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"Even After A Decade, This Game Is Still Awesome"

Alright, Super Mario 64, a game which was called as one of the best games out there. It's the first transition of Mario into 3D and it was a critical success. Nintendo clearly knew what they were doing when they did what they did and it clearly made it on top during the early times of that generation, but the legacy of Super Mario 64 still goes on as one of the best games on its system, if not on all Nintendo consoles.


This game's graphics are awesome, even after a decade. The backgrounds are very nice and it makes you feel like you're actually there. The snowy mountains, the green fields, the rivers when you swim in them, the waterfall outside the castle. It all blends in together to form a very great background. As for characters and enemy designs, it doesn't fail either. They combine with the background pretty well and it's all pretty detailed for a game of its time.

Music/Sound Effects

The music for this game is pretty well done but can be faulty on rare occasions; the songs don't exactly combine with some of the worlds, but its nice none-the-less. To describe it further, take a world where snow is present, the song being played is nice but it doesn't exactly match the background. The song being played when you're in a mountainous place doesn't exactly match the background either. But on positive sides, the song when you're outside the castle is awesome. The music fits the background pretty well, and the aquatic song in watery worlds is good as well. As for the sound effects, it's amazing. The sound the trees do when you climb them, the excitement in Mario's voice when you jump high in the air, the horrified sound he does when he falls from a high place, are all pretty well done, and kind of funny as well.

Game Play

The game play is pretty simple, except for the bad camera angles. The came angle can be very very annoying and frustrating, as sometimes you can't see what's in front of you, or you can just see things from the side, which can help you fall or get beat up by an enemy pretty quick. You can adjust the camera yourself, but that can be especially hard when you're running from a thing whose main purpose in its life is to make your life as hard as hard could be. Then you start cursing the camera and Lakitu (which is the camera holder) while trying to run away from the thing and at the same time, be careful from falling off a cliff or hit another enemy. But other than that, the game play is solid and controls are responsive.


Now to the story, it's pretty basic, Mario got a letter from Peach inviting him to her castle but the real surprise is that when you find out that Bowser had taken control of the castle and trapped everyone in the walls and have his minions taking control of every painting in the castle (because apparently, there's a world inside every painting). Your job is to take the stars that Bowser had taken to deprive him of the stars' power and take it for yourself and then beat him up at the end to save your dear princess and her servants. So there's hardly a story in this game.

Replay Value

Of course, the game doesn't make you collect all the stars in the game, it makes you collect most of them to face Bowser at the end, but you can try to collect them after you're done with the game, and it can take awhile to collect them all so I guess you can say that there's a bit of replay value here.

In conclusion, I say if you haven't played this game, I say you should get it and play it, because is it truly on of the best games that you will ever play on any console.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/08/09

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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