Review by Jdude84

"This game sets the standard for all the new platform games."

The first game out on N64 was this game, to no one's suprise. It has set the standard for games such as Banjo-Kazooie, and is still a great game today.

Graphics - 10
For the first game on N64, this one has great graphics, sure, there are a few games out there with better graphics today, but this game is 2 12 years old! The graphics are sharp, and there is little to no popup unless you go looking for it.

SoundSound FX - 10
The sound on this game is also great, mario has about 15 different phrases, not counting all the enimiesallies you run into. The background music could have been a bit better, but what can you expect from a first generation 64 game?

Replay ValueFun Factor - 9
The replay isn't that great once you've beat the game, unless you have collected all 120 stars. But there is plenty more to do after you've beaten the game can try and set new records in the racesslides, try and collect EVERY SINGLE coin in the game. And then there is the famous 'luigi cheats' which don't work at all, but are still fun to try. I know i had a fun time trying them all!

Gameplay - 10
The gameply is simply amazing, mario has over 20 moves, and fights over 50 different kinds of enimies during the course of the game. There are 15 levels, 15 bonus levels, and 3 main bosses in the game. One challenge this game presents however is the camera angle, you must control it 100% of the time throughout the entire game, even at the final boss. There is first person view, and a variety of angles, which makes the control a bit hard. Other than that the gameplay is awesome!

Overall - 10
This game obviously deserves a ten, with high scores in every category, this is one game that is and SHOULD be in everyone's collection. If you do not have this game, buy it today!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 01/13/01

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