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"The greatest of all Mario games is nearly perfect, but there is one fatal flaw"

So Super Mario 64 was said to be the first ever true 3D gaming experience. But really, there were many 3D games which were released before this one. People praise it for how innovative the game is, and how much fun the gameplay is. You can't fall for this. It is indeed an exceedingly great game, but one might find the difficulty as an overload. The graphics are amazing for the time of the system and still holds it own today. As for sound and music, they could have done a little better, but it was decent anyway. The gameplay was great with loads of secrets, but that terrible camera almost took away from the experience. The replay value was priceless and as for the story, that was just the same thing.

So people call it a huge revolution in gaming? Well it was, and there is enough greatness enough about it to be called a classic. It was another Mario game, turned 3D. It was a really fun game with loads of secret pathways, but there was one fatal flaw. That flaw is the camera system. Not only did the player have to control the camera, but they were limited on what they could see. If the camera were to be fixed, then the game would be perfect.

There really is not much of a story. Peach invites Mario to the castle for some cake, and when Mario arrives at the castle, there is no Peach. Of course, Bowser kidnapped her so now Mario has to rescue her. It was not much of a story, but that is not what the game relied on.

These graphics were great for the time and are still great for this day. The characters were greatly designed, the environments beautiful, and the other actions looked like real animation. Everything about the graphics were great, but they were defeated once again by that evil camera.

Sound and Music
This is where the disappointment comes in. The sound was unreal, and not even good enough to be in for a cartoon. As for the music, the beats were annoying and not memorable in any way. They could have done better with the sound, but they failed.

Replay Value
Due to there being 120 stars in the game, the replay value in Super Mario 64 is priceless and probably the best thing about the game. It takes a long time to gain all 120, but rewarding in the end. It has so much replay value, which is the best thing about the game.

When it comes down to it, buy this game. Only rent it if you do not like Mario. Buy it only if you like the Mario saga. It is worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/19/10, Updated 05/19/10

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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