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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario 64
    Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: July 10, 2005
    Originally Created: November 21, 2004
    Version: 1.1
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    The Basics*
    Walkthrough Content*
    Section 2*
    Bob-omb Battlefield*
    Whomp's Fortress*
    Jolly Roger Bay*
    Cool, Cool Mountain*
    Bowser in the Dark World*
    Big Boo's Haunt*
    Hazy Maze Cave*
    Lethal Lava Land*
    Shifting Sand Land*
    Dire, Dire Docks*
    Bowser in the Fire Sea*
    Snowman's Land*
    Wet-Dry World*
    Tall, Tall Mountain*
    Tiny-Huge Island*
    Tick Tock Clock*
    Rainbow Ride*
    Bowser in the Sky*
    Section 3*
    120 Stars*
    Glitches and Secrets*
    Enemy List*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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    Here we go!  Ha, a little Mario-themed humor.  Anyways, this is my walkthrough
    for Super Mario 64.  Let me explain why I selected this to be my next
    walkthrough, although you probably don't care.  You see, I heard a little while
    ago that there was a new system coming to Nintendo, the DS, and that a new game
    - Super Mario 64 DS - would be at its side for the big debut.  Since I
    undoubtedly will be playing the new 64 DS game, since this game just happens to
    be the prequel, and since I'd probably have written a guide for this game
    eventually, I chose this game.  So, what you should have gotten out of that is
    that this is a guide for Super Mario 64.  This game has had a profound effect on
    video gaming.  From Super Smash Bros. Melee to Mario Party, this game has had
    elements of it in almost every other Mario game to date.  Now for the review I
    include in most every introduction.
    This is easily the best Mario game on the N64.  I'd even go so far as to say
    that it outranks a few other system series of Mario games.  At the time, the
    graphics in this game were cutting edge (although today it doesn't look too hot,
    especially next to new systems) and the game play is yet to be bested.  That is
    to say, Mario can do everything times three and a half as far as techniques go.
    Also, I love that sound his shoes make when they hit the floor.  There are 15
    unique levels, each with six different missions.  Plus there are plenty of mini-
    courses and secret areas.  Even once you've beaten the game you'll feel
    compelled to keep playing, collecting every star.  This isn't called the genre-
    defining game for nothing.  The sequel will be even better because you can
    control Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi.  So, to prevent you from screaming like
    a giddy schoolgirl any further, I will end the introduction.  Until November 21,
    that is...
    There is nothing more annoying (well, um, I guess there are a few things) than a
    long document with no navigation at all.  That would be like looking up words in
    an un-alphabetized dictionary.  So, for your convenience, I put asterisks (*)
    next to the name of sections.  That way, when you press CTRL (Apple on a Mac) +
    F at the same time and you type the name of the section (with the *) in the find
    toolbar, you'll be taken right to the section's start in the guide.  Hooray.
    This trick works in all documents; use it wisely.
    The storyline in Super Mario 64 is not spectacular.  It's your basic rescue-the-
    princess fare, but the circumstances are a bit strange in this game.  Let me sum
    it up for you.
                                 |    Plot Summary    |
    One day Mario received a letter from Princess Peach (this was the game where she
    changed her name from Toadstool to Peach), inviting him to her castle.  The
    reason given was because she baked a cake.  I doubt she did; she probably had
    one of her subjects, called Toads, bake it for her.  Actually, she's a good cook,
    as was explored in Paper Mario.  Back to the point, Mario arrived only to find
    that the castle was completely deserted.  Not only that, but there was a loud
    booming voice telling him to scram.  Something's not right.  This always happens
    when Mario gets a letter from Peach.  Always.  So, Mario looks around and all
    the doors are locked, save one.  He enters and for some unknown reason he
    decides to jump into the painting he sees.  Surprisingly, it works out for him.
    Inside he is greeted by the residents of the painting called Bob-omb Buddies who
    tell him that someone (or something...) has stolen the castle's Power Stars.
    The Power Stars protect the castle, and with them Bowser plans to take it over.
    So, he hid all the Power Stars (he did miss a few, actually) in the castle
    paintings.  Unless Mario acts immediately to gather the Power Stars, the
    inhabitants in the painting world will pass through to the real world and Bowser
    will build up an infinite army.  The Bob-omb Buddies don't want this to happen.
    So, killing two birds with one stone, Mario plans on recovering all the Power
    Stars to save the castle and to rescue Princess Peach by kicking Bowser's sorry
    If you put two and two together you can figure out that Mario is the character
    you control throughout.  In short, you need to recover the Power Stars hidden in
    the paintings to defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach, both of whom are
    lurking somewhere in the castle.  So, without further ado, its time to save that
    ==================================The Basics*===================================
    Mario is a tank armed with a move for every situation he ever might find himself
    in.  Mario life, or health, is measured in his Power Meter.  Green is the best
    place to be and red is the worst.  When it completely drains you lose a life.
    Lose them all and you get a Game Over.  I don't normally do this in walkthroughs,
    but I'll list all of Mario's moves here.  There're probably a few you never knew
    he had.  Also, you can change the camera position with the C buttons.  The
    cameraman is Lakitu.
                             |    Control Stick Moves    |
    Walk: Slightly tilt the control stick in any direction to walk in that direction.
    Most of the time you'll run, but sometimes the slower, the better.
    Run: Tilt the control stick far to pull this off.  It is the most useful method
    of traveling great distances, but I don't recommend it over narrow spaces.
    Side Step: After stepping up to a wall, tilt the control stick in the desired
    direction to side step.  This is sort of like sidling and is necessary in
    certain areas.
                                  |    Swim Moves    |
    Breast Stroke: Press A repeatedly while in water.  This is the fastest way to
    Flutter Kick: Hold the A button and you'll do this in water.  It's slower, but I
    guess you might use it every now and then.
                                |    Z Button Moves    |
    Crouch: Press the Z button when stationary to crouch.  You might use this to
    dodge, but it is much more useful to do other moves.
    Crouch & Slide: Press the Z button while running to slide into things.
    Crawl: While crouching, press Z.
                                  |    Jump Moves    |
    Regular Jump: Press A.  This is very effective and it's what made Mario famous.
    You can hurt most enemies by landing on them.  You can also break blocks by
    jumping into them.
    Continuous Jump: Press A once you've performed a regular jump right before you
    Triple Jump: This is best used with a forward somersault, as this allows you to
    take flight with the Wing Cap.  Start running and press A to jump.  Do
    continuous jumps of sorts so you jump three times in a row.  If done correctly
    you'll go much further and flip in air.
    Side Somersault: When running, make a U-turn.  That is, run and make a sharp
    turn in the direction opposite from whence you came (in the shape of a U).
    Press A after you turn to jump.  This is pretty useful.
    Wall Kick: When you jump toward a wall, press A again as you make contact with
    the wall to kick off of it.  This is very useful for getting to some secret
    Backward Somersault: Crouch while stationary and press A to jump backwards.
    Long Jump: As you run press Z (to perform the "crouch & slide" move) and press A
    button to jump as you do.  Depending on how fast you were running, you'll go
                                  |    Fly Moves    |
    Wing Cap: When you have the Wing Cap, do a continuous jump twice (a Triple Jump)
    to take flight.  While flying, pull the control stick toward you to ascend and
    away to descend.  To rise you can't just ascend continually, or you'll stop.
    Perform descents to makes ascents.
    Cannon Shot: When in a cannon press A to be fired.  If you have the Wing Cap on,
    you'll start flying.
                                 |    Object Moves    |
    Swing or Climb: If you jump onto or fall to the edge of any vertical object
    taller than Mario, you'll grab it automatically.  Direct the control stick up to
    make Mario climb onto the object.  If you tilt the control stick left or right
    you can climb along the edge.  To release press Z.
    Hang on to Trees or Poles: Jump onto a tree or a pole and you'll hang on them.
    With the control stick you can climb up, down, or swing around them.  When at
    the top of the pole or tree move the control stick to do a handstand.  Press A
    while performing one to land behind the pole.  You can also press Z to let go.
    Hang on to a Wire Net: When a wire net is suspended overhead, jump to it and
    Mario will grab on.  Hold the A button to say on.  Move around with the control
    stick.  Release A to drop.
                                 |    Attack Moves    |
    Punch: Press B to punch.
    Kick: Press B three times in a row to do a series of punches, ending with a kick.
    Jump Kick: Press B while jumping to perform an offensive jump maneuver.
    Hold & Throw: You can hold some enemies and throw them.  Approach the enemy and
    press B.  Tilt the control stick and press B to throw the enemy in that
    direction.  If the control stick is in its default position, Mario will simply
    drop the item.
    Swing: Mario can swing certain enemies, like Bowser.  Hold them and rotate the
    control stick rapidly.  The faster you turn it the farther you'll throw.  Press
    B again to chuck the enemy in whatever direction they happen to be facing.
    Slide Attack: While running at top speed press B to do a roll-on-the-belly kind
    of attack.
    Pound the Ground: Jump and press Z while in air to drop rapidly.  This destroys
    blocks and smashes certain objects into the ground.  If you're falling, a pound
    the ground will reduce the amount of damage you take.
    Trip: Press Z to crouch and press B to do a sweep kick.
    Slide Kick: Press B while performing the crouch & slide move.
    On a side note, there is one terrific glitch to keep in mind.  When Mario is
    submerged in water he has to hold his breath.  You will get an automatic Game
    Over if you suffocate, but collecting coins and air bubbles restores Mario's air
    meter.  Of course, the better alternative is to surface; get out of the water.
    This was only supposed to restore your air meter, but for some reason it
    restores all your health.  Now THAT'S a glitch.
    There are only a few items to be concerned with.  Here is the list of every item
    you can get, in the order the instruction manual lists them.
    Yellow Star Coin: These are scattered all over the painting world and appear
    when you defeat enemies.  Coins restore health and they really add up.  50 earns
    you a 1-Up (you gain a life), while 100 give you a Power Star(only one per
    course).  These are your friends.  Remember that, grasshopper.
    Blue Star Coin: Equal to five Yellow Coins, these are far more scarce than any
    other coin.  Some enemies yield these coins, but hitting hidden switches in each
    course also gives you a few of these.
    Red Star Coin: There are eight of these in every course and they are equal to
    two Yellow Coins.  When all eight are collected, you get a Power Star.
    Spinning Heart: Running through this restores health.  The faster you pass
    through it, the more health is restored.  It doesn't disappear, so use it as
    many times as you can.
    1UP Mushroom: Every one of these you get, Mario gains one life.  That means that
    you can run out of health one time more than normal before you get a Game Over.
    And who wants one of those, huh?
    Koopa Shell: This was a very interesting addition to the game.  Sometimes you
    can find these in a yellow block, but you also get one by stomping on a Koopa
    (turtle enemies).  You can "surf" on land with these, which is not only cool,
    but essential to getting some Power Stars.  You're invincible on it until you
    run into a wall.
    Cannon: Some courses have cannons, which are operated by the Bob-omb Buddies.
    Talk to the pink Bob-omb in the course to open the hatch and be able to use the
    cannon.  Cannons are an essential part of the game.  Thanks Bob-omb Buddies.
    Viva la renaissance!
    Switch: There are three switches, one red, one blue, and one green.  They fill
    in the transparent blocks of that color.
    Red Block: Hit these after activating the Red Switch to get the Wing Cap.  It
    allows you to fly after a Triple Jump.
    Green Block: Hitting these (activate the Green Switch) gives Mario the Metal Cap,
    making him Metal Mario, resistant to fire, water, toxic gas, and walk at the
    bottom of the sea floor.
    Blue Block: Once again, you must activate the Blue Switch before doing this.  It
    lets you use the Vanish Cap, making Mario invisible.  You can pass through most
    obstacles, not take damage from enemies, and lets you walk through special walls
    and wire nets.
    Mario's Cap: In a few select courses Mario can lose his Cap.  If this happens,
    Mario takes double the damage.  Obviously it is a major setback to lose your Cap,
    so recover it as soon as you do.
    Now it is time to start the walkthrough.  You stoked?
    ==============================Walkthrough Content*==============================
    Since the walkthrough is a bit scrambled, I've written what each section
    contains.  You see, there are certain stars you cannot get as soon as you play a
    level because you lack one of the caps (Wing Cap, Metal Cap, or Vanish Cap).  So,
    here's a list of what each section tells you how to do.
    ------------------------------Bob-omb Battlefield-------------------------------
    Bob-omb Battlefield: 1-4
    --------------------------------Whomp's Fortress--------------------------------
    Whomp's Fortress: 1-7
    --------------------------------Jolly Roger Bay---------------------------------
    Tower of the Wing Cap: 1
    Bob-omb Battlefield: 5-7
    Secret Aquarium: 1
    Jolly Roger Bay: 1-5, 7
    ------------------------------Cool, Cool Mountain-------------------------------
    The Princess's Secret Slide: 1-2
    Cool, Cool Mountain: 1-7
    ----------------------------Bowser in the Dark World----------------------------
    Bowser in the Dark World: 1
    --------------------------------Big Boo's Haunt---------------------------------
    Big Boo's Haunt: 1-4
    ---------------------------------Hazy Maze Cave---------------------------------
    Rabbit: 1
    Toad: 1
    Cavern of the Metal Cap: 1
    Jolly Roger Bay: 6
    Vanish Cap Under the Moat: 1
    Big Boo's Haunt: 5-7
    Hazy Maze Cave: 1-7
    --------------------------------Lethal Lava Land--------------------------------
    Lethal Lava Land: 1-7
    -------------------------------Shifting Sand Land-------------------------------
    Shifting Sand Land: 1-7
    --------------------------------Dire, Dire Docks--------------------------------
    Dire, Dire Docks: 1-2
    -----------------------------Bowser in the Fire Sea-----------------------------
    Bowser in the Fire Sea: 1
    ---------------------------------Snowman's Land---------------------------------
    Dire, Dire Docks: 3-7
    Toad: 1
    Snowman's Land: 1-7
    ---------------------------------Wet-Dry World----------------------------------
    Wet-Dry World: 1-7
    ------------------------------Tall, Tall Mountain-------------------------------
    Tall, Tall Mountain: 1-7
    --------------------------------Tiny-Huge Island--------------------------------
    Tiny-Huge Island: 1-7
    --------------------------------Tick Tock Clock---------------------------------
    Toad: 1
    Tick Tock Clock: 1-7
    ----------------------------------Rainbow Ride----------------------------------
    Rabbit: 1
    Wing Mario Over the Rainbow: 1
    Rainbow Ride: 1-7
    -------------------------------Bowser in the Sky--------------------------------
    Bowser in the Sky: 1
    And that's where you can find the stars for which courses in which sections.
    Please don't e-mail me about something like "you only put four stars in this
    section!"  That may be true, but the other three are in a different section.
    That's why I got this little number.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ==============================Bob-omb Battlefield*==============================
                                |    Bowser's Back    |
    As you start you see Princess Peach, who has baked a cake for you.  Mario
    dresses his best and uses the warp pipe to reach the castle.  The cameraman,
    Lakitu, joins you as you walk to the castle entrance.  Now enter the castle.  No
    one's home, so scram, is your greeting.  I bet that was Bowser.  From the start
    go left and talk to the Toad.  As of now, there is only one door you can open
    that is useful to you.  It is up the small set of stairs.  Open it and notice
    the huge painting of a Bob-omb, a classic Mario enemy.  Jump in and you'll enter
    Course 1.
                          |    Big Bob-omb on the Summit    |
    The first level of the game is such a good one.  It really keeps you playing.
    Talk to the first pink Bob-omb (one of the Bob-omb Buddies) and he'll tell you
    that the battle started when Big Bob-omb got his paws on the Power Star.  Follow
    the path to a bridge.  The brown enemy is called a Goomba.  They are easy to
    beat; just jump on them once.  They'll probably yield an item called a Yellow
    Star Coin.  These refill some health and collecting them has mysterious effects.
    So, head up the bridge and continue along the brown path.  The huge black ball
    thing is called a Chain Chomp, and they are pretty much invincible.  Run past it
    after it's lunged at you.  Right after it you'll see a bridge that kind of acts
    like a lever (the pillar is the fulcrum).  Run across quickly so you don't slide
    off.  Head up the stairs at the other end of the bridge and you'll encounter a
    Bob-omb.  They blow up in your face if you're unlucky enough to get noticed.
    Run away if they're about to explode, or jump.  You're headed toward the big
    gate with some sloping stone leading up to it.  Go through and you'll reach the
    mountain, on top of which is Big Bob-omb.  First, get through the pit by
    avoiding the black balls that roll around.  Be patient and walk past.  As you
    continue up the brown path you'll have to avoid some more balls.  This is not
    too tough.  Just jump around them.  After you reach the alcove they were coming
    out of you'll face a gap in the path.  To get by, run up to it, press Z and then
    A at almost the same time to do a long jump.
    The Bob-omb on the other side won't notice you, so you can press B to grab and
    throw it.  Collect the coins by the cannon to replenish any health you lost and
    then walk across the wood plank.  As you continue (stick to the grass whenever
    you can.  It's the safest place to be) you'll see a Spinning Heart.  Run through
    it to recover health.  Now continue up and you'll reach the summit where Big
    Bob-omb lurks.  Walk up to him to talk and he'll challenge you to do battle on
    his royal turf.  It things start looking bad for some reason, you can always run
    off the summit.  He's very easy, considering that he tells you how to beat him.
    Run behind him as he walks (he's very slow) and press B to grab him.  Throw him
    onto the ground and he'll take damage.  After three times he'll be defeated.
    This was a challenge because it is the same way you beat Bowser.  You can replay
    any mission you want as many times as you want (the Power Star won't be new,
    though), so feel free to whoop him again.  Once he's exploded grab the Power
    Star.  You cleared the course!
                        |    Footrace with Koopa the Quick    |
    The second mission is to beat Koopa the Quick in a race.  Koopa the Quick is the
    huge turtle creature you'll see right next to the Bob-omb Buddies.  Since you
    must've been fast to best Big Bob-omb, he challenges you to a race to the summit
    where he was.  Choose to go and the race begins.  There is little to explain,
    really.  Don't follow Koopa the Quick, because he goes a completely different
    way than you should.  Like last time, run up the bridge, round the curve, and
    pass the lever-like bridge.  Don't worry if Koopa the Quick is beating you,
    because there's a nifty shortcut to take.
    Head up the stone through the gate to be on the imperial mountain.  You know the
    drill - avoid the black balls and run to the top.  The only difference is that
    there are a few more black boulders than last time.  Koopa the Quick will
    probably be beating you at this point, but it is of no consequence.  Run to the
    alcove where the boulders come out.  Stand there, not moving, and you'll be
    transported to the top of the mountain.  Make your way to the summit, where the
    flag is, and wait for your opponent to reach the top.  You've won, fair and
    square, so you get the Power Star.
                        |    Shoot to the Island in the Sky    |
    As you start the third level off, talk to the pink Bob-omb Buddy by the cannon
    hatch.  He will open all the cannons in the stage.  Run up the bridge at the
    start by the Goombas and instead of rounding the curve like normal, continue
    straight ahead.  Climb on top of the big gray block and jump in the hole.  A
    cannon is inside.  Aim for the island (have the cursor a little ways above the
    island's edge, near the middle) and shoot.  You'll probably land on the mountain
    where you fought Big Bob-omb.  Enter the cannon you land by and shoot.  This
    time, aim with the red coin in the center of the cursor.  Shoot and you'll land
    by another cannon hatch.  Don't enter, though.  Hit the yellow block with the
    "!" mark on it and a Power Star appears.  Take it and be happy.
                             |    Find the 8 Red Coins    |
    In ever level there are eight red coins to find.  Doing this gets you a Power
    Star.  For the first, walk left of the bridge with the Goombas to see a lift.
    Jump on and stand there, in line with the coin.  When it dumps you, you'll get
    the first.  Use the lift again to reach the turn in the path that leads to the
    Chain Chomp.  Head north first, getting the second Red Coin on the stone.  Now
    go to the Chain Chomp.  The third coin is on the stake that holds it down.  Jump
    in, getting it after it has lunged at you, and retreat.  Go across the lever-
    bridge and not up the stairs.  Look to the gated section.  There are two Red
    Coins here, four and five.  The sixth is right by a 1UP.  You know the stone you
    usually use to get onto the mountain?  Drop left of it and in the tunnel you'll
    see a Red Coin, a 1UP, and a switch.
    Pound the switch if you want a shortcut.  Go up the stone to the start of the
    mountain.  You see the slope up (don't look by the pit with the rolling wrecking
    balls)?  Run up, never jumping, and you'll slowly reach the top.  Along the way
    you'll have gotten the seventh coin.  Now continue up the mountain until you see
    the cannon that shoots the water balloon bombs.  Walk on the plank past it and
    into the hatch.  Shoot yourself onto the island in the sky (like on the previous
    mission) by aiming at the coin on the tree.  When you land climb up the tree and
    get the coin.  With all eight coins, the star has formed by where you found 4
    and 5.  Get in the cannon hatch on the island and shoot yourself through the
    ring of yellow coins.  You'll land right by where the star formed.
