"A good mario game?"

This time it takes a break from the super mario bros super mario world go through eight levels get to the castle at the end of the world to rescue the princess there are lots of worlds you enter and in each one there are seven stages and one at the end where you find red coins-- these red coins are best found with a guide and a friend can help you out with it. Going through level one, level two, and level three each is easy and with level one and level two you have an easy and medium difficulty levels for each level. The game gets harder when you get to level three upstairs. What else is missing? I dont know, it's a pretty cool mario game for a really great system, the n64, as they say, get N or get OUT.
The game enstills you with a sense of wonder. The wonder inhibits you throughout the game it leads you to explore new places, these new places will restore your pride and will continue to not go like "WTF" at all these new levels. As you progress with through the game you will start to see the game from a first person point of view or a first person perspective then you will begin to see why they say the game is really cool after a few levels you will start to get into the game and you will enjoy it more.

So why is the game so underrated? The game is overrated in most peoples point of view but I think the game is underrated. I mean, can you look at the graphics? The system really shows off its MIPS capability with its MIPS processor it is able to show off the systems capability and can create water in three D, with three dimensional programming the designers found a way to combine elements from all previous mario games into one mario game, that is super mario 64 and shigeru miyamoto created one of the best mario games, to date. This is one of the best ones.

Mario doesnt talk much but the characters talk to him. He's a silent type. All these characters in the game are telling him what to do all the time but he's just sitting there waiting for you to do it dont let the game play itself for you, you have to play the game yourself!

^_^. Mario! And Yoshi! IS yoshi in the game?


Yoshi is in the game. Yoshi is on the castle at the end of the game with the rumored ending when you collect one hundred twenty stars there is a cannon on the soil of the castle grounds, and you will go in the cannon, then fire yourself at yoshi and you can collect over 99 lives with an unlimited one up supply given from him to you then you can get a upgrade for your wing cap so you can perform a super jump.

The game has polygon textures, the game has texturesx that are unlike the playstation. The game differs from most games because it is originally supposed to be like that. The game was intended to be a revolution in gaming. The game revolutionized gaming by providing gaming with a camera angel that could rotate around in three D, now all games use the same camera angel and also the game allowed developers to see the mario games without sony in a new light!

Super mario 64—the best Nintendo 64 game to date or ever? Maybe so. Let's take a look at the game overall.

This game takes place in a universe, where Mario is trapped inside the castle walls and has to go through lots of enemies to get to rescue the princess. Does it sound lame to you? I think not!

Let's review the game.

we all know, so bowser has taken the princess away, like depicted in super Mario world and super Mario RPG this game sequels away from them! The game entraps Mario in 120 different levels taking place with three levels in each castle walls. The first level is easy. The first level puts you through missions like rescuing a red coin from a pole that a chain chop occupies or it takes you in to a different substantial place where you're in a level that's filled with a bunch of water. The water tries to suffocate you as you try to slowly emerge out of it and out of the level (in one piece).

If you lose your cap you can always get the spare back but you have to go to the same levels.

The puzzles are a main part of the game. I rate the puzzle difficulty a 10 because it takes years to beat, sometimes it takes you years to get every star if you are new to the game you should play it with a friend because then like you may not be used to the game so you cant play it.

The graphics. Are a ten. They are in full three d and the camera angle is revolutionary in its own way the camera can rotate around and you can get a cinematic point of view from Mario and the rest of the world by tapping the c-buttons to change the camera angle and not only can you zoom in but you can zoom out too.

The controls are on par with the previous Mario games they get an eight. The controls allow you to perfectly manipulate the character that depicts Mario slowly around and it allows him to navigate through the missions, that, end up, with you getting a star. Now I am not much of a Mario fanatic because I prefer other games on the system more like Mario golf (ahem recognition please, anyone), but like if you're in the middle of fighting bowser and you have to take a call then you can quickly access the start button that can pause the game, like if you're collecting the red coins you should bring a faq or a guide with you if you're new to the game or if you want documentation to the game then get a guide or a faq for it and play it anyways.

The game enters you in mushroom kingdom. Slowly after you defeated bowser for the last time you feel like you have had enough, then all of a sudden koopa comes and tells you what to do. The story gets a 10. Once you get enough stars you can catch rabbits and get more stars sometimes even the spoilers for people who want to play the game toads will give you stars. You know you played super Mario bros 3 before haven't you? Well there are three different caps. One is a metal cap, which acts like a star, the other, is a flying cap where Mario takes the flight with it without yoshi, the other is a correct me if I am wrong but there is a vanish cap and that is in the game and with the vanish cap you can go wondering around and you can end up in certain hidden areas.

The story deserves a ten. The game saved the N64 from the playstation (well not really) to a Nintendo fans perspective. The game revolutionized gaming forever, as on sony systems there now is a system for camera angels, in this one the game uses the camera angel to orient you in the story and it allows you to find out what's going to happen next with looking around with the c-buttons.

The controls are tight! They are the best controls for an n64 game you can get. IMO they're the best original control schemes for any original game on a launch title for any original controls.

Um, what's left, what's missing, I do not think that Mario made his mark with the game super Mario bros 2 in the US version, that game wasn't all too great so this was an improvement over that don't you think so?

I'd say this was a great attempt at amario game. If I'd the choice to rent it or buy it I'd buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/20/06

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