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"By far, the greatest Mario game in Nintendo history!"

Hello, Mario fans around the world. My name is Josiah and you are about to read my Review on (in my opinion) the greatest game ever! Note that I will not write any spoilers, so you do not have to worry.
With that said, here is the review:

Gameplay ~ 10 / 10
Comment: The Gameplay in this game is outstanding! The controls are very easy to master and the game is so much fun! An average player could spend an entire day on one level, not even trying to complete an objective, simply exploring the vast, vast plains of Super Mario 64.

Story ~ 10 / 10
Comment: Although the plot is still the same -save Peach (Princess) Toadstool from the evil Bowser- the actual story is quite different. Here is the story (partly rewritten by me):
One day, Mario receives a letter reading: ''Dear Mario, please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours truly, Princess Toadstool, Peach.'' Happily accepting the offer, Mario travels a warp pipe to the Princess's castle. When he arrives, he notices that the castle is mysteriously quiet. He thinks nothing of it and knocks on the door. After no answer, Mario helps himself in. When he answers he hears a gruff voice say: ''No one's home. Now scram. And don't come back. Bwahaha!'' The voice seemed to come from everywhere. Mario thought he recognized the voice. Mario decided to search teh castle for the source of the gruff voice. Every single door in the castle was locked, except for one on the main floor. Mario opened the door and saw the biggest painting he had ever seen before! After gazing in awe, Mario thinks he hears something. He puts his ear against the painting and can swear he hears voices calling for him to help. Without hesitation, Mario leaps at the painting, and goes right through it! When Mario comes back to his senses, he is standing in the middle of a battlefield, he was in the picture! The biggest adventure of Mario's life had just begun.

Audio/Video ~ 10 / 10
Comment: In my opinion, the best quality about Super Mario 64. The graphics, music, etc. are oustandingly perfect. In fact, the graphics are so detailed, they fool some players! For example, a player sees some beautiful butterflies flying around and they think to themselves ' Gee, that's nice graphics ', so they then walk through the Butterflies to get to the castle and all of a sudden one of the butterflies turns into a bomb! While the other turns into a 1-up! Any, ANY thing you see in Super Mario 64, can have a purpose. For instance, a seemingly calm flower-bed is actually a warp, a pleasant tree is actually home to a 1-up, and a simple chimney can transport you to the biggest slide of your life! The sounds in Super Mario 64 are tremendously great, too. For example, when you are outside the castle and stand still, you can hear the extremely calming chirping of the birds and grasshoppers. And each level has fitting songs as well, like slow steady music for water levels and the fast-paced music of fighting a boss. Conclusively, the sounds and graphics for Super Mario 64 will never, EVER dissapoint you, unless you dislike perfection.

Replayability ~ 10 / 10
Comment: Come on! This game has so much to do, you could beat it 100 times and still not know a secret! Seriously though, beating this game once is a hard enough feat, but beating it again and again and again is so fun because it's such a challenge to beat your old scores, like how fast did you win that race? Or how many coins did you get in that level? This game will keep you GLUED to the T.V. set for at least 2 hours a day!

Buy or Rent?

BUY!! You will defintely not regret it, if you loved the old 2D Mario games, then you'll have a heart-attack when you play this game!!

Final Word ~ In my opinion, Super Mario 64 was the best, is the best, and always will be the best game in the universe of video gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/01/02, Updated 01/01/02

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