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""64" is about to mean "64 great Mario games!""

Super Mario 64 is a major of the Nintendo 64 console. Back then, that game was a real big hit (and so was its remake, Super Mario 64 DS). Back in the 1980s, Nintendo starting making some arcade games, namely Donkey Kong and Jumpman. Later, during the days of Mario Bros., Jumpman became Mario. Later, they were released for the NES as Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 quickly followed onto the NES and SNES. Later, even those got a Game Boy Advance remake. Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island also followed as mini-series, but made Yoshi a major part of the series. Super Mario Kart was an SNES game, which went onto the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii, being remade and bettered each time. Super Mario RPG was another SNES Mario that went for a Game Boy Advance sequel, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which also got more sequels, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Paper Mario started way back when and went to the GameCube as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and then to the Nintendo Wii as Super Paper Mario. Mario Party is another set of games that started around the Nintendo 64. About half are on it, half on the GameCube, and Mario Party 8 is on the Nintendo Wii. There is also a Mario Party for the Nintendo DS. Super Mario Sunshine, this game's supposed sequel, is on the GameCube and Super Mario Sunshine's sequel, Super Mario Galaxy, is on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has created so many Marios, it is unbelievable. Between them all, this review has, or is about to, earned the title. Yes, there are almost 64 Mario games today, but I am not listing each one. Anyways, let's just get this review over with, shall we?

This game is what I say is a 3-D side-scroller. I can't exactly give it a game genre myself. But GameFAQs calls it an "Action" game and a "3-D platformer", whatever that is. The basic point of the game is to simply save Peach, as it is in almost every other Mario game, correct? You collect Stars in various levels of various worlds. Each world is its own environment with each individual level having its own way to make you get the Star. Doing certain tasks will also allow to play, not just as Mario, but also as Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi. I must say this though: the final boss is too difficult. Everything else is okay, but that boss is too freakin' hard to beat. Otherwise, it is great!

The story is simple. Mario, Luigi, and Wario are invited to cake at Peach's Castle. They go in, but don't come out. Yoshi, who is asleep on the castle, awakes to find the trio missing. He immediately goes in to save them. Apparently, they were put into paintings, but you don't know which ones. You go from painting to painting, collecting Stars to help save your friends. As you do, you realize that Bowser caused this mess, as usual. You, with the rest of the trio, go to stop him once more and take Peach back. "We are Sparta!" Couldn't help it.

The graphics are decent. Being Mario's jump into the third dimension, it was thought to be not very good, such as Mega Man Legends (but it was a very good game!). Boy, Nintendo proved us wrong! There are many environments to play in, many sights to see, many enemies to stomp, smash, and eat! The graphics are amazingly bright and colorful and vibrant. The sea has that little glistening you rarely see in games. Mario's and Luigi's clothes have great detail - you can even see the stitching! The many environments, from the sky to ocean, from the fields to the desert, are all extremely colorful and vibrant. Most games wither in comparison.

The sounds are also great. With each new environment comes a new composition, a new rhythm, so to speak. You can clearly hear flames burning, water swishing around, Yoshi's squeal (?) of happiness, and the ding of grabbing a coin. With each new environment, with each new situation, must come new music. Compare the fields outside the castle to the final boss. The fields have a somewhat calm tone to them, almost able to make you sleep. The final boss has a composition with a more ominous tone, however.

It can take a while to finish, several weeks maybe. You still need to collect all of the Stars, however. That can take very long, months. It took me about six months, but I played in moderation. The game also great to replay. You can do over to witness the story all over again. This is mainly because getting all of the Stars leaves nothing to do.

Yep, Super Mario 64 is a very, very great game for a great console. Most jumps into the third dimension aren't even half the game this is. Mega Man Legends, though a hit, didn't have the necessary graphic quality, for example, but nevertheless sold a lot and was liked just as much. Nevertheless, Nintendo bypassed all those who made the attempt, and Nintendo, as always, came out on top. Nintendo and Mario have always come out on top, and will for years to come. And now that Super Mario 64, the most popular game on the Nintendo 64, has come to the modern-day console, the Nintendo DS, all can enjoy it easily. All you need is the Nintendo DS. You really should get this whenever you can! But this is about the Nintendo 64 version. Though you may not find it, you should buy it somehow, or get a Nintendo DS and buy the greater remake.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/29/10

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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