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"After 11 years since its released Its still the best game on the N64"

When we all saw in 1998 when Super Mario came out on the new N64 everyone went nuts. Game sells were off the hook and it was argued the best game of all time. This game I player for 12 years and still playing it. Overall the best game ever. Well 12 years later heres my review about Super Mario 64.

Graphics 10/10

This basically comes at everyone the most. The Graphics on this game was Unreal and basically the HDTV from A regular tv. Graphics are very good in the game and basically was put the N64 on the market. Nintendo did a Awesome job on this game with the graphics the first real 3D game. Overall Nintendo's Job basically gave itself a 5 * for there work

Sound 10/10

Hearing Mario scream. Its-a-Mii Mario was the Best catch phrase ever. Those were the Opening sounds of the game. Your greeted with New sounds and extranordary music. Sounds of Chain chomp to Bowsers Fight music basically set the stage for this game. Nintendo did a great job.

Story 10/10
Basically the same story as any other game. Peach gets captured by Bowser and you have to find him and basically beat up into a bloody pulp. On the way you capture stars to unlock new worlds on the way. You fight bowser 3 times during the quest. The 1st two fights are to get keys to different parts of the Castle. The 3rd time you fight Bowser he turns rainbow and is extremly hard to beat. After you beat him the 3rd time you get the Final Key and free Peach from the grasp of Bowser. The Credits roll as Mario gets a kiss from Peach.

Game play 10/10

Nintendo didn't give us crappy controls with this. Controls with this game was a great sucess. You climb, Jump and even Fly throughout levels. You go around levels and do objectives to gain stars. There are 120 stars in all. If you collect all 120 stars then you will be able to unlock the cannon in front of the Yard that shoots you up on the roof. Getting stars are a hard task that requires alot of patience. You go through the castle and are met with the series of secrets to get stars.

Replayability 10/10
This game is a great game overall. Now that I have played it on and off for 12 years shows how great the game is. Im only 10 stars short from getting all 120 stars. I have played this game and always beat Bowser. Now that I have played this game for awhile now you can bet that I can get all the stars. You will play this game till the cows come home.

Overall 10/10

This was a great game when it cameout in 1998. It basically had everything that a great game has to have. This is probabily the greatest game on the N64 besides LOZ:OOT. Those two games are debateable.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/20/08

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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