby. Hurry! They don't 
    last long...
    Return to the Key Door that brought you to the basement, and open the 
    Star Door that is nearby. You can't get into the Bowser Course until you 
    get the first Star of the below level...which is through this door, too! 
    Just jump into the liquid wall.
                                  COURSE 9: DIRE, DIRE, DOCKS 
                               D I R E ,  D I R E   D O C K S
    General Notes: 
    In the first area, there is a huge cyclone which will try to suck you 
    in. If you do get sucked you, you die instantly, so it's in your best 
    interests to keep away.
    The second area of Dire, Dire Docks has a large hole in the side of the 
    wall. This hole is covered up during the first Star, but not in any 
    other. If you get sucked inside, it will transport you to outside the 
    castle, near the big waterfall. Another no no.
    Not very difficult...but, you have to get one of the first stars in this 
    level to activate Bowser's 2nd Obstacle Course, so...Anyways, swim all 
    the way down, through the underwater tunnel, then into an open bay area 
    with a submarine in the middle. Climb the platform that surrounds the 
    sides of the room and activate the purple switch that will create a 
    temporary bridge to the sub. Climb it, then collect the Star on the 
    Swim straight down to find four chests surrounding a large whirlpool, 
    which constantly is sucking you in, making you have to swim all the time 
    in order to stay alive. You must activate the chests in the correct 
    order (1st is right next to the clam, 2nd towards the underwater tunnel, 
    3rd is the lonely corner, and the final one is right next to the 
    whirlpool...BE CAREFUL! You'll have to come up from the slope and 
    quickly swim away) and the Star will appear nearby.
    (NOTE: The poles will only appear when you have beaten Bowser in the 
    Fire Obstacle Course)
    Go to the bay where the submarine was docked to find a large array of 
    poles and platforms in its place! Get up there using the purple switch, 
    then use all of your pole jumping abilities to collect the eight red 
    coins. Tip: Change your camera view so you can see exactly what 
    direction you'll be going...This one takes patience.
    Return to where Bowser's Sub was, then to the very bottom. Notice the 
    bubbles? Get right over it and make it so five rings come up and you go 
    through it (Hold C up to get a good view of this), then a Star will 
    appear. Ah, but you need the Metal Cap near the purple switch to 
    retrieve it...shouldn't be hard, now should it?
    In the first area you will find a gigantic Manta Ray swimming about the 
    room...Swim behind and go through all five rings it lays. Now, this can 
    be very difficult because if you screw one up you have to start over 
    again...But, everytime you go through a ring you get more energy! 
    In the sub area is a cage with a Star inside, but the funny thing is 
    that there's no way in...or is there? Near the purple switch is an 
    Invisible Cap, so now you can just swim with it! Oh, try getting both 
    Metal and Invisible Caps! It's pretty...interesting...
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    Even if you collect every single coin in this level, you're still 
    missing some...this is a common problem. The answer is right at the 
    start; instead of swimming down, go to the surface, near the 
    Now jump into the Bowser Level!
                               BOWSER IN THE FIRE SEA
                     B O W S E R   I N    T H E    F I R E   S E A 
    Coin 1: 
    After the first set of sinking platforms, you can left to find a gated 
    path. At the end is a Red Coin hovering over a hole.
    Coin 2: 
    After using a pole on a platform that goes up and down, you will see 
    this coin on the swaying platforms.
    Coin 3: 
    After climbing into the multi-colored cage, you can see this in the 
    Coin 4: 
    Once in the multi-colored cage, step on the elevator, then step back and 
    let it go up. It was covering up a Red Coin.
    Coin 5: 
    After the elevator, avoid the flamejets, then go up the hill and through 
    the side path, up the hill, fight the Bully, and get this coin.
    Coin 6:  
    Once at the area with the rising and falling platforms, connected to 
    each other by grating, you can just barely see the shadow of this one. 
    Wait until the platforms go all the way up.
    Coin 7: 
    On the giant field of sinking platforms, this one can be found at the 
    very tip of a flamejet. Be careful! Dying this close to the end would be 
    pretty frustrating.
    Coin 8: 
    In the last obstacle area, with the rising and falling platforms with 
    The Star appears on top of the large structure that supports the falling 
    platforms. To get there, do the walljump.
    Once you reach Bowser, you will see that he has many new tricks up his 
    sleeve. The first thing he does to start off the fight is to jump 
    straight up, crash to the ground, and cause the entire arena to tilt at 
    a 45 degree angle, making you slide down at voracious speeds. To 
    counteract this, do a backflip before he lands, or jump and run like 
    Hell. After this, you'll notice that he doesn't breath flames anymore, 
    he just spits fireballs. The difference is the breathe has a torch 
    effect and leaves coins, where as fireballs are (surprise, surprise) 
    balls of fire and don't leave any coins, which means you can not 
    replenish any health. The method of defeating him remains the same, but 
    he turns around much faster and can warp away if you get close. The best 
    way to get his tail is to get far away from him, then he will charge at 
    a high speed. When he's about to hit, do a backflip or sidejump and he 
    will go under you, and you have a wide open shot at his tail. You need 
    to throw him into a single bomb to kill him, yet again. If you ask me, 
    it should have been two bombs...
    Bowser has been crushed again, and your receive the Third Story Key! 
    With this, you can open the locked door on the main floor, allowing 
    access to the third floor. All of the courses before this, compared to 
    the upcoming levels, are melted cheese. Prepare for the most difficult 
    levels of the game!
    Go up the stairs and open the door. Go through the door with carpet in 
    front of it to be in the mirror room, which has a big mirror in it. As 
    Toad said, if you bothered to talk to him, the secret is to look into 
    the mirror and see something that is not on the wall...jump into the 
    left wall!
                              COURSE 11: SNOWMAN'S LAND
                           S N O W M A N ' S   L A N D
    General Notes: 
    The main feature of this large snow course is the huge snowman in the 
    center. If you have to climb up, you'll need to go by the large hole 
    that shoots out ice platforms. Jump over the platforms and then do a 
    double-jump to get on top. 
    Once you see the snowman, he will start to blow mightily. If you go into 
    the wind, you will be blown near the start of the level, and your hat 
    will be long gone. You can get it back, but if you exit the level for 
    some reason with it away, you'll need to go back in, but it won't be 
    where you left. Instead, one of the snowmen enemies near the start will. 
    Just kill them like normal and they'll give it back.
    There are two types of water in this winter-wonderland. First there's 
    the freezing water near the snowman. If you swim in this, your health 
    slowly goes down. The water around the Chill Bully, however, is so 
    frigid that it has the same effects of lava!
