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    FAQ by Jdude84

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    d8P'    `Y8                                           
    Y88bo.      oooo  oooo  oo.ooooo.   .ooooo.  oooo d8b 
     `"Y8888o.  `888  `888   888' `88b d88' `88b `888""8P 
         `"Y88b  888   888   888   888 888ooo888  888     
    oo     .d8P  888   888   888   888 888    .o  888     
    8""88888P'   `V88V"V8P'  888bod8P' `Y8bod8P' d888b    
    ooo        ooooo                     o8o            
    `88.       .888'                     `"'            
     888b     d'888   .oooo.   oooo d8b oooo   .ooooo.  
     8 Y88. .P  888  `P  )88b  `888""8P `888  d88' `88b 
     8  `888'   888   .oP"888   888      888  888   888 
     8    Y     888  d8(  888   888      888  888   888 
    o8o        o888o `Y888""8o d888b    o888o `Y8bod8P' 64
                  FAQ\Extras Guide Version 1.2
             Author: Jdude84 <Jdude84@hotmail.com>
                       Date: 5/02/00 
    Table Of Contents
    1) Version History
    2) Legal Notes
    3) Credits
    4) F.A.Q.
    5) Enemy FAQ
    6) Items\Blocks
    7) Movelist
    8) Game Data
    9) Reviews
    10) Secrets
     - Codes and Hints
     - Game Shark Codes
     - Secrets
    11) Controls
    12) Story
    13) Glitches
    14) Warps
    15) "L is real 2041"
    16) Fun Stuff
    17) Coin List
    18) Bosses
    19) Walkthrough*Incomplete*
    20) Cap Switches
    21) Misc.
    22) Author's Note
    1) Version History
    Version 1.0 - 2/11/00
    First version. Everything is new.
    * Typed the entire thing up, all in 2 days. Not bad eh? Not good 
    * One or two more updates, as the coin list and walkthrough only go 
    through the first 4 levels. Oh well, i like the other sections better, 
    don't you?
    Version 1.1 - 2/12/00
    The one thing i LOVE about writing for old games is that they are SO 
    easy to write about. Therefore, you get another update...not that you 
    * Finished coin list...in my opinion of course.
    * Only thing left is walkthrough, which will be updated either shortly 
    Version 1.2 - 5/02/00
    Here is another un-needed update that you were just *dying* to get. 
    Maybe i'll actually FINISH one of my faqs.
    * Added level 5 walkthrough.
    * Added what will be the final new section for sure. Section 21.
    2) Legal Notes
    This faq may appear on the following sites:
    Gamefaqs.com - GameFAQs
    Gamesages.com - GameSages
    These are the only two sites that are allowed to host my
    faqs. If this faq is found on any other site, including
    YOUR site, then legal action WILL be taken if you do not
    remove the faq(s). This Document Is Copyright
    ©2000 Jdude84. This faq may not be reproduced in any
    way shape or form, period. Do NOT ask for consent as you
    will not get it, simple as that. I am in no way
    affiliated with the makers of this game, it is
    Copyrighted by Nintendo. If any of this is unclear to
    you read the Author's Note at the bottom of this faq.
    Super Mario 64 is ©1996-2000 Nintendo. Mario, and all other characters 
    are copyrighted by nintendo.  Contact them at questions@nintendo.com for 
    further information
    3) Credits
    JMendes <joca64@yahoo.com>
    He let me use his AWESOME warp guide. If you want to see it, just go to 
    the same page this is on!
    Game Shark Code Creators Club <http://www.cmgsccc.com>
    Got the GS codes there!
    Gamesages <http://www.gamesages.com>
    Got hints and tips there!
    World-Of-Nintendo <http://www.world-of-nintendo.com>
    Got the cool fake codes there..not that they work or anything!
    Nintendo <http://www.nintendo.com>
    For making a game so good that I played it for a whole week straight...4 
    years after it's release.
    Jeff Veasey <CJayC@gamefaqs.com>
    For running the best site on the web! And for posting this...hopefully.
    Jdude84 <Jdude84@hotmail.com>
    For typing this up.
    4) F.A.Q.
    Q. Why did you make this?
    A. Because I felt like it..
    Q. Can you get <Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser> in the game?
    A. There is _NO_ Luigi in the game whatsoever..period. Wario is _NOT_ in 
    the game either, not at all. Yoshi makes an appearance, after you 
    collect 120 stars but is NOT a playable character. The same goes for 
    Peach and Bowser...
    Q. What courses don't have warps in them?
    A. Big Boo's Haunt, Dire Dire Docks, Jolly Roger Bay, Tick Tock Clock, 
    and the special courses such as cap courses and bowser levels.
    Q. What levels do I need caps to complete?
    A. Jolly Roger Bay, Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Shifting Sand Land, 
    Dire Dire Docks, Wet-Dry World, Snowman's Land, Tiny Huge Island.
    5) Enemy FAQ
    #1 - Goomba - Yellow Coin (1)
    These mushroom guys love to travel in groups of three. Defeat them with 
    any normal attack.
    #2 - Koopa Troopa - Blue Coin (1)
    Jump these guys, get their coins, and then cruise around on their shell! 
    Double the fun!
    #3 - Bob-Omb - Yellow Coin (1)
    Pick these guys up and throw them. They'll blow up and you'll get a 
    coin. Nothing special.
    #4 - Whomp - Yellow Coin (9)
    Jump on these guys' backs four times, then butt slam them for a LOAD of 
    coins. Too bad only 2 exist. 
    #5 - Thwomp - No Coins
    These are invulnerable, so don't mess with them! Not many exist, on the 
    bright side...
    #6 - Pihrana Plant - Blue Coin (1)
    Sneak up on them while they are sleeping, then attack! Stay away if they 
    are awake however, as they hurt alot.
    #7 - Bullet Bill - None.
    Invulnerable, so just stay away. Only one exists, so you don't have much 
    to worry about.
    #8 - Balls the Snowman - Yellow Coin (3)
    Yes i made up that highly original name, thank you! Run around them, and 
    they explode...ooh!
    #9 - Boo Buddy - Blue Coin (1)
    Face away from them then jump them! Everyone knows about these!
    #10 - I-Ball - Blue Coin (1)
    Run around these odd creatures, and they will explode, much like Balls. 
    Easier to defeat..
    #11 - Batty - Yellow Coin (1)
    Found in caves, they try and land on you. Just punch em' to death.
    #12 - Bully - Yellow Coin (1)
    These try and ram you into lava. Counter with a few kicks of your own!
    #13 - Shy Guy - Yellow Coin (1)
    Jump on their heads and you'll get a spinning lift! Very useful...
    #14 - Pokey - Blue Coin (1)
    We all know these guys! Hit them in the head with a kick for an easy 
    KO..or you can take them down one piece at a time.
    #15 - Lakitu - Yellow Coin (5) 
    Hard to kill, they throw spinies out at you, and fly around. Jump it 
    when it's low to the ground!
    #16 - Piano From Hell - None.
    Stay far away! If you go near it prepare to be attacked like you never 
    have before...ouch!
    #17 - Chuck - Yellow Coin (5)
    These huge purple bob-ombs will attempt to throw you off cliffs. Counter 
    by picking them up from behind and throwing them down. Fun to play 
    around with.
    #18 - Monty Mole - Extra Live(s)
    No coins, also invulnerable. BUT...jump about 8 of them for a 1-up!
    #19 - Water Skimmer - Yellow Coin (5)
    Found on the water..where else?!?! These spidery creatures are extremly 
    stupid, but cool. Defeat them and grab their treasure..
    #20 - Demonic Flower - Yellow Coin (1)
    They may LOOK sweet, but they are evil knife-wielding creatures. 
    Acutally jump on them and you'll float around..much like the shy guy's.
    #21 - Bubba - None.
    THE coolest enemy ever! Not only is he invulnerable, but he is bigger 
    than hell, and can suck you up in one try, killing you. Stay away from 
    this guy unless you want to have some "fun". By the way, i'm talking 
    about the fish, not Mr. Clinton :)
    6) Items\Blocks
    These are the main goal of the game, to collect all 120! Without them 
    you cannot enter doors, new worlds, and rescue the princess! Better make 
    sure to get at least 70 of these...
    Yellow Coins:
    Use these to refill health, as well as get stars and extra lives.
    Red Coins:
    Use these to refill health, collect all 8 for a star.
    Blue Coins:
    Use these to refill health, as well as get stars and extra lives.
    1-Up Mushroom:
    These are hidden very well...and grant you an extra 
    mario\life\turn\chance\play\etc. Useful if you suck...
    "!" Boxes:
    Gone are the "?" boxes and in are these! These contain stars, coins, and 
    other various goodies. What more can i say? Oh yeah..they are pretty 
    Spinning Heart:
    Run through it to replenish your life!
    Throw these to get 3 coins! You have to collect them...of course.
    Hit these and something special will happen! Such as water lowering, 
    stairs forming, a star appearing, etc...
    Wing Cap:
    Collect this and you can fly! Triple jump and off you go! Blinks before 
    it runs out.
    Metal Cap: 
    Now you are invulnerable, to EVERYTHING! You name it, fire, thwomps, 
    etc, etc. Pretty cool, yes? Also allows you to sink in water.
    Invisible Cap: 
    Now you can walk through SOME walls, pretty cool. Found only a couple 
    7) Movelist
    Walk (Hold control stick lightly)
    This is simple, hold barely on the control stick and he will tiptoe.
    Useful for sneaking up on enemies, or for the patient, unlike me.
    Run (Hold control stick all the way in one direction)
    This is just like walking, only faster. But you allready know that. You
    will use this all the time, that or you've found some other way to move
    Crouch (Z)
    I'm not sure why anyone would want to do this, but when you do you
    duck, therefore making it harder to be hit. This would work except for
    the fact that most enemies are on the ground and you hit you anyway...
    Jump (A)
    This is your basic jump command. Use this to climb blocks, stairs,
    and jump onto poles, trees and such. Can also be used to kill some
    Double Jump (A + A)
    Jump once, then twice and you'll jump much higher. This is only used
    when you have something much higher you need to reach. Not very good
    for killing enemies.
    Triple Jump (A + A + A)
    Jump once, then again, then again. You've just done the triple jump.
    You'll need to master this to complete the game, as it is needed to
    reach otherwise unreachable areas. For those that care, mario says
    either "wah, hoo-hoo, yippie!", "wah, hoo-hoo, wahoo!", or "Wah,
    hoo-hoo, yahoo!". Exciting eh? Not really. 
    Special Triple Jump (A + A + A <requires 120 stars>)
    This is the SAME exact move as the triple jump, except for two
    factors. The first would be you need to have 120 stars, then talk
    to yoshi to get it. The second is you are invulnrabale during the
    jump. Therefore you can triple jump into an enemy, or even off the
    TOP of the castle and not be harmed. This would be useful if it
    weren't for the fact that you only get it AFTER you beat the game.
    Also a factor in the many 'luigi' rumors circulating around.
