how do I get to shy Guy's toy box?

  1. I need clues to find shy guys toy box.

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  1. Once you return to Toad Town after Chapter 3 head to the area in Toad Town that's one screen before the screen with the sea port and Club 64 (Bar). On the far left of this screen is a vacant house. Head inside and use Bow's ability to turn invisible. A Shy-Guy will appear and thinking everything is safe will reveal a secret door that leads to Shy-Guy Toy Box's Entrance.

    Extra Hint: Find several Items that belong to Toad Town's Residents.

    --Frying Pan & Cook Book: Goes to Tayce T.
    --Store Room Key: Goes to Store Owner who has a door with a Lock on it in his shop.
    --Mail Bag: Goes to the Postman at the Post Office
    --Calculator: Goes to Rowf at the Badge Shop
    --Dictionary: Goes to Russ T. at the Library at Toad Town's Entrance.
    --Toy Train: Actually, you find this in the Store Room of the Toad Shop when you return the Storage Room Key. Select the Toy Box's entrance instead of going inside it and toss inside the Train to access it in the Toy Box.

    Extra Hint 2: Remember when Kammy asked Peach all those questions about what Mario Hates? Select good things instead of enemies. Kammy will make whatever you picked appear in several areas of the Toy Box. You'll also find Cake Mixes with some of the Shy Guys in a nearby Room.

    Extra Hint 3: Vague Hint actually. The Boxes in the one Train Station-Yellow, Green, Red, Blue. Gourmet Guy also wants a Cake in order to be moved.

    Mid-Boss Help: Big Lantern Ghost: Use Bow as your Partner and use her abilites to dodge Ghost's attacks. Use her Smack Attack on the Ghost's Lantern. You must attack the Lantern so it gets bright enough to make Ghost vulnerable to attack.
    HP: 40 / Attack: 2-5 / Def.: 0

    Mid-Boss Help: Anti Guy: Don't face this Guy unless you have some strong moves and badges. Try facing him once you save Watt and use her moves to try and paralyze him. HP: 50 / Attack: 10-12 / Def.: 0

    --Boss Help: General Guy: Take out General Guy's goons quickly. When General Guy finally faces you in his Tank, destroy the light bulb on it first to weaken his attack before focusing on the Boss and minions.
    Stilt Guy - HP: 7 / Attack: 4 / Def.: 0
    Shy Stack - HP: 10 / Attack: 1 / Def.: 0
    General Guy - HP: 30 / Attack: 4 / Def.: 2

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