    There is also a warp near the single tree by the area with high winds.
    This one takes a bit of practice...go all the way around the mountain 
    and you'll find a hole with ice blocks coming out. To get past this, do 
    a triple jump (avoiding the ice cubes) and land above! Follow the path 
    above, you'll find a Penguin on an ice bridge, in front of a huge 
    snowman. If you try to pass, the Snowman will blow you off. To get past, 
    jump on top of the Penguin's head and he'll carry you over. Now simply 
    collect the Star on top of Mr. Snowman's big ol'e head!
    It's also possible to shoot yourself up their via the cannon. To 
    activate the cannon, you'll need to talk to the pink Bob-omb Buddy, who 
    lives inside the Igloo. Read about it below.
    On your trip around the mountain, you probably noticed this large ice 
    platform with a ball on it, resembling the Bully. Beat 'em to get the 
    Star! Use the same stragedy...
    Turn left from the start and you'll find a large ice cube with a Star 
    inside, with several passages inside. You'll find the right one soon 
    enough...it's not THAT difficult.
    Instead of going to the hole that spews ice cubes, keep going to find a 
    Spindrift in the water. Bounce off his head and whirl over the nearby 
    wall to find two "!" Boxes...one of them holds the Star you seek.
    It is also possible to shoot yourself there via the cannon. Just put the 
    "X" slightly to the left of where the fence starts on the green hill, 
    and a lot above that. Just takes a bit of practice!
    Do the exact same above, except hit the other "!" Box to receive a 
    Shell, use this to collect the eight red coins on the path above, and 
    then near Chill Bully's Platform. This is REAL easy...
    The entrance to the Igloo is a slope near the hole that spews ice, 
    problem is, it's way out in the middle of the cold ice water, which 
    drains your health, and it's too slanted to climb. There are three ways 
    to into it: Get past the snowman head, then drop down to it. Or get the 
    Shell and go right up there. Or use the cannon When you do, crawl into 
    the teeny weeny igloo that you can barely fit into...
    IT'S HUGE INSIDE! A maze of ice and snow, littered with enemies, meets 
    your eyes. Make your way to the back and get the Invisible Cap, now you 
    can run through the ice walls that make up the maze. Near the entrance 
    is a tunnel, above the tunnel is a small aclove with the Star, blocked 
    off by ice. Go get her!
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    The largest collection of coins in this level is inside the Igloo, which 
    is easy to forget since it doesn't exactly make its presence known. To 
    collect the coins inside you'll need the Invisible Cap, as they're 
    inside the ice blocks.
    The entrance to the next level is quite easy to locate, it's in the 
    large hallway with paintings. Jump into the one with a large, aqua-
    colored bug on it.
                              COURSE 11: WET-DRY WORLD
                             W E T - D R Y   W O R L D 
    General Notes: 
    Welcome to my favorite level of the entire game (and this is one of my 
    favorite games), I hope you enjoy yourselves. Don't you just LOVE that 
    classical underground Mario music? 
    In the corner there is a giant yellow arrow pointing to a downward 
    passage, but there is a titanic fence surrounding it. The only way to 
    get over it is to either backflip into the painting, or use the cannon 
    to shoot yourself into it.
    This level has seven hidden Crystal Taps. That is, diamonds that will 
    lower or raise the water level of the world, depending on its position. 
    Five of them are in the normal area, two are in downtown. 
    When entering the painting, the water level will be affected depending 
    on how high you went through the painting. If you do a high backflip, 
    the water will be higher than the highest Crystal Tap even. If you 
    barely jump into it, it will be all the way down. Keep this in mine for 
    the Stars you want to collect.
    Getting the cannon activated can be a tricky experience. The easiest way 
    is to backflip into the painting so the water level is higher than the 
    highest Crystal Tap. Then it's very simple to talk to your explosive 
    friend. However, it can still be done using the highest Crystal 
    Tap...activate it, and then go to the wooden platform near the Bob-omb 
    Buddy. Then do a very precise sidejump. Is it in you? 
    There is a warp that takes you from the cannon to ground level. First, 
    locate the tower like object on the ground with a Crystal Tap and an 
    Ampz on it. The Crystal Tap will raise the water enough to allow you to 
    get on the nearby wooden platform. Well, when the water is all the way 
    down, stand in the little corner of the tower and you will warp to the 
    Here is the "correct" way to do it. Enter the painting so the water is 
    at its lowest height. Climb the small tower with the Ampz and trigger 
    the Crystal Tap. Swim to the wooden platform and get on, and activate 
    the purple "!" switch to cause some wooden blocks to appear. Go across 
    and trigger that Crystal Switch. See the tons of platforms in mid-air? 
    Go there, and use the arrow lifts to reach the "!" box. The Star is 
    Another way is to enter with the water at it's highest level and then 
    jump out of the water to get it. Another great way is to use the warp, 
    then drop down from the cannon.
    STAR # 2 - TOP O' THE TOWN
    Here is the "correct" way to do it.
    Enter the painting so the water level is at it's lowest. Trigger the 
    Crystal Tap with the Ampz to get the water level high enough so you can 
    go up the stone ramp. Once to the middle area, push the cube so you can 
    get on top of it and then jump to the highest area. Battle the Chuckya 
    until you win, and then hop onto the wooden plank and cross, carefully 
    avoiding the Ampz. Once at the end, jump on the spinning platform, then 
    bust open the "!" box. The Star shall be inside.
    Another way is to backflip into the painting so the water is so high you 
    can simply swim to it.
    There are five secret numbers hidden about the level...1st one is found 
    by pushing the block in the wall. 2nd is found by pushing the 2nd block 
    against the wall. 3rd is on the "!" Box near the box you just pushed. 
    4th is on the pillar on the same level of the large cage (use the Heave-
    hoes to get up there). The final one is in the "!" Box on top of the 
    caged pillar. You can get up there by activating the purple "!" switch.
    The Star appears on the wooden platform below.
    First off, drain the water to it's lowest level and then break the block 
    near the lowest Water Tap. Make your way up the ledges using Heave-ho 
    and, when at the top, press the purple switch and climb the stairs to 
    find an elevator. Jump on, jump off (using Z before hitting the ground 
    so you won't be harmed) then walk in the hole that the block was 
    blocking. When the elevator comes down, hop on, then travel back on up 
    to get the Star!
    You may have noticed that there are no Red coins in the first part of 
    this course...that's because they're behind the tall fence in the 
    corner...To get down there, back-flip into the painting then the water 
    will be so high that you can swim there! Or use the cannon. Under there, 
    hit the Water Tap under the entrance to drain the water...