    Backflip (Z + A)
    We've all seen this move before and we all know how it works. Just
    execute the move and you jump about the same height as a double jump
    only backwards. Any questions? No? Good...
    Sideflip (Sharp Turn + A)
    Run one way, then quickly turn and press A and you'll do a pretty
    nifty high jump that looks a bit awkward. Use this when you need to
    get really high and have little room to do it. Not the best method of
    attacking however.
    Long Jump (Run + Z + A)
    Use this to jump great distance. Useful for clearing gaps or speeding
    through a level. Get used to this move as it's going to be used a lot
    during the game.
    Wall Kick (Jump Into Wall + Control Stick In Opposite Direction + A)
    This is one of the most important moves in the entire game. Anyone
    that has played metroid knows how this works. You can use this any
    place where a wall is, and that's basically everywhere. Only masters
    of this move will collect all 120 stars.
    Butt-Slam (A + Z)
    Jump then press Z and mario will do a powerful slam onto the ground.
    Now if you ask me, this would be rather painful if i did it, but
    apparently mario loves to smash posts, enemies, and switches with
    his butt, so who am i to stop him?
    Punch (B)
    Your basic attack, used to kill enemies obviously. Not much of a 
    range but it gets the job done. Look on the list for another move to
    Double Punch (B + B)
    Just like a punch, only X 2! Pretty useless, only used if you miss
    the first time...I guess.
    Punch, Punch, Kick Combo (B + B + B)
    This is a bit more effective than a double or normal punch, but not
    by much. Execute this move and you'll get 3 chances, and about 1
    pixel more range with the kick. 
    High Kick (A + B)
    Jump, then attack and you'll do a high kick that kills those pesky
    airial enemies. Good for defeating cacti, and the occasional shy
    Dive (Run + B)
    Probably the most used attack. Nice speed, nice range, and using
    this move comes naturally. The only alternative for this move 
    would be the slide kick.
    Circle Kick (Z + B)
    While i will admit this move does look pretty cool, it has no range at
    all and will probably end up getting you killed if you try and use this
    Slide Kick (Run + Z + B)
    This is probably the only alternative to the dive move. I prefer this
    over the dive move actually, the only drawback being having to run and
    press 2 buttons instead of just one. Other than that, it's great!
    Flutter Kick (In water + Hold Down A)
    In this game, this is the slow way to swim. However slow it may be, it
    is very accurate and should be used when you have plenty of time and no 
    room for errors. 
    Breast-stroke (In Water + A + A + A...)
    Repeatadly tap A once you get in the water to swim as fast as possible.
    This should be used when your doing anything that is not a tedious
    puzzle which requires precision handling. Bascially, use this all the
    Grab (In Water + B)
    I have NO clue what this is all about. Execute this move and you will
    go forward about 2 inches. You can use this to grab onto shells in the
    water but that can allready be done by simply touching them. This move
    is utter uselessness, that is, unless some one figures out just why
    this move was programmed in...
    8) Game Data
    Title: Super Mario 64
    Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)
    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Origin: Japan
    Genre: Action\3D Platform
    ESRB Rating: KA 6+ (Kids to adults)
    MSRP Rating: $39.99 (Player's Choice)
    Players: One
    Release Date: 1996
    Rumble Pack: No
    Memory Pack: No
    4 MB Expansion Pack: No
    9) Reviews
    Reviewer: Jdude84 <Jdude84@hotmail.com> 
    Score: 10/10
    The first game out on N64 was this game, to no one's suprise. It has set 
    the standard for games such as Banjo-Kazooie, and is still a great game 
    Graphics - 10
    For the first game on N64, this one has great graphics, sure, there are 
    a few games out there with better graphics today, but this game is old! 
    The graphics are sharp, and there is little to no popup unless you go 
    looking for it.
    Sound\Sound FX - 10
    The sound on this game is also great, mario has about 15 different 
    phrases, not counting all the enimies\allies you run into. The 
    background music could have been a bit better, but what can you expect 
    from a first generation 64 game?
    Replay Value\Fun Factor - 9
    The replay isn't that great once you've beat the game, unless you have 
    collected all 120 stars. But there is plenty more to do after you've 
    beaten the game entirely...you can try and set new records in the 
    races\slides, try and collect EVERY SINGLE coin in the game. And then 
    there is the famous 'luigi cheats' which don't work at all, but are 
    still fun to try. I know i had a fun time trying them all! 
    Gameplay - 10
    The gameply is simply amazing, mario has over 20 moves, and fights over 
    50 different kinds of enimies during the course of the game. There are 
    15 levels, 15 bonus levels, and 3 main bosses in the game. One challenge 
    this game presents however is the camera angle, you must control it 100% 
    of the time throughout the entire game, even at the final boss. There is 
    first person view, and a variety of angles, which makes the control a 
    bit hard. Other than that the gameplay is awesome!
    Overall - 10
    This game obviously deserves a ten, with high scores in every category, 
    this is one game that is and SHOULD be in everyone's collection. If you 
    do not have this game, buy it today!
    10) Secrets
    Codes and Hints:
    On the third Bowser, I find a small part of the level very annoying, so 
    I found a way to skip it. On the first "vertical merry-go-round" (the 
    one with the visible life in the middle), duck. When you reach the peak 
    of the revolution, jump. If you timed right, Mario should flip onto a 
    platform above him.
    When you get half way up the first part of the metal ramp (the part 
    where you can stand still and not fall before the first flame thrower), 
    turn around and do a long jump. If you did this correctly you will be on 
    the checkered platform with the small firebreathing plant.
    Butterfly Punching:
    Sometimes in the game you will see a bunch of butterflies fly out of a 
    tree or grass. Punch or touch any of them and they will turn into a 1-
    UP.  Also some of the butterflies turn into bombs.
    Camera Trick:
    After you've won the game, you can control the camera angle in the scene 
    where Mario is talking to the Princess. To do so, use the analog stick 
    on Controller Two. You can also do this on the Credits screen.
    Change Obstacle Speed:
    To change the obstacle speed on Course 14, try this. For slower 
    obstacles, enter when the minute hand is on 3. To stop them completely, 
    enter when the minute hand is on 12. For the more ambitious, enter when 
    the minute hand is on 6 for a greater challenge, or 9 for the ride of 
    your life!
    Climb Steep Surfaces:
    In star 1-2, when you start the race, go through the trench and then 
    long jump onto the marble slope. Now keep holding the A button and press 
    the B button repeatedly. You will then jump-kick your way up the slope 
    and end up on a part of the mountain if done correctly. This should save 
    you a lot of time on the race. This technique works elsewhere too.
    Easy Star 6 in Wet-Dry World:
    To get star 6 in Wet-Dry World the easy way, just go to Wet-Dry World 
    and go to town. Once you're there, go into the cage with the star in it 
    (don't hit the ! Switch.) Once your cap runs-out, wall-kick off the 
    fence and onto the ledge!
    Escape the Black Room of Death:
    For years people thought that the only way to escape the Black Room of 
    Death (the bug where you jump into the middle pillar of the castle) was 
    resetting the game. Well, I have found the way to escape it. When you 
    are inside the Black Room of Death on the inside view of the castle put 
    yourself against the right side of the room. Make sure that you can't 
    see Mario. Now run or jump towards the wall that would be on the side of 
    the door to the outside. You should jump through the wall and be free of 
    the Black Room of Death.
    Extra Lives Outside:
    When you are outside, and the water is gone, go under the bridge and 
    locate two yellow coins. Do a side jump and then a wall kick to get 
    them. When you get the second coin a 1-up should fall. Run over to it 
    and collect it. Enter the basement or the main castle door, then come 
    out again and recollect your 1-up. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
    Extra Lives from Moles:
    You can get 1 extra life on any of the levels with moles. If you jump on 
    6 Moles there will appear a secret life.
    Extra Lives on the Ice Stage:
    To find some extra lives on the Ice stage:
    On the first Ice stage, begin your slide.
    On the first left turn, head for the row of Coins.
    You'll slide into a tunnel that holds 2 extra lives.
    Final Level Playing Tip:
    The very last level is very hard unless you know a secret.  The first 
    couple of hits are easy because the whole plate is still there. But when 
    the sides fall out and form a star, this is what you do. Whenever Bouser 
    runs at you do a side jump right over his head.  When the plate starts 
    to tilt, find the running speed that will keep you in the exact same 
    First Person View:
    Set your camera mode to "HOLD CAM" then, using the regular camera, look 
    around by pressing C-Up. Now hold R and press A or B. The Lakitu should 
    be very close to Mario. Walk into the Lakitu to change your perspective. 
    You can see your surroundings, but you may see pieces of Mario.
    Hat Trick:
    Go to the desert level in the basement, then choose any level other than 
    #1. Go to the palm tree by the red bomb-omb buddy. Let the bird take 
    your hat, then stand on the closest piller and when the bird flies 
    around the piller, hit him so he drops the hat, but don't pick it up. 
    Stand under the palm tree until you teleport by the cannon. Then 
    teleport back to the palm tree.
    Every time you do this, another hat will fall on top of the one before 
    it. After you do this 50 times, the game will screw-up and freeze.
    If your power meter is low dive into the nearest pool of water. When you 
    resurface your power meter will be restored.
    Hidden Coins:
    Run around any wooden post five times to receive five coins.
    Invisible Bomb-om:
    You need to have already have done the Big Bomb-om trick, and after the 
    blast, your hands will still be held out like you're holding an 
    invinsible Bomb-om. You can walk around and jump & stuff, nothing will 
    happen. But if you throw it, you throw the invisible Bomb-om and that's 
    Kill Bowser in Seconds:
    This is easy to pull off on Bowser One, but a bit harder on Bowser Two 
    or Three.  Run behind him and grab his tail.  As soon as Mario picks it 
    up, drop it by pressing B again. Then run in front of Bowser and press 
    B.  Mario should've punched thin air, but Bowser will actually transport 
    from behind Mario to his tail being in Mario's mitts!  Use this 
    technique to lure him into a bomb.
    Koopa Race Shortcut:
    When you are racing Koopa the Quick in Bob-omb battle field, you can use 
    a number of tricks to beat him. The first one, after you go up the first 
    bridge, you will see a flower patch on the other side of the fence.
    Ignore Koopa and go into the flower patch. You will teleport to the 
    other side of the course. You should go over the stone bridge and you 
    will see 3 boulders rolling in a small area. There is a hill with a red 
    coin onit to the left of the boulders.
    Go up the hill and you'll see Koopa going around the bend. Jump into the 
    first cave on the path with boulders. You will teleport to the second 
    cave. Just go up the mountain the rest of the way. You will have beaten 
    Koopa by at least 25 seconds. This is a trick Koopa doesnt know about.
    Messed-up Room:
    After you get all 120 stars, shoot yourself onto the roof where Yoshi 
    is. Then get the winged hat and jump off the roof. Now go back into the 
    cannon and shoot yourself back onto the roof only this time aim for the 
    highest "tower" (in the direct center of the castle). Go to the left 
    side of the wall, facing the castle and before the perpendicular wall, 
    and do a jump-dive into the side of the wall. You should fall through 
    the castle into a "black room" that is a major glitch.
