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Still the best 3d Platformer ever!07/04/02Aganar
Is it the Wii classic controller, or is this mario game just bad?12/04/07egervari3
Overrated, overhyped, and outclassed11/23/09MightyCh04s
No wonder the Nintendo 64 was beat by PSX...07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Innovative and popular among most players, but is it really that fun to play?03/16/01Yakuza
Fun, but repetitive08/13/14Allidoisreview
There's a good reason why he's so super11/07/07Arkrex
Never had a game blown me away this much...01/01/08Computerbug8
The dawn of a new era03/05/07darthjulian
Probably the best launch game ever05/18/11Donald Love 87
Here we go!08/29/04Evil Omochao Is Back
Best game ever...To most? Yes. To me? No, not really.05/23/13Foolish_Banana2
Truly super!09/26/05GavLuvsGA
Still the masterpiece it was back in the day with a few issues worth noting.11/25/13Jerrynsteph4eva
This is one of the reasons why Super Mario is so super.11/07/05Lord_Yojimbo29
Remember when you were young?03/11/04Mariner
A good mario game?09/20/06Mega man Forever
My 80th review is on the best 3D platform game ever made. Now where is that cake?05/30/07Megaman1981
This is the game that started it all.08/17/05MSuskie
Even after nearly twenty years, Super Mario 64 remains an essential game.03/22/16MTLH
Bold strides for such a short fellow!05/05/08Myollnir98
The Nintendo 64 takes off with a blast, thanks to this outstanding game!04/22/03nucleargamer12
Mario makes a jump into 3D with this masterpiece.01/04/07Oliwam
I hated this game for 17 years.03/04/14pikafox85
Revolutionary for it's time, dated by today's standards03/15/17RagingDraugr
A major step for next generation video games05/20/02Retro
Super Mario 64: Setting the standard for 3D platformers since 1996.03/18/13Ryan Harrison
The game that paved the way for 3-D would of course be revolutionary. It is only natural that a Mario game gets this honor01/16/07Shivan Reincarnated
Still super after all these years... but not quite as super as it used to be.07/19/10SilverMelee
A game like no other12/01/05SneakTheSnake
Still the Best 3D Mario Game09/23/05Speedy Boris
It puzzles me why Sunshine and Galaxy weren't like this...01/03/11StephenYap3
Darn it, Luigi's not in this game.08/25/04strawhat
Mario Explodes Onto The 3-D Scene01/10/05SwissOnRye
One of the best and most revolutionary games ever made.06/11/10UltimaterializerX
Does Mario actually have a plumber?09/06/03Warmaster Lah
Classically Awesome and Awe-inspiring07/25/07Yoh_of_Izumo
Mario once again revolutionizes gaming as we know it.06/01/06ZFS
The reason to own a Nintendo 64.11/05/10Zylo the wolf

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Where's that cake?05/21/03A B C
A Truly Revolutionary Title06/20/03Baradur
Mario reinvents a genre and........succeeds!02/22/04Braben
If this was great, imagine what Mario Sunshine will be like!02/09/02cvxfreak
Is it written in the stars?09/10/07discoinferno84
The follower to Super Mario Bros. 3 is a success!08/28/08Dustof_DryBones
The third version of Mario 64 is just as fun as the first.03/14/07ghangiskhan1
The game that thrust the N64 into the spotlight.01/06/03GreenFlag
Mamma mia!09/08/17horror_spooky
Mario's first foray into 3D -still a classic?10/01/07Jason_IX
Video Game Innovation!12/22/03k0nartist
"64" is about to mean "64 great Mario games!"03/29/10KeyBlade999
The start of the Clone Generation!10/25/01Lagunathemoron
Fun 3-D Mario game. But where was the damn cake?01/05/09Legendofmario18
Mario's First Leap into the World of 3D is an Unforgetable Jem!01/06/11MadJack64
Not a fine wine, but a great drink.08/24/17Malorkus
You know you want to visit Bob-omb Battlefield all over again!05/31/07Megaman1981
But I really want to ride Yoshi around!10/19/02mighty mosquito
Mario Revisited11/03/03napster
Why Shigi? Why?04/17/09Ofisil
Gee, Mario sure likes cakes.08/17/12RageBot
Does nostalgia and Mario really mix for a good game...?03/19/07Shadow Flare
Nintendo Called this Game Super Mario for a Reason11/10/08sm64pro
Mama mia! It's a-Mario and he's revolutionized 3D platformers!08/12/09Tenshi No Shi
Mario may have put on a few pounds, and an extra dimension, but he’s still as good as ever.03/13/03terrisus
It's amazing how well this game has held up.10/26/10tgoldberg
Mario at His Finest01/22/08TheRedneck14
All of these years, and I still remember...02/27/04vgerx2001
Super Mario gets a whole new dimension!03/31/16videogamefiles
Mario's first adventure on the Nintendo 64 is quite the success.12/14/09Volteon