    Right now, the other stars will have to wait.  You don't have the proper
    equipment to get the next star, and so we're going to skip right along to the
    second course.
    ===============================Whomp's Fortress*================================
                            |    Chip off Whomp's Block    |
    The second course is right of where Bob-omb Battlefield was.  The door has a 1
    on it, meaning that you need 1 Power Star to open the door.  Since you have
    enough, it opens.  Jump into the painting and you can begin a new course!  As
    you first start Lakitu tells you how to sneak up on enemies - walk very slowly.
    Gee, I would of never guessed that.  This is exampled in the Piranha Plant
    sleeping in the flower bed.  Don't disturb it or you'll feel its teeth.  Walk up
    the path to see some weird rock creatures that extend from the wall, trying to
    knock you off.  Avoid them (be patient) and then work your way across the gaps
    when platforms fill them.  You'll finish off by seeing a large, and old, enemy.
    These are classic Mario enemies if there's ever been one!  It's called a Thwomp.
    Avoid being crushed by it and walk up the gray path.  Avoid the Thwomp here, too,
    and at the top is a Piranha Plant.  This is a good time to practice crawling.
    Press Z to crouch and start moving.  Crawl right past the plant to a gray bridge.
    Run across quickly to a brick platform.  If you've read the signs at all you'd
    know that the paths are narrow, don't wake people up, etc.  Crawl on the plank
    past another Piranha Plant.
    When the rotating platform faces you run to the center (so when it turns you
    don't get knocked off) and wait for it to turn again to cross the gap.  The
    enemy ahead is a Whomp.  To beat it, run up to it.  It will slam itself into the
    brick floor in a futile attempt to crush you.  Move out of the way, obviously,
    and ground pound its back.  Many coins will result.  Continue along the path to
    see another Whomp.  Defeat it in the same fashion, run up, dodge, and ground
    pound the back.
    Take the lift up to see the Whomp King (or at least I suppose that's its name).
    He's angry that even though they build your houses and roads, you walk all over
    them.  I think he's referring to rocks.  He's just as easy to beat as his
    underlings.  Run up to him and he'll fall over onto you.  Dodge his body by
    running through the legs as he falls and then ground pound the band-aid on its
    back.  And just like Big Bob-omb, the Whomp King gives in after three hits.  The
    Power Star is released for winning.  You beat the stepping-stone!
                          |    To the top of the Fortress    |
    Here's your basic get-to-the-top-of-the-tower level.  I'm into shortcuts,
    Personally; jump onto the tree from the start.  Climb to the top and jump onto
    the ledge above from there.  Run up the ramp and you've just saved a lot of time.
    Go past the piranha plants like last time and take the rotating platform across
    the gap.  Now run to the lift (defeat the Whomps if you'd like).  In place of
    the Whomp King is a tower to the skies.  Jump on the lowest platform available
    to you and hop up the side platforms as they become available.  The last one
    rises, taking you to the Power Star.
                           |    Shoot Into the Wild Blue    |
    Jump onto the tree and an owl comes out.  That's for later; don't bother
    listening to it.  Head left and talk to the Bob-omb Buddy to open the hatch.
    Now for the tricky part.  You need to take aim and fire.  Have the cursor's top
    arrow barely not touching the central pillar.  That is, when you aim toward the
    lower region of the large pole, you'll see three pillars.  Aim at the central
    one, the one behind the other two.  Anyways, when aiming, keep the top arrow
    almost touching the top of the central pillar, but not quite.  Then shoot.  If
    done correctly, Mario will be sent a tad lower than where you aimed onto the
    platform with the Power Star.  As you slide along the brick press A to jump
    midway and if you're lucky, you'll touch the star, stopping you.
                        |    Red Coins on the Floating Isle    |
    It's time to collect the eight red coins.  For the first, head up the brown path
    by the weird things that extend from the wall.  The Red Coin is hovering over
    the middle one.  Hop across the gaps to the Thwomps.  Climb the stairs until
    you're one stair above the second Thwomp.  Jump onto it and ride it up to the
    second Red Coin.  Now let me teach you a neat-o trick.  The Piranha Plants can
    be defeated when they are asleep.  Just run up to them and jump on their heads.
    They will whither away and leave a Blue Coin, worth five, in their place.  Take
    the third Red Coin behind where it was and then walk up to the wall.  Walk
    against it, called sidestepping, so that you pass the fourth Red Coin.  The
    fifth is by the rotating platform.
    Step onto the center and wait for it to turn again.  Go to the edge of the
    platform to pass by the Red Coin, giving you five.  The sixth coin is nearby.
    Stand on the rotating platform's edge and wait for it to pass the gray object.
    You'll fall down and slide right through the sixth.  Now head back to the start.
    Remember the owl that comes out of the first tree if you climb on it.  Wake it
    up and jump to grab its talons.  Hold A until you want to release.  Drop onto
    the green island in the sky and get the Red Coin.  Then jump over to the eighth
    one on the brick platform.  Now very carefully return to the starting point.
    The Power Star formed right near it.
                          |    Fall Onto the Cage Island    |
    This isn't too challenging.  Hop into the tree and climb up.  An owl is awoken
    by your clumsiness and offers to give you a lift.  Jump up, grabbing the talons,
    to fly and hold A to stay flying.  You can control the owl as if you were it, so
    steer with the control stick.  You're aiming for a star in a cage right by the
    tower where the last star was.  Flap around aimlessly for a while to lower
    yourself and then direct yourself toward the cage.  Fall in for the star.  Here
    we go!
                             |    Blast Away the Wall    |
    Talk about easy!  This would be pretty challenging if you didn't know what to do,
    though.  Hop into the tree and jump to the ledge like last time.  An owl comes
    out, but that's not important.  Head left all the way to see a Bob-omb Buddy and
    his hatch.  It should be open from the previous missions.  Enter and look around.
    Notice two walls jutting out around the rotating platform above.  Shoot Mario at
    the corner of the right one and you'll destroy the corner part of the wall,
    revealing a star.  Now for the challenging part...  Get back in the cannon and
    shoot Mario to the star.  It may take a few tries, but it can be done.  Have the
    lowest yellow coin in the cursor's center and shoot to get it successfully.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is the other way to get a star in every course.  Simply collect 100 coins.
    Choose any mission besides the first and start off by jumping into the tree.
    Hop onto the ledge and collect the five coins on the stone ramp.  There's
    another five on the dirt path below.  With ten, drop back to the starting point.
    Remember that you can beat Piranha Plants by jumping on their heads.  Doing this
    yields a Blue Coin, bringing you up to 15.  Break the block north of the Piranha
    Plant (by some flowers) for three coins and then gather the coins around the
    flowerbed to be brought up to 26.
    Use the tree to get back up to the upper ledge, which is flooded with water.  In
    the water are more coins, bringing you up to 34.  There are five more by the
    Bob-omb Buddy, giving you 39.  Now for a major haul.  Go down the sloping stone
    to see a blue switch.  Ground pound it to make four Blue Coins appear, resulting
    in 59 coins.  Then pick up the block and throw it against the wall for a grand
    total of 62 coins.  Now head right, jumping against the slope for a Red Coin
    along the way, and up the path to see a snoozing Piranha Plant.  Defeat it,
    taking the Blue Coin, and the Red Coin behind it, for 71 coins in total.
    Sidestep around the wall for another red coin.  Now you have 73.  Go back and
    run across the gray collapsing bridge.  Cross the wooden plank for five more
    coins.  Defeat the Piranha Plant for 83 coins total.  Collect the coins on the
    rotating platform for a 1UP and 89 coins.  Now walk across the gap to see the
    Whomps.  Defeat each for 99 coins.  You only need one more coin.  By the way, if
    you climb to the top of the pole by the Whomps, you get a 1UP.  The last coin
    should be a Red Coin.  There are plenty you haven't gotten.  When you get 100 a
    star appears.  Take it and finish the course to leave with it.
    ================================Jolly Roger Bay*================================
                            |    Tower of the Wing Cap    |
    After you've gotten ten Power Stars the castle lobby is lit up.  The painting of
    the sun on the ceiling is giving off real light.  Stand on the sun symbol and
    stare up at the sun.  You'll enter a new level, Tower of the Wing Cap.  The
    point of this level is to get you the Wing Cap in all its glory.  There's also
    one Power Star to be gotten in this course.  You start out wearing the Wing Cap,
    which gives Mario the ability to fly.  Fly around for a little while, and
    eventually fall onto the structure in the center.  Press the Red Switch and all
    the Red Blocks in the game will materialize.  You can now use the Wing Cap in
    all the levels, which means we'll be revisiting Bob-omb Battlefield.  Regardless,
    there's one Power Star in this course to get.  It qualifies as a secret star.
    Once you've pressed the Red Switch the Red Block fills in and you can hit it for
    the Wing Cap.  There's one easy way to get the Power Star in this level.  Since
    the Wing Cap is not permanent, hit the block frequently to get the Wing Cap back
    anew each time.  Triple Jump with it on and fly out toward the Red Coins,
    collecting them in pairs each time.  Every time you've gotten two, return to the
    main platform and get a new Wing Cap.  Continue until you've gotten all eight.
    Then take the Power Star.  Remember that you don't lose lives in that level.  If
    you can't seem to get them all, get the highest six as you start out flying from
    a high point and leave the last one to a second Wing Cap.  If you're still
    having trouble, Triple Jump off of the walls on the tower.
                            |    Mario Wings to the Sky    |
    This is an old Power Star we couldn't get previously.  It is in Bob-omb
    Battlefield.  To get it, get the Wing Cap near the start (right by the bridge
    with the Goombas).  Now run back to the cannon.  Shoot Mario toward the island
    in the sky and fly to it.  When you land get a new Wing Cap and enter the cannon.
    Shoot Mario through the ring of coins and the first four rings of coins will be
    automatic due to the Wing Cap's influence.  For the fifth, return to the island,
    get a new cap, and shoot yourself from the cannon to repeat the process.  This
    time, when you fly over the fifth ring, turn about in a circle and lower
    yourself to go through it.  When you get the central coin a star appears below.
    Nab it to finish the level.
                          |    Behind Chain Chomp's Gate    |
    This is an easy mission.  From the start go up the bridge and hang a left to see
    Chain Chomp.  Normally you avoid it, but today you're setting it loose.  Wait
    for it to lunge at you and then jump in at the stake.  Ground pound it twice,
    retreat, and repeat the process.  The third ground pound frees the beast.  As it
    runs away, Chain Chomp breaks the gate that hides a Power Star.  Touch the star
    to finish the mission.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is the last time we're going to Bob-omb Battlefield (or at least covering
    it in the guide).  The goal is to get 100 coins for a Power Star.  Choose any
    mission you'd like and let the games begin.  On ground level in the area before
    the lever-bridge, defeat the Bob-ombs and Goombas for four coins.  There are
    five more behind the bridge.  Climb the bridge and explore the north area, right
    of the Chain Chomp.  You should amass a total of 18 coins by gathering Red Coins
    and defeating enemies.  Now get in the cannon in this area.  Shoot yourself
    straight over the island to land near the mountain cannon hatch.  Collect the
    coins by it for 23 and get in the cannon.  Shoot yourself onto the island.
    After taking the Red Coin atop the tree, bringing you up to 25 coins, take a
    Wing Cap.  Shoot yourself through the cannon and collect the coins you pass,
    just like in the fifth mission.  Depending on how well you shoot yourself you'll
    get more coins.  When you have at least 40 you can leave the island.  Return to
    the start and break the blocks for 46 coins.  Use the lift to reach the Chain
    Chomp, collecting both Red Coins along the way to have 50.  Head right to be in
    the island-overhead area and then step in the flowers.
    You'll be teleported to another region of the course.  There are coins around
    the flowerbed to the upper left, which bring you up to 58.  You also get a 1UP
    for that.  Go around the area, defeating Bob-ombs and collecting Red Coins,
    until you have 75 coins, give or take a few.  Now head to the beginning of the
    mountain and hike up the slope, getting the eighth Red Coin for 77.  There's a
    Bob-omb in the area worth 78.  Use the cannon to shoot yourself to the summit
    and then drop down to the cannon that shoots water balloons.  Defeating the Bob-
    omb and collecting the coins gives you 84.  For the last 16, cross the plank and
    shoot yourself to the island via the cannon.  Collect the remaining coins with
    the Wing Cap.  Fly over to the star once you have 100 and then finish whatever
    mission you're on.  Since the guide covered getting all eight coins, that'd be
    pretty easy to finish with.
                             |    The Secret Aquarium    |
    Course 3, not exactly my favorite of the 15, is next on our list.  But first,
    let's do a quick secret course, shall we?  This will get you in the swimming
    mood.  Jolly Roger Bay is up the stairs opposite Bob-omb Battlefield.  Enter it,
    displaying your 3 Power Stars needed, and enter.  Stand up against the wall, in
    line with the black hole above (use C to look and find it).  Double jump to
    reach the hole and climb in.  Welcome to a secret level.
    Swim around, collecting all eight Red Coins (four on the floor, four around
    clusters of yellow coins) to get the Power Star.  Now you're ready to enter
    Jolly Roger Bay.  Aw, man.  And 15 was my lucky number, too.  16 suits me well,
    though.  Jump in the picture of Jolly Roger Bay and prepare for a water level,
                     |    Plunder in the Sunken Ship/100 Coins    |
    Although we could skip this course altogether, I'll cover it and all its
    annoying aspects.  Plus, this is not only a guide for the first mission, but for
    100 Coins, so you don't have to do it later.  First, there are three coins in a
    yellow block near the start.  You need coins or air bubbles to regain oxygen
    when underwater.  Dive underwater and swim around the rock with the coins
    circling it for 11 coins (by the clams).  One clam also has a Red Coin in its
    mouth.  Continue swimming to find a second Red Coin in the mouth of a clam,
    totaling 15 coins.  Continue swimming down and you'll reach a huge underwater
    chasm with a boat in it.
    There's a Red Coin in the clam's mouth near it, by the way.  There's a circle of
    coins near a tunnel, as well.  Collect the coins here to have 25 coins in all.
    Go through the tunnel and surface, seeing Goombas.  Defeat them for 28 coins.
    There's also a Blue Coin switch.  Hit it and collect as many of the coins as you
    can.  I could only manage to get 4 of them, but there are 6, and so let's assume
    you now have 48 (although all six are needed to beat this mission of 100 coins;
    otherwise, try this on the red coin mission).  Near some treasure chests, which
    you're not to try to open, is a ring of coins.  Now you'll have 56.
    Now exit the cave and surface so you're back in the starting waters.  Look in
    the distance for a big spike-rock coming from the ocean floor.  Around it are
    more coins, giving you a grand total of 64.  Now swim to the large gray platform.
    It has land by it, lucky you.  Collect the five coins by it with a double jump
    and then jump on top of the platform.  Hit the switch and use the blocks that
    appear to get the yellow coins along the wooden platforms to have 84.  To have
    86 coins, go back to where you double jumped to get onto the platform and jump
    onto the wood in the water.
    From there get on the stone and then jump to the jutting out of the water.  It
    acts like a pole.  Get to the top for a Red Coin.  From there there's another
    clam nearby that has a Red Coin in its mouth, giving you 88.  Here's where the
    coin guide ends.  You see, if you had gotten all six of the Blue Coins earlier,
    you'd have 98 coins now.  The last two coins can be found in a Red Coin.  On the
    wooden planks, hit the switch to make blocks appear to reach it.  Take the Power
    Star.  Finally!
    Now enter the ship deep in the water.  It is sometimes guarded by an eel, but
    after being hit by it once it left.  In here you must open the chests in the
    right order.  First open the chest not in the triangle of chests.  Then left one
    in the triangle (coming from the first).  Then the right, and finally the last
    one.  The water in the ship drains, leaving you to collect the star.
                        |    Can the eel Come out to Play?    |
    It might be easier to get the 100 Coin star in this mission (there are some
    coins where the ship was).  First I'm going to cover talking to the Bob-omb
    Buddy of this course, and then we'll get to the star.  First, swim right to a
    piece of land with vertical coins rising from the ground.  From there jump to
    the wooden platform in the water nearby and then hop to the wooden platform.
    There's the Bob-omb Buddy, raring to let you use his cannon.  Now that you've
    done that, time to get to the Power Star.  Dive down to where the ship was and
    as you do you will see the second-creepiest thing in this game.
    Yes, the game was not intended to be creepy, but I hate this guy - an eel named
    Unagi.  It's pretty big and it will more than bruise you if you touch it.  Get
    up to it, on the side, and it will stick its ugly head out.  Stay where you are
    so you don't get hurt, and it will slowly come out of hiding.  There's a Power
    Star on its tail.  Approach the tail as it swims and the Power Star comes off
    and the eel goes back into hiding.  Swim to the Power Star and you're home free.
                          |    Treasure of the Ocean Cave    |
    You know where there happens to be, so it won't be too tough.  Use the cannon
    you unlocked previously to shoot yourself toward the ship.  If you shot yourself
    onto the rock spire you'll pick up a 1UP along the way.  Either way, dive down
    from there and go through the tunnel (avoiding the eel.).  When you surface
    you'll be in the Cap'n's cave.  He's left you a note saying that you must open
    the chests in the right order.  Good thing for you there's a guide, huh?  Open
    the top one first, then left one, then the right one, and finish off with the
    bottom.  One of the stars comes out as you prize.
                         |    Red Coins on the Ship Afloat    |
    At least the Red Coins are easy to recover.  In the first little area, filled
    with clams, you'll find three of them.  Each of the first three are in the
    mouths of a clam.  Now go to the Bob-omb Buddy.  To get there, surface, jump
    from the sand to the wooden platform, and jump again.  Once there hop onto the
    Jolly Roger Bay version of a pole and climb to the top.  Four down, four to go.
    Now head onto the shore by the large gray piece of land.  Double jump to get
    onto it and ground pound the switch.  Quickly traverse the wooden planks and
    jump onto the ship using the blocks.  When you land get the fifth Red Coin by
    means of double jump.  Stay on the ship and use a triple jump to get onto the
    next tier.
    Collect Red Coin 6 and Red Coin 7.  # 8 is very easy to find.  For you see, the
    N64 had good graphics for its day and age, but in this game (and many other),
    chief objects, like Red Coins, appear from a distance, while other objects (like
    clams) appear when you're close up.  Dive down to where the ship was sunk in the
    first mission and swim by the clam to get it to open its mouth.  When it has,
    swim to the Red Coin.  The star forms on the ship, so make your way back to it
    and get that Power Star!
                          |    Blast to the Stone Pillar    |
    This is pretty much the twenty-second Power Star.  First off, let's enter that
    cannon.  Get the cursor in line with the leftmost stone pillar a.k.a. pointy
    rock and shoot (to be sure of success have the cursor much higher than the tip
    of the pillar).  Mario will treat the pillar like a pole and hold on to it.
    Jump off of it onto the ledge to the left and hit the block for the star.
    For the time being, we cannot get the last star.  I know it's hard to deal with,
    but you can manage.  I believe in you.
    ==============================Cool, Cool Mountain*==============================
                         |    The Princess's Secret Slide    |
    A girl's got to have fun, right?  I wouldn't really know, but Peach has her own
    private slide hidden in the castle.  It's not exactly hidden; it has its own
    star door and everything.  Before the next course we're getting not one, but two
    secret stars.  From the castle lobby take the stairs up and go right to see a
    door with a 1 on it.  Enter and jump into the right stained glass Peach picture.
    Here's the level.  This is a really easy star to get.  First, hit the Blue Coin
    switch so you can get more coins.  Now slide down the slide.  That's all there
    is to it.  When you've gotten the first star, reenter the level.
    The second star is gotten in the same way, except you have to be really fast.
    You slow down when you hit the wall, so avoid them.  I don't know that it makes
    a difference, but I rolled on Mario's belly (start running, jump, and press B).
    Remember to always press forward on the control stick, except near the end (or
    you'll bump into a wall).  Try, try, and try again.  You need to get a time of
    less than 21 seconds.  Now that you have 24, three times as many stars as you
    actually need to face Bowser for the first time, let's play the last course for
    the first part.
                              |    Slip Slidin' Away    |
    Cool, Cool Mountain is the 3 door near Bob-omb Battlefield.  Enter and jump in
    the central painting.  The first star is sort of difficult.  Now you see, you
    could've done the slide level any time after beating Big Bob-omb, but I chose
    now because of this.  You must race a big penguin down an icy road to a Power
    Star.  For now, though, there's no penguin.  It's just you and the plummeting
    path to power stars (alliteration rules!).  Hop into the cottage through the
    chimney and slide down the path.  Want some tips?  Good, because you're getting
    some.  For starters, making it shorter would help.  At the start, jump over the
    edge and ground pound to fall to a lower part of the course.  You'll be
    backwards, but oddly it seems to be easier that way.  The rest is cake.  Another
    shortcut (that works much better) is to wait for the Blue Coin to fall off the
    edge and go with it to the very end.  At the end, exit through the door and take
    what's yours, a Power Star.
