Review by FuzzyLemur

"This game defined the 3D platformer, and it still stands as one of the best."

Setting - First of this is the grandaddy of all 3D platforms. The game takes place in the Princess's castle and you must save the Princess from Bowser. Same old story, but it's still a great one. You run through the castle and jump in various pictures recovering stars that Boswer hid. Each picture represents a different world.

Gameplay - This game rules. It controls like a dream and it's very fun to play. The only problem I have is the camera. I found myself constantly fighting the camera. Other than that the game is great, but the camera is enough to knock it down a point because it is so important. you can do a lot of moves with mario from a punch to a triple jump. You can even ride a turtle shell like a skateboard. There are more than 100 coins in each level and you get a star for every 100 coins. Other than that there isn't much to the game.

Graphics - The graphics are awesome. Each level has there own fell but I found that there was some repeating in textures. When I first saw the game I fell in love. The castle is cool, and each world looks just as good if not better. The graphics do please but get a little boring after awhile

Sound - There isn't much to the sound, just the familiar Mario tunes, remixed for the 64. The music doesn't distrat from the game but it doesn't add to it much either. If you liked the music in the other Mario games you'll like this even better.

Replay - There isn't much to the replay value here. Just go back and get al the stars and 100 notes on each level. Not too exciting, but the game is hard enough to keep you busy for a long time.

Overall - This game is the originator of the 3D platformer, and it is still one of the best. The flagship title for the N64 does not dissapoint. Be sure to have this game in your collection, it's spectacular.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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