    To receive the coins you'll have to Wall Jump past houses, backflip onto 
    platforms, and perform a balancing act that would scare the piss out of 
    rope balancers. 
    Get 'downtown', drain the water, then go to the Invisible Cap Block and 
    receive it, then run through the walls to find a large gate, go through 
    it and then wait until the effect wears off. Now just wall jump up to 
    it! You could also use the purple "!" switch near here to make a block 
    you could stand on, but it's not necessary.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    You should be able to get 100 coins before having to go 'downtown.'
    The next area is through a very small portrait. The portrait is 
                             COURSE 12: TALL, TALL MOUNTAIN
                          T A L L ,  T A L L   M O U N T A I N 
    General Notes: 
    This place is a nightmare for a FAQ writer. First off, there are several 
    different paths. The first split is the Monty Mole area. You can either 
    go forward or climb the many ledges. If you climb the ledges, you can 
    skip almost everything and go straight to the main path to the summit. 
    If you keep going, you will find a large log that needs to be rolled in 
    order to continue. Then another branch!  Left leads to two Bob-ombs and 
    the last legs of the ledges from the Monty Moles. Right goes to the most 
    dangerous bowling alley in the game, because of the dozens of balls and 
    their large speed. Though, that part is quite fun...it dumps you off 
    before Fwoosh.
    Fwoosh? Yes, Fwoosh. Fwoosh is the large cloud you see after making a 
    rather long...er...longjump. If you stay around too long, he'll blow the 
    cap right off your head. You can say goodbye to it for now, but when you 
    come back, the monkey Ukiki will have.
    Who? Ukiki! The monkey! You've surely wondered what that odd noise you 
    keep hearing is, haven't you? To get your hat back, you'll need to catch 
    him like you did MIPs. Thankfully, he's easier to get. Also, Ukiki will 
    steal your hat if you catch him with your hat still on, except when 
    getting the first Star. 
    There is a warp in the Scary 'Shrooms area, where the first four Red 
    Coins are. It's on the smallest mushroom, and takes you to the path that 
    leads to the cannon.
    A Star is your prize if you can reach the summit. I pretty much 
    explained all the routes in General Notes, so don't complain to me that 
    this is too short.
    On the way up, you'll notice a large cage with a Star in it...you can 
    stomp it, punch it, kick it, shoot into it...whatever, you won't break 
    it. Make your way to where Star # 1 was to find a monkey; catch 'em, let 
    him go, and he'll thank you by opening the cage.
    Oooh! This one is EVIL! Four of the Red Coins are on tiny mushroom 
    platforms, over thin air. This requires practice and a lot of patience. 
    I recommend letting go of the analog stick so you won't accidentally 
    fall off (which is easy). The other four are near the moles, not so far 
    away. Simply climb the platforms, get the coins, and there ya go...It 
    will appear on a mushroom platform near the moles, just do a longjump to 
    easily get it.
    Right after the longjump past a waterfall and directly after Fwoosh, you 
    might notice part of the mountainside is a bit...strange. Jump in to 
    find a slide with no sides, 90 degree turns, loops, multiple roads (some 
    with dead-ends), and a long jump. At the end you will fall into an 
    aclove with the Star...there is another way, though. Past the moles is a 
    flying Shy Guy...jump on him, go whirling, backwards towards Chuckya, 
    and you can float into the aclove. Talk about secret!
    Make your way up the dangerous mountain trail...You'll find a small path 
    past a waterfall, well, look in there to find a small aclove with a Star 
    inside! Simply jump in. This might be easier if you trigger the purple 
    "!" switch before, so the wooden blocks appear. But still, I think you 
    should be good enough to do without. 
    There are two ways to get this one. The easy way, and the easy way. 
    Well, OK, most people consider the first way difficult, but I'll tell 
    you how it can be easy. Listen up! 
    Go to the area with Monty Moles, past the Bob-ombs, and go across the 
    bridge. Before jumping to the next platform, drop in the middle to find 
    a pink Bob-omb Buddy. Talk to him to activate the cannon. The cannon is 
    located in a very narrow ledge. There are two ways to reach it: Get near 
    the Monty Moles and jump down there, or use the warp in the Scary 
    'Shrooms section. Once inside the cannon, you can clearly see a giant 
    mushroom in the distance with a Star on it. The problem is, though, if 
    you're one inch off, you will die. YOU HAVE TO TOUCH THE STAR TO NOT 
    DIE. First, put the "X" so it is on the Star. Pull up so you can see 
    only the very upper part of the mushroom. If you're not an idiot, you 
    can do this easily! But if you are retarded, like many of the people who 
    actually need these walkthroughs to satisfy their lower-than average 
    gaming skills, read the next stategy. 
    Go to the area with the large log, and you will see a flying Shy Guy. In 
    the distance, beyond the log, you can also see the mushroom platform 
    with the Star on it. Hop on the Shy Guy, and then use the helicopter 
    spin move to get over there. This is for stupid people and people who 
    can already it the above way. Or both.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    Before collecting any coins outside, go inside the mountain slide and 
    earn some coins there, then slowly make your way out (fall down from the 
    aclove) and get some more coins to get 100!
    The next level is found through the door that does not have a carpet in 
    front of it.
                               COURSE 13: TINY-HUGE ISLAND  
                           T I N Y - H U G E   I S L A N D
    General Notes: 
    Ah, another favorite of mine. Nintendo is ingenious!
    Size doesn't matter, right? Well, not in bed, but it certainly does in 
    this level. If you came in through the tiny painting on the left, you 
    will be a gigantic Mario and everything around you will be really small. 
    If you came in through the huge right painting, everything will be 
    gigantic compared to you...even the Goombas tower above you. There are, 
    however, several pipes around the level that change you from big to 
    Be sure to come in as a large Mario. Then, turn left and jump into the 
    pipe over there, you then come back out as small Mario. Except, you will 
    have to do battle with five Piranha Plants, and these guys are huge! 
    Look at those teeth! They also spit fire at you, and if you get hit, 
    there's a good chance you're gonna fall into the water. if this is the 
    case, just start the level over, because that is faster than going to 
    the nearest pipe to get big, come back, etc., etc...You can kill them 
    like any other enemy. When they are all dead, the Star is yours.
    Go in 'small', go through the hole, and make your way up the mountain! 
    Giving you directions would insult your intelligence beyond everything I 
    have done yet. It's in the "!" Box.