                              |    Li'l Penguin Lost    |
    A poor mommy penguin has lost her poorer baby penguin.  It's about time Mario,
    unite-r of penguin families, reunited the mommy with the baby.  Now there are
    two ways to do this.  There's the suckers' way, or the shortcut-takers' way.  I
    prefer the latter, so guess what you're doing?  Hop onto the chimney rim (not
    into it) and use it as a steppingstone to reach the baby penguin.  Press B to
    grab it and then slide down the ice with it to the starting point.  Walk right
    onto a warp bridge.  Normally this would warp you right to the momma penguin,
    but it doesn't work when you're holding the baby.  In that case, jump off the
    bridge.  As you slide down hop before you hit the bottom of Cold, Cold Crevasse.
    Hit the yellow block for a 1UP and then go to the north end of the ledge.  Slide
    down and you'll be by a broken bridge.  Drop down to the wooden path descending
    into the crevasse and take it to the mothering mother penguin.  As a reward for
    your good deed you get a Power Star.
                               |    Big Penguin Race    |
    Now, if you thought the first mission was tough you'll find this to be quite
    impossible.  Jump through the chimney opening to be in the race area.  The
    mother penguin, who will now be referred to as Big Penguin, is in a racing kind
    of mood today.  "Howzit going, buddy," she says, but in reality she hates you
    for doing what she couldn't - saving her little penguin.  You need to respond
    with a vengeance.  In other words, kick her tail in the sled race.  This race is
    pretty easy if you keep pressing forward on the control stick.  Shortcuts don't
    work (trust me, I tried) because you'll be disqualified if you use them.  Just
    follow the main track.  For winning you take home the gold!  Err, Power Star.
                         |    Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins    |
    I must be psychic or something because I knew this was the fourth mission.  The
    first Red Coin is in the tree.  For the second, walk to the warp bridge and fall
    down.  Stop rolling when you can and you'll land by a 1UP and a Red Coin.  Go to
    the north end of the ledge and fall down to a bridge.  On it is a Red Coin,
    number three.  Drop down to the wooden walkway and go all the way to the edge of
    the course, just beyond the warp bridge.  You'll find the fourth Red Coin.
    Backtrack a bit to a bridge and on the adjacent platform is Red Coin # 5.  Now
    head left to a tree with the sixth Red Coin in it.  There's a wooden platform
    near a cannon hatch.
    Jump on it and ride it up to a Bob-omb buddy.  Talk to him to activate the
    cannons.  Wait for the platform to return and ride it to the top.  Once there
    you'll find the seventh Red Coin.  For the last one hop up the tiers and head
    left all the way to an indentation with the Red Coin in plain sight.  Now take
    that wooden platform back down to an earlier point in the level and head right
    to a warp bridge.  Stand on the last step and you'll teleport to the start of
    the level.  Fall down, jumping halfway to stop yourself, and go to the north end.
    Fall down to the out bridge and long jump across it.  Take the Power Star.
                           |    Snowman's Lost his Head    |
    This took me forever to figure out how to do.  Walk left along the slopes to see
    a body without a head.  It needs, get this, a good head on its shoulders.
    You're going to have it to race it.  It deals a lot of damage when touched, so
    it's important to get a head start (talk to it from behind).  Roll down in front
    of the snowball, which gradually becomes larger, and make sure that at the
    bottom you hit the side of the platform the head rests on.  Then talk to the
    head quickly and get on the opposite side of the pedestal that you hit.  If done
    correctly, the snowman becomes complete.  Talk to your newly assembled client
    and he'll give you a Power Star.
                             |    Wall Kicks Will Work    |
    Let's do this thing!  Not too tough, if I do say so myself.  It's kind of
    frustrating figuring out what to do, but I had already noticed the secret area
    anyways.  And I shall guide you.  From the start slide down the side of the
    mountain as if playing the previous mission.  You can either cross the bridge,
    take the path down and shoot yourself from the cannon to the tree, or you can do
    the alternative.  Find the enemy in the lower tier and jump on it.  This
    particular enemy lets you slowly descend from above.  Go over the edge of the
    cliff while descending and land on the lower platform.  Either way you do it,
    you need to be on that low ledge.  Side step all the way to a sign.
    Run past it and long jump across the gap.  Follow the path to a dead end.  Jump
    against the wall and press A as you hit the wall to perform a wall kick.  You'll
    bounce off the wall to another platform.  This time, run up the platform, doing
    a triple jump as you go, and when you're at the peak of the triple jump, wall
    kick to the next ledge.  There's a frigid platform to be crossed.  Crawl across
    very slowly and take the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    After getting all the aforementioned stars, you'll get an in-game message.  With
    30 Power Stars you can open up the big star door.  That's the second time you
    face Bowser, so you could do absolutely nothing right now and face Bowser twice
    in a row.  However, that's not how we're going to do it.  After getting this
    last star, we'll finally confront Bowser for the first time.  Select the first
    mission to play on.  From the start, climb the tree, getting the Red Coin.
    Carefully get the coins by the chimney without falling in.  You'll have seven
    coins as you enter the cabin.  Race down, going slowly, and collecting as many
    coins as you can along the way.  I finished up with 70, but if you have more,
    it's okay.  If you have less, redo the race (return to the start of the level,
    as I will explain how to now).  Exit the house and get the Red Coin in the tree
    to the left for 72 coins.
    Go right all the way for another Red Coin.  Now go to the bridge in the area.
    Get the Red Coin here to have 76 coins under your belt and then warp to the
    start of the level by stepping on the last segment of the broken bridge.  Now
    back at the start, if you didn't get enough coins in the slide earlier, now's
    your chance to do it again.  Once you have enough take the mission 5 path (go
    left down some slopes) and collect coins as you go.  With all the coin bundles
    here, chances are you'll have reached 100.  If that's still not enough, about
    halfway down the slide (from the start to where the snowman is) there's a ledge.
    Jump to it and on the other side you'll find a Blue Coin Switch.  Need I say
    ===========================Bowser in the Dark World*============================
                              |    Destination Bowser    |
    We're headed for Bowser.  You see, we've gotten all the Power Stars I care to
    get for the time being, so it is time to face Bowser.  There aren't many more
    you could get, right now, anyways.  Bowser is behind the big door with a star on
    it.  You need 8 Power Stars to enter, but you just went all-out and got 31.  I'm
    proud of you, even though you did use a walkthrough.  Open the door just like
    any other requirement door and walk through.  There's a long hallway that leads
    to a painting of Peach.  As you try to reach it, though, the floor gulps you
    down and you enter Bowser's first level.  The Peach turning to Bowser thing was
    a nice touch.
                           |    Bowser in the Dark World    |
    Besides one Power Star found in this level, the only thing to do is reach Bowser.
    From the start head right, jump over the wooden beam, and press the switch when
    the fire is down.  Quickly run across the rotating platforms and up the ramp.
    Jump onto one of the spinning platforms and take it to a Goomba platform.  Take
    the 1UP that comes with them and make your way up the bridge.  As you go up the
    stone path you'll see some electric enemies.  Don't touch them.  When the block
    is out, jump onto it and head across the platform to more rotating ones.  At the
    other side defeat the Goomba and then jump to the turquoise wooden platform.
    Stand on one end for a bit to raise the other, and then dash up it and hop to
    the next platform.  Repeat this to reach a stone platform.  Long jump to the
    switch and press it so that the slope becomes like a stairway.  At the top read
    the sign for hints on how to beat Bowser, and then take the warp pipe down to
    your destiny.
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    The boss is always Bowser, but it is cool to write that kind of thing.  It's a
    shame the way Bowser looks, though.  I thought he was so cool-looking when I
    played this a few years back, but he looks kind of puppet-like.  I wonder if DS
    will look like that...  Anyways, Bowser is really easy the first time around.
    Lure him near one of the bombs at the edge of the arena.  The bombs are big
    spiky metal objects on yellow orbs.  Then wait for Bowser to breathe fire.  Run
    behind him and press B to grab his tail.  Swing him around, just enough to toss
    him at the bomb, and release with B.  If you accidentally overthrow, Bowser will
    hop back onto the arena.  One bomb beats him.  Lying in the arena defeated,
    Bowser uses the Power Stars he has to warp out of there.  But he drops a key
    behind.  Now you can open a door in the castle!
                                 |    8 Red Coins    |
    There are still Red Coins to be gotten in the first Bowser level.  Since it's so
    short, it was no trouble at all finding all eight.  Enter and head right.  When
    the fire is down press the switch.  Run back to the start of the level and use
    the blocks that formed to get the first Red Coin.  For the next, press the
    switch when the fire is down again.  Run in (toward you), grab the Red Coin, and
    use a quick side somersault to avoid the flames.  Take the moving platforms
    across the gap.  Head up the ramp and use the spinning platforms to cross the
    gap.  Take the bridge up and you'll be by the electric foes.  In front of the
    second one's crystal is the third Red Coin.  Continue up the path and jump to
    the extending block.  Go over it and when the block is extended, nab the fourth
    Red Coin.
    Take the moving platforms to the fifth.  Then use them to cross the void.  Head
    left using the lower walkway to reach an electric enemy orbiting a huge spike.
    The Red Coin is behind your view of the spike.  Return to the platform you were
    on and hop to the second wooden platform.  Stand on the right end and wait for
    the left to elevate for a moment.  When it does run up and jump to a wooden
    overhang.  Long Jump to the seventh Red Coin, one platform left.  Now go right
    to see some Goombas.  This should be on the ground level.  Hop to the strip of
    stone to the upper left and switch to the Mario Cam (R button).  Walk up to the
    eighth Red Coin right there.  The Power Star forms by the warp pipe.  Return to
    where the Goombas were and double jump your way up the platforms.  Hit the
    switch, head up the stairs, and take the star.  Now take the pipe down and
    defeat Bowser.  Mission complete!
    ================================Big Boo's Haunt*================================
                                |    The Courtyard    |
    This is a very interesting level.  I didn't discover it until much later in the
    game when I played through the first time.  You have enough Power Stars to
    activate the sequence, so go to the castle lobby.  Next to the Whomp's Fortress
    and Cool, Cool Mountain doors is a pair of regular doors, right?  Go through
    those doors and walk along the hallway.  You should see a ghost-like creature
    that runs away as approach it.  Follow it out to the courtyard of the castle,
    which is infested with Boos.  Ground pound the upper left one (it was that one
    for me, but it might be different for you) and it will drop a cage.  Jump on it
    and you'll enter the course.
                              |    Go on a Ghost Hunt    |
    Enter the morbid house via the main doors.  From there enter the upper right
    door.  Run across the bridge that collapses and ground pound the Boo for a Blue
    Coin.  Go through the door.  Side step your way to the Boo and ground pound it.
    Go through the next door to be back in the first room.  Go through the upper
    left door this time.  Ground pound the Boo and run around the eye until it spins
    so much that it keels over.  Go through the middle left door on the side and
    turn your back to the big Boo poster.  More Boos come out.  Ground pound them
    and return to the first room.  Big Boo has come out to play because you took out
    its underlings.  Big Boo is not particularly challenging.  If you look at it, it
    will shrink and be invisible.  Jump onto it from the side and ground pound.
    Three times does the trick.  To get the Power Star that results, step on the mat.
    It rises to form a stairway.  Take it up to the star.
                        |    Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round    |
    This time around we're looking for an underground merry-go-round.  It is the
    very definition of fun.  To do that, open the door to the shed left of where you
    start out.  Inside is an eye monster.  Run around it and it will be so dizzy
    that is dies.  Collect its Blue Coin and step on the red platform.  It will act
    as an elevator and take you to a watery basement.  Go down the hall and through
    the door.  Yes, this room looks ultra-creepy, but there's nothing to be worried
    about.  Simply open the door.  Now you can hear the music.  Go left and around
    the path to see a door.  Enter it and kick Boo butt, four of them.  Then Big Boo
    makes his appearance.  He's exactly the same as before, so beat him and take his
    Power Star.
                         |    Secret of the Haunted Books    |
    Once again, let's enter the haunted house.  In place of Big Boo is a set of
    stairs.  Take them up to another super-fun door maze.  Take the left door on the
    side, above the leftmost door.  You'll find yourself in a haunted library.  Long
    jump your way to the other side (easiest way to avoid pain) and walk up to the
    bookcase on the other side with three books sticking out of place.  Hit the
    upper one, then the lower one, and then the middle one.  The bookcase lowers and
    a door is revealed.  Take it to a Power Star.
                             |    Seek the 8 Red Coins    |
    Enter the haunted mansion and take the first door to your left.  Inside is a
    haunted piano-beast.  Walk up to it and it will start snapping at you.  Lure it
    to the other side of the room and rush in for a Red Coin.  Go through the door
    in here.  There are two Red Coins in here.  Double jump to reach the Red Coin on
    the bookcase and do the same to the other one.  You now have three Red Coins.
    Go through the door in here to the main room.  Now go through the first door
    right of the stairs.  Traverse the collapsing bridge and take the door.  In here,
    ground pound the Boo and take the fourth Red Coin.  Exit this room to be back in
    the main room.  Use the stairs to reach the second floor.  Take the rightmost
    door.  In here, run past the book monsters and round the bend.  Be wary of the
    floor, and carefully touch the fifth Red Coin.
    Go through the door you came in by.  Take the next door, the second-most right
    one.  In here, run around the eye creature and take the Blue Coin that follows.
    Head through the archway to a room with coffins in it.  There are two Red Coins
    in here.  Approach the first coffin and it will rise.  Quickly nab the coin and
    dodge the impending slam.  Do the same for the middle coffin on the opposite
    side to get the seventh Red Coin.  Exit this room and go one door left.  You'll
    be on a red wire net above an old room.  Carefully crawl your way to the Red
    Coin despite the gaps.  When you've retrieved it, exit this room and go south a
    bit to the Power Star.
    Unfortunately, those are all the Power Stars we can get right now.  We'll return
    to this level when we have a new cap.
    ================================Hazy Maze Cave*=================================
                              |    The Basement Bunny    |
    Yes, I know you'd hate to do so, but we're going to leave the starting five
    levels behind.  It is time to enter the basement.  Take either door as if you
    were headed to Big Boo's Haunt and instead of going down the hallway, go down
    the stairs opposite it.  Open the locked door with the key you recovered from
    Bowser.  Welcome to Part 2 of the game!  The next course is not too far off.  Go
    through the door in the green tunnel to the right.  In here, slowly crawl
    through the right tunnel.  You'll see a rabbit.  Eventually it will notice you;
    chase it.  Seriously, this is hard to do, but you have to chase the rabbit.
    Eventually, when you corner it near a Toad, walk up to it from the torch.  It
    tries to run from that direction, so as it does press B to catch it.  When you
    finally do, the rabbit reveals that it has a Power Star from Bowser.  Add it to
    your collection.
                                |    Friendly Toad    |
    The next course is conveniently situated right next to a Toad that gives you a
    Power Star.  He's been keeping it for you.  To reach him, go right of a painting
    of a giant fireball and go through the door.  Instead of entering the whirlpool
    of color, talk to the Toad nearby.  He gives you a Power Star.  Now enter the
                         |    Swimming Beast in the Cavern    |
    This is the other instance in the game that freaks me out.  If you read the sign,
    you'll find out what's in the cave.  To the left is Underground Lake, which
    sounds like it might have a swimming beast in it.  Go left and long jump across
    the gap.  Open the door.  This is Black Hole, a region of the cave.  Head right
    along the path until you can't any longer.  There will be some boulders rolling
    down into the hole.  Wait for one to pass and long jump to the slope their
    rolling down on.  Dodge them and hang a right to go through the door.
    Just follow the arrow.  In this room, get the coins and the 1UP.  Then step on
    the platform to be brought down to Underground Lake.  Let the creepiness
    commence.  Head into the water and you'll see a great black beast swimming
    around (named Dorrie).  Mario can tame it!  It looks like an artist's depiction
    of the Loch Ness Monster.  Step on its back and ride it around until it turns
    its neck toward the Power Star in the center of the lake.  Ground pound its back
    and step up to its head.  Ride it up to the Power Star and take it.
                           |    Cavern of the Metal Cap    |
    We're headed for the next cap switch.  It's about time we got a new cap, right?
    Unfortunately, it is near the lake monster.  From the start go left and long
    jump to and through the door.  Head around the path and jump to the boulder
    slope.  Work your way up and around to the door.  In here, grab the 1UP and the
    coins around it.  Then stand on the multicolor platform and take it down to
    Underground Lake.  Ride the monster in the lake to a metal door on a platform.
    Jump to it and enter the door.  Go through the hallway and drop into the dark
    Meet Metal Mario.  Head up through the hallway and long jump to the next
    platform.  Long jump to the next (look at the old Super Mario Bros. 2 enemy in
    here) and slowly cross the bridge.  In the alcove on the other side are the
    first two Red Coins and a 1 UP.  Follow the trail of coins up and jump from the
    platform to the Green Block Switch.  Hit it and Mario will have access to the
    Metal Cap.  There are two more Red Coins around the switch.  Jump to the Green
    Block and get the Metal Cap.  Jump into the water; you'll sink to the bottom.
    Around the platform that held the switch are four more Red Coins.  Snatch them
    and take the Power Star that forms.  It is a triumphant day for Mario.
                            |    Through the Jet Stream    |
    Now that we have the Metal Cap, we can get a star we couldn't get before in
    Jolly Roger Bay.  Go there and choose the sixth mission.  Lucky for you, this
    mission is short, sweet, and to the point.  From the start take the Metal Cap
    and enter the water.  Make your way to where the ship was sunk in the first
    level.  Chances are pretty good that the Metal Cap will wear off before you
    reach that point.  You can find a closer Metal Cap on the large gray rock near
    the Bob-omb Buddy.  You're going to have to be fast (I long jumped into the
    water to save time) to reach the Power Star.  It's at the very bottom and you
    must reach there before the Metal Cap loses effect.  When you have it, though,
    you will never have to return to the first four courses.  Huzzah!
                          |    Vanish Cap Under the Moat    |
    As long as we're getting the caps, let's get the last one.  Then we can finish
    up on Big Boo's Haunt.  Go to the entrance of Hazy Maze Cave and go down a bit
    to see a plain wooden door.  Go through and dive through the water to two
    pillars.  It is decreed that you should pound the pillars, apparently.  Ground
    pound both pillars and the water will drain in the castle.  Go through the
    rusted door and you'll be in the castle moat, only drained.  Run over to a hole
    in the ground and take it to the next course.  There is not only a new cap to
    get, but a Power Star in this course.  For the first time though, just roll down
    the slopes and run around the corner to see a wooden platform that acts as a
    lever.  Stand on the near end to raise the far end and go up.  Double jump to a
    "!" mark and break it for a good three coins.  Hop onto the rotating platforms
    and take them up to another wooden lever.  Use it to reach a long series of
    rotating platforms that end in the Blue Switch.  Press it and take the Vanish
    Cap.  Head through the walls and fall through the hole.
    Now for the Red Coin challenge.  Reenter the course and slide down from the
    start.  You'll land by a Red Coin.  Stay on that platform and jump to the right
    to slide to another Red Coin platform.  Slide down and you'll reach a platform
    with a 1UP on it.  Hop to the far right to land near a platform with a Red Coin.
    Double jump to a platform to the left that has a Red Coin on it, your fourth.
    Now slide to the bottom and take the Vanish Cap.  Head right, round the bend,
    and jump up on the wooden platform.  Do the usual lever trick to reach the next
    tier and then double jump to the next.  Take the platforms to a wooden platform
    where you'll get Red Coins five and six.  Head right, taking a Red Coin along
    the way.  At the end, take the Vanish Cap and run through the walls, getting the
    eighth Red Coin as you do.  The Power Star appears at the end.
                              |    Big Boo's Balcony    |
    I know, it's kind of annoying, going to all these old levels.  But there are
    still three more stars in an old level.  Big Boo is a resilient Boo, and he is
    still lurking in the painting world.  This level can be done without the Vanish
    Cap, but we were at a nice stopping point before.  In the house, take the stairs
    up and enter the rightmost room.  Stand on the wooden platform and wall kick the
    wall (the one closest to you, the player).  You'll land in a secret area by a
    door.  Take it and pound the Blue Coin Block.  Then take the double doors out to
    the balcony.  You must fight Big Boo again.  Good thing he's so easy.  Now for
    the getting of the star.  Long jump to the gable to your right and then jump
    your way up to the central one, on which is a 1UP and the Power Star.
                        |    Eye to eye in the Secret Room    |
    Also in Big Boo's Haunt is this star.  This is the hardest one to get here
    because the Vanish Cap does not last forever.  Enter the creepy steeple (if you
    read my guide for Paper Mario, you'd get the joke) and go upstairs.  Take the
    rightmost door and go around the corner to a door.  Take the Vanish Cap (now you
    have to be fast) and dash back to the previous room.  Wall kick your way to the
    hidden door like in Big Boo's Balcony and go through.  I've found that the only
    way to reach it in time is to do a side somersault before the wall kick.  Run
    left and head through the Boo poster (you can with the Vanish Cap on).  In this
    room is a giant eye monster.  Ignore the Boo if you want and sprint around that
    eye.  If you run in the direction it is spinning, it will become dizzy and
    disappear, leaving a Power Star in its residue.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is the easiest 100 Coins mission in the game.  Pick any mission except the
    first, because the lack of stairs seriously hurts your coin-collecting power.
