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"Super Mario 64 Review"

Super Mario 64. The game that revolutionized 3D Mario games. There's a reason for the 'super' part of the name. The game was not only enjoyable, but it was a game that took skill,quick reactions, and a lot more things. The most enjoyable thing about it was that you could spends hours searching for stars (120), and finally when you do get 120 stars, the game doesn't just end. Oh no, it allows you to meet your old pal Yoshi, get 100 lives, and fly around the castle!

Another aspect that makes this game enjoyable is what you can do with a Gameshark afterwards! I mean, you can dress up as Luigi, walk on water, do anything you like! It's that level of control that makes it enjoyable anyway you look at it. And what is classic about it is the Goomba stompin' we all love. I got the game in 2002, and even now, I still play it and love it.

One thing that probably drives most players to finish the game is because of the letter at the beginning of the game, it says there is a cake. Which there is, it's just you have to beat an entire game first. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Anyway, there is one thing very annoying about most of the game inside the castle. It's that the music, as lovely as it is, gets boring after a while. And also, when I played it when I was little, the bowser music used to freak me out, just like the Mario Party 2 bowser scene did.

However, the scenery is impressive. The feel of the game, you really get it from the moment you start a save file. It's that good, so you really should buy a game today, and experience one of Nintendo's finest classic games. One thing though- the castle seems to change in every game, so if you buy another game (e.g. Paper Mario) the castle's inside will look different.

One thing that arouses a lot of suspicion is the star waterfall. Engraved on it, it reads:
"2410 L is Real." That meant people referred to L as Luigi...

My review gets 9/10 because in spite of all the good things, rumours spread around about Luigi. And some levels could be very... frustrating. But my final note on this review is this: look on the good side of the game, ot the bad. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/14/09

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (EU, 03/01/97)

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