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"Probably the best Mario game I know of."

When I first played this game when I was very young, I remembered all the good times I had with it. It's a shame we don't see any good games like this one anymore. There were two consoles to choose at the time this game was made, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64. As if my parents knew the PlayStation would fail, they got a Nintendo 64 instead. Both my grandparents also own one of these N64s. And what all did they also have in common? They also got this particular game, Super Mario 64. Many people say the PlayStation is superior to the Nintendo 64. Only one problem with that, they cannot surpase any of the Nintendo 64 games in awesomeness. But enough about the consoles, let me talk about the game now. When I first started playing this game, I was very amazed (I was a little child at the time so even though alot of things amaze me, this game continued to amaze me to this very day). Let me split of into sections to make it easier for other readers.

It all starts off with a letter from Princess Peach. This particular part already showed off that the console is capable of voice acting. Then the letter fades out to show some floating thing (I never really got the name of it, but I thinks it supposed to be Lakuti or something). Then after it flies around a little, showing of Peach Castle in the process, it turns our attention to a warp pipe, and then, Mario jumps out, ready for action. This showed of the camera system pretty well, and the music that played was also good.


At the time, this game had pretty good graphics. Mario looks great and Bowser actually looks menacing unlike the modern look. Peach looks good also, but we don't really see her until the end of the game. The castle looks amazing for being a limited cartridge. Everything looks exactly how it should. The trees are actually 2D, though it isn't really graphical limitations since the DS remake has the same type of trees, despite the fact it could easily be better on that version. Overall, the graphics are good for a Nintendo 64, but later Nintendo 64 games such as Turok and Banjo Kazooie prove they could be better.


This is what really makes the game awesome. This game was designed to prove that Analog Sticks were superior to D Pads in every possible way. You can do all sorts of things by tilting the control stick, such as side jumping, wall jumping, and sneaking around. The controls were very diverse for the time the game was out. I wish I could say more, but I don't really know how else to say how awesome it is. I guess it's too awesome for any other way to describe it.


There's been a gameplay change in the Mario series. Instead of just trying to get past enemies and simply reach the end of a level, we now go around looking for stars in a bunch of different levels, a gameplay device also used in the 2 main sequels that follow. There are atleast 6 stars to collect in all the main levels, and 1 bonus star for collecting 100 coins. Too bad the 100 coin thing doesn't reappear in later games. Almost all the levels have a red coin star, which require you to find around 7-8 red coins (I can't remember the exact number). The Bowser battles also set an example of a modern weakness used in some later games, swinging him by the tail and smashing him into something. And that something happened to be a bomb or two. Yeah, none of our regular attacks work on him anyway. There are a total of 120 stars to collect, and to this day, I never managed to get them all yet. The game is load of challenges and it'll keep you going for a long time.


Like Super Mario World, this game has some pretty awesome music and sound. Like I mentioned earlier, Peach already shows the console is capable of voice acting, although it was only for one scene. Mario no longer has the famous sound effect of his heard everytime he jumps though. Instead it's a bunch of yahoos and stuff. I'm ok with that, the jump sound effect wasn't completely scrapped since it's still used in the GBA games. The music was some of the most memorable music I've ever heard, especially the music inside Peach's Castle. Bowser's theme music is good also, and the final bowser music is even more awesome.


Nostalgia Factor:
This is what makes the game so awesome even though it's been around 12 years since it was released. Peach's Castle had the most nostalgia factor of all time. It makes me won't to wish I was a kid again so I can enjoy this game again, it really does. This game was and still is, the greatest Mario game of all time. Not even the 2 sequels get as good as this one! This game really shows us the meaning of nostalgia alot.


Closing Comments:
This is probably the greatest game you will ever see. Since the PlayStation has no icons, it cannot rival anything this game has to other. This game kept me going the entire N64 era, and it still keeps me going to this day.

Rent or Buy:
Buy it. Need I say anything else? Don't even think about a PlayStation, get a Nintendo 64 and this game to go with it!! You will not regret it!

-SpyroZeDragonX5, 10/12/09

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/12/09

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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