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"The third version of Mario 64 is just as fun as the first."

Of all the games available for Virtual Console, Super Mario 64 is the deepest, longest, and one that you get the most bang for your buck, or should I say, points. It is a perfect emulation of a 10 year old Nintendo 64 game that holds up great to this day. You see, I have this theory. My theory is that Super Mario 64 just never gets old. I've played it a lot on the N64 and the DS and I'm enjoying it all over again on the Wii.

Most of you reading this review have probably already played Super Mario 64 somewhere else already. But if you haven't, the game starts off with Mario coming out of a warp pipe and on his way to Princess Peach's castle after getting an invitation to a party. Well, actually all she did is bake a cake for him and we all know that's the only reason Mario went. Anyway, once he enters the castle, Mario hears a voice that definitely sounds like Bowser and then he knows that there is trouble, so Mario must collect power stars from paintings in the castle that are actually levels until he gets enough stars to confront Bowser.

Also, everything in Super Mario 64 is the exact same as it was on the Nintendo 64. It doesn't have everything new Mario 64 DS brought so fans of the original should really like this. For those who only played the DS version that greeted whoever played it with awkward controls should also enjoy Super Mario 64 because it's much easier to control.

To control Mario 64 on the Wii you will need either a Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller. If you already have a GCN controller, you don't need to rush out to buy a Classic because they both work just fine. It's actually easier to control this time because the Gamecube's analog stick isn't as fragile as the Nintendo 64's analog stick was, and it's easier to use overall. Also, the camera has been mapped to the C-Stick. Camera problems still remain, but it's still a little bit better. It would've been nice if they would've used a Wind Waker style camera though. The X and Y buttons have no purpose, L and Z will have Mario crouch, long jump, or butt stomp. Super Mario 64 is really, THE example of prime plat forming action. You walk around different levels, collect coins, stars, red coins, etc. You fight bosses. You solve puzzles. It really has every thing you could ask for, in fact it's not quite just a plat former. It's an adventure game too, and an awesome one at that. Everything in Mario 64 just works so well. Even if it is filled with glitches, this is a ten year old game and it holds up in gameplay better than half the games that came out last year. This is a direct emulation so the graphics are the exact same as it was in 1996. But back then, this was the greatest looking game is existence almost, at the time of its original release so you must honor that, and it still looks pretty good on the Wii. It may not be up to date, but it is still the same 3D plat former we all played ten years ago and you'll probably love the graphics for the nostalgia. Really, all that doesn't hold up is that, of course, the game does have blocky N64 graphics, and the detail isn't up to date either, but the game runs smoothly and is still as much as a joy to look at today as it was in 1996 for hardcore fans of the game. Anyone who never played Mario 64, let alone any game in the Playstation/Nintendo 64 era, will probably not be impressed with the graphics. Then again, how many people didn't play Mario 64?

The music stands strong in Mario 64, as it is almost as much as a joy to listen to the game as it is to play it. Every song is still the exact same, and let me tell you: Super Mario 64 had the top ten game music of the PS/N64 era in my opinion. The songs are extremely catchy but not quite to the point of stuck-in-your-head catchy, which is essentially a good thing and it's all-around awesome to listen to. The sound effects are still the same, along with the few but great voice acting.

Super Mario 64 was one of the longer games for its time. It will probably take you around 20-30 hours to play through and collect all 120 stars on your first try. Veterans will be able to complete it within 10-20 hours. Either way, it's a long and fun game that will still keep you coming back after you've completed it. Really, all you need to “beat” the game is 70 stars, but why not go for the full 120?

Bottom line: Super Mario 64, without a doubt, is worth your 1000 points. Heck, it's worth triple that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/14/07

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