    Owl Ride:
    To get a ride on an owl, go to Whomp's Fortress (Level 2) and pick 
    "Shoot Into The Wild Blue" or a higher star. Now climb the tree to your 
    left and an owl will fly out. He will now let you ride him. But if you 
    wait too long he'll tell you to lay off the pasta and drop you.
    Penguin Rematch:
    When you get 120 stars return to Cool Cool Mountain for a rematch with 
    the penguin. If you thought he was big before, you'll be in for a 
    Quick Trip Downtown in Wet-Dry World:
    You DO NOT need the cannon to get stars 11-5 and 11-6 ("Going Downtown 
    for 8 Red Coins" and "Quick Race Through Downtown!").  To get a 
    shortcut, jump in the painting to Wet-Dry World as high as you can.  If 
    you jumped high enough, the water level should be at its peak.  Now just 
    swim over to the caged area and jump out;  Mario should grab on to the 
    fencing.  Just dive in and swim your way downtown!
    Secret Aquarium:
    On course 3 jolly roger bay go in the door and take a few steps and go 
    to the right. Look up and there will be a dark black square. Go in the 
    square and you will go to the secret aqarium and get 8 red coins.                                                                 
    Short-cut in Tall Tall Mountain:
    When you start out in Tall Tall Mountain don't go the usual way, instead 
    go the other way behind you you will find a 1-up and have to keep runing 
    after you get it and immediately afterwards go towards the wall you will 
    be on a upper part of the level.
    Shortcut to Star #4 on Lethal Lava:
    Go to Lethal Lava Land and pick Star #4. Find the Grating where Mr. I is 
    waiting, then enter the hole. Wait and you will warp to an island with a 
    Wing Cap. Put it on, then do a triple jump and fly past the log onto the 
    island with Star #4.
    Shortcut to Star #6 in Cool, Cool Mountain:
    When you begin the level run past the cottage at the beginning and head 
    to the platform where the snowman's body is. Near there should be a guy 
    that sorta looks like a flower (He has flower petals on his head) and 
    jump on him. Mario will do his helecopter spin. While Mario is spinning 
    in air, He will decend slowly. Steer him towards the edge of the lowest 
    platform of the area. (I.E. the Platform where the Icicles hang from) DO 
    NOT LAND ON THE PLATFORM!! Instead, decend under the ledge and try to 
    land on the Ice platform where star #6 rests. It's alot easier than 
    using wall kicks to get it as labeled (Wall Kicks will work)!!
    Sliding Shortcuts:
    To improve your time on the Red Sliding level:
    Enter the Red Sliding level.
    Jump to the left as soon as you exit the tunnel.
    With a little practice you can land on the later part of the course, 
    saving you valuable time.  Complete the course in under 21 seconds to 
    receive a Star.
    This shortcut works in the ice/blue sliding level.
    Pass the first two turns.
    Do not turn at the third turn.
    Let yourself fall slightly to the left.
    Teleport on Cool, Cool, Mountain:
    On the level Cool, Cool, Mountain where you start, turn right until you 
    see a broken down bridge. Go to the very end of the bridge and it will 
    teleport you to another broken down bridge right next to the mother 
    penguin. However you can't take the baby penguin on this secret.
    Top of the World:
    After obtaining 120 stars and talking to Yoshi, Mario can climb up to 
    the very tip of the steeple on the castle. Acquire wings, climb into the 
    cannon and shoot yourself as high up as you can, aiming at the steeple. 
    Once you get to the lower ring, you can climb up the wall that is on the 
    left back side (northwest from above.) If you get to the exact top of 
    the steeple, you can triple-jump without running and fly incredibly 
    Unlimited Lives - American Version:
    When you start a game outside of the castle go to the second tree from 
    the waterfall climb it and get the extra life. Now go into the castle 
    door and comeback out again to get another life, you can keep on doing 
    this forever.
    Unlimited Lives - Japanese Version:
    For infinite lives in the Japanese version, go to any of the Bowser 
    bosses (the first is easiest). Run around Bowser and collect 1,000 of 
    the coins he drops. From now on when you die you will gain a life 
    instead of losing a life.
    Unlimited Lives in Final Battle:
    When fighting Bowser for the third time, if you get killed you can keep 
    getting a 1-Up by walking behind the top left pillar.
    Visit Yoshi:
    1. Collect all 120 Stars
    2. Go to the Castle Gardens
    3. The grid near the Fish Pond will open, revealing a cannon
    4. Shoot yourself onto the roof of the Castle and Yoshi will be there!
    5. It's a short visit, but he'll give you 99 lives and a triple-jump 
    move before he leaves!
    Wet-Dry Wonders:
    They say that a picture's worth a thousand words. Apparently, the 
    picture of Wet-Dry World is also worth a thousand valves. You can 
    control the level of water by the height of Mario's jump. If he jumps 
    into the picture at a higher level, the water level is higher (and visa 
    versa.) You can save lots of mucking about by choosing the right height.
    Game Shark Codes
    GS Button For 99 Coins 
    8933B218 0063 
    Infinite Lives 
    8033B21D 0064 
    Infinite Energy/Breath 
    8133B21E 08FF 
    Level Select 
    A032D58C 0001 
    Debug Mode 
    A032D598 0001 
    Sound Display 
    A032D594 0001 
    Infinite Hat Usage 
    8133B226 FFFF 
    No Power Display 
    803325F4 0001 
    Invisible Mario 
    8033B220 0020 
    Half Mario 
    8033B221 0000 
    Limbo Mario 
    8033B3BC 00C0 
    Mario Runs Backwards 
    8033B3BC 0080 
    Walk Up Hills 
    A1253DAC 0000
    A1253DAE 0000
    A1253DB0 0000
    A1253DB2 0000 
    Remove Mario's Cap 
    A1254A30 0000
    A1254A32 0000 
    Monsters Don't Hurt Mario 
    A125460C 240B
    A125460E FFFF
    A1254610 A54B
    A1254612 0026
    A1254614 1000
    A1254616 000C 
    Super Fast Game 
    A1248154 0000
    A1248156 0000
    Super-Big Right Hand 
    8033B3BB 0010 
    Super-Big Right Foot 
    8033B3BB 0090 
    Growing/Shrinking Left Fist 
    8033B3BB 0050 
    Mario Runs Bent over 
    8033B3BC 0050 
    Strobe Mario 
    8133B054 0095 
    Rubber Walls & Weird Voices 
    8133B174 1111 
    Mario Missing Foot 
    8033B3BB 00B0 
    Die Instantly 
    8033B222 0020 
    Heavy/Short Mario (Can't Hardly Jump) 
    8033B224 00A0 
    Mario Opens & Closes His Right Hand 
    8033B3B6 0020 
    Don't Lose Energy As Fast 
    8033B222 0000 
    Only Have a Little Energy After You Die Once 
    8033B223 0000 
    Flashing Mario
    A1254612 0000 
    Down-Right-Backwards Looking Mario When Running 
    803303BE 0090 
    Mario Faces Left & Sideways When Running 
    8033B3BE 0050 
    Mario Faces Right When Running 
    8033B3BE 00B0 
    Upside Down Torso 
    8033B3BC 0080 
    Ostrich Mario 
    8033B3BC 0070 
    Down-Left-Backwards Looking Mario When Running 
    8033B3BE 0070 
    Backwards Ostrich Mario 
    8033B3BC 0090 
    See Mario's Breath 
    8133B179 0002 
    Mega Jump 
    8133B1BD 0010 
    Hover Mario 
    8133B1BD 0000 
    Super Mega Jump 
    8133B1BD FFFF 
    Rocket Man 
    8133B1C5 FFFF 
    Easier to Control Rocket Man 
    8133B1C5 FFDD 
    The slider (Pull Back on The Control Stick to Slide) 
    8133B1C5 00F0 
    Flashing Invincible 
    8133B196 0070 
    Forces Act on Mario
    8133B1B6 0030
    Bumpy Flight (Must Have Flying Cap) 
    8133B1A3 FFFF 
    Mario Always Goes Forward 
    8133B19E FFFF 
    Hard Turning in Water 
    8133B1A4 0070 
    Mario Swims in a Straight Line 
    8133B1A4 0000 
    When Flying Can Not go Down or Up 
    8133B19C FFFF 
    Go Nowhere Mario 
    8133B1C5 0010 
    Impervious to All Falls 
    8033B22C 0001 
    Mario Can Only Swim & Fly in One Direction 
    8133B1A4 FFFF 
    Cap Modifier 
    8133B176 00?? 
    Star Glitter 
    8133B17A 0008 
    Stops Controller Use 
    8933AFA9 0070 
    GS Button to Keep Mario Running Towrds Upper Right Hand Corner 
    8933AFAA 0070
    Rubber Walls 
    8133B174 FFFF 
    Crazy Camera 
    8133AFA3 0095 
    Jumping Hurts 
    8033B22C 0078 
    Can't Enter Doors 
    8133B18F 0001 
    Doors Enter Opposites 
    8133B18F 5555 
    All Doors Lead to Back to Where You Started 
    8133B18F FFFF 
    Falling Does Not Hurt Mario 
    8033B22C 00E8
    8133 B178 FFFF 
    Smoking Mario 
    A1254A30 0000
    8133 B176 FFFF 
    All Cap Powers 
    A1254A30 0000 
    Strange Sounds 
    A132D51D 00D1 
    Long Jumping 
    A1256BA7 0000 
    Bring Back Water From The Drained Moat 
    8133B1E2 0000 
    Seniro Change 
    8133B426 0070 
    Level Modifier 
    8133B424 00??
