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"Mario Revisited"

Let me start off by saying that I am playing through every one of my video games A-Z and this was my first Nintendo 64 game so I played it. I started it up and immediately started having fun with Mario's face lol! Yea it was pretty fun for about 5 minutes then I started the game. There were four save slots so I opened up a new one and started the game. I was very very impressed in what I saw! Good graphics on the Nintendo 64 was all I saw. Nintendo did it's homework on the graphics department!

Story: Well the story is just like any other Mario game. Princess Peach has invited Mario to her castle for a little cake. Mario jumps for joy and comes to the castle. After some slight introductions Mario enters the castle only to find Princess Peach gone and Bowser to have kidnapped her! The only way to get her back is to work your way to the top of the castle and collect the Power Stars and confront the evil Bowser once and for all. Yeah I know it's not really all that unique but hey, it's still a classic.

Gameplay: Well the gameplay is superb in my opinion (even though I have purchased Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube.) First of all to enter worlds you jump through paintings. There you will find all of Bowser's minions just waiting to attack you. You will find yourself sliding around on slopes, falling off mountains, and dodging flames in a volcano. I can't even begin to fable about how great this game is even after seven years! The gameplay doesn't need to be upgraded in this game but if I had to decide I'd have to say that they should take out some of the annoying enemies (like those birdies) I hate those things they were so annoying. Anyways Mario jumps more than ever and that's not a good or bad thing. All in all the gameplay is pretty good but it could use just a tiny pinch of work (except for in Super Mario Sunshine but that's a different story.)

Graphics: The graphics are okay in an Nintendo 64 game. I can't say that they're horrible because this was just about the first game for the Nintendo 64. So in other words, the graphics are superb. I can remember way back in 1996 when I got this game. I said ''Wow these graphics are great!'' and I never played my Nintendo Entertainment System again (well except for when I play Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros.) Yep no complaints here just seems like Mario and all the other people seem kind of blotchy.

Sound: Okay, this is where Bowser's voice and all the other little voices come in. Princess Toadstool's voice is okay, but Bowser's I hate! I mean is it really neccessary to hear ''Ha Ha Ha Ha!'' every single time I see or encounter him in a fight? I didn't think so. I mean they could've at least had another voice effect in there but it's the same on over and over. Another thing is the enemie's voices, they are all annoying! Koopa Troopa is very annoying sounding like ''Wucka Wucka!'' and almost the same story with the little things that pop when you jump on them! The giant penguin is just a couple beeps that give you a headache. Mario's voice is okay, it sounds exactly how it should sound. His and Princess Toadstool's is okay but all the others I hate with the exception of the Toads (who doesn't make hardly any noices at all.) The music is pretty good it had me humming to it for awhile. But after the first couple hours past it was time for me to turn the sound off. It just got irritating. Oh well, back then I liked the music but that was only because I was a little kid. On the other hand at least we dont have music like in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

Play Time: Well to tell you the truth it took me quite awhile to get all one hundred-twenty stars (about a year) but I beat Bowser in about a week. I only died about three times and after that I beat him and welcomed myself to the ending. I'll always keep Super Mario 64 since
1. I bought it new for seventy bucks
2. It's a classic.
3. I love Mario and can't get enough of him.

It kind of depends on the person if you're a platforming person then visit your local pawn shop and grab this game!

Final Verdict: This game is great and I think anyone who doesn't (who doesn't???) have this game then run out to your pawn shop and buy it for 5 bucks or so. It'll be worth it trust me on this.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/03/03

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