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Reviewed: 07/04/01 | Updated: 07/04/01

The first N64 game, and still one of the best

Super Mario 64 was the first game for the N64, and started the craze that made the N64 a hot seller. To this day it is still great, and I am a fan of the camera angles. A cartoonish world it is, but it is really fun and I think it is pure eye candy and pure fun to play...the camera is still one of my most favorite features combined with the sweet graphics of this game. You can fix your camera view and run off into the distance....True fun...

Truly fun to play...shoot yourself out of cannons with a in-the-cannon-view, swim in cool blue water, with fish too! Take a wing cap and soar with sweet flying music...15 different stages and ultra cool bowser battles (especially the second one!) No glitches whatsoever and the game does not freeze. A true masterpiece of the N64.

You will have to learn and get used to the moves, but you can control mario very well, play control should not destroy the fun of the game at all.

No glitches or freezes, you can run in 360, crawl across narrow areas, and control your character with one of the best gaming controllers out there, you got a cartoon world, which in some cases is much better than a 3D rendered world, gives a good feeling somehow....

From the Bomb omb battlefield, to the great listening of a Bowser level, to the Princess Secret the serene and sweet music of an underwater level (Level 3 for one) and the great music of flying, that could bring a tear to your eye and just be relaxing as you fly about, it could be just me, but I love the sounds in this game! The sound could drag you in!

GREAT graphics for the oldest game of the N64...the rainbows of the Rainbow Ride course are truly wonderful, the castle is rich in rendered 3D, the water and fish that swim in there with you are very realistic, Bright yellow Power Stars, and a realistic rendered Mario that looks truly awesome. It's all awesome. One of my favorite things in N64 games, a lot of them have it actually, is the fire...Very realistic, with every game made, it gets better and better. This one is definitely no exception, even if it is the first one made. To make a long story short, the graphics are wonderful and still some of the best ones to look at despite the rendered games out now.

Replay Value-8
The world is well done, and you will want to play it again and again and again and....Well you get can play the levels over and over again to improve your coin count, and if you get all the games stars, you have a couple extra surprises awaiting you. The end of the game is definitely not the end of the fun!

You just can't beat a classic, this proves it.

Buy it? Borrow it? Rent it? Burn it?
FOR GOODNESS SAKES GET THE GAME!! It is a crime NOT to own it! If you don't have a 64 and/or a Mario 64 game, then someone should give one to you!!! This game should be made long after it was made, it has been 5 years, and then on, it should still be available for future gamers.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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