    Another, faster way is to come in Big, go up there, and you can get up 
    the mountain in a flash.
    Go in 'small', and go past the bridge with all the wind, keep going 
    straight, past the hole that is spewing out bowling balls, and you'll 
    find Koopa the Quick! Challenge him to a re-match, the goal is shortly 
    before the board where the wind is. This time he is FAST, and you have 
    bowling balls to deal with...A few longjumps near the beginning should 
    secure your win. Don't try anything on the bridge, just go straight.
    Again, you have to find five secret numbers...As 'big' Mario. 1st one is 
    on the very top of the mountain, in the water. 2nd is on the TINY bridge 
    above the beach with Lakitu and Koopa Troopa. 3rd is on the hole near 
    the start, on the beach side. 4th is on the cannon near # 3 (the cannon 
    must be open...good thing the Good Bomb-omb is nearby!), and the final 
    one is in the hole where the bowling balls come out. To actually get the 
    Star you will have to return to the start as 'small' Mario, hit the 
    purple switch, then cross the bridge...whew!
    Open the cannon, then aim it near where it is already. Cross the bridge 
    to find a hole, this leads to Wiggler's Secret Cave. Another good way to 
    get up there is to use the Shiny Shell from the Koopa on the beach. This 
    cavern has all the eight red coins, but they are all in dangerous 
    places...You'll have to master all of your jumping techniques to receive 
    them all!
    Go to the very top of the mountain as 'big', then stomp the water to 
    cause a small hole in it, the water will drain. Hop in the nearby pipe 
    to get 'small', then hop in the hole. 
    Wiggler will be very mad that you flooded his house. So you'll need to 
    pop him in the head three times, a classical Miyamoto fight. When he's 
    defeated, he gives you the Star as a present. Awww...
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    As 'small' Mario the goombas are huge! Stomp them to get blue 
    Coins...You can get up to 178 coins in this level!!
                                 COURSE 14: TICK TOCK CLOCK 
                               T I C K   T O C K   C L O C K 
    General Notes: 
    I could have a field day covering this level alone, with the tons of 
    obstacles and everything, but instead I decided to tell you the most 
    important secret of this level. You can stop ALL of the blocks, arches, 
    triangles, wedges, bars, and stabbers simply by jumping into the 
    clockface when the longhand points to, or near, the twelve (12). You can 
    get five of the seven stars this way! Also, for those times when the 
    parts need to be moving, jump in when the longhand faces the three (3), 
    and everything will go very s-l-o-w. Any other time will make everything 
    go really fast.
    Stop the clock and then go up, you'll notice a Star in a cage...Jump in! 
    This would be very difficult if you didn't stop the clock.
    Stop the clock and go to where the first Star was, then go past it, 
    avoid Ampz, climb a pole, run past Heave-ho, longjump over the gap, then 
    carefully avoid the still parts, then grab the Star. These descriptions 
    are awfully short...
    STAR # 3 - GET A HAND
    Stop the clock! Go to the first star, then drop down to find this one. 
    Or you could have the clock moving, go to the first 2nd "!" Box near the 
    Black Ball and ride the hand across the gorge to it...you'll still get 
    Uh-oh...This one is pretty hard! Go in with everything moving, then make 
    your way to the very top to find a large, blue Thwomp. Climb on top and 
    do a Backflip to find the Star! Avoiding the obstacles takes pure 
    skill...and a little luck.
    From climbing up the pole near Ampz, get on the elevator, jump to the 
    spinning triangle, then longjump to a platform most people overlook. Hop 
    on the rotating bars, then get inside the cage to claim the Star. 
    Although this is possible with everything shut down, you'll have to do 
    some tricky walljumps where the elevator is. If you miss the jump, the 
    chances of you dying are great.
    Stopping time for this one is almost ESSENTIAL! Behind the start, 
    another place people seem to miss, are several bars with Red Coins, but 
    they're all rotating...normally. You may never reach them if you don't 
    turn off time...I know I sure can't! Collect them all and then collect 
    the Star.
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    You'll need to explore every nook and cranny for this one, which makes 
    this the most difficult Star in the level (which is already HARD 
    ENOUGH!). A lot of the "!" Boxes hold 10 coins, and you shouldn't miss 
    the Blue Coin switch near Star # 2. Good luck...you'll need it!
                               COURSE 15: RAINBOW RIDE
                             R A I N B O W   R I D E
    General Notes: 
    The main mode of transportation in this level is...a flying carpet. They 
    are follow a pre-determined path over the rainbows, as if you couldn't 
    tell from the name of this rather large and difficult level. There will 
    also be many different obstacles meant to push you off into the abyss 
    below, so don't fall asleep at the wheel.
    Hop on the carpet, go past the flames, then jump over the spinning 
    platforms to find yet another platform, which will eventually lead to a 
    junction with two more carpets to choose from; take the one on the left. 
    The path to the Cruiser will be blocked by blocks, Lakitu, and the 
    occasional high wind coupled with a stream of fire...Then just get the 
    Star on the deck of the ship!
    Instead of picking the left path this time, choose the right, it's a 
    more difficult path, but it's the only one that will do. It will 
    eventually lead to a large house, get on the back to avoid being roasted 
    by the huge flame that comes out of the fireplace. Now wait patiently 
    for the carpet to get to the roof, where you will find a "!" Box with a 
    On the spinning platforms near the beginning, take the path that leads 
    to the gigantic, 2D (sorta), concrete maze. There are eight Red Coins in 
    here, and collecting them all requires full knowledge of the jumps in 
    this game!
    If the above title makes you think of a penis, you are as perverted as 
    me. Congratulations!
    Do an about face from the start and longjump to the platform (which is a 
    good shortcut to the spinning platforms, BTW) and make your way past 
    Shyguy and jump on the swinging platforms. Be sure not to fall near the 
    end, as it's a LOOOOONNNNGGG way down! At the end is a split in the 
    road, take the brown path to a swinging platform. Use it to jump to the 
    island with the Star!
    Instead of going left this time (above Star) turn right to find 
    some...triangles...that are...quite tricky! Hit the purple "!" switch to 
    make the triangle platforms flat, then you only have seconds to jump up 
    them and get the Star. It's not easy...but no one said it would be.
    OK boys and girls, it's time to be frustrated beyond belief! First you 
    need to activate the canon, and the pink Bomb is in the highest 
    passageway in the maze near the spinning platforms. To get to him you 
    must use the 100 foot vertical tunnel to reach him (walljumps)...it's 
    not easy, but once you get started it flows like water. Problem is, the 
    canon is on the cruiser...d'oh!