Quick Reviews

Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
A game worth playing!!!01/13/01Andy M.
This is what true one-player N64 fun is made out of.01/18/00Aristotle
Great Game to start the 3D age.02/22/10Asegbers
Mario in 3d?! Gotta see it!!01/13/01Aurabeam
One of the best games ever made01/13/01Blackjack4x
Mario's jump into 3D is quite a success!05/08/14BlueLinkHero
Mario's 64? oh, i get it, it's for the N64. Title is the only problem (kidding :P)12/12/07bobobo_iz_best
The greatest of all Mario games is nearly perfect, but there is one fatal flaw05/19/10Cikmin30
Not Super...More Like Awesome Mario 6410/17/08DandyQuackShot
Nothing Wrong With Kickin' It Old School01/18/08DarkECOJak
One of the best 3-D platformers ever06/26/08DarkMark42
Mario’s debut on the N64 was very good and fun!06/11/01Dranis
The first game for N64 is still awesome!02/25/00Duke Nukem
A Fun Mario Game to Play; This Game is a Jewel to the Mario Series01/06/08eye_of_death
A game for the ages09/25/12Fieryterminator
Somthing old and something new06/03/00Funk Punk
This game defined the 3D platformer, and it still stands as one of the best.01/13/01FuzzyLemur
An instant classic is available once again.03/23/07general531
Super Mario 64 Review04/14/09HellfireSonic21
Best video game EVER!!03/04/13irrewonderful
This game sets the standard for all the new platform games.01/13/01Jdude84
By far, the greatest Mario game in Nintendo history!01/01/02Josiah
A Lookback on Mario's first 3D outing.05/05/16LaAtomica
Super Mario? Nah, just plain Mario.06/23/09Matzen12
Looking back from the year 2000, this game is now showing it's age, but can still be fun.02/01/00MechaMrEd
The first N64 game, and still one of the best07/04/01MI4 REAL
The definition of a 3D platformer07/31/03Nexxt
The Greatest Mario Game on the Nintendo 6412/05/07nintendolover92
This version of Super Mario 64 is both affordable and superior11/25/06Phange
Another Nintendo Masterpiece03/07/07RockyStarPro
After 11 years since its released Its still the best game on the N6402/20/08sasnak_Ehtalo
I knew I recognized this game!12/13/06ShadowGuardian9
Mario 64, the lengendary start of 3D gaming, has returned.01/13/09shnickshnick
A 2? A 5? What's with you people?01/13/01Silent One
This game is NOT fun!04/07/15smartysmith
Even After A Decade, This Game Is Still Awesome09/08/09snowboarder9
One of the many Mario games to stand the test of time03/09/10Sour
Probably the best Mario game I know of.10/12/09SpyroZeDragonX5
Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump!11/12/07Super_Zina
One of the best games on the N6406/16/08SuperMan678
3D platformer that displays all of the style and fun of previous Mario games01/22/04THayes
Most Revolutionary Game of All Time08/24/11TheGamingGolfer
It's A Me Mario!!01/13/01TSolheim
A Truly Breathtaking Experience that you will remember forever.02/09/09VeryInsane
The greatest game of all time returns on the Wii's Virtual Console12/10/12WhatTheDeuce92
2D to 3D Nintendo at it's BEST!!!08/14/02XtremeGundamX
This game deserves a 10 not a 5!!!01/03/00yuffie264
Redefinition: 3d07/02/08zenGOSM
"Even After 10 Years, STILL One of the Best Games Ever!"11/26/07ZGDK

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