    First, outside, grab the block with B and it will hop around, leaving 5 coins
    for you.  Run around the house, defeating the spider enemies, and you'll get a
    total of 24 coins, a lot of which comes from an "!" block in the back.  Also in
    the back is a door.  Go through and defeat the two Boos for 34 coins.  Exit to
    the front of the house.  Raid the rooms on the first floor, defeating enemies
    and collecting Red Coins (all the convenient ones) and you'll end up with 65
    coins.  Go to the second floor and repeat the process.  Remember, if you jump at
    the bindings of the book demons, you'll get a Blue Coin.
    You should end up with 80 coins.  Now enter the rightmost room of the second
    floor.  Wall kick to get to the attic-area like you did in the last two missions.
    Hit the Blue Coin Block and collect the coins to have exactly 100 coins.  Take
    the star and finish whatever mission you're working on.  If you die with a 100
    coins star, you still get to keep it, anyways.
                           |    Elevate for 8 Red Coins    |
    Yes, we're finally back to Hazy Maze Cave.  From the starting point, go right.
    You might even take the Metal Cap for the ride, even though it's pretty unneeded.
    Long jump over pits and open the door.  Welcome to the abandoned constriction
    site.  From where you land (use the pole to get to ground level) walk up until
    you see some stairs by a sign.  Take them up to see a platform called the work
    elevator.  Use the arrows to direct yourself across the air.  Aim for blocks and
    break them to uncover Red Coins.  You'll get the first three Red Coins this way.
    Then use the elevator to reach a Red Coin in the corner on a grassy ledge.  With
    four in hand, the work elevator has outlived its usefulness.
    It's only other purpose it getting you up.  Take it to a pole near the starting
    point of the work elevator.  You're going to have to jump to the pole since the
    elevator is too wide to reach it.  Take it up to the upper level of the
    construction site.  Step on the checkered platform near the ledge and follow the
    path to some Red Coins.  Break any blocks in the way.  You'll get the first just
    by standing on the platform, but the other three you must jump off the platform
    and onto another to get.  The last two are found together.  With all eight, get
    the Power Star in the center of the site.
                          |    Metal-Head Mario can Move!    |
    We're headed for the lake monster this time.  In case you forgot where that was,
    head left, long jumping to get across, and open the door to be in Black Hole.
    Continue along the set path and jump to the slope, dodging the boulders, and
    heading right to go through a door.  Take the 1UP and coins.  Use the elevator
    to go down and you're there.  Take the Metal Cap at the start and run into the
    lake.  Find a switch on the lake bottom near one of the platforms (left of where
    you enter the lake) and press it while metal.  To reach the switch in time while
    metal, long jump into the water to save time.  When you've pressed it, head
    through the door.  Make two long jumps in here and take the Power Star.
                          |    Navigating the Toxic Maze    |
    The first time I did this level I accidentally got the fifth star.  Head right
    to the construction site.  Once there head up to the left and take the hallway
    to a door.  Open it and fall through the pit to Toxic Maze.  From the start run
    up to the Metal Box and take it.  Head right until you reach a hallway, and then
    take it up all the way to a ledge with a sort of green liquid hanging down from
    it.  Double jump onto it and swing Mario up to a door.  Open it and run through
    the hallway, dodging bats and flamethrowers.  At the end take the elevator up
    and take that Power Star.
                          |    A-maze-ing Emergency Exit    |
    Let's head right this time, into the construction site.  From dropping down from
    the pole, go through the first hallway left that you can and open the door.
    Inside, drop into the pit.  Welcome to the Toxic Maze.  It's essentially the
    same as swimming, because you run of air, but it happens much faster.  Quickly
    run to the first pocket of good air ahead of you.  Take the Metal Cap and go
    right to the first hall, and then up.  Follow the path to a pocket of air by a
    Mole, an old enemy.  Run into the toxic gas with your eye on the metal door
    above.  Wall kick the wall opposite the door and enter it.  In here, just go
    through the tunnel, avoiding bats, until you reach an elevator.  Take it up to a
    door.  Go through and double jump.  You'll grab onto the wire net.  Hold A and
    go through to the Power Star on the ledge.
                           |    Watch for Rolling Rocks    |
    Head left and go through the door to be in the Black Hole region of the cave.
    Take the usual path around to be on the slope the boulders roll on.  Go up all
    the way and go right to see a door.  Don't take it, though.  Instead, wall kick
    your way up to a Power Star.  That was surprisingly easy.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Now with 50 starts you can open the star door on the third floor and you haven't
    even beat Bowser the second time yet.  This is definitely the hardest mission in
    Hazy Maze Cave.  In the first room is a spider, worth three coins.  Go right and
    take the other spider and the trail of rings for a total of 11 coins.  Take the
    door to enter the construction site.  There are two spiders to be killed here
    for 17 coins total.  Collect the Red Coins in this room for a total of 33 coins.
    Now go to the path to Toxic Maze.  Open the door and take the five coins around
    the pit.  Fall into the pit and defeat the first enemy, a mask that shoots you,
    for three more coins.  You should now have 40 coins.
    Take the Metal Cap and follow the instructions to the letter.  Head right all
    the way and jump up, hitting a Blue Coin Block.  Then run down and up through
    the hallway collecting four Blue Coins as you do.  You'll have 75 in total.  Now
    wall kick the wall to reach a metal door (like you were doing mission 5).  Enter
    it to exit the maze and work your way to the elevator.  Defeat the two bats
    along the way to have 77 coins.  Take the elevator up and go through the door.
    Use the wire net to collect the five coins up there to have 82.  Now very
    carefully hop down to the slope with the boulders.
    There's a trail of five rings to get as you go up the slope, giving you 87 in
    total.  Go through the right door and collect the rings here for 95 coins.  Get
    the 1UP and go down the elevator.  Swim onto the sea dragon's back and use it to
    get onto the main platform.  Without getting the star (because then the level
    would end), collect the coins around it.  You should have 100 now.  To finish
    the level quick, take the star right by you.  Yes!  No more Hazy Maze Cave, ever!
    ===============================Lethal Lava Land*================================
                              |    Boil the Big Bully    |
    The entrance to this world couldn't be more obvious.  Left of Hazy Maze Cave is
    a painting of a flame with a wicked smile.  Hop in.  Now, you may've been burnt
    before, but you've never been burnt like this.  Make sure to be very careful
    when jumping and running not to fall in lava.  From the start head right, long
    jumping over the gap.  Go up the path to see a Bob-omb Bully.  That may not be
    their names, but that's what they are.  They try to ram you into the lava, so
    punch them in return.  From there head right onto some lava platforms and then
    onto the narrow strip of land right of it.  Take the winding path to some more
    lava platforms.  The point is the safest place to be.  Wait there until the cage
    platform floats your way.  Jump on and take it to the left platform.  That's Big
    Bully, and he's far easier than you might think.  Punch it once and as it
    recovers lunge in for some more blows.  Knock it into the lava and you'll get a
    Power Star!  Good things do happen when you stand up to bullies twice your
    height and weight.  Take the newly formed stairs right to it.
                              |    Bully the Bullies    |
    Let's make this short and sweet.  From the starting point long jump backwards to
    a Red Block.  Hit it and take the Wing Cap from it.  Fly over to the platform
    right of where you fought Big Bully.  On it are three small bullies.  There's a
    good trick to beating them quickly.  Stand near the edge and wait for them to
    charge you.  Jump and ground pound them just as they pass under you to send them
    into the lava where they belong.  When you win, Big Bully appears for a rematch.
    Beat him just like you did last time.  The ground pound strategy is pretty good,
    too, though.  Take the Power Star when you win.
                         |    8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces    |
    Bowser is such a narcissist.  Long jump backwards and take the Wing Cap.  Fly
    forward for a while until you see one of those sliding puzzles.  Bowser is the
    picture, of course.  Run around on the safe tiles (the ones that can't be moved)
    and collect all eight of the Red Coins conveniently collected in that one spot.
    When you get all eight of them, you can find the Power Star on the upper right
                             |    Red-Hot Log Rolling    |
    Yeah...  This is one of the more memorable missions from Lethal Lava Land.  Long
    jump backwards and take the Wing Cap like last time.  Fly right until you see a
    huge cage.  There's a platform left of it (if you're flying with the cage
    directly ahead of you) that has two Bob-omb Bullies on it.  Land there and
    triple jump again (still with the Wing Cap on) to take flight.  Enter the caged
    area and land on the log.  If you still have time on the Wing Cap, fly forward
    and get the Power Star on the left edge of the walkway.  If not, stand on the
    far part of the log to make it roll and jump periodically so you don't fall in
    the lava.  Work the log to a path against the cage wall.  Use it to reach the
    Power Star.
                         |    Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano    |
    Gee, I wonder where the star could be.  Long jump backwards from the start and
    hit the Red Block for a Wing Cap.  Fly off into the volcano to the upper right.
    When inside take the winding rock near the landing point to a path up the side
    of the volcano.  Follow it, avoiding flames, and you'll reach a Bob-omb Bully.
    It serves as our land mark.  Continue up and avoid the huge roll-out weights.
    They do a lot of damage and you're not interested.  Double jump to the next tier
    as it is resetting itself and then use the stepping stones to reach the next
    segment of the trail.  The Bob-omb Bully has lots of potential to aggravate you,
    so either finish it quick or avoid it.  At the top you'll reach a series of
    poles.  Very carefully (use the camera to make sure you're lined up before you
    jump) make your way across by jumping from one to the other.  Do not even
    attempt a handstand.  At the end the Power Star is waiting.
                         |    Elevator Tour in the Volcano    |
    All of these missions I remember so clearly!  It's weird, man.  The clue is very
    direct; enter the volcano.  If you long jump backwards from the start and take
    the Wing Cap, you can fly right into the volcano, which would be to your upper
    right.  As you enter you lose the cap, but at least you land on land.  From
    where you drop jump to the small island near you and work your way to a
    checkered platform.  Take a little ride, at the end of which you should jump to
    the next platform.  Ride it to a pole that you must climb.  At the top, wait for
    a flame chain to pass by and then hop off the pole, aiming for the top of the
    rotary stone.  Jump to the next pole and take it up to a platform.  Follow the
    very small (jump with extreme preciseness to avoid having to do this all over
    again) platforms to the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is not exactly the easiest course in the game to get 100 coins.  Long jump
    backwards and pick up the Wing Cap.  Near it are two platforms with eight coins
    in all on them.  Jump to the sliding puzzle branded with Bowser and collect all
    eight of the Red Coins for 24 coins total.  Go up, defeating both the Bob-omb
    Bullies for 26 coins.  Now head over to the wooden platform to the upper right
    (why isn't it burning?).  On the thin strip of land collect the five coin bundle
    for a combined 31 coins.  Defeat or skip over Big Bully to the right and take
    the caged platform to the platform with the small enemies.
    Take the coins there and do not bother defeating the Bob-omb Bullies; that'll
    just start a fight with Big Bully.  Collect the four coins on the lava platform
    south of theirs for 43 coins.  Long jump to the platform to the right and defeat
    the eye monster (taking the coins around it) for 56 coins in all.  If you forgot
    how to defeat it, simply run around it in the direction the pupil is moving.
    Now take the long winding platform to the lower left (long jump) down to a
    platform with two Bob-omb Bullies on it.  You're only interested in the coins;
    don't stick around for the fight.
    You should have 64 coins when you leave that platform.  Go right to a narrow
    lava-dunked platform.  Jump to the other one right above it and collect the
    coins there (69).  Jump to the spinning volcano platform and collect all three
    coins there.  Long jump to the U-shaped platform above for more (76 and a 1UP).
    Long jump to the platform to the left and make your way back to the platform
    with the Wing Cap on it.  I don't know why, but when I crossed over the sliding
    puzzle I got five more coins.  If you don't, it's okay; we'll be getting more
    than enough later.  With the Wing Cap fly over to the eye monster to the upper
    right and defeat it for 86 coins.
    Now that you've gotten every coin I care to get on the surface, fly into the
    volcano.  Follow the winding rock and then get onto the path against the
    volcano's side and you'll have 96 as you reach the fall-out weight that crushes
    you.  Wait for it to begin resetting before you double jump past it.  Head up
    the platforms and you'll get your hundredth coin on the last small platform.  If
    you didn't get that mysterious five-coin bundle I got somehow, continue up and
    you'll get six more coins along the way, which compensates.  Finish the level as
    if you would for mission five and you're set.
    ==============================Shifting Sand Land*===============================
                        |    In the Talons of the Big Bird    |
    This stage is very cleverly hidden.  Or at least it would be if those Toads
    didn't give you hints every step of the way.  Go left of the painting for Lethal
    Lava Land and round the corner.  You've reached a dead end - or have you?  The
    answer to the question is obvious, or else I wouldn't be writing this, now would
    I?  Jump into the wall and you'll enter this course just like any other.  You're
    in a desert level, which has the same music as Lethal Lava Land.  This level has
    many old enemies and quite a few new ones.  To the right (head for the stone
    pavilion to the right) is a Bob-omb, a Shy Guy, a Pokey, and in the pavilion are
    Goombas.  The only you should watch out for is the Pokey, the long spiky
    creature.  Although it looks like Mario can't touch it, don't be deceived.
    Punch its lights out.  Now, this is not a very hard mission at all.  Go through
    the pavilion and walk up to the stone path in the quick sand.  Turn around and
    do a triple jump to get on top of the pavilion.  Take the Wing Cap and fly to
    the buzzard lugging a Power Star around.  Since flying in the air is much harder
    to do, fly to the pillar the buzzard keeps circling, land on it, and jump to the
    Power Star.  It lands behind the pyramid.  Fly over to the Power Star.
                           |    Shining Atop the Pyramid    |
    Once again, go to the pavilion and triple jump on top of it.  Use the Wing Cap
    to fly to the side of the pyramid that is closest to the starting point.  Land
    by the "!" block and break it for a 1UP.  Align Mario with the entrance to the
    pyramid and do a triple jump right there (don't move as you do it, though).
    You'll fly right into that Power Star.
                          |    Inside the Ancient Pyramid    |
    As vague as the clue is, I think I know where the star might be.  Like the
    mission before this and the mission before that, go to the pavilion and use a
    triple jump to get on top of it.  Use the Wing Cap to fly into the pyramid.  The
    opening is on the face nearest the starting point.  Once inside, hang a right
    and run up to the Thwomp.  Wait for it to fall and double jump onto it.  Hang on
    it until it falls again (so you don't get crushed from below) and then climb up.
    Go backwards, away from the electric enemy.  By some Goombas you'll find a pole.
    Take it to the third floor.  Run down and use the wire net to cross the slanted
    terrain.  At the other side, I suggest you switch to the Mario Cam.  Look
    forward to see a huge rolling enemy.  When it's rolling away from you, run in
    and find the notch in the wall you can hide in.  Once it has passed, run to the
    right so you're not in range of it.  Recover any health you lost with the
    Spinning Heart and continue right, up the stairs, and right again.  The only
    hazards here are the electric balls.  Run past them and to a pole.  Take it to
    the fourth floor.  To the side is a Thwomp.  Wait for it to jump near you and
    double jump onto it.  Ride it obstacle-free to the path.  Follow the coins you
    find right to the Power Star.
                        |    Stand Tall on the Four Pillars    |
    I think the clue speaks for itself.  Like all the others, let's start with the
    Wing Cap, which has proved to be very useful in this and the previous course.
    If you managed to forget how to get the Wing Cap, I'll help you out.  From the
    start go to your upper right to see a pavilion.  Triple jump (or side somersault)
    onto it and take the Red Block's content, the Wing Cap.  Fly around to each
    pillar and stand on it.  That's all you have to do.  If you didn't land on one,
    don't fret.  You can run up the side of the pillar with regular Mario.  When you
    do the top of the pyramid explodes.  Fly into the hole that was created.  If you
    lost your Wing Cap, from any of the pillars run up to the pyramid as fast as you
    can.  Just before you reach the quick sand, though, long jump onto the side of
    the pyramid.  You should get onto a level part of it, but if you're on a slanted
    part, keep running and jumping your way to flat ground.  On the pyramid is
    another Red Block.  Bust it open and use the Wing Cap to fly inside.  You fall
    into a cage that takes you through the pyramid.  At the end stand on the rim of
    the cage (the rim touching the large red block) and find an opening.  Walk
    through and into a nightmare.
    The two enemies here are guardians of the pyramid.  I remember losing to these
    things way back when this game first came out.  Get it?  You battle hand-to-hand.
    But seriously, there's no room for jokes in this battle.  Upon replaying them,
    though, I found this boss to be easy enough.  It is simple in attack patterns,
    to boot.  As one hand rises to try to crush you, the other hand acts as the
    other's eye.  Run up to that one and punch the eye.  They'll then switch eyes.
    They are each three hits apiece.  Once you defeat one hand the other will try to
    knock you into the bottomless pit at the edge of the arena.  Punch the eye
    before it can.  For winning you get a Power Star.
                         |    Free Flying for 8 Red Coins    |
    Ooh, my favorite mission.  Like every other mission in this level to date, start
    out by retrieving the Wing Cap.  If you can't remember, think on top of the
    pavilion northeast of the starting point.  With it, fly around all the pillars
    and get each of the Red Coins by them.  Near one of them is a buzzard that might
    give you trouble.  If it takes your cap, Mario takes double the damage.  To take
    your cap back, climb to the top of the pillar and jump in place until the
    buzzard passes by.  It will drop your hat.  Near the Red Coin by the buzzard is
    a Bob-omb Buddy you might want to talk to.  Anyways, once you have gotten all
    four of the Red Coins to be found by the pillars, return to the pavilion.  Since
    your Wing Cap probably ran out of juice by now, remember that you can access the
    Red Block on the pyramid with a long jump.
    At the pavilion break the big block inside for the fifth Red Coin.  From there,
    go to the starting point.  To the left, very slowly crawl to the sixth Red Coin
    near the quick sand.  Now head to the pavilion.  Nearby is a big maze in quick
    sand.  The seventh coin is there.  Renew your Wing Cap before going.  Don't fly,
    of course, because that would be very dangerous.  Instead, start up the path.
    Position yourself so that you won't be crushed by the block (one side is hollow).
    From there, long jump to the platform with the Red Coin.  If you still have the
    Wing Cap, use it to fly over to the lake in the upper right corner.  If not,
    you're going to have to navigate the maze.  The eighth coin is in the maze.
    With it in hand, make your way back to the pavilion where the Power Star can be
                                |    Pyramid Puzzle    |
    Oh, joy.  We get to enter the pyramid.  Let's use the good old fashioned
    pavilion that has served us so well as of late.  Get on top with a triple jump
    and take the Wing Cap.  Fly into the pyramid.  Although you wouldn't guess it by
    the name of this mission, you have to find five special coins within the pyramid.
    Now, like our first venture into the pyramid, we're going to reach the second
    floor.  To get there, go right, up, and to a Thwomp.  Wait for it to crash down
    to earth and use a double jump to hang on it.  When the coast is clear, climb
    onto it and go in the direction opposite the electric enemy.  By the
    indestructible Goomba Bros. you'll find a pole.  Take it up to the third floor.
    Since you've done this once already, it isn't necessary to go into tremendous
    detail.  Go right, using the wire net to do so, and then go right again, this
    time avoiding the rolling Thwomp by getting into the niche in the wall.  Keep
    going right and you'll find a Spinning Heart followed by some rising walls.  I
    don't know what they were thinking; there's nothing remotely difficult about the
    rising walls.
    Continue right past the electric enemies and take the pole up to the fourth
    floor.  Here's where you'd stop if you were getting the star from the mission
    "Inside the Ancient Pyramid."  Double jump onto the Thwomp and take it across
    the stone bridge.  Then go up the sloping path to a chain of vertical coins.
    Right where you see the vertical coins, look at the rail along the platform.
    Where there's a break in it, hang from there.  Drop down and you'll get the
    first of the special coins.  The second and third are nearby.  For the second,
    jump to the left (a very short jump) just past the sand waterfall.  The third
    can be gotten from the second platform in a very similar fashion.  Jump right
    just past the sand waterfall and you'll land on it.  The fourth and fifth are in
    the vicinity, as well.  Jump in line with the sand waterfall this time and
    you'll land in a sort of conveyor belt of sand pouring out into the base of the
    structure.  Jump often so you don't get absorbed by the quick sand and get both
    of the coins in the corners of the conveyor belt.  After getting the fifth
    follow the sand to the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    You now have 64 stars, the ideal number in Super Mario 64.  However, we're going
    to get the very last star in this level and then you can finally play a Bowser
    level.  Play the first mission (because in that one the buzzard is preoccupied
    with its star).  From the start grab the bouncing block for five coins.  Defeat
    the Shy Guy and the Bob-ombs for a total of 9 coins.  In the pavilion, defeat
    the Pokey and Goombas.  Break the little block up against the pillar of the
    pavilion and get the Red Coin inside the big block for a total of 22 coins.