    Get there, past the flaming platforms, spinning platforms, and the bombs 
    and Lakitu to find...yes...THE CANON! WOOHOO! Nintendo, feeling this was 
    already cruel enough, put in a nice easy target to shoot at: A circular 
    rainbow, just aim in the center to hit an island with one Chuckya (watch 
    out!) and a "!" Box with the Star. Whew...
    STAR # 7 - 100 COINS
    It is crucial you hit the Blue Coin switch in the maze! The coins are 
    way up where the Pink Bomb is, if you mess up there is no possible way 
    you can get the 100 Coin Star.
    With all the regular courses in the game complete, go up the endless 
    stairs, which should be solved by now, and jump into the final level. 
                                  BOWSER IN THE SKY
    Coin 1: 
    Go forward and carefully jump over the moving platforms. Get behind the 
    cube and push it towards where you started the level. Once you can not 
    push it anymore, climb on top and jump up to get the first Red Coin.
    Coin 2: 
    Follow the path after the last coin, and after the spinning platform, 
    you will easily find this Red Coin, being guarded by a Piranha Plant.
    Coin 3: 
    After the last coin, you will have the opportunity to ride on a ferris 
    reel platform. Instead, fall to the path below. You will see a line of 
    yellow coins...If you look over the edge, you will see a small nick in 
    the platform, and on this nick is another Red Coin.
    Coin 4:   
    After that coin, go forward and pound the Whomp into dust. Do a walljump 
    to get on the thin platform, then do a longjump to get into the fenced 
    area. Throw the Chuckya to get some coins, then pound the purple "!" 
    switch to make the sloped area turn into stairs. Keep climbing, and at 
    the top, past the flame-throwers, will be a Red Coin.
    Coin 5: 
    After that, slide down into the next area. get on the arrow platform and 
    jump over the bricks that come. One of the Red Coins is positioned on 
    one of them, so you'll need to make a tricky jump to collect it.
    Coin 6:
    The platform will drop you off at the sight of two Bob-ombs, so move 
    out, jump to the spinning platform while avoiding fireballs, and grab 
    the coin.
    Coin 7: 
    Go to the next spinning platform with the Ampz, and shinny up the pole. 
    Punch the Goombas away, then jump onto the next pole to get another 
    Coin 8: 
    Avoid another pair of Bob-ombs, the fireballs, and you will arrive at a 
    set of ferris reel contraptions. After eluding three Goombas in the 
    windy area, you will come to the stairway that leads to the pipe that 
    takes you to Bowser. But under the stairs is a floor, and on the floor 
    is the last Red Coin of the game.
    The Star appears next to the pipe, easily retrieved.
    When I fight a last boss in a game, if I felt the boss was easy, I feel 
    cheated. Now, I'm not saying that the last Bowser is easy, but he could 
    have been harder. The first time I beat him I jumped for joy because I 
    had died the last four times...so I didn't feel it was easy then, but it 
    doesn't seem very difficult now. Maybe it's because I've become used to 
    3D space, or maybe it's because I have mastered the game...or both. 
    Bowser has many new tricks up his sleeve. First, when he jumps and 
    lands, shockwaves will emit from him, causing a lot of damage. Second, 
    he will cover the entire arena in fire, and then snort ice, which will 
    track you down and burn you. The only advantage you have is the fact 
    that his firebreath, not his fireballs, leave coins behind. The best way 
    to get him to connect with the bombs is to get far away, and he'll 
    charge, do a backflip or sidejump, and then you'll be face-to-face with 
    his tail. After you smash him into two bombs, sides of the arena will 
    explode until the playing field is shaped like a giant star. Right 
    here...getting the final hit is too easy. Now, if he were to make the 
    arena go into a 45 degree angle like in the Fire Sea, now THAT would 
    have made it a LOT harder. But, he doesn't, so the rest is easy. 
    When he fades, he warns you that he will come back for more in the 
    future, and then leaves behind the Big Star. Collect this to see the 
    three-minute ending, which quite frankly, I liked. What's so bad about 
    the cake? There's plenty of other stuff going on before that. Whatever 
    you do, don't think the game is truly over. The sections ahead will show 
    you why that would be a horrendous mistake on your part...
    6) Castle Stars 
    On the first floor, go up the stairs, then turn left. Enter the window 
    on the right. Now just race down the slide, at the end is a box with a 
    Star in it.
    Beat the time of 21 seconds to get a second star! The best way is to 
    take a shortcut. As you come out of the tunnel at the start, you will 
    come to a straight down fall. Well, jump off to the left and land on the 
    track below! It will shave precious seconds off your final time. To 
    avoid being murdered when you hit the ground, press Z before you hit. It 
    is also possible to get under 21 seconds without this shortcut.
    Before entering Jolly Roger Bay, enter the hole in the wall on the 
    right. Retrieve all eight coins (which is really easy) to get a Star!
    Near the entrance of Haze Maze Cave is Toad. Talk to him and he'll give 
    you a Star!
    Upon entering the basement you will find a rabbit running around...catch 
    him and he'll give you a Star! The best way is to slide at him when he's 
    turning a corner. Otherwise it's nearly impossible!
    After collecting 50 Stars, MIPS the rabbit will re-appear. Well, what do 
    you think you should do now? =) He's no harder than last time.
    Right by the stairs that lead to the final floor is the mushroom 
    retainer, Toad, and he has a little surprise!
    Right by the entrance to the Clock Level is you-know-who with a you-
    In the room with clocks is a special hole that leads to this pre-mature 
    balding level...The level is so difficult because you have to...ah, 
    forget it! Here's recessions to complete it 
    Coin 1: 
    On the first platform. Now, use the Wing Cap and fly on the LEFT rainbow 
    to find...
    Coin 2: 
    Now you got that, fly past the pink platform to find an island with...
    Coin 3: 
    Great! Using the Wing Cap, obviously, fly to the pink platform and go up 
    the pole to find...
    Coin 4: 
    Hooray! Talk to the Pink Bomb and he'll open the canon, get a Wing Cap, 
    hop inside and aim directly at the sun, you will go flying to another 
    island with a canon. Inside, aim at the distant cloud with poles 
    underneath, aim high though, and on it you'll find...
    Coin 5...
    Coin 6: 
    Way out on the horizon is a clear blue cloud with a Red Coin smack in 
    the middle of it...ouch. It will take a lot of passes to get this one, 
    which makes matters worse as it is quite far out there! Once you do get 
    Coin 7: 
    Only one more left! Pretend like you were going to get #'s 5 & 6, but 
    instead, grab onto the poles underneath the cloud. Slide down to find...
