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"Mario in 3d?! Gotta see it!!"

Mario 64 is the first game I've played for the N64. I remember the first time I played it at Target. It literally made my day! The fact that it was 3d was the best fact of all. It was such a step up from the usual 2d on the SNES. I couldn't wait till I rented one for myself. I when I did... I spent 73 hours straight playing it!

Mario 64 is probably the best game I've played so far in my life. It was the starting game when Nintendo presented the N64 to the US. And it's probably the best to have come out. Starting with Mario coming to Peach's castle because of a fake note sent by Bowser, Mario is sent on a quest to gather all the Power Stars he can to unlock the secrets of the castle.

The control will be the first thing I talk about, technically wise. With the introduction of the analog joystick, Mario 64 is probably the funnest game to hit the market. The analog joystick when pressed lightly makes Mario tip-toe. When pressed fully, it makes him run. This does wonders on the gameplay of the game and the added realism to that! The moves that Mario can are incredible too. Not spectacular moves, but realistic moves ranging from crawling on his hands and knees to doing a triple jump. These moves also add to the fun and realism this game has.

The graphics are indeed remarkable. Fully rendered and just wonderfully done, this game just creates wonders with the graphics. The enemies are fully 3d and the bosses a huge (take a look at Bowser compared to Mario!). The animation is to die for and just makes everything worthwhile! The levels themselves are just incredible. Huge levels with just eye-popping scenery! I just can't stress the graphics and animation enough...

Now for the music... Duh duh dummm... EXCELLENT!! I am wowed by the presence of such a lovely sound track as this. The music was semi-realistic, meaning it almost sounded like real instruments were being played, at times. The best part about the music has to be the fact that it matched each and every level you played PERFECTLY! All snow levels had a jingley christmas beat. All the levels which were hot (Shifting Sand Land and Lethal Lava Land and whatever else that was HOT.) were played with an accordian (perfect for an Italian plumber). The way it was played really made you sweat! Made you feel you were in a scorching desert! All the underground levels and a few others had a deep mysterious beat to it. The best music, not for music itself but for the level, had to be that of the Ghost House. Wow... The spooky music along with the camera angles really made it look like a movie. I could go on and on! Sky levels were high and flying like, and Bowser's levels really evil like. I congratulate the composer, Koji Kondo, on his remarkable work of art in this game!

Geez... I must have said everything I could say about it. This game will never get old to me. I could play it forever and ever until mold grows on my fingers. The mixture of the level design, music, sound effects and just the freedom of 3d, makes this the most incredible game to come out on N64. If you haven't played it, then get out from under your rock, make a few bucks and get this game! You won't be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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