How do you get to dry dry ruins?

  1. In dry dry desert I looked almost everywhere and I cant find it no matter how much I friggin try!!!!

    User Info: rylace

    rylace - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Do you have the Pulse Stone? If not you need to talk to the cloaked figure to the very right of Dry Dry Outpost and give him 3 items. Then he will tell you that he wants a Lemon. Go to the oasis just outside of Dry Dry Outpost (exit Dry Dry Outpost and then go down 2 spaces to get to the oasis) and get a Lemon there by hitting one of the trees.

    After you give the cloaked figure the Lemon, choose "How to see Moustafa" and he'll tell you to buy a Dried Shroom, then a Dusty Hammer, in that order (it might be the other way around, I don't remember). Once you do that I think you talk to Moustafa again and he'll open the way to the door he was blocking. Walk on the rooftops and go into the house at the top of the roof and the cloaked figure reveals himself to be Moustafa. He then gives you the Pulse Stone.

    When in Dry Dry Desert, the Pulse Stone "pulses" as you get close to Dry Dry Ruins, and the faster it pulses is the closer you are to Dry Dry Ruins. To get to Dry Dry Ruins, just walk upwards in Dry Dry Desert until you can't anymore, then move along the top either left or right and you will come across a rock that you place the Pulse Stone in.

    Note: You can skip giving items to Moustafa by just immediately buying the Dried Shroom then the Dusty Hammer in that order.

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