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"This is what true one-player N64 fun is made out of."

Super Mario 64 was the very first game I got when I got Nintendo64, and it was the best, considering the technology the producers had when they produced SM64. I always rate and compare games based on other N64 games, not NES or SNES or Genesis games. This game, in my opinion, well deserves a ten out of ten, everything about it's awesome, but the fact that you have to collect one hundred twenty stars kinda puzzles me, why do you have to? You can get to Yoshi without all one hundred twenty, and it only takes seventy stars to beat Bowser. Whatever, but I still say that this game is the BEST, read on to find out why.

GRAPHICS: Excellent, just excellent. Even though they're in the third dimension, they are still very well-drawn. The enemies look great, the framerate is excellent, and Mario moves as smooth as silk. The only problem I have with the graphics is that, in real life, do you really have boundaries at you cannot pass over no matter what?

SOUND: Superb. I love the sound Mario makes when he jumps on enemies, they're all impeccable, even though a tad annoying. But still, every single thing Mario does has some sort of sound to go with it. And it's very few bad points are more than made up for by the music.

MUSIC: I love it. It fits in just perfect with the Mario environment, and gives the game a "super Mario-y" type of feeling. This music definitly surpasses the predecessing Mario games. It can get annoying though, but very slowly, because there is a separate soundtrack for each level.

STORY: Kinda messed up, although somewhat makes sense. Princess Toadstool, the queen of the castle, has been kidnapped, along with the rest of her friends, by Bowser, the evil king Koopa. And now Mario, the little plumber, must save all of them by running into walls and paintings, collecting Power Stars, and using them to open various doors to fight Bowser. Pretty well-done.

CONTROLS: Confusing to a beginner, extreely smooth to a master. They take some getting used to (about one to two hours), but then fit right into your hand. The producers designed the controls extremely well, because no other game was made for the N64 before this, so they didn't know what people would like. Great job at guessing!

DIFFICULTY: Not hard at all, just long. There are fifteen worlds, each containing seven Stars in them. There are also fifteen hidden Stars, each hidden somewhere around the castle, for a grand total of one hundred twenty Stars. It is your job to go around and collect EACH AND EVERY ONE of these Stars in order to beat the game. Very long game indeed.

FUN FACTOR: Really fun! Despite the length, this game is truly fun. The music, sound, and graphics keep you glued to the television for hours and hours, and the variety of different-looking worlds, entertain you. All in all, although not the absolute BEST game out there (Goldeneye has that place), this is a fabulous game.


SOUND: 9/10

MUSIC: 10/10

STORY: 7/10 (the weakest area, but also least important)




OVERALL: 10/10 (not an average)

LAST WICKED THOUGHT: Both diehard and beginner Mario fans will enjoy this game, and most likely get every single pennies' worth. Super Mario 64 is a game that you should definitely give a buy, as it takes so long to conquer, and it only costs about $39.99, so pick up your copy today!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/18/00, Updated 01/18/00

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