    Defeat the other Pokey for 27.  Side somersault onto the pavilion and take the
    Wing Cap.  Fly to the pyramid and climb the right face of it to get five more
    coins.  You'll have 32.  Now fly around all the pillars, collecting the coins on
    them and the Red Coins by them for a total of 44 coins.  Defeat the Pokey by the
    pillars furthest from the pavilion for 49.  Between the pillars near it are more
    coins, adding up to 55.  In the lake near both you'll find a Red Coin.  With 56
    coins, enter the pyramid by the usual entrance.
    As you enter hit the Blue Coin Block to the right.  15 coins worth of Blue Coins
    form directly ahead in the sand.  With them you'll have 71.  Walk to the right,
    where you'll find three Goombas.  Defeat them all for 74 coins in total.  Head
    left to a big Thwomp.  Double jump to get on top and head left.  Defeat the
    Goomba for 75 coins and use the wire net to collect more coins to the left.
    You'll have 83 collected when you're done with the net.  Now head right, over
    the Thwomp, and defeat the Goombas for 85 coins.  Climb the pole up and take the
    wire net.  Crossing it yields 90 coins in all.  Take the steps up, getting all
    the coins as you do, for 94.
    Now, usually you run in the slot, but I'll teach you a cool alternate way to
    cross over the rolling Thwomp.  When it's rolling toward you jump over it!  I
    would have never thought of it.  Now continue right, getting the four coins on
    the rising walls.  With 98 coins, I can just taste the star.  Yuck.  That'd be
    disgusting.  Continue right and up the pole.  Welcome to the fourth floor.
    Instead of double jumping onto the Thwomp like you normally do, just run under
    it.  It's much easier.  Cross the bricks and collect two more coins on the path.
    Take the Power Star for getting 100 Coins and then get the already-gotten Power
    Star from mission 3.  Hooray!
    ===============================Dire, Dire Docks*================================
                            |    Through the Star Door    |
    Yes, we actually are headed to a Bowser level.  It just happens to be in the sea.
    Go the first room in the castle basement and go through the star door.  You have
    more than twice as many stars as you need, so it will be no problem.  Run into
    the strange blue wall and you'll play this wonderful level.
                              |    Board Bowser's Sub    |
    This is actually a course, though, so you won't actually play Bowser's level yet.
    The course is very similar to Jolly Roger Bay.  You fall down into a pool of
    water to begin with.  Dive down, ignoring all the chests and fish, and swim
    through the tunnel.  Go through, following the arrows, and you'll reach the dock
    that Bowser keeps his submarine in.  This is a very easy star.  Swim around the
    submarine to the propeller.  Jump onto it and then run up the steep side to the
    level top.  If you can't seem to do it, try a side somersault onto the steep
    side and then jump, pressing B at the top to dive in.  That should work.  If not,
    press the switch on the land to make a path appear to the submarine.  The Power
    Star is right by the Bowser emblem.
                            |    Chests in the Current    |
    Yes, you can enter the Bowser level now, but we're going to be prepared for the
    next time we need lots of Power Stars, even though you could just about skip
    every upcoming level in the game and play back-to-back Bowser levels.  Assuming
    you've decided to play Dire, Dire Docks again, from the start dive downwards.
    This is a very short mission because the chests are directly below you.  Dive
    down (remember that the orange fish and the sharks can hurt you) and open the
    first chest.  It is the one that is off to the side, facing the wrong way.  From
    that chest swim forward and open the second chest.  Continue around the ground
    level until you find the third chest, whose lock is facing the current.  The
    fourth chest is that last one there.  It is by the current.  Be cautious when
    swimming there (the current assimilates you, which takes away a life).  After
    opening it, press A to escape death's grip (a.k.a. the current) and swim to the
    Power Star.  Now we can get no more stars on the list, so we'll do those later.
    ============================Bowser in the Fire Sea*=============================
                            |    Bowser in the Fire Sea    |
    This guide will not only contain how to get to Bowser, but where all the Red
    Coins are.  If you get the star for it you won't have to restart the level, so
    don't worry.  Start by heading right to a cage platform.  Jump for the 1UP as
    soon as you can and board the platform when it's on the other side of the ledge.
    Hop back on and jump to the lava platforms in the distance (the cage goes
    underwater, so to speak, so you want to avoid standing on it).  Take the cage to
    the final ledge.  Continue right until you see three Goombas swarming around a
    Spinning Heart.  Take the metal path up to the Red Coin in the center of the
    circle of yellow coins.  You've got 1 so far.  Return to the Goomba platform and
    go right again.
    When you see the dunking platform, jump on the pole and hop off to the upper
    left platform.  Get the second Red Coin there.  Now climb the pole at the end
    and into the cage you go.  In the upper right hand corner you'll find the third
    Red Coin.  Now step on the elevator to the left and quickly withdraw.  As it
    rises, jump for the Red Coin that was hidden beneath it (4).  Head right and up
    the pole, then up the next to return to the cage.  Take the elevator up and head
    left.  Rather than wasting time with the block, just long jump to the next
    platform.  Hike up the slanted terrain and head over the wooden beam.  Go up to
    the Bob-omb Bully, beating it, and taking the fifth Red Coin.  Drop down from
    there onto the wire net and continue left.
    Pass the Bob-omb Bullies succeeding the moving platforms and head up the stair
    path.  On the third blue block wait for the floor to rise and jump for the sixth
    Red Coin.  Now continue to the last segment of the stair path.  When it connects
    with the stone road jump to it.  Take it to a Bob-omb and an "!" block filled
    with coins.  Head right when the timing is good and the fire is down.  Long
    jumps are good for covering the distance.  Along the way take the seventh Red
    Coin.  Jump to the Spinning Heart and use the pole that rises to get onto the
    brick platform.  Wall kick your way to the upper right platform and drop from
    their to a Red Coin above a pole.  The star will form and you'll land on the
    pole in safety.  Work your way back to the Power Star, which can be done with
    wall kicks.  When you have it work your way to the right with long jumps.  At
    the end cross the crumbling bridge and drop into the funnel.
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    Bowser has a new assortment of tricks up his sleeve.  Bowser can shift the arena
    to slope in any direction he applies his weight too, which causes you to slide
    straight into him, taking damage.  Not only that, but if you jump while the
    platform is high on your end and you land when it is low, you'll take damage due
    to gravity.  The key is to finish off Bowser quickly.  Run behind him, grab his
    tail, and swing him straight into a bomb.  As you approach him, Bowser might
    turn invisible and warp to a different part of the arena.  He also can shoot out
    fireballs that home you now.  But Bowser still only takes one hit of the bomb.
    Bowser takes off to the top of the castle and leaves the key behind.  Grab it
    and Mario can do a triumphant "Here we go!"
    ================================Snowman's Land*=================================
                          |    Pole-Jumping for Red Coins    |
    Before we use that key, let's get the remaining stars in Dire, Dire Docks, shall
    we?  The third is a Red Coin challenge that was impossible before beating Bowser.
    Go to the dock area by diving at the start and swimming through the tunnel.
    When you surface get on land and press the switch.  Turn around and you'll
    notice another set of blocks leading up to a floating platform.  Take them up to
    the first Red Coin.  Then take the upper pole to the distant platform,
    collecting three more of the Red Coins along the way.  Take the pole back to the
    starting platform (where you got the first Red Coin).  Now take the right pole.
    Take it to the platform with the shadowy star.
    Use the right pole again to be taken to the red wires.  Jump to the next pole
    that you can by the red wires and let it take you to the fifth Red Coin.  When
    that pole is taking you back (when it passes in front of the opening in the
    wires) jump to the other pole behind the wire nets.  Use it to gather sixth and
    seventh Red Coins.  Return to the platform with the shadowy star.  Take the
    upper pole this time.  Transfer poles throughout the trek to the platform with
    the Blue Coin Block.  Hit for 30 coins and then head right.  Get the eighth Red
    Coin.  Now return to the shadowy star and take the Power Star.
                            |    Through the Jet Stream    |
    Go through the tunnel to the docks.  Notice that in the water there are large
    rings being emitted by a grated hole in the water.  Swim through five of them
    and a Power Star appears.  Now for the getting of it.  On land, left of the
    switch, you'll see two blocks.  The Vanish Cap is unnecessary, but you need the
    Metal Cap.  Put it on and sink to the jet stream.  Take the Power Star.  Nicely
                            |    The Manta Ray's Reward    |
    If you were paying attention during the last star you'll know what to do here.
    At the very beginning - not through the tunnel - is a manta ray swimming around.
    Aquatic rings are released from its tail, and you must swim through five in a
    row.  This isn't terribly hard to do.  It'd be a lot harder if the rings didn't
    refill your air.  When you've passed through the Power Star appears in the worst
    possible place, smack dab on top of the current.  Tread cautiously and make your
    way to the Power Star.
                             |    Collect the Caps...    |
    Swim through the tunnel to the dock and head left of the switch.  Double jump to
    get over the wire net, and then hit the Blue Block for the Vanish Cap.  Walk
    through the next wire net and pick up the Metal Cap.  Long jump into the water
    and sink to the cage in the water.  Jump through (while invisible) and take the
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Woo!  Talk about easy.  This level is chalk full of coins.  They are, after all,
    your breathing tool.  In the first area alone are plenty.  In the first region,
    including the circles of rings in the tunnel, you'll find 37 coins.  Now head to
    the dock through the tunnel.  Remember, we have an ace up our sleeves with the
    Blue Coin Block in this course, so we need only collect 33 more coins before
    that.  On land you'll find 5 coins, adding up to 42.  Underwater there are eight
    coins more, adding up to 50.  Now collect all the Red Coins.  I don't really
    need to explain since there's a guide above and it wouldn't kill you to scroll
    up, now would it?  Basically, though, just use the poles to collect them.
    You'll have 66 when everything's said and done.
    Now go over to the Blue Coin Block and smash it.  Get all thirty of the coins
    that result.  They're laid right next to each other, so it should be a cinch.
    Now you have 96, just four short of the big score.  There are five more coins
    here, but they are very tricky to get.  If you fail, you'll be ejected from the
    course.  Swim to the very bottom of this area and look for a big gaping black
    hole, right by where you got the star in "Collect the Caps..."  Grab the 100
    coin Power Star and go through the hole to find yourself in the remains of the
    castle moat.
                             |    To the Second Story    |
    You can finally explore more of the castle!  Go to the castle lobby and go up
    the stairs.  You can use the key to open the door at the top.  Go up the stairs
    and go through the door.  Search around, seeing a few old paintings.  Talk to
    the Toad and he'll give you one of the Power Stars.  Things are looking up for
    Mario.  Go through the door next to the Bob-omb Battlefield painting.  A
    painting that looks like Cool, Cool Mountain is in the reflection but not the
    real thing.  Jump into the wall to enter the course.
                              |    Snowman's Big Head    |
    A snow level, I see.  From the start look left of the huge snowman and you'll
    see a small fence.  Jump right over it and you'll slide to a path where snow
    will push you to the end.  Let it push you back and when you're ready, facing
    the front, jump over the mounds of snow and double jump onto the ledge above.
    Follow the path up to a wooden wall, which you should jump on top of.  Now take
    the wooden path up to a ledge.  Climb onto it and wait for the huge penguin to
    walk by.  Step on the icy path just as the big penguin walks by and the snowman
    will be awoken.  It'll try to blow you away (which also causes you to lose your
    cap), but you've got the penguin as a shield.  Use it to block the wind and get
    across the icy path.  This is a little tricky since the penguin moves very
    spontaneously and backwards sometimes.  To make it much easier, double jump on
    top of the penguin.  You'll just ride it to the end.  At the end jump up the
    tiers and take the Power Star.
                             |    Chill With the Bully    |
    From the start head right and over the hill.  In the distance you'll see another
    bully.  Long jump onto the arena and get ready to play ram-off-the-edge.  I will
    say, this is much easier than it might look.  Stand near an edge and ground
    pound when the bully comes over.  Either this knocks it off, or it sends it
    flying (when it's sent backwards on the ice, it goes for a while).  If the
    latter has occurred, run up and give it a finishing punch.  The Power Star
    appears right on the arena.
                              |    In the Deep Freeze    |
    As of late we've sticking to the beginning of the course.  Head left and you'll
    see an ice maze.  Where the ice hangs over the edge, jump around until you find
    a opening. Go up so that Mario is aligned with the Power Star.  Notice the ledge
    of ice above you (if not, change the camera angle).  Double jump to it, which is
    to the right if you're facing the Power Star).  Climb up and you'll be on top of
    the ice.  There's an opening right to the Power Star ahead.
                         |    Whirl From the Freezing Pond    |
    Head over to the entrance to Snowman Mountain.  That it, go to where the ice
    shooter is sending snow at you, which prevents you from getting to the path to
    the mountain.  Isn't it strange that there are enemies in the water to the right?
    Jump on one of them and you'll start whirling in air.  Position yourself so that
    you whirl right onto the other one.  From there, whirl onto the ledge.  Remember
    that the water hurts you (too cold), so don't stick around.  When on the ledge,
    slide down and take the left "!" block.  It is a Power Star.
                        |    Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins    |
    Not exactly my favorite mission...  Let me explain a little something to you.
    There is an item called a Koopa Shell.  You've probably already gotten one.  If
    not, go to Shifting Sand Land (there's one on the pavilion).  Lethal Lava Land
    has one, and Bob-omb Battlefield does, too.  They break when you run into a wall.
    Remember that!  You need to master the Koopa Shell.  Let's begin, shall we?
    First let's get the easy, non-shell Red Coins.  From the start head right over
    to the bully arena.  Above it, by a whirling enemy, is the first Red Coin.
    Now go to the arena (not into it, but by it).  There are two Red Coins in the
    water.  This water, though, is treated like lava and you'll die trying to get
    these coins.  Keep going forward to see the second Red Coin by a "!" box.  Just
    a tip, the coin near here is a disguised enemy.  To beat it quickly, ground
    pound the coin.  Now go right some to see the frozen pond with the whirling
    enemies in it (like from the previous mission).
    Normally, I'd have you jump in on them, but I've found that this is pretty hard
    to do.  Instead, go over to the sign that has a warning about Snowman Mountain.
    Next to it is a tree.  Get on it and jump (not from a handstand) to the slope
    behind you.  Jump twice, tilting the control stick up (as if running up the
    slope).  On the second jump, press B to dive in.  That should get you on top.
    The third Red Coin is right in front of you.  To the right is the fourth.  Now
    go left until you get five and six.  Near the sixth Red Coin are two "!" blocks.
    Hit the right one (the left one was the Power Star from Whirl From the Freezing
    Pond) and a Koopa Shell comes out.  Get onto it and you'll start shell-surfing
    on the ice.  Be very careful on it or you'll ruin your chances at getting the
    star and have to start over.  Go over the slope with it and ride across the
    water.  Jump over the sign and go up the hill.  At the other side drop below the
    bully arena and collect the last two Red Coins.  Now surf over to the beginning
    and take the Power Star.
                                |    Into the Igloo    |
    You must've seen the cannon hatch by now.  Ever wonder where the Bob-omb Buddy
    is?  After all, you've explored just about all of Snowman's Land.  To reach the
    igloo we will cross paths with the snowman once again.  To get there, and I hate
    wasting time, so you're taking a shortcut.  From the starting point, rotate the
    camera until you see some trees to the lower left of Mario.  Stand under the far
    one and you'll be warped near the frozen pond.  Jump to the aisle with the snow
    waves and make your way up.  Double jump at the top and take the obvious path up
    to the big penguin that is unaffected by the snowman's breath.
    Jump onto it and take it across.  As soon as Mario hits wood, look down.  If you
    drop down very precisely, you'll fall to an igloo.  Have Mario crawl inside (Z +
    Move).  Here, you can not only find the Bob-omb Buddy, but you can find the
    Power Star you've been hunting.  Work your way around to find a Vanish Cap.  The
    wall right before it can be jumped over, so keep that in mind.  By the way, I do
    not guide you through the igloo so that you'll discover all the wonderful things
    inside.  Once you have the Vanish Cap, run through the ice to the start.  Jump
    up to the wooden platform and grab that Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    From the start go left.  Collect two of the coins and ground pound the far one
    (it's a fake).  This gets you 7 in all.  Defeat the flower enemies in the area
    for a grand total of 16 coins.  Now go right relative the starting point until
    you see a Shy Guy.  Defeat it and the enemy near it for 21 coins.  Go right some
    more now to get a Red Coin and see another enemy to defeat, which adds up to 26
    coins.  Now go around the bully arena to see a Red Coin by two flower enemies
    and a fake coin, with an "!" block to top it all off.  That's 39 coins.  Take
    the 1UP inside the block and jump onto the tree by the sign to the right.  Jump
    off and head up the slope (like in the fifth mission).  First, go right and get
    the Red Coin.  Then go left and get the other three, which adds up to 47.
    Take the Koopa Shell in the right block and ride it onto the frozen pond.  Go
    around the T-shaped piece of land and you'll see some coins going up on a slope.
    Use the shell to follow them to the igloo (mission six).  Upon entering you
    should have 55 coins.  In the first little area are two enemies to defeat (61
    coins).  Then go through the hall and defeat the two Goombas along the way (63).
    Stand by the wall near the icy wall by the "!" block.  Walk around the ice to
    the left and sidestep through to the "!" blocks.  Talk to the Bob-omb Buddy if
    you haven't and collect the coins and 1UP from the blocks (66).
    Return to the start of the igloo and walk under the Power Star.  Look left to
    see another Goomba.  Take its coin and the three outside the ice near it for 70
    in all.  Walk to where you see the 1UP frozen in the wall and dead ahead is
    another enemy yielding three more coins.  Now double jump over the ice wall and
    take the Vanish Cap.  Run over to where the iced-over coin wall was and collect
    the coins frozen within.  That's 93 coins total.  The last seven are outside the
    igloo, so exit it.  Slide down into the frozen pond.  There are three enemies
    here, each giving three coins (two are in the pond itself, but can be lured onto
    land).  That all adds up to 100 and beyond.  Take the star and complete whatever
    mission you're on.
    =================================Wet-Dry World*=================================
                            |    Shocking Arrow Lifts!    |
    This painting isn't hard to miss; it's the first painting of a large spider when
    coming up from the stairs.  Depending on how Mario enters the painting, the
    world is different.  Either you start with a low water level, or very high.
    From the start, jump to the wooden platform and run across.  Step on the switch
    and use the platforms that appear to reach a sort of stone structure.  On top of
    it is a diamond.  Press it and the water rises to that level.  Swim to the
    wooden platform (upper right) and use it to jump up to some orange/gray
    platforms.  Use them to reach some blocks with arrows on them.  Stand on them to
    make them move, and use this to get around to the block, which contains the
    first Power Star.
                               |    Top o' the Town    |
    Jump in at normal level for this one so that the water is about mid-way.  Swim
    over to the stone path leading up and take it.  Run past the flamethrower and
    you'll see wood stacked on top of each other.  Stand on it and side somersault
    onto the overhanging brick platform to the right.  Double jump to the left and
    you'll see a new enemy, a robotic version of Big Bob-omb, that boss you fought
    way back when in Bob-omb Battlefield.  To defeat it, grab (B) the back and throw
    it down - just like Big Bob-omb.  Take the wooden plank across (slowly, though,
    to avoid falling and the electric foes) and you'll come to a tower with a fire-
    shooter on it.  Quickly get on the rotating platform and jump to the "!" block.
    Hit it for the Power Star.
                        |    Secrets in the Shallows & Sky    |
    From the start, normal jump into the painting, swim to the stone path.  Run up
    it and go around the cage to see a switch.  Press it and take the rocks up to
    the top of the cage.  Hit the block and a 1 appears.  Yes, there are five
    secrets to activate.  Drop down from there and double jump onto the brick tower
    with a block on it.  Hit it and a 2 appears.  From here, reenter the water near
    the start.  Dive down below the stone path and you'll find a diamond.  Hit it
    and the water will drain.  Time for the shallows part of the level.  3 and 4 are
    very close to each other.  Walk around the shallows, following the wall, until
    you see a block.
    Push it and the number 3 will appear.  Push it under the block to the left and
    hit the aforementioned block for # 4.  For # 5, jump onto the stone ridge to the
    right and push the block in the wall in.  A Power Star appears near the origin
    in the level.  To raise the water to the appropriate to reach the star, find a
    gray structure in the shallows that is tiered.  Climb to the top and touch the
    diamond.  Then go to the starting wooden float and use it to reach the Power
                        |    Express Elevator -- Hurry Up!    |
    This one was hard for me until I figured out how you can do it easily.  Enter
    the level normally and dive down, hitting the diamond to drain the water.  You
    can start with the water drained by entering the painting at the very bottom,
    but why waste the effort?  When the water is drained, hit the block and go over
    to where the fifth secret was, on a gray ledge.  Notice the enemy here, a wind-
    up thing that launches you upward behind it.  Use it to get to the next level.
    Use the wind-up robot here to get to the next level still (bait them to position
    them correctly).  Now you're on the second-highest level with the water drained.
    Perfect.  Work your way over to the cage and press the switch by it.  Take the
    cubes up to the top and drop onto the left plank.  It lowers.  Ground pound down
    to get down faster and run through the hole in the cage (where the block was).
