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Reviewed: 10/17/08

Not Super...More Like Awesome Mario 64

Mario 64 was a hugely anticipated game for the new Nintendo 64 coming out and is simply awesome. Why is it awesome? Well not that many great 2-D characters, much less 2-D Nintendo characters were able to transition to 3-D. Sure Mario had to cut a few pounds himself, but his debut in 3-D was excellent and the whole new take on the Mario series had fans loving him even more.


Mario has to save the Princess once again from Bowser who has concocted a much more complex scheme this time than keeping her hidden in a castle. Mario has to explore the Princess' castle and visit other worlds by jumping into paintings that hang throughout the castle to collect 100 stars that will solve the curse and release the Princess. Each painting links Mario to a different world where the King's minions rule and must be overthrown to collect one of each of the 100 stars in the game.

Game Play

There are a whole lot more moves and abilities that Mario can use and instead of the old standard ways of the 2-D games Mario has to rely on his own self defense by punching and throwing his way through the game. Mario has some very cool moves and is easy to maneuver even on the awkward N64 controller. The worlds Mario explores get more difficult and challenging as the game progresses and you will encounter all of the old enemies including some new ones in these worlds. A lot of power-ups are tucked away in chests throughout each world and once you finish a world you can always go back to find some easy places to get health or search for more items.


No more text boxes! Mario finally has a voice and so do the other characters. You will never get tired of Mario yelling every time he jumps or does a flip and the sound effects are very good in this game. The music is wonderful and stays very true to the original games of the Nintendo series. This is the first Mario game in 3-D and the graphics do all of the 2-D characters justice and you can attribute a lot of the exciting game play to the graphics as Mario is no longer confined to being able to only running back and forth.

Final Recommendation 9/10

Super Mario 64 is a classic gem that requires patience to beat, but is a very engrossing and challenging game. This is a very rewarding game and is a must buy for any Mario or Nintendo fan.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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