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"Another Nintendo Masterpiece"

Welcome to my review for the game Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo Wii's virtual console. This game is about Mario, the princess toadstool Peach and the king of the Koopa's, King Bowser. You must rescue the princess who has been kidnapped and sealed in the picture right in front of her castle and the only way to rescue her is to beat Bowser in the sky to collect the big star which releases Peach from the picture and restores peace around the castle and the world living nearby. You go through a lot of levels which range from Trees to Water to Fire and even to the sky. The main object of the game is to collect the hidden 120 stars which contain the power to unlock all of the doors in the castle which have been locked by Bowser, trust me they are not easy, all one of them will take a lot of time to accomplish.

The graphics are no doubt magnificent because it looks like never before. The colour use is terrific because all parts of the game look colour ful and stand out, especially from a far distance. They are also not blurry and that is a major success through out the game, most games which are blurry and are very hard to see never get a good score for graphics. Finally the graphics for the backgrounds of levels are awesome because they are colour ful and can be seen from a very long way and not one part of the game is blurry, all parts of the game you see is clear and colour ful, well done Nintendo for this great game which turned out to be a success.

The game play no doubt is very fun and will keep you playing for a long period of time. Collecting the stars will take a lot of time and especially collecting the 100 coin star. Some levels require nearly every coin collected to get the star and that means thwomping enemies and collecting all of the coins from the blue switch. The blue coins are all worth 5 coins and imagine being in a land with lots, the star will be your's within no time. The difficulty is at a reasonable standard and even today I still have trouble on some levels because of how hard they are. You should never get bored of this master piece, it has hours and hours of great entertainment.

I recommend getting the 1000 Wii points to purchase this game and its loads of fun. It will take at least 1 week to complete this game fully because it has lots of stars (120 in total) and in 1 hour you only have around 15 stars collected. This game will keep you company for every time you play it just like it got the whole world into video games.

Overall Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo Wii is a awesome game and it should be downloaded under any circumstances because it has one of the great entertainment provided for the Virtual console and it was one of the best games for the Nintendo 64. So I recommend to buy this game and it should reach your top 10 games of all time straight away.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/07/07

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