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"Mario's First Leap into the World of 3D is an Unforgetable Jem!"

MadJack64's review of 'Super Mraio 64'.


When the world heard that Mario was going to finally be in a 3D adventure, many were sceptical. They worried that the game would suffer from bad controls, a nidgy camera and just be plain unplayable. But those people were wrong...

STORY: 8/10 - Classic Mario plot. Bowser is back, he's kidnapped the Princess and it's up to Mario to save her.

The Game opens with Mario jumping out of the traditional Warp Pipe on his way to Princess Toadstool's Castle. The Princess has invited him to share a delicious cake with her. A thanks for all the times he's rescued her from the clutches of the evil Bowser. However, when Mario arrives, no one is there. It turns out that Bowser is back and has captured the Princess and is holding her hostage at the top of the castle. It is now up to Mario to rescue her and find all 120 Power Stars before it is too late.

GAMEPLAY: 9/10 - An engaging twist on the Mario series that would go on to spawn many predessessors.

The Gameplay of 'Super Mario 64' is simple. Scatterd around Toadstool's castles are the Power Stars. These Stars lend you access to the different rooms in the Castle. In each one is a painting that if Mario jumps through, he will be transported to a full free-roaming 3D environment where there are 7 Power Stars in each world and Mario can collect them in any order. However, Power Stars aren't the only thing Mario will be collecting. Coins replenish Mario's Health and can be found by defeating enemies. Mario has a wide range of moves from the Standard Jump to the great Triple Jump, the Side-Flip to the Ground Pound and the Punch to the Crouch-Kick. Heck, Mario can even crawl, climb trees and poles and shimee across ledges. Nintendo really put great effort into making this game.

GRAPHICS: 9/10 - The Graphics are incredible! Colourful worlds, great character design and awesome water effects!

The Graphics are some of the best I've seen in any game. The Worlds are so creatively inspired are and are a joy to explore. From the brilliant Lava effects in 'Lethal Lava Land' to the dusty sand effects in 'Shifting Sand Land', 'Super Mario 64' has hands down the best graphics on the N64 and I'm still bedazzled by the water effects to this very day. The character designs aren't too bad either. The Goombas and Koopa Troopas look great and Bowser is so cool to look at. Overall, 'Super Mario 64' has amazing graphics and is one the greatest looking games ever.

CONTROLS: 9/10 - Simple controls that are easy to learn for Pick up and Play.

The Controls are simple and easy to learn. The Analog Stick moves Mario in the direction you want him to go. The A button makes Mario jump and holding it down makes him jump higher. If jumped in triple succesion results in a Triple Jump which makes Mario jump very high. The B button is used for punching, kicking, picking up and throwing objects and talking and reading signs. The C buttons are used to move the Camera and pressing C-Up makes it go into First Person Mode. The R button postions the Camera behind Mario and the Start button pauses the game. A is used to Click options and B is used to return. Overall, the Controls are great and easy to learn.

SOUND: 10/10 - The Music is OUTSTANDING! So many classics and new ones put in. The Sound Effects are cool too.

What can I say about the music? It is AWESOME! There are so many great songs in this that I can't count them all! This Game has the best songs ever since Super Mario Bros. 3. and Super Mario World. There's the 'Bob-omb Battlefield' theme probably the most catchy and memorable. And then there's the spooky 'Boo's Mansion' theme that gave us all the shivers. But who can forget the amazing 'Dire Dire Docks' theme that is widely considered the best N64 Game theme ever! I won't disagree, but 'The Great Mighty Poo' from 'Conker's Bad Fur Day' tops it on my list. The Sound Effects are great too. Hearing that classic "Ho! Ha! Wah-Ha" never gets old. Overall, the Music is great and so are the sound effects.


'Super Mario 64' is an awesome game and is highly reccommended to play. If you have an N64 still, pick it up NOW! If you have an Emulator on your Computer, get it NOW! If you have a DS, get 'Super Mario 64 DS' which is a DS remake of the game with new characters and levels so get it NOW! If you have a Wii and have Wireless Internet Connection, download it for 1000 Wii Points NOW!

With loads of Levels, great Music, awesome Graphics and easy Controls, 'Super Mario 64' is a must have title and is a game you'll be playing for months. You won't be disappointed!

STORY - 8/10
SOUND - 10/10
OVERALL - 9/10

'Super Mario 64' wins MadJack64's seal of Approval! Only the best games win this!

See ya next time!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/11

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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