    Coin 8: 
    WHOOHOOIE! Now use the Wing Cap to go the Star, conveniently located on 
    the starting cloud.
    The Bowser Courses are included in the walkthrough, and there's a 
    special section for the Cap Courses, so the above is the rest of the 
    Castle Stars!
    7) Locations of 1-ups
    I made this because I am bored, no one has ever done it before, and I am 
    bored. I'm bored, also. :)
    # 1 - Everybody knows about the one where you shinny up the tree and 
    jump off, it's near the waterfall. 
    # 2 - Under the bridge that leads to the castle, underneath are two 
    coins, collect them by using the wall jump and it will appear.
    # 3 and # 5 - There are three 1-ups on the castle roof, once you have 
    120 Stars you can activate the cannon and shoot yourself up there. 
    # 6 and # 105 - For those people who really like to be technical, Yoshi 
    will give you 100 1-ups.
    # 1 - In the room with the Jolly Roger Bay painting, there are two black 
    holes, one leads to a bonus level, the other has a 1-up.
    # 1 - There is a cannon underneath the island in the sky, and next to it 
    is a tree. Climb to the top to claim your prize.
    # 2 - Near the main entrance to the mountain, there is a meadow of 
    flowers surrounded by coins, walk inside of it and it will appear.
    # 3 - This one is sitting under the bridge to the mountain, where the 
    purple "!" switch is.
    # 1 - Near the top is a very high pole with a sign next to it, climb up 
    to the top and this one is yours.
    # 2 - Get on the wooden bridge, and get on the tip so you collect the 
    red coin, you will also activate a 1-up! It is very difficult to catch, 
    however, because it keeps trying to go up the tilted path.
    # 3 - Very, very few people know about this one. Go to the very top when 
    the tower is there, and punch at each section while on the same level as 
    the Bullet Bill. Eventually, you will hit the secret aclove, it will 
    explode, and this top-secret 1-up is yours.
    # 1 - On top of the big pillars that stick out of the water is one, but 
    you'll need to have a good aim from the cannon near the start of the 
    level to reach it.
    # 2 - At the mouth of the underwater cave, there is a ring of coins, if 
    you swim through the center it will appear in front of you.
    # 1 - Go into the cabin, where the big slope race is, and you'll have to 
    take the shortcut. If you don't know what that is, it's the turn where 
    five coins go into the wall, you can go through that wall. When you go 
    through a 1-up appears.
    # 2 - After taking the shortcut, you will spill out onto the ledge above 
    the exit, but don't fall off! Instead, follow the ledge to find a "!" 
    box with a 1-up inside.
    # 3 - If you take the long trail down the mountain by sliding, you will 
    come to the area with the snowman head. There is a lower area in front 
    of him, so go down there and head away from, the bridge with the hopping 
    snowman. There's the "!" box...
    # 4 - In the same general area is a cannon, use it to shoot the ledge 
    above the snowman head –- it has a thick block of ice, a red coin, and 
    an "!" box. Guess what's inside?
    # 5 - Directly in front of the snowman is a tree, climb up and it will 
    pop out like all the others.
    # 1 - After avoiding several flame-throwers and getting over a platform, 
    you will find a "!" box guarded by several Goombas.
    # 2 - After a pair of platforms that go circles around each other is an 
    area with teeter-totters. Before braving them, go backwards to find a 
    skinny bridge which leads to a platform with an Ampz and an "!" box. You 
    know what to do.
    # 3 - The platforms across from the teeter-totters hide one, they are in 
    plain sight.
    # 4 - Here's another.
    # 5 - Climb on top of the platforms that cover the teeter-totters and 
    you will be pleasantly surprised.
    # 6 - Make that surprised twice! 
    # 1 - When you're going down, it will just be sliding along. 
    # 2 - This only appears if you go really fast and slam into the wall 
    behind the "!" box that holds the main Star.
    # 1 - As you start out, swim straight down, into the center of the ring 
    of coins that is over the block where the Star appears after you collect 
    eight red coins. What a mouthful!
    # 1 - This one is near impossible to get, it is on the top of the shed 
    next to where you start. The only way to get it is to somehow maneuver 
    the Crazed Crate so it goes up there. I've done it once out of one 
    hundred times. 
    # 2 - On the roof of the mansion, where you fight Big Boo for the last 
    time and are heading towards the Star, there is a "!" box. Easy.
    # 1 - Near the elevator that takes you down to the underground lake is a 
    "!" box. I wonder what's inside...
    # 2 - Find your way to the top floor of the room where the rocks spill 
    into the hole, and get a hold of the grating above. There's a fork, you 
    go left to a "!" box, or right, for a Star. Take the box, of course! 
    # 1 - Pick Star five or six so you can get the Shiny Shell from the "!" 
    box. Go under the bridge that separates every once and awhile and you 
    will see a large platform with a 1-up on it.
    # 2 - This one is only a few feet from # 1, and is also on a platform.
    # 3 - Also on a platform, this one is in the corner of the level, 
    nearest the Bowser Puzzle/Big Bully platform.
    # 4 - Get on the platform that is circling the volcano in the center of 
    the level, there is a 1-up on the flamethrower.
    # 5 - Near the platform where you kill a bunch of Bullies to make a Big 
    Bully appear, there is a platform nearby, the Shiny Shell makes it easy 
    to get up there.
    # 6 - When inside the volcano, at the very top you will have to get on a 
    bunch of poles...well, you'll activate one automatically.
    # 7 - When on the Shiny Shell, go behind the platform where the Star 
    appears when you beat the Big Bully for the first time. There it is.
    # 1 - By the watery oasis on the far side of the level is a palm tree. 
    Climb up! 
    # 2 - Near the entrance to the pyramid entrance is a "!" box. Jeez, I 
    wonder what's in there.
    # 3 - Near the big stone structure with many wooden blocks, there is a 
    quick-sand pit with a 1-up floating over it. To get it, take a big 
    # 4 - There is a pair of quicksand pits outside of the gate that 
    separates you from the pyramid, the 1-up is sitting there. Brave the 
    # 5 - Once inside the pyramid, turn left and avoid the Mummy Thwomp, and 
    hit the "!" box.
    # 6 - After number five, climb onto the Mummy Thwomp and you can easily 
    get the 1-up near the ceiling.
    # 7 - Turn right at the start of the pyramid, avoid the Mummy Thwomp and 
    continue. There are several tiles out in the sand, if you touch them all 
    a 1-up will start to run away from you. You better catch it quick, 
    because it's going straight towards the quick-sand!