    * * * Have All 7 Stars * * *
    Bomb-Omb Battlefield 
    8020770C 00FF 
    Whomp's Fortress 
    8020770D 00FF 
    Jolly Roger Bay 
    8020770E 00FF 
    Cool, Cool Mountain 
    8020770F 00FF 
    Big Boo's Haunt 
    80207710 00FF 
    Hazy Maze Cave 
    80207711 00FF 
    Lethal Lava Land 
    80207712 00FF 
    Shifting Sand Land 
    80207713 00FF 
    Dire, Dire Docks 
    80207714 00FF 
    Snowman's Land 
    80207715 00FF 
    Wet-Dry World 
    80207716 00FF 
    Tall, Tall Mountain 
    80207717 00FF 
    Tiny-Huge Island 
    80207718 00FF 
    Tick Tock Clock 
    80207719 00FF 
    Rainbow Ride 
    8020771A 00FF 
    1st 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    8020771B 00FF 
    2nd 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    8020771C 00FF 
    3rd 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    8020771D 00FF 
    4th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    8020771E 00FF 
    5th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    8020771F 00FF 
    6th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    80207720 00FF 
    7th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    80207721 00FF 
    8th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    80207722 00FF 
    9th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    80207723 00FF 
    10th 7 Castle Secret Stars 
    80207724 00FF 
    Have All 175 Stars
    8120770C FFFF
    8120770E FFFF
    81207710 FFFF
    81207712 FFFF
    81207714 FFFF
    81207716 FFFF
    81207718 FFFF
    8120771A FFFF
    8120771C FFFF
    8120771E FFFF
    81207720 FFFF
    81207722 FFFF
    81207724 FFFF 
    * * * Maxed Out Coin Records Saved Per Stage * * *
    Bomb-Omb Battlefield 
    80207725 00FF 
    Whomp's Fortress 
    80207726 00FF 
    Jolly Roger Bay 
    80207727 00FF 
    Cool, Cool Mountain 
    80207728 00FF 
    Big Boo's Haunt 
    80207729 00FF 
    Hazy Maze Cave 
    8020772A 00FF 
    Lethal Lava Land 
    8020772B 00FF 
    Shifting Sand Land 
    8020772C 00FF 
    Dire, Dire Docks 
    8020772D 00FF 
    Snowman's Land 
    8020772E 00FF 
    Wet-Dry World 
    8020772F 00FF 
    Tall, Tall Mountain 
    80207730 00FF 
    Tiny-Huge Island 
    80207731 00FF 
    Tick Tock Clock 
    80207732 00FF 
    Rainbow Ride 
    80207733 00FF 
    Have All Maxed Out Coin Records
    80207725 00FF
    81207726 FFFF
    81207728 FFFF
    8120772A FFFF
    8120772C FFFF
    8120772E FFFF
    81207730 FFFF
    81207732 FFFF 
    Mario & Yoshi's Colors Become Like Wario & Boshi 
    A432C55B BBBB 
    Leaf Glitter
    8133B17A 2000 
    Play as Luigi (Sort of) 
    A032C55B 00BB 
    Pegleg Mario 
    8033B3BB 00BB 
    Dancing Mario 
    8133AFA3 0095
    8133B054 0095
    A132C55B 2564 
    L Button For Moon Jump 
    D033AFA1 0020
    8133B1BC 4220
    D033B1BD 0020
    8133B17C 0300
    D033B1BD 0020
    8133B17E 0880 
    * * * Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code * * *
    70 - Dark World
    10 - Rainbow World
    01 - Candy Cain World
    05 - Zebra World
    * * * Weird Graphics * * *
    07 - Kiss Castle
    08 - Eyes Are on Your World
    06 - Letter & Number World
    09 - Funky World 
    - - - Quantity Digits to Accompany Cap Modifier Code - - -
    00 - No Caps
    08 - Flying Without CapStart With Caps
    12 - Invisible
    15 - Metal
    18 - Flying
    1A - Flying & Invisible
    1C - Flying & Metal
    1E - Flying, Metal & Invisble
    * * * Start With Caps in Hand * * *
    21 - Regular Mario
    22 - Invisble
    25 - Metal
    28 - Flying
    2A - Flying & Invisble
    2C - Flying & Metal
    2E - Flying, Metal & Invisible
    * * * Start With Caps in Hand & One to Spare * * *
    31 - Regular Mario
    32 - Invisble
    35 - Metal
    38 - Flying
    3A - Flying & Invisble
    3C - Flying & Metal
    3E - Flying, Metal & Invisible
    * * * True Invisibility Caps * * *
    81 - Regular Mario
    82 - Invisble
    85 - Metal
    88 - Flying
    8A - Flying & Invisble
    8C - Flying & Metal
    8E - Flying, Metal & Invisible
    Fat Penguin
    After you get 120 stars go to Cool Cool Mountain and enter the chimmney. 
    The penguin will now be a bit..larger. This makes it a bit harder to 
    defeat him!
    After you get 120 stars, use the outdoor cannon and shoot to the top of 
    the castle. Walk around and you'll meet Yoshi. He'll grant you 100 lives 
    and a special move!
    Butterfly Trick
    Punch, Kick, or wall kick a butterfly! You'll either get a 1-up or a 
    Unlimited Lives
    This only works in the Japanese version. Go to the first bowser and 
    collect a whopping 1000 coins. That's right - One-Thousand! After this 
    you'll get a M next to your name. No it isn't a glitch pokemon, this 
    means that every time you DIE you GAIN a life, and vice versa.
    Bowser Sayings
    Collect 120 stars and talk to the final bowser. He'll be a bit 
    Control Ending 
    Plug a controller into port 2 and you can move the camera angle during 
    the ending cinema sequences!
    11) Controls
    R - Change Camera Angle
    L - Nothing
    Start - Pause 
    D-Pad - Nothing
    Control Stick - Move
    C-Buttons - Change Camera Angle
    Z - Crouch\Used with other moves
    A - Jump\Used with other moves
    B - Punch\Used with other moves
    12) Story
    Will Princess Toadstool be kidnapped again? Is there no end to the 
    constant feuding between Mario and Bowser?
    "Mario, please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours 
    truly, Princess Toadstool."
    "Wow, an invitation from Peach! I'll head out right away. I hope she can 
    wait for me!" Mario is so excited to receive the invitation from the 
    Princess, who lives in the Mushroom Castle, that he quickly dresses in 
    his best and leaves right away.
    "Hmmmm, something's not quite right here... It's so quiet..."
    Shaking off his uneasy premonition, Mario steps into the silent castle, 
    where he is greeted by the gruff words,
    "No one's home! Now scram! Bwa, ha, ha."
    The sound seems to come from everywhere.
    "Who's there? I've heard that voice somewhere before..."
    Mario begins searching all over the castle. Most of the doors are 
    locked, but finding one open, he peeks inside. Hanging on the wall is 
    the largest painting he has ever seen, and from behind the painting 
    comes the strangest sound that he has ever heard...
    "I think I hear someone calling. What secrets does this painting hold?"
    Without a second thought, Mario jumps at the painting. As he is drawn 
    into it, another world opens before his very eyes.
    And so begins the grandest of all adventures!
    Once inside the painting, Mario finds himself in the midst of battling 
    Bob-Ombs. According to the Bob-Omb Buddies, someone...or something...has 
    suddenly attacked the castle and stolen the "Power Stars". These stars 
    protect the castle; with the stars in his control, the beast plans to 
    take over the Mushroom Castle.
    To help him accomplish this, he plans to convert the residents of the 
    painting world into monsters as well. If nothing is done, all those 
    monsters will soon begin to overflow from inside the painting.
    "A plan this maniacal, this cunning...this must be the work of Bowser!"
    Princess Toadstool and Toad are missing, too. Bowser must have taken 
    them and sealed them inside the painting. Unless Mario recovers the 
    Power Stars immedietly, the inhabitants of this world will become 
    Bowser's army.
    "Well, Bowser's not going to get away with it, not as long as I'm 
    Stolen Power Stars are hidden throughout the painting world. Use your 
    wisdom and strength to recover the Power Stars and restore peace to the 
    Mushroom Castle.
    "Mario! You are the only one we can count on."
    13) Glitches
    There aren't many that i know of, but here they are anyway!
    The Infamous Dark Room Of Death
    After collecting 120 stars, fly to the top of the castle and run up the 
    front side of the peak. You'll fall into a room that's backwards, and 
    black! To get out do a backflip above the door. Useless, but neat.
    In courses with walls that aren't solid, such as Bomb-Omb battlefield, 
    walk next to them and you'll see a ton of popup, that looks like water. 
    So THAT's what walls are made of...
    It's a meeee...School Dropout!
    Use the FPM perspective after entering a door, you'll see "INSIDE" 
    mario's head, which is well...empty. I guess all italian fat plumbers 
    aren't smart like i thought...
    14) Warps
    BIG thanks to JMendes <joca64@yahoo.com> for this section!
    Bob-Omb Battlefield
    - The first teleporter is in the middle of the flower circle near the 
    wood bridge near the start.
    - The second teleporter is also in the middle of a flower circle , this 
    time near the place where water drips fall from the sky.
    - This teleporter is inside the first hole in the mountain.
    - This one is inside the last top hole in the mountain.
    Whomp's Fortress
    - This teleporter is on a corner located near the green block.
    - The second teleporter is also in a corner , of the platform with the 
    big pole.
    Jolly Roger Bay
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Cool , Cool Mountain
    - Right at the start of the level go right and stand on the ledge of the 
    broken bridge.
    - Near the place with the big penguin stand on the ledge of the broken 
    Big Boo's Haunt
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Hazy Maze Cave
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Lethal Lava Land
    - At the start of the level go right , left and left again.Pass the 
    rising bridge and kill the eye by running in circles.The teleporter is 
    right beneath him.
    - This teleporter is on the platform with the Wing Cap.
    Shifting Sand Land
    - Stand under the palmtree.
    - In the block maze , stand underneath the Wing Cap near the canon.
    - Inside the pyramid , after you've climbed the pole next to the 
    electric balls , stand on the left corner.
    Dire , Dire Docks
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Snowman's Land
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Wet-Dry World
    - Stand on one of the corners of the platform with the cannon.
    - Underneath the platform with the pink Bomb-omb there are some stairs 
    with big steps , stand on one of the corners.
    Tall , Tall Mountain
    - On the place with a lot of mushrooms , stand on the middle of a small 
    one ( without a red coin ).
    - Just stand on a corner of the path that leads to the canon.
    Tiny-Huge Island
    - While in the small area , go to the place where the flowers appear , 
    there is a small platform with a button.Press it and run to the floating 
    island. Stand in the place where the coins is to be teleported.
    Tick Tock Clock
    I haven't found any teleporters in this level.
    Rainbow Ride
    - Stand on the middle of the big house in the sky's balconny , by the 
    - On top of the maze with the red coins , stand under the yellow block.
    15) "L is Real 2041"
    You can find "L is Real 2041" in the courtyard of big boo's haunt. This 
    could be explained in many ways. One is that this was put in when luigi 
    WAS going to be in the game, and they never got around to it. Another is 
    that "L" stands for something other than luigi, or it's there to tease 
    you. The final possibility is that it means luigi is IN super mario 64. 
    Too bad he _IS NOT_ - BUT, for those that need more proof than that, 
    here are a few codes for you to fail at, courtesy of the world-of-
    First get 120 stars. If you drained the water only the fish pond will be 
    there. Go into the fish pond and die. This might take a couple tries. If 
    its true Luigi will be waiting for you at Tick Tock Clock.
    First get 120 stars then go to the cannon, after you talk to yoshi and 
    get the wing cap. Shoot to the top of the castle (to get to the top of 
    the castle you must shoot to the 2nd highest part of the castle and you 
    can walk up one of the walls). From the top of the castle fly straight 
    over the cannon and there is a small crack in the invisible wall. If you 
    fly strait you can go to the islands out there each island is different. 
    There is Luigi, Wario, Princess, Toad and Yoshi. Once you've done it all 
    invisible walls are gone!