    Wall kick yourself onto the plank and ride it up to the Power Star.
                           |    Go to Town for Red Coins    |
    This and the next mission require you to enter a special way.  Triple jump to
    enter the painting.  When you do, the water will be very high.  There are two
    things to do.  Yes, talking to the Bob-omb Buddy seems a bit pointless, but we
    will anyways.  Swim ahead to a wooden platform by a gray one floating in the air
    and jump to the pink Bob-omb.  Talk to him and he'll ready the useless cannon
    for you.  Now swim right of the starting point and hop out of the water to the
    cage.  Drop down in and swim through the tunnel.  Follow the arrows down and
    around into the lost city of Wet-Dry World.  Dive down right before the opening
    into the city to find a diamond.  Touch it and the water drains to the
    comfortable waist-level.
    Now you must learn well the wall kick, for without it you will meet a death most
    terrible here in the big city.  The first two coins are on the wall.  Side
    somersault onto one and walk to the blocks.  Punch them and you've got yourself
    two Red Coins.  Drop into the center of the walls (by the big spike statue) and
    jump up to see another block.  Hit it for a Red Coin and jump atop building
    above it for the fourth Red Coin.  Now for where wall kick comes in handy (get
    it?  Hand-kick?  Come on!).  First, let's start with the fifth Red Coin.  Look
    to your left or right, depending on which way Mario is facing, and notice the
    Power Star in a cage.  That's for mission six, by the way.
    Drop down near the cage and wall kick yourself onto the building to the left.
    Break the block on it for the fifth coin.  Now walk over to the cabin (left) by
    the gray building.  Wall kick onto the gray house and get the Red Coin.  Number
    seven is atop a narrow house ahead.  Walk between it and the brick one, wall
    kicking Mario right onto the one with the block.  Break it for the coin.  The
    eighth one is right on the other building, so just jump over and double jump for
    the Red Coin.  The star appears within the important-shrine building where # 4
    was.  Get into it and take what's yours.
                         |    Quick Race Through Downtown!    |
    This one requires you to triple jump into the painting again.  With the water at
    its peak, swim to the cage and dive in.  Go through the tunnel and lower the
    water level with the diamond below the entrance to the city.  Run forward and
    you'll see a Vanish Cap in the corner.  Take it and run around the corner to the
    gray walls.  You can walk through these (which makes it much easier to do), so
    do so.  Go through them to a cage.  Walk through it and the Vanish Cap will no
    longer be of use to you.  In fact, you need it to subside, so wait for it to
    wear off.  When it does, wall kick your way up.  To make the wall kick sequence
    shorter, start off with a side somersault.  Either way, when you reach the tiers
    climb up to the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Let's choose the mission "Secrets in the Shallows & Sky" and enter the level
    normally.  From the start, hit the block to the left for three coins.  Now swim
    over to the stone road.  Take it up and push the metal block forwards (walk into
    it).  Jump up and get three more coins.  Hit the switch by the cage up here to
    take the platforms to the "!" block, which contains 10 coins (16 grand total).
    Run around the base of the tower after dropping down and jump up to another "!"
    block for ten more coins, giving you 34 coins in all.  As you can see, we are
    following the mission guide for the third mission, but collecting coins instead.
    We need a short detour, so use the side somersault to get up to the highest
    First walk right, collecting five coins there, and then left, facing an enemy.
    Defeat it and take its five coins to have 44.  Now drop down and hit the diamond
    below the stone path to lower the water to its lowest point.  Wall on ground
    level, defeat the spider and destroy the blocks against the wall for 59 coins.
    Continue walking along the wall until you see the big metal box, secret # 3 from
    the third mission.  Push it left, under the "!" block, and hit that block for
    ten more coins (adding up to 69).  Now get onto the gray ledge and ground pound
    the Blue Coin Block.  Collect the Blue Coins that appear along the edge to have
    99 coins.  So close!  But fret not, for there is a spider either on the gray
    ledge or near it.  Defeat it and take the 100 coins star.  Now you can quite
    easily complete the third mission.
    ==============================Tall, Tall Mountain*==============================
                              |    Scale the Mountain    |
    FINALLY!  My favorite course has come.  Walk either left or right from Wet-Dry
    World and you'll come across a small painting with mushrooms in it.  Hop in and
    take the mission.  As you drop in, you'll instantly be reminded of Bob-omb
    Battlefield; the music is the same.  Not only that, but this entire level is a
    mountain.  Hooray!  And of course, the first mission is to get to the summit.
    Head right past the Goombas and long jump your way over the gaps.  Advance past
    the Red Coins on the mushrooms and you'll find some Moles.  Thought we left them
    in Hazy Maze Cave.  Continue past them to see Bob-ombs.  Since they're so close,
    you can practice throwing them at each other.  The laughs just keep coming.
    Ahead of them is one of the robotic-throwing robots that can really frustrate
    you.  Grab it by the back and toss it into the dust to win.  Traverse the plank
    and then jump to where the Shy Guy and monkey are.  Run past them.  To the right
    is a log.  Hop on the left side and it will roll left.  Continue this until you
    reach the ledge.  Run up it, dodging the black boulders as they come, and slide
    down to the next portion of the course.  Long jump over the tremendous gap.
    Don't run too fast before you do or you'll jump right over it.  When you land
    there, walk up.  Notice the cloud.  When it is small, run by it.  If it is large,
    wait.  After getting by it, pay attention to the wall.  If you see dirt at the
    top, side somersault onto it and take the Power Star.
                          |    Mystery of the Monkey Cage    |
    Head right like last time.  Go past the Goombas, gaps, mushrooms, Moles, and
    Bob-ombs.  If you want, defeat the robotic opponent, but you can just leave it
    be.  Walk the plank and long jump to the ledge.  Kill the Shy Guy right away and
    you'll see the monkey.  The monkey steals your cap, and you have to catch him to
    give it back.  However, the clue to this level mentioned a cage, so this area is
    unneeded.  But we did come over here for a reason.  Look down and you'll see the
    Bob-omb Buddy, needed later in a different mission.
    Talk to him and then drop down to the beginning of the course.  Go right to
    where the Moles are, now.  Jump your way to the top, past the vine wire net.
    Double jump up and you've just saved yourself a lot of climbing the mountain.
    So, long jump across the gap and continue up the mountain, the regular way,
    until you see the waterfall again.  Very carefully cross the narrow bridge and
    head up the mountain.  You'll find a second monkey.  Catch it and it will open
    the monkey cage you probably saw for you.  Ground pound the air where the cage
    was and you'll fall right to the Power Star.
                          |    Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins    |
    The only way to go is right.  To the left all the way is a 1UP, by the way.
    When you go right, long jumping past the gaps, you'll see a group of mushrooms.
    Now you must be very cautious over here, so remember that you have been warned.
    Jump to the first big mushrooms with a coin on it and then jump off.  Walk over
    to the 1UP block, take the 1UP (don't chase it off the side of the mountain,
    though), and long jump very carefully to the second Red Coin directly ahead.
    Long jump off of it and get back on safe ground.  Go all the way around and take
    the third Red Coin.  Jump to the fourth and then jump back to safe ground.
    Proceed to the Moles.  Jump to the rightmost ledge and double jump up to the
    fifth Red Coin.  These are the good coins because there's very little risk
    involved.  Jump over to the sixth.  Double jump to the wire net and behind it is
    the seventh Red Coin on a platform.  At the end of the wire net where some Moles
    have gathered, side somersault twice to reach the eighth and final Red Coin.  So,
    drop to the bottom and long jump to the Power Star on the mushroom.
                           |    Mysterious Mountainside    |
    This is a seriously cool mission.  I first noticed the secret to it when doing
    "Scale the Mountain," so I was already ahead of the game.  Maybe you are, too.
    From the start, head right to the Moles and hop up the ledges to go right more,
    utilizing a major shortcut.  At the top, which you should double jump to, head
    right past some Goombas and long jump over the gap.  Waltz past the cloud and
    notice the trail of rings.  Jump into the wall near it like it was a painting.
    Welcome to the Tall, Tall Mountain slide!  As you slide down, pay attention to
    the arrows.  There's a fork in the road, so to speak, and you need to take the
    wooden part of the slide.  Take that part of the slide down to a curving road
    and follow it (don't slide on the bricks) right down a hole at the end.  You'll
    fall right to a Power Star in the mountain.
                        |    Breathtaking View From Bridge    |
    If you missed this during the second mission, you either need glasses or you
    stop sitting so far away from the screen.  This is so obvious, it's hardly funny.
    I only laughed a little.  This is basically a scale-the-mountain kind of level.
    Head right, long jumping over the gaps, and walking past the mushrooms, to the
    Moles.  Use the platforms here to reach the top and look at how much time you
    saved!  Continue right, long jumping over the gap and running past the cloud.
    It can blow your cap off, by the by.  Continue right until you reach the bridge
    where the monkey cage once stood.  Use the C buttons to look into the waterfall.
    See the star?  Jump in at it, a regular jump, maybe with a kick to knock you
    toward the star.  And that's a wrap.
                         |    Blast to the Lonely Mushroom    |
    If you're just tuning in, it is important that you talk to the Bob-omb Buddy in
    the stage, which I had you do in mission # two.  Head right to the Moles and
    jump onto the mushroom with the shadowy star.  Then long jump from the mushroom
    to the path on the side of the mountain below the upper path.  You see; taking
    the road less traveled on makes all the difference.  Now take the path down,
    side stepping at the end.  Drop into the hatch and position the cursor in line
    with the star.  Shoot when the upper arrow of the cursor is a tad above the
    cloud tip so that the left and right arrows don't touch the cloud.  When you
    fire, you should land on the mushroom.  Stop your momentum, which would normally
    keep you going right off into oblivion, with a quick jump to the star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Not exactly the easiest place to get 100 coins.  From the start defeat the
    Goombas for 3 coins.  Fall in the first gap to the right and collect the coins
    for 11 in all.  Return to the surface and long jump over the gaps.  Go to the
    Moles and collect the four Red Coins there and the coins on the wire net for a
    combined 24 coins.  Now drop down to the bottom of the area and continue right.
    Defeat the Bob-ombs for 27 coins and the robot for 32 in all.  Walk along the
    wooden plank and get those coins for 37.  Defeat the Shy Guy for 39.  Now use
    the log to cross over the gap and take the low road, using the Moles' wire net
    to cross, and double jump up the ledge to avoid the boulders.
    To the right are three Goombas.  Beat them for 42 coins.  Continue along the
    path, long jumping across the gap, and taking the coins in the trail while
    avoiding the cloud.  You'll have 47 coins.  Keep going and you'll face two
    Goombas in a pit.  Take their coins and press the switch at the end, collecting
    all those coins, for 54 total.  Now walk across the bridge for 59 coins and fall
    down to the cloud ledge.  Jump into the slide.  Get the remaining coins in there
    and take the star.  If this is hard for you to do (get the star while on the
    slide), do the slide first and get the other coins later.
    ===============================Tiny-Huge Island*================================
                           |    Pluck the Piranha Flower    |
    Find this in the other star door (not Snowman's Land).  This course changes
    depending how you enter it.  There are two entrances - big and small.  If you
    take the left, Mario will comparatively large when standing next to Goombas
    smaller than his toe.  The right is just the opposite.  This time, we're taking
    the left.  From the start, long jump across the sea, which is now a mere pond by
    the standards of Mega-Mario.  Take the 1UP and long jump again to the left.  You
    see the warp pipe?  Think of it as a portal between the large and small worlds.
    Hop in and meet Mini-Mario.  Mario must combat the Piranha Plants (call them
    flowers all you want!  In every other game they are Piranha Plants) for a Power
    Star.  To do this, punch the stem.  There are five to defeat, which isn't too
    tough.  Once you victor, take the star.
                        |    The Tip Top of the Huge Island    |
    Enter the course from the right painting this time around.  Goombas are very
    cool now, as they are immune to punches.  Avoid them if you want and go through
    the tiny door.  Now let me warn you about these waters.  They are the most
    dangerous part of the island, for there's a Lakitu (an enemy, this time, not
    your cameraman), and a Cheep Cheep.  What'd you think, they exclude it?  It's a
    classic enemy made very powerful in this game.  It can swallow you like that.
    Swim past it to the land where you'll see a cannon hatch.  Defeat the Goomba
    here and long jump to the island in the air.  Let me teach you how to fly with
    no Wing Cap.  Do a triple jump when the gusts are howling and Mario will start
    free-falling/flying.  Land on the platform to the left (you may have to land on
    the one ahead and then jump to the left one).
    Take the 1UP and then the plank up to a pipe.  Enter and become big.  You can
    see the Bob-omb Buddy off in the distance.  Jump to the right platform, then to
    the one floating, and then to it.  Talk to him and he'll open the cannon hatch.
    Now enter the formerly Cheep Cheep infested waters.  Swim to the beach - you
    can't miss it.  Jump to the grassy ledge to the left and onto all the ledges
    above it, eventually reaching a pipe.  Take it to become small.  Work your way
    up the tiers to a large wooden plank.  Use it to reach a grassy slope, on top of
    which is a "!" block with a Power Star inside.
                         |    Rematch with Koopa the Quick    |
    Darn painting-hoppers!  KTQ has managed to find his way into Tiny-Huge Island,
    and he is a much better athlete than he was.  Start small (right painting) and
    swim across the sea to grass.  Do the gust-flying technique to reach the pipe
    and take it to become a titan (why does everyone always pronounce a "t" at the
    end of titan?  There's no t!  Oh, uh, back to the walkthrough).  Now hop to the
    "!" block, to the island, and to the Bob-omb Buddy.  Go to the shore to the
    right, hop onto the ledge to the left, and take the pipe.  Go around to the
    fence and you'll find Koopa the Quick.
    In big world, you can actually jump on and de-shell Koopa the Quick (who I will
    call KTQ).  Accept his race offer to Windswept Valley.  Follow him, basically.
    Stay in front of him and long jump to cover more distance quicker.  If you stay
    in front of him the entire time you'll easily beat him.  All you have to do is
    go around the fence, drop down the ledges, and use the plank to reach the flag.
    Easy as that.  When you beat KTQ, even with his Koopa Mach 1 Sprints (his shoes)
    you get a well-earned Power Star.
                           |    Five Itty Bitty Secrets    |
    Hooray, another secrets level.  While reading that, say it as unenthusiastically
    as you can.  Start small and go through the door.  Swim across the lake and use
    the gusts to reach the pipe that makes Mario a big man.  Jump to the "!"
    platform, to the one with the lone Goomba defender, and finally to the Bob-omb
    Buddy.  Walk near where the cannon would be in Tiny Island and a 1 appears.  Ooh!
    Now swim across the puddle they call a lake to the door that you'd take in Tiny
    Island.  A 2 appears.  Now swim to the shore with the Koopa.  Jump to the wooden
    plank creates a door.  A 3!  As you can see, numbers appear when Mario walks by
    tiny doors.
    Jump to the ledge to the left and walk past the stone opening for a 4.  Now
    climb the ledges and slowly walk across the plank.  Jump to the top and walk in
    the pond for a 5.  A Power Star appears over yonder.  Drop down to where # 4 was
    and go over the edge, landing on the other side of the stone wall.  Long jump
    your way to where you plucked the piranhas in the first mission and find a large
    "!" switch.  Press it and follow the blocks to the fabled Power Star.
                             |    Wiggler's Red Coins    |
    Joy to the world, and so on.  This is a fairly easy mission.  Start as miniature
    Mario and go through the door.  Swim to the shore with the Koopa and use its
    shell (jump on it) to ride up the slope to where the wooden plank begins.  If
    you fail at this, you can always use the cannon to shoot yourself up to where
    the plank hits land.  There's an overweight Goomba by it.  Walk along the plank
    to a cave that you must enter.  Get the first Red Coin on the platform you start
    on.  Jump to the platform to the right for the second, the one ahead for the
    third, the one to the right for the fourth, and down for the fifth.  With five
    of the Red Coins in hand, jump from the central platform to the one slightly
    above it in elevation for the sixth.  Double jump to the ledge above for the
    seventh (avoid the flamethrower).  Drop down to where # 6 was and long jump to
    the platform with the shadowy star on it.  Wall kick your way up to the eighth
    Red Coin and take the star.
                             |    Make Wiggler Squirm    |
    If you recognize the term "Wiggler," you'd know that it is a sort of caterpillar
    enemy from the early days of Mario.  Wiggler's are very peaceful by nature, but
    they have a fiercer temper than a bull in a fire station.  Ah, what would I do
    without my writers, err, fabulous sense of humor?  Start small and go through
    the door.  Swim across the lake and do the gust sequence to get into the pipe,
    becoming big.  This should be second-nature to you by now.  Hop to the Bob-omb
    Buddy and swim to the shore with the Koopa (most diminutive, indeed) running
    around on it.  Jump to the left ledge and climb the ledges to the top of the
    mountain.  Ground pound it and the water drains.
    Now fall down and enter the warp pipe to assume tiny Mario form (is Mario
    smaller, or did the island get bigger???).  As smaller Mario, climb the ledges
    to where you drained the water earlier and fall in the hole.  Wiggler is very
    upset that you flooded his house.  Jump down and fight him.  You know, Mario
    seems like a real jerk.  First he floods the guy's house and breaks the roof,
    and then he stomps on him.  To win, just jump on its head three times.  He says
    "uncle" and you win.  It feels really great to get that Power Star off your
    chest, eh Wiggler?  No, I'm not Canadian.  Take the star.  All is well.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Enter as big Mario for this one.  Take the coin from the Goomba at the start and
    long jump left twice.  Defeat the Piranha Plant for 2 coins in all and step on
    the "!" switch.  Take the coin and you'll be warped back to the pipe.  Jump down
    the pipe to become small.  Defeat all the Piranha Plants here (like in the first
    mission) for a total of 13 coins.  Swim over to the starting point and defeat
    the Goombas by ground pounding them.  If you ground pound them, you get 5 coins
    instead of 1.  Do this for 28.  Now notice the post.  It's there for a reason.
    Run around it and five coins pop out (33).  Now go through the door and onto the
    shore to the left.  Defeat the Shy Guy, Koopa, and Lakitu (also taking the two
    coins in the corner, which triggers a 1UP) for a grand total of 47 coins.
    Now swim to the cannon and defeat the Goomba and Shy Guy to have 54 coins.  Use
    the cannon to shoot Mario to where the plank extending from the Wiggler's cave
    entrance meets land.  There's a Goomba on that portion of land.  Defeat it, take
    the five coins on the plank, and drop a ledge lower, defeating another Goomba.
    When all is done, you'll have amassed 69 coins.  Head back over to where the
    cannon is and long jump to the windy island.  Use the wind to "fly" to the
    platform to the left.  Get the 1UP and head up the plank.  Defeat both the
    Goombas here to have 84 coins in all.  Take the pipe to become bigger Mario and
    head over to the Bob-omb Buddy.
    Ignore the Goombas on the way, for they quite simply aren't worth the effort.
    Get in the water and swim to the shore where the Koopa was.  Take the two coins
    there and the coin on the plank to have 87.  Hop onto the ledge to the right and
    take the coin, as well as the Blue Coin you get for besting the Koopa.  You'll
    have 93 coins.  Get the coin to the left for 94.  Defeat any Goomba in the area
    for 95 and then walk along the wooden plank provided for 100 (there are five on
    it).  Now finish the level in whatever way you want.
    ================================Tick Tock Clock*================================
                               |    The Third Floor    |
    Now that you have every star there is to get, let us get the final stars in the
    third floor.  There is no Bowser to fight in the third floor.  With 50 stars,
    you can open the door here.  Run up and get the Power Star by talking to the
    Toad.  The next level is inside the clock, so jump in.  I think this is the
    hardest course in the game, normally.
                              |    Roll Into the Cage    |
    Jump in when the minute hand is on the 12 so the gears in the level freeze. Yes,
    this is another special-entrance course (and the last one, too).  Jump past the
    pendulum and take the wire stairs up to the conveyor belt.  Jump onto the block,
    to the wire platforms, and go up the path.  At the top take the blocks up and
    continue right to a wire platform.  Double jump on the conveyor belt to get up
    to the platform.  Jump onto the gears and take them up to a narrow path.  At the
    end, fall onto the frozen gear and right to the stopped conveyor belt within the
    cage.  Also within is the Power Star.
                          |    The Pit and the Pendulums    |
    It took me a while to figure out just what to do.  Like before, enter when the
    big hand is on the 12 to stop time.  Now we're going near you were for the first
    star at the end.  In short, jump past the pendulum, jump to the block from the
    conveyor belt, jump to the narrow path against the wall, jump up the blocks,
    take the path to a conveyor belt, and use the gears to reach the cage.  Double
    jump onto the cage and go down the slope to a pole.  Take it up and stay on that
    ground level.  Run past the "!" blocks and jump to the yellow triangle platform.
    Jump across the gap and go past the pendulums, using the set path, right into
    the Power Star.
                                  |    Get a Hand    |
    The clue doesn't really help at all.  Enter when the hand is right on the 12 to
    stop the gears.  Basically, this is the first guide as the first star, but a bit
    varied at the end.  Run past the pendulum and takes the steps to a conveyor belt.