    # 8 - After going past the tiles, you can either go up some stairs or 
    continue, just continue, you hit a dead-end with a "!" box. 
    # 9 - The last 1-up in the level is on the top of the grating inside of 
    the pyramid, where you collect a few coins while avoiding an Ampz. To 
    get up there you need to use the warp. I've already mentioned it, but 
    what the Hell, here it is again: from the start of the pyramid, turn 
    right, climb onto the Mummy Thwomp, and ride it up. Go towards the pole 
    with the Goombas and climb up. Now, it is in the corner, just stand 
    there and off you go!
    # 1 - At the very first area, it's in a clam. When you swim into the 
    clam, it magically appears.
    # 1 - You will find this one near the very start, when you are riding 
    the blue platform.
    # 2 - This one follows shortly after the last, it is so painfully 
    # 3 - Once get this automatically when you get to the top of the pole 
    that is inside the multicolored cage.
    # 4 - In the area with the rising/lowering blocks, this one is inside a 
    "!" block. 
    # 5 - You know where the Star appears if you get all eight Red Coins, 
    don't you? Well, across from that is a "!" block.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    # 1 - Once you find the river, turn right and you can break open the "!" 
    block. If you don't have the Metal Cap on, though, you will be swept 
    # 2 - This one is near two Red Coins. Very obvious.
    # 1 - This one is in a "!" box as you go down the slope.
    # 2 - This one sits alone on a ledge, also on the slope.
    # 3 - Same as above, except just a bit further down.
    # 4 - Near the area where the Star appears when you get all eight Red 
    # 1 - On top of the snowman's head is a tree. Get up there, ya dunce!
    # 2 - There should be a "!" block next to the area after the Ice Bully. 
    For reference, a Money Bag is also nearby.
    # 3 - Near the Pink Bob-omb Buddy in the Igloo Maze are two "!" blocks. 
    Guess what's in one...
    # 4 - This is also in the Igloo Maze, it's frozen solid in a block of 
    ice. You'll need to use the nearby Vanishing Cap if you want to get 
    # 1 - Go to the very top of the first section, the "!" box at the top, 
    and you will see a hollow tube floating in mid-air. There are two 1-ups 
    in there. One...
    # 2 - ...two...
    # 3 - In the town, drain the water, and go to the center area and notice 
    the ring of coins around the cement thing. Well, collect them all and 
    this will pop out.
    # 4 - On the same side of the 'down-town' with the crystal switch that 
    lowers the water, but on the opposite end, is a "!" box surrounded by 
    two trees...
    # 1 - Once you start the level off, run behind you to find a 1-up on a 
    very thin ledge. 
    # 2 - In the 'Shroom ahead where you collect four Red Coins, there is a 
    "!" box.
    # 3 - Above the area with Monty Moles, there are several platforms. Keep 
    climbing up and you will see this green mushroom, just sitting there.
    # 4 - When attempting to long-jump over the large gap before Fwoosh, you 
    will pass a 1-up. You know, the waterfall, Fwoosh being the big 
    cloud...yeah, that jogged your memory.
    # 5 - When you get into the secret hill race, before taking the plunge 
    down the hill, turn right to find a 1-up right after the exit.
    # 6 - There is another one on the course itself.
    # 7 - And another...
    # 1 - Enter the level as big Mario and head left, you will find a "!" 
    box on a platform in the water.
    # 2 - This time it's small Mario! This one is out in the water, right 
    underneath the area with the Giant Piranha plants. Just watch out for 
    Bubba, or he'll eat you before you even know what's happening.
    # 3 - Small Mario. On the beach with the Koopa-Troop, there are two 
    coins, if you collect them both this one will appear.
    # 4 - Small Mario. In the grassy area before the wooden bridge that 
    leads to Wiggler's Basement, there is a tree, so go up it!
    # 5 - Small Mario. When you use the wind to lift yourself up and float 
    to another platform, you will see a "!" box right out in the open.
    # 6 - In Wiggler's Basement, this is near the far corner of where you 
    enter, and it will take some fancy jumping to get to it.
    # 1 - At once point you have to shinny up a pole to go onward. Once you 
    reach the peak, it is yours.
    # 2 - When going to the top, you will see a long row of flippers slowly 
    rotating, and they are "guarding" a "!" box. It's probably easier to get 
    there if you fall from above, or stop the clock altogether.
    # 3 - Once you reach the very, very top, there will be two "!" boxes, 
    one has a 1-up.
    # 1 - From the start, turn around and long-jump to the pole behind you. 
    Go to the main floating platforms, except go to the bottom area, a lone 
    "!" box awaits. 
    # 2 - After that, continue going over obstacles until you reach the area 
    where you hit the "!" switch to make the pyramids flip over. Once you do 
    that, it will be on an out-of-the-way pyramid.
    # 3 - This mushroom is in a "!" box, sitting on the very top of the 2D 
    maze. The only way to get up there is either a huge long-jump from the 
    house in the sky, to fall down from the second blue cube on the trip to 
    the flying ship, or to just use the warp. The warp is in the house in 
    the sky, sorta. When you ride a carpet into it for the first time, it 
    will go past a fireplace, then come out and go back outside again. Drop 
    off here, on the little ledge, and stand in different places until it 
    # 4 - On the roof of the house in the sky, in a "!" box. 
    # 5 - On the floating ship, at the very front, where the stick thing 
    points out. I know there is a proper term for this stick, but I'm not 
    much into sailor jargon.
    # 6 - Also on the floating ship, this one is in the crow's nest (I knew 
    that one!).
    # 7 - Use the magic carpet, and when you have a choice of two, try the 
    right one. On the second blue cube, you will see some donut platforms 
    behind you...well, look at that! 
    # 8 - On the way to the floating ship, there will be a large, spinning 
    platform that will shoot blue fire at you. This mushroom is on the tip.
    # 1 - On the platform with the Pink Bob-Omb Buddy is a pole, try going 
    up it.
    # 2 - There is a blue cloud with a Red Coin in it. On the opposite side 
    of the level is the exact same set-up, except the Red Coin is replaced 
    with a 1-up Mushroom.
    # 3 - On top of the cloud with the poles underneath it is a "!" 
    box...guess what's inside? No, come on, go on, take a wild guess...
    # 1 - On the spinning platform with an Ampz, near the beginning, is a 
    "!" box. 
    # 2 - Shortly after that you will come onto a mini-ferris wheel type 
    platform. Position yourself correctly and jump at the 'Shroom!