    To find Luigi in Mario 64 you have to have 120 stars. Then enter the 
    castle and run up the stairs and into the door. THEN STOP!!!! Turn 
    around and go back down the stairs and into the first snow level. To 
    make sure you did it right go against the right side of the wall and you 
    should hear Boo's voice. Go in the picture and go to the 6th star. Beat 
    the Fat penguin 7 times and then give the Mama penguin her baby. She 
    will tell you to go to Big Boo's Haunt. Go there and kill all the ghosts 
    and eye balls. Then go to the canon out side and shoot up to the top of 
    the castle and get the 100 lives from Yoshi, get the wing cap. Then go 
    back to the canon shoot up to the pointy part of the castle. This takes 
    awhile and kill you, but when you get it go back to the 
    canon and shoot back up there. (The roof should be gone.) Shoot up 
    there, fall threw there and slam where the sun is. Then you should here 
    a voice say (It's a Luigi time.) A star will pop up an you will have 121 
    stars. Go back out side, get in the canon (with wing cap or not) and 
    shoot at the water fall. You will see a door saying 120 stars. Go in and 
    you will have 1 star left. Here you will FIGHT A HAMMER BROTHER. Hit him 
    and kill him like Bowser. When he's dead he will give you another key. 
    Go to the top of the castle. Here you can go in the clock base. When you 
    go in you will see you are in the first water level. BUT IT'S 
    BACKWARDS!!!! Go to the Boat and watch the box go by 64 times. After 
    that slam on it and a hat with a L on it, a hat with a W on it, a crown, 
    and a toad head will pop out. Pick them up and you will hear It's me 
    Luigi, Wario, toad, and Peach. You will appear out side the castle. It 
    will say a message then say save or don't save. Save 
    and it will say chose your player. You may even get Yoshi. You have to 
    find out. Oh yeah. Buy the way each player has a different cap!!
    First of all, do not save the game!  Start the game with Mario's nose 
    sticking out.  Then start a new game.  Then at the beginning go and swim 
    around the whole perimeter of the out side pond.  Then go and get ten 
    stars without going down into the basement.  Then go and get the winged 
    cap.  Then go and get all the stars on Bobomb Battlefield, Whomps, and 
    Jolly Roger Bay.  Then go into the basement and get the rabbit and boil 
    the big bully.  Then go to the Princesses Secret Slide and beat it 2 
    times. The second time must be in exactly 23.6 seconds then Luigi will 
    pop up and  give you a star.  Then you may save.  Then at the beginning 
    of the game you will then have the option of either picking Mario or 
    The way to get Wario and Luigi is to get 120 stars and shoot up to the 
    castle. Than get the wings and fly down. This next part takes forever. 
    Shoot up from the cannon to the pointed part of the roof. Doing this 
    will kill you, but the roof will be gone. In one spot, jump in and pound 
    the ground where the sun is. You should get a star which makes 121. Than 
    get into the cannon out side and shoot onto the waterfall. There should 
    be a star door saying 120. Go in, it takes your stars so you should have 
    one left. Than you will fight a Hammer Brother. Than if you beat him by 
    hitting him on the bombs like Bowser 15 times, than you should get 
    Luigi. In one of the stages is Wario.
    Get 120 stars and get Yoshi, then go in the castle go up the stairs in 
    the middle and through the door but don't go any further. Turn around 
    and go down the stairs. Enter Cool, Cool Mountain, and go to the right 
    wall. If you hear Boo's voice, you did it right. Then enter Cool, Cool 
    Mountain and go down the chimney and beat the Fat Penguin. Then repeat 
    it again until you beat him 7 times in a row. Return the Baby Penguin 
    to its mom. Get the star. Run to the basement. Ignore the phony and look 
    for Luigi.
    Go into Big Boo's Haunt and get on top of the roof of the Big Boo 
    merry-go-round by using the bouncing box.
    Luigi is at the top of the Lava Fall in Lethal Lava Land inside 
    the volcano.
    Run around the chests inside the Sunken Ship after getting all 
    120 stars clockwise and counterclockwise, then butt-stomp 
    the one closest to you. A hat with a L should come out.
    First, go to Princess Daisy's Secret Slide, and finish it under 15 
    seconds. (it can be done). Then go out side to the Star slam it. 
    Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and Toad will appear, and you will be able
    to chose which one to continue the game as!!
    Beat Princess Daisys secret slide in under 20 seconds, not under 15, 
    that's impossible. Then go to the outside area where the entrance to 
    Big Boos Haunt is. Climb to the top of the silver star, and do a but 
    slam on it, Luigi will appear in the water, give you a short message and 
    give you a gift from the Mario staff of 100 lives (like Yoshi does, but 
    100 rather than 50), and he will ask you if you want to continue the 
    game as Luigi or Mario, and gives you the option to save.
    Get all 120 of the stars in the correct order as in the SM64 player's 
    guide. Go to Jolly Roger Bay go into the sunken ship, drain it and run 
    around each chests individually 64 times clockwise, then run around each 
    chests individually 64 times counterclockwise, then butt-stomp the chest 
    that is closest to you and a hat with a L will pop out. Put it on and go 
    for the star with the eel. The star will be blue and hard to see so try 
    to grab the eel's tail. This will save the cap and you will be in the 
    front yard and talk with Luigi. 
    Get all 120 stars in some special order so that when the princess 
    kisses Mario, you'll see Luigi coming up the path.
    There is a warp in Big Boo's Haunt that brings you to him.
    Go in the Lava Land and go in the volcano. Now there are 2 ways to
    get him. Dive into the Lava Fall at just the right angle, and you will 
    fall into a secret room with a painting of Luigi. Or go on one of
    the poles and keep bouncing up the Lava Fall, you will see a ledge, 
    if you go on it and look around, Luigi will be there!
    Go in the Rainbow World where you get the 8 red coins. Go in the
    cannon, aim as far right if the screen as you can, and blast. Near 
    the end of your blast, you will go through a series of clouds, on the 
    last cloud you will see Luigi standing. He will be glad you found him 
    and then you will be Luigi in Bomb omb Battlefield.
    (NOTE: You have to do these steps with out saving!!) Plug your
    Controller into the 2nd Controller port. Before you turn on the 
    N64, hold the joystick up to where that will be the neutral 
    position. Turn on the N64. Go to file B. (You must erase if you 
    have data on that file) Go to the castle door and go in. As soon 
    as you enter the door, press L, R, & Start simultaneously to set 
    the neutral position back to normal. Go to Bombomb Battlefield & 
    get the 1st, 3rd, & 7th stars. Then go to Whomp's Fortress and
    get the 1st, 6th & 7th stars. Now go to Jolly Roger Bay & get the 
    1st, 5th, & 7th stars. This will give you nine stars. Go to Bowser 
    in the Dark world now. Get the 8 red coins & get the star. (Don't 
    fight Bowser yet.) Now go to Cool Cool Mountain and get the 6th star. 
    Now go into the wing cap stage get all the 8 red coins. Don't jump 
    on the red switch!!!!!!! Now go back to Bowser in the Dark World. 
    Get to Bowser, but don't kill him yet. Let him keep spitting
    fire & keep collecting the coins until you have 164 coins. 
    Now beat Bowser. Go to the basement & unlock the door. Walk to 
    your left to where you see the ramp with the blue glass covering 
    it. Dive up the ramp & then go through the door. Walk down to your 
    right & then jump into the pool of water. Swim forward until
    you get to the other side. Jump onto one of the poles & do the 
    butt slam. Then jump on the other pole & do the butt slam to 
    drain the water. Go out the metal door at the bottom. Now go into 
    the vanish cap stage. Go into the stage and work your way to the 
    blue switch. Once you have jumped on it, just jump off the side to 
    exit the stage. Now go back to Jolly Roger Bay. Go to star 2 & go
    to the ship. You will see the box with a poison symbol on it. Let 
    the box go left 64 times & go right 64 times. After it has gone 
    back & fourth 64 times, butt slam it. Instead of hurting you, 
    the box will burst and a green hat will come out of it. Pick it 
    up and Mario will spin around and say "It's-a-Luigi-time!" You 
    will be sent out of the stage. Now you can go upstairs
    without beating Bowser in the Fire Sea. Go to the hall of mirrors. 
    When you walk in there, jump on top of the 1st pole you come to. 
    Do the butt slam on the pole 6 times. Then go to the pole in front 
    of the Goomba painting & jump onto it. Do the butt slam 4 times on 
    it. All of a sudden Luigi will appear in the mirror in front of the 
    Goomba painting. Punch him and he will come out. Now he will follow you 
    wherever you go & you can switch between who plays by pushing L. When 
    you find Luigi, he will give you a star, the 121st star.
    16) Fun Stuff
    This game gets old FAST after you beat it, so here are a few fun things 
    to do, as well as a few challenges!
    Collect 100 lives from yoshi. 
    Enter the dark room of death.
    Exit the dark room of death.
    Get a time under 50 seconds in the first koopa race.
    Get a time under 19 seconds on the secret slide..WITHOUT cheating!
    Collect every coin in the game!
    Survive 5 minutes around "Bubba".
    Take the OTHER penguin in level 4 to the sliding big penguin at the top. 
    Beat the game without saving, in a time under 7 1/2 hours, with all 
    Beat the first bowser blindfolded!
    17) Coin List
    This isn't a huge priority of mine, so i'll update it later, but it will 
    be complete, someday...
