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"Mario 64, the lengendary start of 3D gaming, has returned."

Mario 64, the first N64 title ever made, is now the first N64 title on the virtual console. Those who never owned a N64 (myself included) can now play the masterpiece that changed gaming history. Some people claim that Nintendo broke the game, but this game's just as amazing as it was in 1996. I'm gonna prove this game rocks, in this review.

Story, 9/10: The storyline is pretty obvious for a Mario game. Peach writes a letter to Mario, saying that she has a cake for him. Mario, obviously, goes to Peach's castle, only to be told to get the hell out of there by someone. Mario finds out that the someone who told him to leave was Bowser, who captured Peach and stole the power stars of the castle. Mario then has to collect all the power stars and save Peach from Bowser, as usual. The storyline is pretty obvious, but it's an interesting storyline for the first game in 3D.

Graphics, 7/10: Most N64 titles have very good graphics, and this one also does. Mario sorta looks like a blocky figure, but you could tell that it's him, and obviously, like most of the N64 titles he's in, he doesn't have a mouth (aside from the Mario head in the title screen). Peach isn't as blocky as Mario, and has a mouth, but it doesn't move when she talks. Bowser looks scary for children, and his mouth is open the whole time you see him, even when you kill him. The rest of the characters and the backrounds aren't bad, so a 7/10 is what the graphics are getting.

Music and Sound, 8/10: The music doesn't have a lot of classic Mario tunes, but it does have pretty good music to fit with the level. The music in the last few levels fit perfectly, while the music in the Bowser stages also fits with the stage. The sound is also reasonable, but the sounds often echo when heard. For instance, if Mario punches a wall, the noise it makes will echo several times. The voices were the best part. Peach and Mario himself speak for the first time, but for some reason, the voice acting isn't frequent, which means you'll be seeing a lot of dialogue boxes. The Music and Sound was not bad, so it gets a very good score.

Gameplay, 9/10: The gameplay is very smooth and very entertaining. You obviously have to reclaim the power stars and save Peach to win. Luckily, you don't need them all. You just need to find about half of them, then you could reclaim the other half if you want a challenge. Some of the stars are near impossible if you don't know what you're doing, but most of them are straight forward. So the gameplay's good, nuff said.

Controls, 8/10: Some people claim that the controls are broken, but they're as simple as they were back then. I played the whole game and beaten it, and I never had a problem with the controls. you use the A button to jump, the B button to punch, the R/Z button to crouch, the C stick to rotate the camera, and obviously, the control stick to move. I'm dead serious, these controls are not broken, or at least on the gamecube controller.

Replay value, MEDIUM: There isn't a major reason to play this again, but if you want the challenge of getting all the stars again, then go for it.

Buy or Rent?: Like most Mario lovers would, get this game on your Wii. The virtual console doesn't have rentals, so if you want it, whip up 1,000 wii points.

Overall, 9/10: Some people are getting this game wrong. It's amazing like it was 12 to 13 years ago. So just get 1,000 wii points, and download one of the video games that changed history.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/13/09

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 11/19/06)

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