    # 3 - After getting number two, fall down to the lower area, then head 
    right to get back on the main path. When climbing the platforms, you can 
    get another 1-up behind a small pillar (right before the teeter-totter).
    # 4 - When traveling on the white and red platform, this 1-up will be 
    sitting on one of the platforms.
    # 5 - After the above situation you will be at a spinning platform with 
    two Ampz, and three coins are at the perimeter of the platform. If you 
    collect them all, a 1-up will materialize.
    # 6 - The last 1-up mushroom in the game is hidden rather nicely, in a 
    good situation. Get near the pipe that leads to the final Bowser, turn 
    around, and look at the area before it, you will see this one in front 
    of a pillar. I call this a "good situation" because if Bowser pummels 
    you into the ground, you can grab this little thing and never run out of 
    lives! Quite useful for you're first time.
    Whoo, that took a very long time to amass, I hope someone uses it in 
    some way. If you noticed any I missed, feel free to send it in to me.
    8) Weird Things/Secrets
    Remember being puzzled by the locked up canon in the front yard of the 
    castle? Well, collect 120 Stars (every Star in the entire game...no easy 
    feat!) and come back; it's unlocked! Fire yourself up to the roof of the 
    castle to find Yoshi, which will give you 100 (!) lives and a special 
    Triple Jump which will make you invincible for a short time. Too bad you 
    can't ride him =(
    Fat Penguins:
    Return to the racing Penguin after collecting 120 Stars and it appears 
    that he has...er...gained 500 pounds or so. This will make the race MUCH 
    more difficult, as he blocks your path and he's a lot faster. You won't 
    get anything for beating him, but it's fun!
    Magical Butterflies:
    Butterflies aren't there just for effect! If you can punch one directly, 
    it'll turn into a 1-up!
    Bowser Go Bye Bye:
    Beat Bowser in the Sky after collecting 120 Stars and he'll say a bit 
    more. It's not much, but it's neat.
    Get Bowser close to the side so his tail is sticking off the edge; if 
    you can grab it this way you will fall off the level with BOWSER IN YOUR 
    HANDS! Very cool looking, but hard to do.
    Major Glitch:
    Get the Wing Cap outside and then fly into the tower; you'll go into a 
    major glitch where you'll be inside the castle while outside, and inside 
    while outside. Confused? It is confusing! =)
    Clock Secrets:
    Before you enter Course 14, you will notice that the hands of the clock 
    move. The minute hand is what affects the way things move. Any hour on 
    the hour (minute hand on 12) the clock is stopped. Any hour at the half 
    hour (minute hand on 6) the clock stop/starts a lot and is screwy. Any 
    hour quarter after (minute hand on 3) the clock is slow. And any hour
    quarter till (minute hand on 9) the clock is pretty fast.
    Controlling the Ending:
    Plug a 2nd controller in the 2nd controller port and you can control the 
    ending camera!
    When racing the penguin, follow the coin line straight into the wall to 
    find a secret passage with three 1-ups! Too bad you can't use this 
    against the Penguin (he'll say you cheated and not give you the Star!)
    Nice Stick:
    Run around a post (like the one Chain Chomp is connected to) and five 
    coins will pop out!
    Bridge is a Grate:
    In the first course, at the first bridge, go under it and jump...you'll 
    hang on just like you would some grating!
    Running out of Names:
    On the Bowser's Sub course, collect 100 coins. Make sure the last coin 
    you collect is a red coin in the air among the ropes and not on a 
    platform. When the star appears catch it and you will find Mario 
    standing on the bottom of the lake! And just before you are exiting the 
    course Mario will pop up to the water surface!
    No Cap:
    When Mario does not have his cap, he takes twice the amount of damage!
    Bowser Can Not Die:
    On the first Bowser course, you can jump into the bombs, therefore 
    destroying them. If you blow them all up, it's impossible to destroy 
    Bowser unless you die and try again!
    9) Fun Things To Do
    On the first course, try playing around with Chain Chomp. Can you run 
    around his post to make five coins appear without getting hit?  
    Get on the island in the sky, get in the cannon with the Wing Cap, and 
    aim straight up. Then do a butt-stomp over a canyon. Look how far in the 
    sky you are! 
    When fighting the King Bob-omb, try throwing him off the mountain. He 
    will jump back up and tell you it's against the rules.
    In Jolly Roger Bay, do you know how much fun you can have by playing 
    around with Unagi? Since he hurts a lot, it always fun to get near to 
    see how daring you can be.
    Get in the underground cavern and get really low on health, then go into 
    the water and see if you can make it to the surface alive. 
    In Cool, Cool Mountain, when you give the mother penguin her penguin, 
    and she gives you a Star, try taking her baby back. Look what she does! 
    In Hazy Maze Cave, go to the Toxic Maze and get really low on health, 
    then see if you can get to the opposite side without using a Metal Cap! 
    In Shifting Sand Land, see if you can bop Klepto the Condor in mid-air 
    by using the cannon in the Tox-Box Maze, with you equipped as Wing Cap 
    Mario. Very fun! 
    In Tiny Huge Island, become small, and see how long you can swim around 
    Bubba aka Macho Cheep Cheep without dying. This is really fun because he 
    can kill you in one shot! 
    Also in Tiny Huge Island, see if you can collect all 178 coins. If you 
    can, pat yourself on the back.
    Fight the final Bowser and have tons of fun.
    10) Coin List
    This is reserved for future use by me. If I feel very bored in the 
    future, I will rush right back and complete this section. If I do not 
    become bored in the future, this will be empty forever, and I will look 
    like a jackass. I mean, more than normally :)
    11) Credits
    = = = = = = = = = 
    They produced and developed it. Duh.
    Internet Sites
    = = = = = = = = =
    Gamefaqs <www.gamefaqs.com>: As you should know, all 30+ of my FAQs are 
    there, and it is the best place on the Internet if you want to find 
    walkthroughs and FAQs. 
    Gamesages <www.gamesages.com>: Nice codes...
    12) Legal Stuff
    You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
    1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
    2) You give me credit
    3) It is shown in it's full version
    4) This fine print is included
    5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
    6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
    the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
    too busy (i.e. lazy). 
    You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
    met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
    remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
    (except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
    changing the meaning). 
    This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow 
    All Rights Reserved
    12) End
    If you actually used this guide in ANY WAY AT ALL please tell me! It'd 
    Bye...No corrections, no typos...I am perfect! Foolish 
    mortals...Bwahaha. I need sleep desperately. G'night!
                               - marshmallow -

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