    ******************** LEVEL ONE: BOB-OMB BATTLEFIELD *******************
    5 Coin Rings In The Sky - 45 (45)
    8 Red Coins - 16 (61)
    5 Stumps You Run Around - 25 (86)
    Coins On The Mountainside - 10 (96)
    23 Enemies That Can Be Defeated - 23 (119)
    Single Koopa - 5 (124)
    Ring Of Coins In "Bubblefield" - 8 (132)
    Coins underneath first bridge - 5 (137)
    The Two Small Blocks (one near start, one near the 4 posts) - 6 (143)
    Big block at start - 4 (146)
    ********************* LEVEL TWO: WHOMP'S FORTRESS *********************
    Blue Coin Block Near Cannon - 20 (20)
    Blue Coins From Pihranas - 15 (35)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (51)
    Coins From Thwomps - 20 (71)
    Coin Ring In Water Pool - 8 (79)
    Coin Ring Near Star Marker - 8 (87)
    Two Coin Blocks (Near Star Marker and Blue Coin Block) - 6 (93)
    Coin Lines at start - 10 (103)
    Coin Line Near Rotating Platform - 5 (108) 
    Coins Along Rotating Platform - 4 (112)
    Coin Ring Around Pole Near Star - 8 (120)
    Coin Ring on the floating island - 8 (128) 
    Coin Arrow on the floating island - 8 (136)
    Coin Line Near Cannon - 5 (141)
    ******************** LEVEL THREE: JOLLY ROGER BAY *********************
    Blue Coins In Underwater Cave - 30 (30)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (46)
    Coin Ring In Underwater Cave - 8 (54)
    Goombas In Underwater Cave - 3 (57)
    Coin Ring At Start - 8 (65)
    Coin Block At Start - 3 (68)
    Coins Along Bridge To Ship - 15 (83)
    Coin Ring In Deepest Area - 8 (91)
    Coin Ring Around Pillar Near Star #4 - 8 (99)
    Coin Line Near The Bridge - 5 (104)
    ******************* LEVEL FOUR: COOL COOL MOUNTAIN ********************
    Coins In Chimney Slide - 77 (77)
    Coins On Mountain Slide - 20 (97)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (113)
    Blue Coins From Switch - 10 (123)
    Coins From Twirly-things - 15 (138)
    Coins From Snowman - 3 (141)
    Coins On Top Of Chimney - 5 (148)
    Coins Near Wall Kick Area - 6 (154)
    ********************* LEVEL FIVE: BIG BOO'S HAUNT *********************
    Coins From Boos - 55 (55)
    Coins From Eyes - 15 (70)
    Coins From Blue Switch - 20 (90)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (106)
    Coins From Books - 15 (121)
    Coins From Spiders - 9 (130)
    Coins From Bouncy Block - 5 (135)
    Coins From Big Block Behind House - 10 (145)
    Two Big Blocks Outside - 6 (151)
    ********************** LEVEL SIX: HAZY MAZE CAVE **********************
    Blue Coins From Switch - 35 (35)
    Coins From Eyes - 10 (45)
    Coins From Spiders - 18 (63)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (79)
    Coins From Bats - 11 (90)
    Coins On Island Near Nessie - 8 (98) 
    Coins Near Elevator - 8 (106)
    Coins Near Falling Boulders - 5 (111) 
    Coins From Snifits - 8 (119)
    Coins Near Flamejets At Start - 5 (124)
    Coins Leading To Hazy Maze - 5 (129)
    Coins Near Stars #4 and #5 - 10 (139)
    ******************** LEVEL SEVEN: LETHAL LAVA LAND ********************
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (16)
    Coins On Volcano Path - 20 (36)
    Coins From Bullies - 10 (46)
    Coins From Eyes - 10 (56)
    2 Rings Around Bullies - 16 (72)
    Ring Around Eye - 8 (80)
    Coins Inside Volcano - 3 (83)
    Moon Ramp - 3 (86)
    Coins on sinking platforms - 4 (90)
    Coins on ramp (near volcano) - 4 (94)
    COINS NEAR STAR 5 - 4 (98)
    Coins from block - 5 (103)
    Coins on main platform - 5 (108)
    Coins from bowser puzzle - 5 (113)
    Coins under first bridge - 5 (118)
    Coins on sinking platform near big bully - 5 (123)
    Coins on sinking platform near volcano - 5 (128)
    Coins on humped hill near bullies - 5 (133)
    ****************** LEVEL EIGHT: SHIFTING SAND LAND ********************
    Coins from Pokeys - 20 (20)
    Blue coins in pyramid - 15 (35) 
    Red Coins - 16 (51)
    The 14 normal enemies - 14 (65)
    Coins on the first floor (Pyramid) - 2 (67)
    Coins Near Star Atop Pyramid - 10 (77)
    Ring of coins on wire - 8 (85)
    The Shy Guys - 6 (91)
    The Bouncing Boxes Outside - 10 (101)
    Coins Near Waterpool - 5 (106)
    Coins Atop Pillars - 4 (110)
    The Five Pyramid Secrets - 5 (115)
    Coins On Pyramid - 5 (120)
    Small Block Near Start (Near Star Marker) - 3 (123)
    Coins Along Wire - 5 (128)
    Coins On Pyramid Steps - 4 (132)
    Coins On Moving Steps (In Pyramid) - 4 (136)
    ********************* LEVEL NINE: DIRE DIRE DOCKS *********************
    The Blue Coin Switch - 30 (30)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (46)
    Underwater Coin Rings - 24 (70)
    Coins In Whirlpool Area - 18 (88)
    Coin Ring In Sub Area - 8 (96)
    Coin Line In Sub Area - 5 (101)
    Coin Line On Dock In Sub Area - 5 (106)
    ********************** LEVEL TEN: WET-DRY WORLD ***********************
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (16)
    Coins From Blocks In Main Area - 30 (46)
    Coins From Water Skimmers - 12 (58)
    Coins Along Sea Level In Boxes - 12 (70)
    Coins Around Pillar With an Amp - 8 (78)
    Coins On Buildings In Town - 10 (88)
    Yellow Block In Corner - 10 (98)
    Two Yellow Boxes in main area - 20 (118)
    Two Other Yellow Boxes - 6 (124)
    Coins From Chuck - 5 (129)
    Coin Ring In Town - 8 (137)
    Coins Near Top Of Level - 5 (142)
    10 Remaining Coins In Town Up High - 10 (152)
    ******************** LEVEL ELEVEN: SNOWMAN'S LAND *********************
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (16)
    The Whirly-Bob Things - 42 (58)
    Coins From Snowmen - 12 (70)
    Coins From Goombas - 3 (73)
    Coins Near Ice Maze - 2 (75)
    Coins In Igloo - 26 (101)
    Coins From ShyGuy - 2 (103)
    Coins On Way To Snowman - 5 (108)
    Coins Near Igloo Entrance - 8 (116)
    Money Bags - 10 (126)
    ******************* LEVEL TWELVE: TALL TALL MOUNTAIN ******************
    Coins On Slide - 62 (62)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (78)
    14 Normal enemies - 14 (92)
    Coins From Chuck Enemy - 5 (97)
    Coins From Shy Guy - 2 (99)
    Coin Ring At Start - 8 (107) 
    Bouncing Block Near Above Coins - 5 (112)
    Coins Near Red Coins - 5 (117)
    Coins Near Slide Entrance - 5 (122)
    Coins On Skinny Bridge - 5 (127) 
    Coins Near Purple Switch At Top - 5 (132) 
    Coins Near Top Of Mountain - 5 (137)
    ****************** LEVEL THIRTEEN: TINY-HUGE ISLAND *******************
    Ack! There are a total of 186 coins in here, and some are as tiny mario, 
    others as huge mario, and others can be collected by both! Therefore, i 
    will not even attempt such a thing unless hundreds of people e-mail me 
    asking me to. In other words...it's not going to happen!
    ******************* LEVEL FOURTEEN: TICK TOCK CLOCK *******************
    Again, i'll add it if anyone WANTS it...
    ********************* LEVEL FIFTEEN: RAINBOW RIDE *********************
    ...not that you would, would you?
    18) Bosses
    I know there aren't many real bosses in the game, but here they are 
    Course 1: Bomb-Omb Battlefield 
    - - - Boss 1: King Bomb-Omb - - -
    To beat king bomb-omb you must pick him up and throw him to the ground 
    three times, without getting throw around yourself by him. all you need 
    to do is somehow get behind him, and pick him up. then just throw him 
    down on the ground! do this Three times and hem is defeated! Note: do 
    not throw him off the mountain, or onto the trail, he will call you a 
    cheater and it won't count as a hit!
    - - - Boss 2: Koopa The Quick - - -
    Shouldn't he be Koopa The Slow? all you need to beat him is a time of 1 
    minute 30 seconds or less! pretty easy! select star 2 to race him. to 
    beat him easy, use the warps in the flower beds, and in the alcoves in 
    the mountain!
    Course 2: Whomp's Fortress
    - - - Boss 1: Big Whomp Guy - - -
    Here is a sure-fire way to beat this guy every time! ok, stand right 
    underneath him, and the second he falls forward and tries to crush you, 
    run between his legs, the butt-slam on the "X" on his back! Repeat 3 
    times to kill him! Simple....Onto Level 3.....
    Course 3: Jolly Roger Bay
    - - - Boss 1: Can The Eel Come Out To Play? - - -
    Not really a boss, but oh well, just go to the very bottom, lure him out 
    of his little home area cove, place and grab the star off his tail. If 
    you would like to make this somewhat challenging but still not that hard 
    try doing this in your sleep.
    Course 4: Cool Cool Mountain
    - - - Boss 1: Race the penguin - - -
    Ok, go down the chimmney after you select star 3, then talk to the 
    penguin. he will ask you to race him! say yes! to beat him, you need to 
    be holding forward on the control stick as much as possible! get ahead 
    of him early and it should be easy! Now tlak to him and get the star! 
    Note: you cannot use the shortcut, he will call you a cheater and give 
    you nothing!
    Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt
    - - - Boss 1: Big Boo - - -
    Ok, destroy all of the boo's then go to the main area. there will be a 
    huge ghost there! punch it three times(extremly easy) to beat him! now 
    go get the star and get ready for Big Boo 2!
    - - - Boss 2: Big Boo's Carousel - - -
    Make your way to the merry-go-round in the basement AFTER beating big 
    boo, there will now be ghosts there, kill them and, what? another big 
    boo to fight? will appear, as you did last time, hit it 3 times and it 
    will be gone. If you ask me this is all extremly easy.
    Course 6: Hazy Maze Cave
    No Bosses In This Level.
    Course 7: Leathal Lava Land
    - - - Boss 1: Boil The Bully - - -
    Allright, finally something with a bit of challenge to it! ok, to beat 
    this guy all you need to do is hit him into the lava! much easier than 
    it sounds i will tell ya! the best way is to butt-slam him once, then, a 
    series of punches. this should topple him, now go run accross the 
    falling platforms to collect your star!
    - - - Boss 2: Boil The Bullies - - -
    Ok, now go to the other island, boil the 3 small bullies, big one 
    appears, you get the idea, beat 3 small ones, beat the big one, get the 
    star, wake up from your sleep-videogaming trance, move on to course 
    Course 8: Shifting Sand Land
    - - - Boss 1: Vulture - - -
    See that vulture flying above the sky? give him a good kick, and he will 
    cough up a star! Is it just me or do these bosses get easier as the 
    levels go on?
    - - - Boss 2: The 2 Hands - - -
    Ok i was wrong, they get harder, at least this one does! this is a fun 
    boss, just punch the one hand that is vulnerable while the other one 
    tries to attack you. not much other advice, this could take 2 tries 
    possiblly! oh yah to get to this boss, stomp on the 4 pillars, then go 
    down the hole that is on top of the now demolished pyramid.
    Course 9: Dire Dire Docks
    No Bosses In This Level.
    Course 10: Wet-Dry World
    No Bosses In This Level.
    Course 11: Tall-Tall Mountain
    - - - Boss 1: That Dang Monkey - - -
    Ok, star 2, top of mountain, just catch him, he will open a cage which 
    has a star. Now that you've beaten this stupid chimp, go eat a bannana!
    Course 12: Snowman's Land
    - - - Boss 1: Freeze The Ice Bully - - -
    this is just like the lava guy, same thing, only easier, just what you 
    needed, an easier boss! topple this guy and proceed to level 13....
    Course 13: Tiny-Huge Island
    - - - Boss 1: Pluck The Pihrana Flower - - -
    As small Mario go to the single island next to where you start, fight 5 
    huge pihrana plants, hit each one once to beat this boss! now get the 
    star and put on your running shoes for....