    Jump to the block and right to a platform, followed by a path against the wall.
    Take the path to some blocks, which you should go up.  Continue right to a
    conveyor belt followed by some gears.  At the top, right where you'd normally
    get the first star, drop down below to get a second star in a pit.
                             |    Stomp on the Thwomp    |
    If I may copy what I wrote for the next mission (I got that star before this
    one), we could get right on our way.  Most people think that you can't do this
    with frozen gears, but you can.  In short, jump past the pendulum, jump to the
    block from the conveyor belt, jump to the narrow path against the wall, jump up
    the blocks, take the path to a conveyor belt, and use the gears to reach the
    cage.  Double jump onto the cage and go down the slope to a pole.  At the top,
    use the wire platform to get onto the yellow rectangle.  Now wall kick your way
    onto a triangle (you'll probably hang onto it).  Jump onto the gear to the right
    and onto the platform above from there.  Jump to the square platform above it
    and use the blocks to reach another square platform above it.
    Double jump to the platform to the left.  This is one of the few places in the
    level where it is better to have gears moving.  Walk slowly across the edge of
    the platform to get by and then jump to the conveyor belt.  Take it to a path
    and right before you reach the triangles, look around.  See the opening?  Get in
    a good spot on the path and long jump there.  You're under the star.  Stand
    below the pole in position and next either sloped wall.  Triple jump to the
    other wall, right over the slope, and wall kick your way onto the platform with
    the Thwomp.  Jump onto it and ride it to the Power Star.
                          |    Timed Jumps on Moving Bars    |
    I got to hand it to those brilliant people at Nintendo.  I couldn't of thought
    of so many ways to get stars in a level like this.  As always, jump in when the
    hand is on the 12.  If you don't mind me copying something from a previous
    mission, I'll guide you to the cage.  In short, jump past the pendulum, jump to
    the block from the conveyor belt, jump to the narrow path against the wall, jump
    up the blocks, take the path to a conveyor belt, and use the gears to reach the
    cage.  Double jump onto the cage and go down the slope to a pole.  At the top,
    use the wire platform to get onto the yellow rectangle.  Now wall kick your way
    onto a triangle (you'll probably hang onto it).  Jump onto the gear to the right
    and onto the platform above from there.  Jump to the square platform above it
    and use the blocks to reach another square platform above it.  Jump onto the
    cage platform to the right and drop down to the object extending from out of the
    wall.  Use it to get inside the cage for a star.
                           |    Stop Time for Red Coins    |
    Make sure to enter when the hand is on the 12 so that you don't have to deal
    with the gears.  Look over from where you start to see some levers that would
    normally move around with Red Coins above them.  I can't really describe how to
    do it (well I can, but it would be pointless), so just jump around the immobile
    levers, taking the Red Coins above them.  If you fall, there's a Spinning Heart
    right below.  What could go wrong?  At the end, the Power Star appears way above
    the shadowy star.  Use the two levers next to each other to reach it.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    As you may've been able to see by playing through the missions, they were
    desperate for coins in this level.  They have "!" blocks all over the place and
    everything.  Enter with the big hand on the 12 to stop time.  First, beat the
    two Bob-ombs for 2 coins.  Now fall down to where the Spinning Heart is and hit
    the "!" block for 12 coins in all.  Collect the eight Red Coins on the levers
    for 28 coins in total.  Now drop down to the Spinning Heart, double jump to the
    shadowy star, and bound past the pendulum.  Get on the conveyor belt and go left
    to the block.  Jump for the two coins and jump to the wire platform.  On the
    narrow path ahead (to the right) is another "!" block, giving you 33 coins in
    all.  Head up the path, jump up the blocks, and work your way onto the wire
    platform.  You'll find an exclamation block here that gives you 36 coins.  Take
    the conveyor belt to the gears.
    Go up on them to the cage to a slope to a rectangle to a pole.  At the base of
    the pole are five coins to be gotten (41).  At the top, go left and hit both
    blocks for six more coins (47).  Go left a bit more and hit the Blue Coin Block.
    A plethora of Blue Coins appear to the right.  Rush over and get them all for 82,
    that EIGHTY-TWO, coins in all.  That's the biggest jump from numbers of coins
    I've ever written.  Now go back all the way right to where you jumped off the
    pole.  Double jump onto the yellow rectangle and wall kick your way onto a
    triangle (you might want to look up to see where the triangle is located
    relative to you).
    Get onto the gear to the right and onto the path ahead.  Jump onto the blocks to
    reach a square platform and double jump to the path to the left.  Side step
    along the path and, at the end, jump atop the bars (into a partially caged area)
    to hit an exclamation block, bringing you up to 92.  Now go left and use the
    conveyor belts to reach another path.  Hit the block on it for three more coins
    (95).  Continue right, up the triangles, right to two exclamation blocks, one of
    which containing ten coins - just enough to do the trick.  Take the star and
    finish the stage.
    =================================Rainbow Ride*==================================
                            |    Bunny in the Basement    |
    Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.  Now that you have 50 +
    stars you can catch the rabbit in the basement a second time for a second star.
    True, he is faster, but still, they were getting desperate.  Go down near the
    painting entrance of Lethal Lava Land and chase the rabbit into the corner by
    the Toad.  Approach it from the right side of the flame and it jumps.  Stand
    where you are when it jumps and press B to grab it.  Hooray for the rabbit
    that's late for a very important date!
                         |    Wing Mario Over the Rainbow    |
    Time for a secret course!  Upon entering the third floor, look to the left.  Do
    you see that opening in the wall?  Wall kick your way in, using the brick
    structure to do so, or jump from the brick structure (use a side somersault to
    get onto it).  Inside is a hole like the entrance to Bowser in the Fire Seas
    that has light emitting from it.  Jump in to find the secret course.  The first
    Red Coin is on the cloud you fall to.  If you fall off this course, you won't
    lose a life, but you fall into the castle's lake.  From the starting point, look
    around for a small pink cloud below you.  On it is the Bob-omb Buddy.  Fly to it
    (ground pound to land so you don't overshoot) and talk to him.  This is the only
    secret course to have a cannon in it.  Use the cannons to shoot Mario across the
    level, collecting Red Coins.  One is inside a storm cloud and one is by some
    poles.  Two of the eight Red Coins are on the cloud with the poles on the
                         |    Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow    |
    Enter the next course, Rainbow Ride, in the same way you did Wing Mario Over the
    Rainbow, only on the opposite side of the room.  That is, wall kick your way
    into the right opening on the third floor.  I tell you, this course was pure
    genius.  I say that because everyone likes it.  It has been incorporated into
    numerous games, such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart (in all truth, this
    was probably based on Rainbow Road from the first Mario Kart game, not the other
    way around), and the Mario Party games.  Its music, too, has lived on.
    Anyways, from the start take the bridge to a magic carpet.  Ride it past a block
    and a fire shooter to a platform at the end.  Jump to the spinning circular
    platforms and go right.  Jump to the magic carpet and ride it.  Avoid the easy
    obstacles and take the left carpet at the end.  As it rises, avoid the blue
    flames and blocks that might cause you to fall.  At the end jump onto the bars
    (they fall eventually.  Cough, cough, Super Mario Bros. 3).  From them jump to
    the wooden beam and onto the multicolor platform.  Cross the plank and take the
    Power Star.  You can easily resist the gusts of wind.
                           |    The Big House in the Sky    |
    Oh man, there's a jail in this level?  No, but seriously.  Take the first carpet
    up and you'll reach the spinning platforms.  Take the right one - a magic carpet
    - and ride it to the fork in the rainbow.  This time take a right.  Wait for the
    carpet to rise and jump over the transparent containers.  Basically, all you
    have to do is dodge the obstacles.  This includes fire (very dangerous, because
    it can strand you in the building) and solid objects obstructing your passage.
    At the end, take the Power Star atop the house.
                           |    Coins Amassed in a Maze    |
    Time for the labyrinth of Red Coins!  Take the first carpet and take it to the
    spinning platforms.  Hop across them to the uppermost one and take the yellow
    block across the gap into the vertical maze.  Hop up first and then again.  Wall
    kick your way over the wall to the right and take the Red Coin.  Then fall down
    and reenter the maze.  If you press start you can see the maze from a distance.
    To get the one in that upper corner, use a wall kick against the blue background
    wall.  Once you have it, go under the stairs platform and down to an extending
    block with a flamethrower and the third Red Coin on it.
    Run all the way to the right and fall down to the left.  You'll fall to a
    shadowy star.  Wall kick starting with the left wall to reach a Red Coin on it.
    Now fall down again and go to the start of the maze.  This time go onto the
    stairs platform.  Fall down on the left side to get the fifth.  The sixth is
    right next to the fifth and the seventh can be gotten by jumping over the gap.
    From where you got the sixth long jump to the left for the eighth.  Now fall
    down to the Power Star.
                            |    Swingin' in the Breeze    |
    There's an easy way to skip some heartache in this level right from the starting
    point.  Turn the camera around until you see a striped pole within jumping range.
    Stand on the edge of the platform and triple jump to it, pressing B at the last
    possible moment to dive in toward it.  When you land follow the coins down to a
    stony lever platform.  Stand on the left side to raise the right.  Use the
    newly-raised right side to jump to the platform to the right.  When the pendulum
    approaches jump on and take it across to some collapsing platforms.  From them
    jump to another stone lever platform.  Raise it towards the collapsing platforms
    and use them to get to the one above you.  Use the bar/moving block combination
    to get across the gap and you'll have to make a choice - up or over.  Choose up
    (this time).  Jump on the flat parts of the crates in the slope to reach the top,
    at which you should jump to the pendulum.  Take it to the Power Star.
                              |    Tricky Triangles!    |
    Let's take the  shortcut again.  From the start shift the camera view to look to
    the right (Mario's right).  See that pole there?  Start from one end of the
    octagon platform and triple jump to the pole.  At the last instant, press B to
    dive in.  You'll lose some health on the Power Meter, but you'll save yourself
    some time.  Walk down the path to a lever-platform.  Stand on one end to raise
    the other.  Then run up the other (the right is the one you want elevated) and
    jump to the stone to your right.  Over here, wait for the pendulum to swing your
    way and jump on.  Take it across the gap.  Jump to the collapsing platforms and
    from there to a lever platform.  Use it to get on more collapsing bars, which
    you should take left past a fire shooter.  Use the yellow block to continue left
    and you'll face two paths, up and over.  Choose over, pressing the "!" switch
    near the middle.  This causes all the pyramids to flip over.  Use the flat sides
    as stepping stones on your way to the Power Star.
                          |    Somewhere Over the Rainbow    |
    I wonder if the Japanese version of this game has the same clues.  After all,
    this clue is from "The Wizard of Oz".  Dorothy's dog sure was awesome.  But I'm
    rambling.  Let's get to the guide.  Take the first carpet up, of course, to the
    spinning platforms.  Take the upper one and drop down below the maze with the
    Red Coins.  Continue to the left until you see a Blue Coin Block and a Spinning
    Heart.  If you look up, there's a second "hidden" wall parallel to the obvious
    one.  Wall kick up them to the top.  If you should fall (gravity hasn't been a
    friend of Mario's since Donkey Kong), heal up at the heart.  Remember, there's
    no room for blinking.  At the top (where you end up after wall kicking) you'll
    find the Bob-omb Buddy.
    Talk to him and he'll lower the cannon hatch in the level.  Walk right, taking
    the elevator down, and dropping to the spinning platforms.  Take the magic
    carpet, this time.  When you reach the fork in the rainbow, go left.  You know
    the drill; avoid the obstacles on the way up and jump onto the winged ship.  Get
    in the cannon at the end of it (in the direction the wind is blowing) and shoot
    Mario through the rainbow.  When you land, hit the "!" block for a Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Our time together is almost up.  This is the last star before Bowser.  Well,
    you've seen the course.  Nintendo obviously didn't have writer's block in the
    last level.  They could've made the 100 coins challenge a bit easier, though.
    For the start, get on the magic carpet.  When you reach the island, jump on and
    take the eight coins.  Get the coins on the circular platforms, including the
    Lakitu coins, to have 29 in total.  Enter the maze and get the eight Red Coins
    for 45.  Hit the Blue Coin Block and get the first coin.  There are more up
    there, but it would be unreasonable to ask you to get them, so let's assume you
    have 50 coins now.  Now exit the maze back to the spinning platforms, sort of
    the center of the course.  Go down the pole to the right (when coming from the
    maze) and you'll fight a Shy Guy.
    Take its coins and the trail of five near it for 57.  Fall onto the stony lever
    and go right.  Take the five coins on the pendulum (62) and take it right.  Get
    the coins on the collapsing platforms for 66 as you get up to the fire shooter
    stone platform.  Take the yellow block to the left to the fork in the road.
    Choose to go up.  Take the five coins before the pendulum for 71 and then back
    down.  Go right this time.  Take the five coins on the ramp and return with 76.
    Now go back to the rotating platforms.  Take the only untaken direction, the
    magic carpet.  I note that if you had gotten all the Blue Coins earlier, you'd
    be done.  Just an observation...
    Take the Magic Carpet to the fork in the road.  Once there you'll have 78.  Take
    the left path.  Defeat the Bob-ombs on the ship at the end for 80 and gather the
    coins around the crow's nest for 88.  Defeat Lakitu for 93.  Take the coins of
    the robot for 98.  Only two short.  Find a good place to fall down and this time
    go around the magic carpet on the right side.  You'll get two coins right away.
    ===============================Bowser in the Sky*===============================
                             |    The Gates to Bowser    |
    Climb the stairs and you'll encounter the infamous Endless Staircase.  If you
    have 70 Stars, it stops, but if not, it goes on forever.  At the top, drop into
    his lair for the final encounter!!!
                              |    Bowser in the Sky    |
    Since you only have a wimpy one hundred and nineteen Power Stars, we'll be
    getting the fifteenth castle star in here to have every single last one.  From
    the start shift the camera to a good side view and jump up the ledges.  Push the
    metal box back at the top and jump on it for the first Red Coin.  Cross the 3-
    shaped path and run up the steep path (Mario can).  Take the road up by the
    Goombas and onto the spinning platform.  Jump to the next road from it for the
    second Red Coin.  Jump to the wooden lever from there and drop down.  Look on
    the side with the camera and you'll see the third Red Coin.  Fall to it and use
    the platforms near the lever to get back up.  Jump to the multiple platforms
    rotating about and use them to reach the path to the left.
    There's a Whomp (something for everybody in here), but it shouldn't concern you.
    Continue left and wall kick to the gray bar above to avoid an unpleasant
    encounter with fire.  Long jump to the next platform and notice the carvings.
    Nice craftsmanship.  Continue right past the robot and press the "!" switch to
    make the slope into stairs.  Run up and grab the fourth Red Coin at the peak of
    the path.  Take the path down and continue along the roads to a big arrow-
    platform.  As it takes you across the gap, jump over the sloping bar for the
    fifth Red Coin.
    At the end, drop down to two Bob-ombs.  On the first rotating platforms after
    the Bob-ombs is the sixth Red Coin.  Take the next one to a pole.  Take it up
    and go to the gap ahead.  Hop onto the pole and take the seventh Red Coin on the
    top.  Then jump off backwards to the Bob-ombs.  Take the path up to some
    rotating platforms.  Use them to reach a path to the pipe.  We're on the
    threshold of Bowser.  Run past the gusts, no jumping involved.  Grab the 1UP
    past the pillar as you go and jump onto the stairs.  Fall off the side and get
    the eighth Red Coin beneath them.  Take the Power Star and enter the pipe.
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    Besides having a totally cool arena and music, Bowser is a lot bigger, stronger,
    and colorful.  I think that's just the strange light reflecting on him.  This
    time, Bowser takes three hits by the bombs and he's super-hard, especially since
    he crops the arena, so to speak.  If you die, you restart outside the pipe.  Get
    the 1UP before going to fight Bowser again.  That way, you have unlimited tries
    to beat him.  Now for Bowser's moves.  First, Bowser can release shockwaves by
    jumping.  Touch them and you get electrocuted.  He also fires lots of fire.  Red
    ones are stationary, but the blue home in on you.  Bowser also learned how to
    charge you, which is his greatest weakness.  Get on the other side of the arena
    and he'll run at you.  Dodge him at the last second (ole!) and grab the tail.
    Toss him to the bomb.  This is not too hard.  It's now time for the second hit.
    If you carelessly throw him off the edge not hitting a bomb, you'll regret it.
    That's because when Bowser jumps back on a piece of the course is knocked off
    (it starts to look like a star).  To hit him again, use the same bait-and-charge
    technique to lure him to the bomb.  After that, it gets hard.  He destroys all
    the unnecessary parts of the arena - about half of it - and hunts you down.
    This was really hard for me the first time I played through the game, but this
    time it was easy.  I won on my first try.  After breaking apart the arena Bowser
    will probably try to use his fire breath on you.  Grab his tail and start
    swinging.  By some miracle I swung Bowser into a bomb (accidentally).  For you,
    just keep at it.  Don't try to time the throws or you'll always miss.  Just know
    when you're in the time frame for throwing him and then do it pretty randomly.
    Honestly, if you're trying to hit him, you'll try too hard and fail.  Don't aim
    that much.
    When you beat Bowser approach him.  He can't stand losing to you!  Since you
    have all 120 Power Stars he says something different than he would if you beat
    him without.  You reveal that there are actually 120.  Bowser flies off and
    leaves a huge Power Star behind.  Touch it and Mario gets the Wing Cap, flying
    off.  He lands outside the castle and he looks up, seeing that the complete
    Power Star has returned to the castle.  Peach appears from inside the stained
    glass.  The Toads accompany her and she talks (real voice acting).  Mario gets a
    kiss and he does a "Here we go!"  That seems a odd.  The credits play, showing
    all the levels and a few characters from each.  For a while they go in order,
    but then they jump to Wiggler in Tiny-Huge Island.  From there on, it's in order.
    Tiny-Huge Island gets two, though.  They show a few of the secret courses, as
    well.  From there on, it's pretty random.  They show Mario and Peach waving
    good-bye.  Lakitu flies off, a movie made.  At the end, Mario and Peach's cake
    is baked, and they show it.  Thank you so much for playing my game - Mario.
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game!  Now try collecting all the Power Stars or
    seeing what's on the roof.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ===================================120 Stars*===================================
    Two things happen when you've gotten all 120 stars.  The big one is that the
    cannon outside the castle is available.  Use it to shoot Mario to the top of the
    castle.  Up there you'll find three 1UPS, a Wing Cap, and.  YOSHI!  YES!  Yoshi
    is so cool.  Truly he is.  Talk to him.
    "Mario!!!  Is that really you???  It has been so long since our last adventure!
    They told me that I might see you if I waited here, but I'd just about given up
    hope!  Is it true?  Have you really beaten Bowser?  And restored the Stars to
    the castle?  And saved the princess?  I knew you could do it!  Now I have a very
    special message for you.  "Thanks for playing Super Mario 64!  This is the end
    of the game, but not the end of the fun.  We want you to keep on playing, so we
    have a little something for you.  We hope that you like it!  Enjoy -
    The Super Mario 64 Team"
    That's what Yoshi says.  He fills all your lives to 100 and jumps off into the
    waterfall.  Another thing happened, though.  Mario has an improved third jump,
    now, that sparkles.  Hooray for Yoshi!
    One other thing happens that's a little less known.  Go to Cool, Cool Mountain
    and play the mission "Big Penguin Race."  Drop into the chimney and look at Big
    Penguin.  It's huge!  Here's what it says.
    "Mario!  What's up, pal?  I haven't been on the slide lately, so I'm out of
    shape.  Still, I'm always up for a good race, especially an old sleddin' buddy.
    Whaddya say?  Ready...  set...
    Go                                                                     Don't Go"
    Now this time around, the penguin is huge and really hard to beat.  It's much
    faster than before.  Have fun playing the slides!
    If you got all 120 Power Stars, you're the master.  That's all there is to it.
    By the way, in the upcoming Super Mario 64 DS, Yoshi looks WAY better.  I know
    that he was discolored and he looked kind of stupid in this game, but I've seen
    the previews of the game and Yoshi looks like his good old self in the remake.
    Also, Yoshi is there every time you save and quit to fill up your lives and give
    you the special triple jump.  Have fun.
    =============================Glitches and Secrets*==============================
    The glitches and secrets in this game are a dime a dozen, or three bucks a dozen
    at Disney World.  Here's a list of a few.  If it's not listed here, I don't care!
    Don't send me e-mail about other glitches, because these are the ones I deem
    either useful somehow, or weird enough to make the team.
                                |    31 Star Finish    |
    You can beat the game with only 31 stars, as opposed to 70.  Once you've beaten
    Bowser the second time and taken the key, you'll have at least 31 stars.  Open
    the third floor door and go to the 50 star door.  Now remember, a long jump does
    not have to go forwards.  It's hard to do, but you can do it backwards.  So
    stand at the base of the stairs that lead to the 50 star door and try doing it
    backwards.  Get proficient with the backwards long jump.  After many aggravating
    failed attempts Mario will start to rapidly jump backwards up the stairs and
    through the door.  Now you must best the Endless Staircase.
