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"The Greatest Mario Game on the Nintendo 64"

Super Mario 64 was Mario's first 3-D game where he had to rescue Princess Peach. This is nothing new to the plumber named Mario. He's been doing it since 1981, just not in 3-D. So like in past Mario games, Mario must travel through many different levels, completing different, and sometimes difficult tasks, to retrieve power stars so he can restore the power to the castle. And who else would steal the stars but Mario's long time rival, Bowser. Yes he's back, bigger, faster, stronger, and in 3-D. Super Mario 64 had many strong points and few weak points which I will explain about in this review.

Story/Plot 8/10 - The story/plot in this game is the same as in all Mario games before it. Rescue Princess Peach. It's a good story but it can get old. The main idea of the story is to collect the power stars that Bowser stole. There are 120 in all (although you only need 70 to finish the game) which is quite the task. With 15 worlds, 6 normal stars per world, 1 coin star (must collect 100 coins to obtain) and then 15 Castle Secret Stars should keep you busy for awhile.

Graphics/Music 9/10 - For being one of the first 3-D Mario games, it had very good graphics. Everything showed up fine and there were very little blocky figures. All 15 worlds had good designs and they all looked very good because the graphics were good. The music on the other hand was pretty good. I didn't really notice it while I was playing, but the parts I did hear sounded good.

Gameplay 9/10 - This game was fairly challenging when you first start but you get the hang of it very quickly. I'd say, out of 10, this game is a 6.5 on difficulty. Moving is fairly easy to do and the camera angles are okay. But even if you find it very easy, it is extremely fun to play. You could spend hours on end playing this, because it doesn't get old. The controls are easy to learn. A is your jumps, B is punches and kicks, Z lets you do different types of jumps and attacks, and the R, L, and C buttons are the camera angles. Not to tough.

Play Time/Replayability 9/10 - The game might not take you too long to finish if you just get the minimum 70 stars, but it will take you a lot longer to fully complete the game with all 120 stars. The time it takes for you to beat it basically depends on you ability to master the controls. The faster you master them the easier the game will be and the quicker you'll be able to beat it. This also has great replayability because after you've complete the game with 70 stars, you can go for all 120. And even after that there are still secrets to be found. You could play this game over and over and still find things that you didn't find the time before.

Story/Plot - 8/10
Graphics/Music - 9/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Play Time/Replayability - 9/10
Final Score - 8.75/10
GameFAQ's Score - 9/10

Final Say - If you get the chance to buy this, you should. Even today it still goes for $15 - $30, but it would be well worth your money. This is one of the greatest Mario games ever and you should not be missing out on the fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/07

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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