    - - - Boss 2: Rematch With Koopa The Quick - - -
    Another race with dough-boy, beat him again to get the star. to beat him 
    just long jump all the way until you reach te bridge, then just run 
    accross for victory!
    Course 14: Tick Tock Clock
    - - - Boss 1: Stomp The Thwomp - - -
    Again not really a boss, you don't even have to defeat him, just domp ON 
    him, then past him to the star!
    Course 15: Rainbow Ride
    No Bosses In This Level.
    End Of 8 Star Door: Bowser 1
    Ok, this is easy, VERY easy, pick him up, throw him about 3 inches 
    towards a bomb, now run pick him up again, throw him 3 inches, 
    repeat..once he hits the bomb he will be toast, yes it only takes 1 hit!
    End Of 30 Star Door: Bowser 2
    To beat him, do the same thing as you did for Bowser 1, only difference 
    here is he has new moves, not too much more difficult however.
    End Of 70 Star Door: Bowser 3
    Ok, this time he's bigger, rainbow colered, and takes 3 hits. I will 
    leave you to beat him on your own, since he's the last boss. all i will 
    say is do the same thing as you have on the past 2 bowsers, and be 
    prepared for much more! good luck!
    19) Walkthrough
    I originally was going to make just a "fun guide" and not the 
    walkthrough. But, i figured there was no harm in making one, so here we 
    go! This will be complete REALLY SOON...
    ****************** LEVEL ONE: BOB-OMB BATTLEFIELD ********************
    Star #001 - Bombs Away
    Starting near the friendly bob-ombs, cross the first bridge you see, and 
    head left past the chomp. Then cross the next tilting bridge, and run 
    across the bubblefield, where bubbles will be fired at you from above. 
    Enter the gate with an opening and proceed through the pit, jumping past 
    the huge black balls. Take the warp in the side of the mountain, then 
    continue a short way up to the top. Talk to the king bob-omb to fight! 
    You'll need to pick him up from behind 3 times and throw him. After that 
    he will explode, leaving you with the first star!
    Star #002 - My Grandma Can Run Faster Than You
    From the start, go to the left a bit to find a HUGE koopa. He'll 
    challenge you to a race -- first one to the top wins! When the race 
    starts cross the first bridge and hop over to the flower area to the 
    right. Stand in the middle and warp, then continue up the mountain. Use 
    the warp in the mountainside, and climb the sort remaining distance to 
    the top! He'll concede defeat and grant you the 2nd star.
    Star #003 - Up Up and Away!
    Talk to the red bombs at the start and they will open up the cannons for 
    use! Cross the first bridge and head right, into the cannon. Aim for the 
    tip of the floating island and pull straight back. You'll land on the 
    island perfectly. Go under the "!" block and hit it, and out pops one of 
    the easiest stars in the game!
    Star #004 And Star #005 - I Need Money!
    You'll want to collect the 100-coin star at this point, as well as the 8 
    red coins. I'm not going to list them all, that's what the coin lists 
    are for. However, here are a few:
    Running around the 4 posts - 20 (20)
    The 8 red coins - 16 (36)
    The 23 enemies in the level - 23 (59)
    Running around chain chomp's post - 5 (64)
    Coins along the mountain side - 10 (74)
    Coins under the first bridge - 5 (79)
    Coins around the first warp, in the bubblefield - 8 (87)
    The big block and small block at the start - 6 (93)
    Use the cannon to get 4 coins in the sky - 4 (97)
    The small block near the 4 posts - 3 (100)
    And here are the locations of the red coins!
    #1 - On the elevator near chain chomp
    #2 - On chain chomp's post
    #3 - Next to the 4 posts
    #4 - Ditto
    #5 - Near the warp in the bubblefield, next to a 1-up in a brown hole.
    #6 - Up the steep mountainside, just walk up to get it.
    #7 - All the way back to the right of chain chomp, on a black rock
    #8 - Up to the floating island, via the cannon nearby. It's on a tree
    Now get in the cannon, and fire away. You'll land RIGHT next to the 
    star, among the posts.
    Star #006 - One Bad Ass Dog
    Head to chain chomp, across the first bridge. You'll notice a star 
    behind bars. To open this you'll need to stomp the post chomp is on 
    THREE times. Once this happens, he'll break the gate, and you have 
    another star!
    Star #007 - Look mom no wings!
    Yes you can do this without the wing cap, and you WILL! Head to the 
    floating island via the cannon(s). And enter the cannon. You will now 
    need to fire 3 shots to get all 5 secret coins. It should only take 3 
    tries as well. Here are the shots:
    #1 - Leave the cannon as is and fire! You'll get #1
    #2 - Aim for the center coin of the first ring and fire.  You'll get #2, 
    #3, and #4!
    #3 - Aim for the TOP coin of the first ring. Fire...and you have the 
    last coin!
    Congratulations, you've beaten the first world. Now go see the 
    appropriate section and collect the first two secret stars. Once you 
    have them both, enter bowser's realm. Collect the star there as well 
    (again see the designated section on that) and beat him. Now you have 10 
    stars and access to levels 1-8. Back to the main floor, and look up from 
    the carpet. Collect the EASY star there, and hit the switch, which will 
    now allow you to use the wing cap! After ALL of that, head to world 2 - 
    located in the 1 star door on the RIGHT of the main level.
    ********************* LEVEL TWO: WHOMP'S FORTRESS *********************
    Star #001 - Rock Bashing
    Climb your way to the top of the tower, it's very straightforward so i 
    won't give directions. When you get to the top you'll fight a HUGE 
    whomp. He is defeated just like the other whomps, by making them fall 
    and pounding them. Do this 3 times and victory is yours! 12 stars and 
    Star #002 - Climb the tower
    This is even easier than star #001! Climb back to where the whomp was, 
    only this time a tower will be there, in spiral form. Climb it patiently 
    and at the top you'll be rewarded with a star!
    Star #003 - I Hope I Don't Miss...
    Head to the cannon and talk to the bomb, who will open it up. Aim to the 
    left for the pole. Hope you hit it or it's bye-bye mario. If you do hit 
    your target, climb the pole to the star!
    Star #004 - Mario Gets Brain Trauma...
    ...as well as a star! Head to the cannon again, and aim right. You'll 
    see two brick corners. Aim for the right corner and fire! You'll break 
    the side of the wall, and a star will appear. Now fire again into the 
    star and you're all done!
    Star #005 - Lay Off The Pasta Mario!
    Jump into the tree and you'll meet an owl. Grab onto his talons and your 
    off to the sky! Fly around until you reach the caged star. Drop down 
    into the 'basket' of sorts, and instead of two points, you'll get the 
    star. Or you could make a skilled cannon shot...your choice!
    Star #006 And Star #007 - Frantic Fortress Coin Search
    You'll want to get the 100-coin star, and the red coin stars at the same 
    time, so here they are, starting with the red coins.
    #1 - By the blocks at the start
    #2 - On top of a Thwomp.
    #3 - Behind the second pihrana in the level.
    #4 - Next to the rotating bridge.
    #5 - Below the bridge, on a steep slope.
    #6 - On an island in the air.
    #7 - Ditto.
    #8 - Err, i forgot! I'm sure you can find it...
    And for the coin locations:
    The blue-coin block near the cannon - 20 (20)
    The eight red coins - 16 (36)
    The coin circle in the water - 8 (44)
    The two coin lines at the start - 10 (54)
    The pihrana plants - 15 (69)
    The whomps - 18 (87)
    The coins on the sky islands - 8 (95)
    The coins on bridge next to the rotating platform - 5 (100)
    There isn't anything to do in the overworld yet, except head to the 
    jolly roger bay lobby. NOW there is something to do, and that is get the 
    secret star in this room. See that section for details, then enter World 
    3 - Jolly Roger Bay!
    ******************** LEVEL THREE: JOLLY ROGER BAY *********************
    #001 - Treasure of the sunken ship
    Swim down to the deepest part of the level, and you'll find a HUGE 
    sunken ship with an eel in it. Lure the eel out, and swim in the hole he 
    was guarding. You'll now need to open 4 chests in this order, facing 
    them as you come in. Top, Middle Left, Middle Right, Bottom. The ship 
    will rise to the surface. Before the water drains swim to the top and 
    hit the box, getting the star!
    #002 - An unlikely Playmate
    Swim to the deepest part of the level again, and you'll now see that the 
    eel is in the wall of the ocean.  Lure him out, as in star #001, and 
    you'll see a star on his tail! Carefully grab it from him before he goes 
    back in the wall, and you're done!
    #003 - Treasure of the ocean cave
    Swim to the ocean cave, located in the deepest part of the level. When 
    you surface you'll be in a cave with pillars that fall on you. Run 
    through them all AFAYK, and you'll come to 4 chests. Open them in this 
    order to get a star: Top, Middle Left, Middle Right, Bottom.
    #004 - Back to the Depths of the Ocean...
    You'll need the metal cap for this star, as you need to be able to sink. 
    Grab the metal cap in the level and jump in the deep end, again! In the 
    very middle surrounded by bubbles you'll be rewarded with this difficult 
    #005 and #006 - Treasure of the sea
    This is quite a long level to get the 2 coin-related stars. I won't 
    present a coin list as you need EVERY coin in the level (a total of 101) 
    to get the star. Here is the red coin list, however:
    #1 - In a clam in the level
    #2 - Ditto
    #3 - Ditto
    #4 - Ditto...is there an echo in the building?
    #5 - On the pole next to the lone bob-omb buddie in the level.
    #6 - On the bridge leading to the ship.
    #7 - On the left of the star marker, on the ship.
    #8 - On the right of the star marker, on the ship. Guess where the star 
    #007 - Aiming For Star Seven
    Talk to the bob-omb buddie in the level, located near the wall on the 
    right. Now head back to the start where the cannon is located, and hop 
    in. Aim for the tall part of the pole closest to the ledge to the left. 
    When you land on the pole, jump onto the ledge, and hit the box, 
    revealing the final star of the level!
    Now head out of the lobby, and to the left side of the main level. Enter 
    the only 3-star door not opened yet and jump in the center picture. You 
    are now in Cool Cool Mountain!
    ******************* LEVEL FOUR: COOL COOL MOUNTAIN ********************
    Star #001 - Do I LOOK Like Santa Claus To You?
    At the start hop down the chimney and you'll be revealed with a icey 
    slide. Start down it and collect the coins if you want, it doesn't 
    matter unless you get 50. When you see 5 coins leading to a wall, go 
    into it and you'll be in a secret shortcut with 3 1-ups. At the end, 
    exit the lodge and a star will appear! Aren't you the lucky one?
    Star #002 - Lose the Little One Again?
    Climb up the chimney and above, and grab the little penguin. Your 
    mission is to take it down to the mama penguin at the bottom. You 
    probably saw it when you got the first star. Slide down at the 
    beginning, passing a huge snowball. Go across the bridge, being careful 
    of the snowmen. Now continue down the mountain, and talk to the mom at 
    the end. She'll thank you, and give you a star as well!