    Once again, you need to have perfected the backwards long jump.  Start by
    standing such a distance from the base of the stairs (while on the stairs) and
    long jumping forwards to the start.  While doing this, tilt the control stick
    backwards so Mario "brakes" as he jumps.  Keep Z being held and as soon as you
    hit the ground, press A.  Once you master the process you start doing a
    backwards long jump up the staircase.  After you've done it, press A as fast as
    you can - like there's no tomorrow.  Mario will speed up his jumps and get to
    the top of the staircase where you can face Bowser for the last time with less
    than half the needed stars.
                                |    Bowser's Wall    |
    Bowser makes repeated references to the castle walls.  He says his troops are
    inside them.  You can actually fall into one wall and prove that they're not.
    This isn't useful at all.  It actually makes you restart your game because you
    can't get out of the wall, but it is pretty cool to do.  You must have 120 Power
    Stars.  Use the cannon to shoot Mario to the roof.  Take the Wing Cap and go
    back into the cannon.  Shoot Mario to the highest ledge of the castle that he
    can stand on and then walk into the wall from there.  If done correctly, Mario
    falls through the floor right into the black room of death.
                            |    Bowser Life Countdown    |
    I've only heard of this, never done it.  If you're playing the Japanese version
    of the game, in the final confrontation with Bowser, collect 100 coins.  To do
    this, gather up the coins that sometimes appear from his fire breath.  Jump off
    the edge and you'll gain a life, not a lose one.  If you grab a 1UP afterwards,
    you'll actually lose a life.
                                    |    No Cap    |
    It is possible to lose Mario's cap for the entire game, which greatly ups the
    difficulty.  This really is a true glitch, not something triggered by a special
    button combination.  In Snowman's Land you might be unlucky to enough to be
    blown off the icy path by the Snowman.  Sometimes, on very rare occasions, Mario
    cap is blown into the icy maze you use in the mission "In the Deep Freeze."  The
    cap is right below the star, so you always get the star instead of the cap when
    you try to get it.  If you're trying to challenge yourself, keep it that way.
    If not, reset your game.  If you save, you're going to have to really be strong
    and face Goombas that can kill you in four blows.
                                |    Screaming Boo    |
    This is a weird glitch.  I think it was actually intended to be included in the
    game, but it got messed up.  Once you've beaten Bowser for the second time, take
    the key and go into the lobby.  Unlock the door at the top of the staircase and
    come back down right away.  Go back into the lobby and enter the Cool, Cool
    Mountain door.  Head down the stairs and the right ramp and you'll hear the Boo
    in the hallway next door laugh.  If you enter the hallway, the Boo is gone.
    Open the door, and he's in the door.
    Those are all the significant glitches.  There are more, like going through
    roofs and getting multiple caps.  That isn't too useful (as well as myriad ways
    to kill Mario oddly), and there are more graphic glitches than I care to count.
    So, these are all the glitches that made it in the guide.  I wonder if any of
    the glitches were corrected for Super Mario 64 DS.
    ==================================Enemy List*===================================
    This is the new section added in the update.  This list comes from my
    walkthrough for Super Mario 64 DS, edited slightly to only include enemies from
    this game.
    Ancient Ones
    Location: Shifting Sand Land
    Notes: They drop their name in the battle.  These pyramid guardians have slept
    for eons, and you came in and woke them up.  Hit the eyes on their hands with a
    punch to hurt them.  Three hits a hand will defeat them.  In the end, they go
    back to sleep and give up "the star of power."
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave
    Notes: These are just bats that try to charge you.  Nothing special here.  You
    can beat them with punches quite easily.  These also are called Swoops or
    Swoopers (even Swoopulas).
    Big Bob-omb
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield
    Notes: B. B. is the king of all blasting matter (actually, king of ka-booms;
    he's the baron of blasting matter).  He sits atop his imperial mountain and
    wages war on the Bob-omb Buddies in the name of Bowser.  To beat him you should
    grab him and throw him down to the ground.  He uses words like "methinks," which
    hints that doesn't get out much.  He also thinks that Mario would be the ideal
    Big Boo
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt
    Notes: Big Boo, the King of Boos of the Painting World, is a hardy opponent.  Of
    all the times you face him, he's the same nearly every time.  Ground pound him
    three times to win.
    Big Bully
    Location: Lethal Lava Land, Snowman's Land
    Notes: This mindless enemy enjoys picking on others.  It is conceivably the
    leader of a gang of Bullies, its underlings, which it obviously doesn't value if
    it's willing to see them fry.  Big Bully is greatly remembered as a lava
    gangster, but he does have an icy counterpart.  That enemy is exactly the same,
    but the ice makes it faster (less friction).  Fight fire with fire, though.
    That is, try to push them off the edges just as they do you.
    Location: Various
    Notes: These are very common enemies.  They run up to you and explode in your
    face.  To avoid them either run away or grab and throw them.  They can be used
    to blow up other enemies, too.
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt
    Notes: These shy enemies have come a long way since they first appeared in Super
    Mario Bros. 3.  They turn invisible when you look at them, but when you look
    away they come at you.  Ground pound them for an easy win.  They usually leave a
    Blue Coin behind.
    Location: Bowser in the Dark World/Fire Sea/Sky
    Notes: Bowser, King of Koopas, was born to rule the world.  It is his great
    ambition, but there is already a bio for him in the Plot section of this guide.
    This covers his enemy nature.  He has many attacks.  Each time you fight him
    they differ, but in general he has the following attacks: fire breath, jump with
    shockwaves, teleportation, charge, claw attack, and he likes to chip away at the
    arena a lot.  To defeat him run around behind him and grab his tail.  Swing him
    around and throw him into the spiky bombs at the edges of the arena.  In the
    first two battles he takes one hit, but in the final bout he takes three.
    Bullet Bill
    Location: Whomp's Fortress
    Notes: Bullet Bills are old enemies of Mario, and they are endless.  These
    seemingly shark-like missiles are launched by Bullet Bill Blasters and home
    right to Mario.  They can be avoided easily, though, and it is your best
    recourse.  Since it is such a rare enemy, you need not worry about it.
    Bullet Bill Blaster
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: Bullet Bill Blasters are invincible and they cannot directly attack any
    character.  They fire Bullet Bills, which is there only attack strength.
    Location: Lethal Lava Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea
    Notes: Bullies are minor enemies that try to push you into the lava of the
    course, or off the edges of paths in general.  To beat them you have to push
    back.  Sometimes defeating some of these results in a fight with Big Bully.
    Chain Chomp
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield
    Notes: Chain Chomps are indestructible.  One is involved in a single mission.
    They act like leashed pit bulls.  Beware of Chain Chomp.
    Cheep Cheep
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks, Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Cheep Cheeps are very scarce.  They can jump in air and go without water
    for short periods of time, as was exampled in earlier Mario games.  In Tiny-Huge
    Island they can swallow Mario whole.  But in Dire, Dire Docks, they're so small
    that you probably didn't know they existed.  They're a small nuisance, really.
    Location: Jolly Roger Bay, Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: These enemies have treasure in their mouths, and open them readily.
    After a while, though, they close them and hope to crush you inside.  It's a
    safe gamble to try to get the treasure inside nonetheless.
    Location: Jolly Roger Bay
    Notes: This one-course only enemy is involved in a Power Star.  It is a huge
    underwater snake, if you will, and it hurts a lot when you touch it.  To lure it
    out of a cave, swim to the side to avoid its jaws.  Its actual name is "Unagi,"
    the Japanese word for "eel."
    Fake Coin
    Location: Snowman's Land
    Notes: Let me just say that the name is unconfirmed.  These enemies look like
    yellow coins from a distance, but form into frogs and leap away when you get
    near.  They do yield lots of coins, though (5), if you beat them.  Simply ground
    pound them before they can bound away.
    Fly Guy
    Location: Various
    Notes: Fly Guys, which are Shy Guys with small helicopter-blades on their heads
    that they use to fly, are very annoying.  They can send fire down upon you and
    occasionally charge you.  To top it off, they are very defensive and hard to
    attack.  Jump or jump kick them.
    Location: Various
    Notes: As the tattle log from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door puts it,
    Goombas are the underlings of underlings.  They can be beaten in tons of ways
    with just about every technique.  The oldest method is to jump on them, however.
    They travel in groups most often and should be taken lightly.
    Inanimate Object
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt
    Notes: This does not mean fire or boulders.  I'm talking about the many enemies
    in Big Boo's Haunt that seem to be harmless items that are really possessed
    demons.  This includes pianos, books of two kinds, chairs, and coffins.  Running
    is the best plan in these situations.
    Location: Shifting Sand Land
    Notes: Klepto the condor is a bird that is notorious for stealing caps.  Without
    your cap you will take double damage, which is a clue to avoid them.  One
    mission in the game involve Klepto, and it isn't very difficult at all.  Klepto
    is immortal; however, and so don't try to defeat it.
    Koopa Troopa
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield, Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Koopas are classic Mario enemies.  These turtle-like creatures leave
    behind the invaluable items Koopa Shells, which are fun to ride on.  Koopas have
    evolved over time into many different species.
    Location: Various
    Notes: Lakitu is actually your cameraman (the Lakitu Bros. filming agency).  But
    the enemies, which are a type of Koopa, ride special clouds and throw Spinies
    down to irritate you.  A jump kick will do them in, though.
    Manta Ray
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: This aquatic enemy is actually useful to getting one of the Power Stars.
    It cannot hurt you, but it does stun you as you swim.
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave, Tall, Tall Mountain
    Notes: They are endless creatures that jump out of holes and stone you in groups.
    Defeat eight of them in a row to get a 1UP.
    Location: Tall, Tall Mountain
    Notes: There are two on the mountain, and both run around like rabbits do in
    this game.  Catching one makes it steal your cap, while the other takes you to a
    Power Star.  Be careful when dealing with those primates.
    Mr. I
    Location: Various
    Notes: The name is confirmed in the update.  I asked a friend what he thought
    the name was and he said "Mr. I," as it reminded him of a mini-game from Mario
    Party that may've mentioned names.  Regardless, these are the eye beasts that
    you can defeat by running in circles around.  They are generally home to Big
    Boo's Haunt, but you can find them in a few other courses.
    Piranha Plant
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Tiny-Huge Island, Bowser in the Sky
    Notes: Piranha Plants, which are called Piranha Flowers in this game for some
    unknown reason, are timeless Mario enemies.  They usually inhabit pipes,
    although they've branched out since Super Mario Bros., growing in the open.  The
    best strategy is to avoid these by walking slowly.  Later in the game you'll be
    forced into combat with these.  When fighting the very large or very small kind,
    a punch does the trick.  The average-sized plant can be defeated with a jump on
    the head, which is tricky to pull off.
    Location: Shifting Sand Land
    Notes: Pokeys are desert-dwelling living cactuses.  There bodies are layered,
    the head being the chief layer, and they regenerate lost layers over time.  You
    must punch them all consecutively to defeat one.
    Location: Various
    Notes: I have done a little research on the three robot enemies in this game.
    One that acts just like Big Bob-omb and is called a Chuckya.  They pick you up,
    spin around, and throw you off the edge.  Similar to them are robots with trays
    that drive around, pick you up, and toss you into the air, letting gravity do
    the damage for them.  These robots are called Heave-Ho's.  Also, I believe that
    the electric enemies fall under this category.  They are called Amps.
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: This is hardly an enemy since it is so rare, but sharks in the water can
    hurt you.  I'd just avoid them.
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave
    Notes: These are phantom enemies that shoot black bullets at you as they fly
    around from Super Mario Bros. 2.  They are similar to Shy Guys in that respect.
    Jump kick to defeat them, even though they are very easy to dodge.  The type in
    this game are called Snufits, which is the flying version.  I think that the
    Snifit name is just about 1000 times better sounding, so it is catalogued in
    this manner.
    Location: Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land
    Notes: Yes, Snowman (the name of the huge one in Snowman's Land) can blow your
    cap off, but he is not an enemy.  Snowmen all fall under this category.  There's
    the regular kind, which pop out of nowhere and start snowballing you, and then
    you have the flowery type.  These just lurch toward you.  The former can be
    defeated by running around in them in circles (like a Mr. I), while the latter
    can be with a jump or punched to the head.
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Dire, Dire Docks, Wet-Dry World
    Notes: Spiders come in two species.  There's the orange kind, which jump out of
    pits and charge you.  Then you have the aquatic kind, which skims along water
    with the same plan of attack.  Jumps are the key here.
    Location: Various
    Notes: Spinies are the Koopa-descended enemies that Lakitus throw down from
    there clouds.  They are very slow moving and unbeatable in this game, so best
    just avoid them.
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Shifting Sand Land, Tick Tock Clock
    Notes: The Thwomp comes in three varieties, two of which are much more
    specialized.  The common type consists of large stony enemies.  They rise up and
    fall, crushing you.  They can make for a good ride, though.  The "mummy" Thwomps
    are similar, but they look different.  They also have the ability to move
    horizontally.  The third type, called "rolling" Thwomps, are nearly nonexistent.
    There's one in the entire game and it simply rolls around with the intentions of
    crushing you.  They cannot be defeated, so just avoid them.
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Bowser in the Sky
    Notes: Whomps are also rare; there are only four of them if you count their king.
    They all attack in the same way - they slam their bodies down onto you.  When
    they do, ground pound their bandaged backs and you can defeat them.  The Whomp
    King, which is an unconfirmed name, takes three hits, but is just as easy.  They
    are just disgruntled stone creatures, angry that the inhabitants of the Mushroom
    Kingdom don't appreciate the stones they use as building material.
    Location: Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Wigglers are generally peaceful worm-caterpillar creatures, but they have
    very short tempers.  You fight this one while small, so Wiggler's size is
    amplified.  When they lose, they shrink down a bit.  Wiggler in this game was
    overwhelmed by the power of the star he had.  He couldn't decide whether he
    liked it or not, and slowly he became attached and obsessed with it, even though
    he knew it was the cause of his troubles.  When you knock some sense into him by
    stomping his head three times, he gives up the star and feels much better for
    doing so.
    I'm not making updates to this section if it has anything to do with names.  I
    researched each enemy name and verified it (except for a few compound enemy
    listings, like "Inanimate Object").  That was fun.
    And here are the questions of the guide.  Most questions I'm asked don't make it
    into the FAQ (which stands for Frequently Asked Questions).  A question must be
    asked multiple times by multiple people to the point that I'm tired typing the
    same response over and over to answer the same question.  So, let the
    interrogations begin!
    Question: What's going to be so cool about the DS, anyway?
    Answer: Super Mario 64 DS is based on this game, but it is not a remake.  There
    are 150 Power Stars, thirty more, and three other characters that you can
    control.  They are Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario, each with special abilities.
    Courses have been changed, an old item is going to make a comeback, and I can't
    wait!  You start out as Yoshi, actually, and you must rescue Mario and the
    others before you can be them.  I understand Yoshi and Luigi, but Wario has
    always been Mario's rival.  Peach has very strange tastes.  Also, the graphics
    are roughly the same, perhaps better (I've only seen a few screenshots so far).
    Need I go on?
    Question: How many stars are there?
    Answer: 120.  There are 15 courses, and 15 secret stars (castle stars).  There
    are seven stars a course, so 15 x 7 + 15 = 120.  Tada!
    Question: What?  Seven stars a course?
    Answer: Yeah.  That's true.  There are six missions in each level and a 100
    coins challenge.  You have to collect 100 coins to get the star.
    Question: Is Luigi or Yoshi really in this game?
    Answer: There are really two parts of that question, each with very distinct
    answers.  Luigi is not in this game.  Maybe if you're colorblind, you could
    pretend that he is.  I never understood why, since red and green are such common
    colorblind colors, that they group them together everywhere (in truth, it's just
    because these are easy colors to generate).  Luigi is Mario's younger brother,
    who wears green and has an L emblem on his cap.  Yoshi is in the game, though.
    He cannot be controlled, but he is pretty useful.  When you have 120 Power Stars,
    shoot Mario to the roof with the cannon and you'll find Yoshi there.  He
    upgrades the Triple Jump and gives you 100 lives every time you talk to him (he
    reappears when you save and quit).
    Question: How many stars do you actually need?
    Answer: Technically, 31 if you do a special glitch.  But if you follow the game
    rules you can do it with 70 stars.
    Question: Why didn't you include all the stars in the walkthrough for that
    Answer: Please stop asking me this!  I beg of you!  Seriously, this is why I
    have the section called "Walkthrough Content."  You see, sometimes you cannot
    complete a certain mission in a level until you have a cap, upgrade, or in some
    cases (like Dire, Dire Docks), beat another level.  So, if I grouped the
    missions together every time it would be less of a walkthrough and more of a
    not-very-good guide.  A walkthrough walks you through how to beat the game step
    by step, not by saying "come do this later."  So read the Walkthrough Content
    section.  It's easy to understand and it includes where I tell how to get the
    castle's secret stars.
    Question: Why does Bowser want to take over the castle so bad, anyways?
    Answer: Good question.  It's always like that (kidnapping Peach).  Well, at
    first Bowser kidnapped Peach just for the heck of it.  You know, he was a
    dragon-like creature, she was a princess.  It worked out.  Than a plumber came
    and ruined his good time.  I theorize, because Bowser did it in Super Mario RPG,
    a SNES game, that Bowser not only kidnaps Peach for entertainment purposes, but
    also to lure Mario to him.  Bowser hates Mario.  Also, some have speculated that
    Bowser loves Peach and that's why he kidnaps her, in a "Beauty and the Beast"
    kind of deal.  I never liked that explanation too much, though.
    Question: Is it true that you can control the ending cinema angles?
    Answer: I tried it once and it didn't really work, but it was probably the
    controller.  I've heard many times that after you beat the game you can use the
    second controller in slot two to control the action.  I'm sure it's true, though,
    since everyone talks about it.
    Question: Can you get the Cape?
    Answer: No.  The Cape allowed Mario to fly way back when, but it's since been
    replaced with the Wing Cap in the cap-item theme of the game.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my website?
    Answer: Absolutely not.  No, no, no, no, NEVER!  I have my reasons, mostly
    issues with updating.  Also, there are a lot of liars on the Internet.  There're
    plenty of crooks out there that take credit for someone else's work.  I know
    that I can trust GameFaqs, but not you.  And no, you cannot prove it.  See the
    legal section for more details.
    Question: What other walkthroughs have you written?
    Answer: This is my fourteenth.  Can you believe that?  I sure can't.  I've
    written them for the following games, in this order: The Legend of Zelda: Four
    Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1,
    Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart; Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind
    Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link,
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and The Legend of Zelda.  But, for an up-
    to-date listing of games I've written for, you can use the below address:
    Question: How can I contact you to ask a question?
    Answer: This is a good question that's rarely asked.  Send me an e-mail at
    Kirby0215@aol.com.  Capitals don't matter, so don't fret over it.  If you do,
    don't send Spam or chain letters.  I hate those things - who likes them?  I will
    accept IM's, but I'd much prefer e-mail.  Usually, I'm not just signed on the
    Internet doing nothing, but actually working, and IM's interrupt me.
    And so ends the question-session.  It's been real, man.  Unfortunately, this
    guide is coming to a close.  But I saved the best part for last.  That's right -
    the legal section!
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    =========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================
    I may have mentioned this before, but I love shortcuts.  So, the legal parts of
    the guide are 100 % copied from my guide for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
    But the credits are original to this guide.
                                   |    Credits    |
    First, I'd like to thank myself for playing the game, writing the walkthrough,
    and so on.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!
    Second, I'd like to thank Nintendo for not only making this game, but also for
    re-releasing it on the Nintendo DS.  It's going to be awesome.
    Also, thanks a bunch to GameFaqs.com for hosting my guide.  Let me say, they
    have the best guide sit on the Internet.
    Now recently the following people have helped me out.  Here's who and what they
    - spacepope4u, a contributor here on GameFaqs.  Offhand, I used some of what I
    learned from his great Mario Series Character Guide in my guides, and for this I
    thank him.  Really, his guide is awesome, and I recommend it to any Mario fan.
    That's it for now, but I'm sure the list will grow.  Now for the glorious legal
    section.  It's almost as cool as reading the ingredients to mainly tofu-
    manufactured products.
                                |    Legal Section    |
    First off, this document is Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee.
    Second, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    Third, I take no credit in making this game at all in any way you'd like to
    define it.  That honor goes to Nintendo.  To put this legally.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Let me just make it clear that nobody can use this walkthrough save GameFaqs
    exclusively.  Don't even waste your breath asking.
    This is kirby021591 signing out.  It has been really fun playing this game and
    writing the walkthrough.  Here I thought I'd never play this game again (sitting
    in a box somewhere), but I got to and I enjoyed myself.  Of course, you probably
    liked the guide guiding you and all.  Anyways, this guide was written completely
    in the shadow of the remake for the DS, being released very shortly in North
    America.  Let's hope that it's good [on a side note from a future update, the DS
    version is awesome].  Once again, it's been a blast.  And now Kirby021591 makes
    his great escape with his signature catchphrase...  See ya later.

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