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"One of the best games ever made"

The first N64 game is actually the best. Super Mario 64 pits you as Mario, naturally, and your job is to collect 120 stars scattered throughout 15 worlds, as well as other challenges, such as three battles with Bowser. The game uses a perspective similar to that of Tomb Raider, over the shoulder, though the camera angle can be changed any way you want. Mario's arsenal is huge, consisting of punches, pound-the-ground stomps, backflips, side flips, tiptoeing, running and walking, long jumps, springboards off walls, and flying when wearing the Wing Cap. Speaking of caps, there are three to be found throughout the game at various points: the aforementioned Wing Cap lets you fly, the Metal Cap turns you invincible but also makes you sink in water, and another cap turns you invisible. All three hats only last for a short time. Mario has a life bar, which can be replenished by collecting coins. The stars Mario collects are obtained in different ways; sometimes you collect 100 coins in a world, other times you have to beat a boss, or find an item, or solve a puzzle. To enter some worlds you need a certain number of stars, and you only need 70 to finish the game. For one player only.

Graphics: 9/10

Great graphics. They're bright and colorful, with huge worlds, nice enemies and funny animations. The only flaw is a lot of clipping in the game which makes Mario appear to be inside walls or in an area he's really not.

Sound: 10/10

Lots of sound effects, and the music is excellent as well. Classic Mario, only 10 times better.

Gameplay: 10/10

Great. Control is nearly impeccable. Mario has so many moves, yet they're all easy to pull off. Things which could have been a problem, like walking over narrow bridges, is not because Mario can tiptoe or even crawl when neccessary. The game is very fun, because there's lots of variety in the tasks, as well as the worlds. No two are the same: there's Jolly Roger Bay, a waterworld, complete with sunken ship, Bob-Omb Battlefield, a grassy world inhabited by those lovable bombs, Tick Tock Clock, which takes place inside a giant clock, and Rainbow Ride, an adventure up in the sky, just to name a few. The game is challenging, but not very frustrating. The addition of the caps in nice, as well as the other challenges, which include catching a rabbit scampering through the halls of the castle, and catching a monkey who loves taking your hat. The feeling of complete freedom is amazing if you've never experienced it before. If you play this for the first time, you may find yourself running around doing nothing in particular because it's so fun.

Replay: 8/10

Once you get all 120 stars, that's about it. However, the game gets replay value points because it's just a fun game to play, period.

Overall: 10/10

Miyamoto has done it again with Super Mario 64. The game is near perfect: great graphics and sound, a large variety of moves and excellent control, and that Mario feel. There's no reason not to try this game, and chances are you'll want to buy it when you do.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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