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"An instant classic is available once again."

Super Mario 64 was one of the most innovative and revolutionary games ever. This is the first completely three-dimensional game. That means this game was the first in which the player can control the character in a fully three dimensional environment instead of an overworld that has an angled camera. Super Mario 64 revolutionized platforming, boss battles, exploration, and character control. The revolutionary classic is once again available on the Wii's Virtual Console download service for a thousand wii points (10 dollars). I recommend the readers of this review to download this classic if they can.

The graphics in Super Mario 64 are just right for the Nintendo 64 and I am glad that they are not altered. There is not a lot of rendering and the characters do look like blocks. The animation and environments are great, but the scenery leaves a lot to be desired. The visual effects are nicely done. The elements are easily visible.

The controls will feel different because you will not be able to use the N64 controller. I recommend using the Gamecube controller because its button and stick arrangement is ideal for this game. The feel of the controls will take time to get used to but the accuracy and response is first-rate. Mario can perform backward jumps, triple jumps, long jumps, and different kinds of attacks.

Game Design:
Super Mario 64 is a deep game. There are 15 worlds along with a legion of secret areas. There are a total of 120 power stars. You also have three different types of caps. You can also ride a koopa's shell.

The game has 15 different worlds. They are hidden inside paintings, walls, and other places. You have a mixture of arctic, desert, aquatic, dungeon, platform, mountain, and lava areas. There is one such area in which the water surface at the start of the stage depends on how high Mario jumps into the painting. All 15 areas contain perils and some of the later stages require a mastery of 3-D platforming. The secret worlds have their own dangers.

This game has a grand total of 120 power stars. Each course has six stars as well as a hundred coin star as well as fifteen secret stars. Some of the requirements for obtaining stars include beating a boss, collecting red coins, winning a race, or just by reaching one in plain sight. Most of the secret stars mandate collecting red coins, but that task is far easier said than done.

Mario gets to don three types of special caps. The invisible cap turns Mario into mesh. He can pass through wire mesh and enemies. The wing cap lets Mario take to the skies. The metal cap turns Mario into a chrome human. Metal Mario can easily beat enemies and does not have to breathe, but he can't swim (which is helpful in some cases). All three caps are mandated to get through the game.

Super Mario 64 is a deep game and all of its features are excellent. What the game is missing is a multiplayer mode and Luigi.

The soundtrack is phenomenal. The Metal Mario music and the music during the first two battles with Bowser are great.

The effects are great. The shell surfing effects are great. The lava sound effects are terrific.

The voicing is minimal. It is primarily limited to grunts and screams.

Super Mario 64 is a damn good game. The graphics are great. The design is deep. The audio is good. This is a classic gem and I am glad this game is available once again. The control is great. I just wish there was a multiplayer mode.

Should I download?

Score: 9 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/07

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