    Star #003 - Beware the penguins...
    Hop down the chimney again, and this time a penguin is there! He'll 
    challenge you to a race, with the prize being a star. Beware that you 
    can't take the shortcut, as that is cheating. My prefrence is to belly 
    slide, let him pass you, then dust him once you pass the shortcut wall. 
    This is acutally pretty easy, so just go AFAYK and you'll be fine!
    Star #005 and #006 - Snow, Slush, and Coins
    As always, time to get two stars in one try! First, as always, the 100-
    coin star, and the list:
    Coins on the slide (not all of them) - 74 (74)
    The Eight Red Coins - 16 (90)
    The Two Blue Coins - 10 (100)
    Well, that was easy, now for the eight freezing coins.
    #1 - Atop a tree at the start...easy.
    #2 - In the corner next to the snowman head.
    #3 - At the top part of the chairlifts.
    #4 - On the broken bridge, near the star marker.
    #5 - On the tree next to the mother penguin
    #6 - On the edge of the level, next to the mama penguin again.
    #7 - On the broken bridge, next to mama penguin. Use the warp after 
    collecting it.
    #8 - Slide down again, and jump off at the first hole to the right. 
    You'll be next to the final coin!
    Star #006 - Are We Playing Metroid or Mario?
    Open up the cannons, and then hop in the one next to the mama penguin. 
    Shoot to the tree across the chasm, then follow the skinny path with 2 
    whirly-things. Now you'll need to wall-kick twice along a slippery path 
    to collect this fun star!
    Star #007 - Where's my other ball?
    At the start climb up and go left, finding a huge snowball. Remember the 
    snowball at the bottom missing it's other half? Well obviously talk to 
    the guy, and race him to the other part. Stand in front of it at the 
    end, and you'll get nailed. However, the snowman is complete! For this 
    kind deed you are awarded a star.
    Head down the stairs, but not the basement yet. Instead go outside, 
    following the ghost. Kill the huge ghost in the courtyard, and enter the 
    minature carousel. Welcome to the world of Big Boo's Haunt. Creepy ain't 
    ********************* LEVEL FIVE: BIG BOO'S HAUNT *********************
    Star #001 - Ghost Hunt
    Scattered throughout the level are ghosts, that give away a blue coin 
    when killed. Run through the level killing them all. When you hear a 
    ghost cackle, that means you've killed them all. Now go to the main area 
    of the mansion, and there will be a huge boo. 3 hits and it's gone, go 
    up the now availible stairs, and get the star!
    Star #002 - That...music...is....haunting
    Time to go for a ride on big boo's sadistic carousel. Head into the 
    small shack outside and down the elevator. Follow the music and your on 
    the carousel. Simply kill the small boo's *easy*, and then the big one 
    that takes three hits. Boring, and repetative...just the way i like it!
    Star #003 and #004 - I'm out of fancy coin titles.
    As always, the yellow coin star first...
    Coins From Boos - 55 (55)
    Coins From Eyes - 15 (70)
    Coins From Blue Switch - 20 (90)
    Eight Red Coins - 16 (106)
    Coins From Books - 15 (121)
    Coins From Spiders - 9 (130)
    Coins From Bouncy Block - 5 (135)
    Coins From Big Block Behind House - 10 (145)
    Two Big Blocks Outside - 6 (151)
    ...and for dessert, 8 haunting red coins.
    #1 - Behind the mad piano.
    #2 - On a bookcase, in a room off of the main area in the mansion.
    #3 - Ditto.
    #4 - On the second floor, in a coffin, in the coffin area.
    #5 - Ditto...i'm lazy.
    #6 - In a room to the left off of the second floor in the mansion.
    #7 - Main area, in a room on the right.
    #8 - Second floor, On a tilting platform.
    The star appears in the main area...yeehaw.
    #005 - I C 3 Books.
    Go to the second floor in the main area, and go into the small area with 
    a lot of bookcases. Walk to the end where you'll find 3 books. First hit 
    the top one, then the bottom, then the...other one ;). THe bookcases 
    will move, revealing the star.
    #006 - Fight Big Boo Again
    Go to the door on the right in the main area on the second floor. Look 
    up with C-Up if you don't know where to wall kick, and when you do, get 
    to the ledge above. Through the door and it's another fight with boo. 
    *yawn* 3 kicks\punches\etc, he's gone. Crawl to the star atop the roof 
    and you're set.
    #007 - The Secret Eye
    This is easy to explain, but of average difficulty to do. Get the blue 
    cap, and head to where star 6 is. Instead, go through the big boo 
    picture, and it's a big ass eye. Just run around him. How can he see you 
    if you are invisible? :)
    Now go downstairs and catch the bunny, and get the star from toad. After 
    that, you're ready to enter hazy maze cave, which is, in my opinion, the 
    most boring level in the game. 
    ********************** LEVEL SIX: HAZY MAZE CAVE **********************
    ******************** LEVEL SEVEN: LETHAL LAVA LAND ********************
    ****************** LEVEL EIGHT: SHIFTING SAND LAND ********************
    ********************* LEVEL NINE: DIRE DIRE DOCKS *********************
    ********************** LEVEL TEN: WET-DRY WORLD ***********************
    ******************** LEVEL ELEVEN: SNOWMAN'S LAND *********************
    ******************* LEVEL TWELVE: TALL TALL MOUNTAIN ******************
    ****************** LEVEL THIRTEEN: TINY-HUGE ISLAND *******************
    ******************* LEVEL FOURTEEN: TICK TOCK CLOCK *******************
    ********************* LEVEL FIFTEEN: RAINBOW RIDE *********************
    ***************************** WHAT? 105?? *****************************
    #001 - Go to the princess' secret slide, located on the top-right 
    section of the main floor. Complete the course and hit the box, 
    collecting your first star!
    #002 - Back to the slide again, beat it as usual, only in under 21 
    seconds! When you do, a star will appear. Collect it, and your done.
    #003 - Get the 8 red coins in bowsers' world.
    1 - At the start, you'll need to hit the switch first.
    2 - Same as 1, only next to the fire.
    3 - After the area with goombas...next to the crystals
    4 - Above the moving yellow platforms.
    5 - Just after 4, grab the red coin on the blocks and go back.
    6 - Now long jump to the far away island, collect the red coin, and head 
    across the small bridge.
    7 - On the teeter-totters.
    8 - Below the teeter-totters, on a very small area next to the pillars.
    The star will appear next to the pipe, so go get it!
    #004 - In the main area, look up into the sky above the carpet. You'll 
    need to collect the 8 red coins. Just get the first two and go left, 
    collecting the others in a similar fashion. Then get the star on the 
    #005 - In the Jolly Roger Bay area, go to the black square hole on the 
    right. Hop in and your in an aquariam. Collect the 8 easy red coins in 
    the small structure, get the star, and exit!
    #006 - Talk to toad in the room where level 6 is located.
    #007 - Catch the bunny in the basement. Not very easy...
    #008 - Collect the 8 red coins in the green switch palace. They are so 
    easy i won't even bother listing them.
    #009 - Collect the 8 red coins in the blue switch palace. I'm so lazy 
    and they are so easy i won't list them.
    #010 - Collect the 8 red coins in the 2nd bowser level...
    #1 - Above the lava on a grated area. Next to the heart.
    #2 - On the platforms after the first pole.
    #3 - In the corner after climbing the second pole.
    #4 - Let the elevator go up....and what do we have here?
    #5 - After the last coin, pass the flamethrowers, then go up and 
    fight\avoid the bully, and you'll have acess to this coin.
    #6 - At the area with rising\falling platforms. Wait until it's at it's 
    highest point.
    #7 - On the sinking platforms, next to a flamethrower.
    #8 - After 7, it's on the top area of the place with poles, fire, and 
    #011 - Talk to toad next to tick tock clock..this should be #13 but i'm 
    too lazy to fix it.
    #012 - Catch the bunny AGAIN! You need 50 stars though...
    #013 - Talk to toad in the area with tall tall mountain, and other 
    worlds in it.
    #014 - Collect the 8 red coins in the secret area in the lobby of levels 
    14 & 15. Again, so easy i won't bother listing them.
    #015 - Collect the 8 red coins in the final bowser level...
    #1 - At the beginning, use the block to get it.
    #2 - Next to a pihrana plant...after #1.
    #3 - After #2, below a rotating platform. On a ledge, next to yellow 
    #4 - On the area with the shifting platforms that are angled.
    #5 - Just after coin #4. It's on the area with the moving platforms and 
    triangle bricks.
    #6 - After some bob-ombs you'll find this one..
    #7 - After going up a pole, jump onto the next pole to get this one!
    #8 - Before the pipe, under the stairs. Thank god, that's all of them!
    Congratulations! You've beaten the game! Now go have some fun with the 
    challenges, secrets, and other stuff related to the game! 
    20) Cap Switches
    WING CAP - Red Switch
    Location: In the middle of the first floor, after you have 10 stars, a 
    light will shine down. Look into it.
    In the level, collect the 8 red coins, then slam down to the tower, hit 
    the switch, and grab the star to exit and save!
    METAL CAP - Green Switch
    Location: In Hazy Maze Cave, go to the underground water cavern. Hop on 
    nessie and travel to the farthest door away, on red grids. Then jump in 
    the metallic pool.
    Quite easy, grab the metal cap, fight the current, hit the switch, then 
    get the 8 coins, the star, and exit!
    VANISH CAP - Blue Switch
    Location: In the basement, enter the door next to level 6. Swim through 
    to the end, and slam the two pillars. This will drain the moat. Now head 
    outside and go right, falling into the now accesible hole!
    Slide down the large hill, collecting everything. Grab the cap and speed 
    past the enemies safely. Then survive the elevators and seesaw bridges, 
    slam the switch, and get the cap. Get the final coins and the star, then 
    21) Misc.
    This is more of a "fun" faq, so here are some more "fun" things you can 
    try if you are obsessed with this game....or bored. This section will be 
    made completely by readers (if there are any), so send in your ideas!
    ************************ Challenges \ Records *************************
    Challenge #1 - Get under 50"00 seconds on the first koopa race.
    Rules: NO cannon, warps.  Any other secrets you find you may use.
    Winners \ Best Times:
    ~Send in your ideas for challenges, or anything else for this section to 
    me, as well as your best times for #1~
    22) Author's Note
    Well that's #47 in the books, who knows what's next! Feel free to 
    contact the strange being who published this with any corrections, 
    questions, flames, hate mail, praise, adoration, awards, threats, or 
    maybe if i'm lucky something intelligent at Jdude84@hotmail.com. Now, 
    for those of you not paying attention a few notes about the e-mail i 
    I cannot stress enough how important it is that you
    include the NAME OF THE GAME with the e-mail. 15 e-mails
    a day get ignored simply because i cannot tell which game
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    Sure, send it in. It might even get a reply, as it's
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    Hate Mail\Flames\Unreadable Crap:
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