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"Somthing old and something new"

Ah Mario, we go a long way back, him and I. From his debut in the 80's to present day. Mario has become a household name. Even though this game came out in 1996. I just had to write a review for two reason: 1. This is one the best platformer out there, and 2. There are some dumbbells here who are giving him aa bad name.

Graphics/10: Superb, the graphics are top-notch if not a little blocky. But that doesn't bother me because the stage designs make up for that.

Music&Sound/9: Now what so bad about the music. The orignal theme song at the title screen is a nice touch and so is the rest of the games tunes. Sounds o.k, just wish there wasn't so little of it.

Story/9: Nintendo getting better with those princess resuing stories. Mario has come to her castle for a little lunch with Peach (a thought it was Toadstool) but finds the place spookly empty. That because Bowser has taken over, stolen the magic stars, and hid them in worlds behind paintings. To save the day, Mario must find the stars and take down Bowser. Pretty good setup if I've ever heard one.

Gameplay/10: Of all the platform out there. Mario 64 is the most creative I've ever played. In each level you must try to get a star by doing a certain task witch range from easy to extremly hard. I wouldn't play this game if you have a short frustion meter as some of the task will have you dying a lot.

Mario 64 made be a very old platformer but by playing it you'll notice it won't show any signs of age. If you have'nt this yet. Then you been living in a cave to long. So to all you slowpoke out there, go get a 64 and this game, and see what am talking about.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/03/00, Updated 06/03/00

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