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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andy Sonic Master

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Paper Mario Walkthrough
    Version 1.01
    By Andy McDonald (AKA Andy Sonic Master)
    Welcome to the Paper Mario Guide. This will help you finish the Nintendo 64
    game, Paper Mario, and uncover many secrets along the way.
    Note : The badges, recipes and upgrade block sections are still incomplete. If
    you can help me finish them, please contact me.
    MSN/E-mail : CrazydudeAndy@hotmail.com
    AIM : Ax3m Supersonic
    To get to the data you need, hold the control key and press the F key twice. A
    search box will appear. Type in the area or Boss you need help with and it will
    go to it automatically!
    Here we go!
    Paper Mario - The Basics !
    If you have just got Paper Mario,don't rush into big battles right away!
    Winning isn't just about brute strength,you will have to learn strategies too
    if you ever want to become a Paper Mario Master like me and many others! So
    read on and learn the basic stuff.You can do it!!!
    Rule 1.First Attacks
    The first thing you must learn and always try to do is getting in the first hit
    outside battle.If an enemy runs up to you and tries to attack,whack them
    quickly to do some damage before entering battle.Ok,the damage may be minimal
    but in a tough fight,a first hit could make all the difference when wearing an
    enemy's HP down.To make sure you never get caught out from behind,familiarise
    yourself with the different enemies' moves.For example,a Clubba will run up to
    you when wanting to make the first hit.You may think you can avoid it easily
    but remember,Clubbas try to hit you with their weapons instead of running into
    you,and this could be game over if your HP is low.And what if you had'nt saved
    recently? All that because of one first hit.Know the enemy.Make the first punch!
    Rule 2.Companions
    From start to finish,you should know which ally is best to have at your side in
    different areas.Certain areas have certain types of enemies,so pick your team
    member carefully.For example,what's the point of using Goombario in an area
    with spiked enemies when Goombario's specialty is jumping on enemies or using
    Kooper in a place with flying enemies when his specialty is attacking rivals on
    the ground? Make sure you have the right buddy.A good idea is to use Sushie the
    water fish against volcano enemies because fire is weak to water! Can you think
    of any more?
    Rule 3.Concentrate Attacks
    If you are faced with a multitude of enemies in a team,try to concentrate on
    one at a time.If you kill one enemy with your two turns,there are less to hurt
    you,whereas if you attack different enemies,there is a big chance of them all
    getting a whack at you.Also,try to attack the nearest enemy.If you kill all the
    nearest ones first,you'll have a better chance of using the defensive curl (see
    rule 4) because the enemy will be far away,giving you more time to
    react.However,this rule has one exception! When facing a team of enemies with a
    healer,for example,three Shy Guys and a Medi Guy,try to take out the Medi Guys
    first.Healers are always at the back of the team.Take out healers first or your
    work on beating up enemies will be wasted when the healer restores their HP.To
    put it in easier words,If no healers are there,attack the nearest enemy.If
    healers are there,attack the furthest enemy.
    Rule 4.Defensive Curl
    This skill is vital to learn.To defend yourself,you must press the A button
    just before an enemy strikes you.This will reduce the damage taken a
    little.Also press A to pull it off as soon as a non physical attack hits.Here
    are two examples of the defensive curl...
    Physical-If say,a Goomba tries to jump on you,it's body is making contact with
    you when attacking,this is a physical attack.Press A just before he lands on
    you to shield.
    Non Physical-If say,Bowser,tries to burn you with his firey breath,his body
    isnt making contact while he attacks you.This is a non physical attack because
    the fire is hitting you.Press A just before it burns you to shield.
    try to perfect these skills.They are essential for the big battles
    Rule 5.Attack Tactics
    For maximum damage all the time,get used to all your attack's action command
    timings.Some are simple like Mario's hammer attacks and Watt's Electro Dash
    where you only have to hold A or hold back the control stick.But some are
    tricky to pull off like Turbo Charge.Also you'll be having to use jump attacks
    so learn the jump commands for these kinds of attacks.You'll have to master the
    action commands if you want to kick Bowser outta the castle!
    Rule 6.Badge Powers
    Badges you collect give new skills or attacks.There are 80 badges (explained in
    the guide part 4) hidden throughout the land.You must learn about what each one
    does and when to use it.For example,a Spike Shield badge protects you from harm
    when jumping on spiked enemy,so it would be good to use one in Dry Dry Desert
    because the Pokey cacti cause damage when jumped on.As for skill badges,like
    the Runaway Pay,these don't give you new attacks but special enchanced
    options.A brilliant skill badge is the Bump Attack badge that allows you to
    destroy a non boss enemy in the field by running into it! Perfect for boring
    places with enemies you can't be bothered fighting.Also,you must master a
    special skill never explained anywhere else called badge combos.These are
    badges that can go together to make super strong attacks.An example is using
    the Mega Jump,Super Jump Charge,Power Plus,All or Nothing,Happy Heart,Happy
    Flower,and the Dodge Master badges.This will make the most powerful
    attack.Using Super Charge until your FP is low but the Happy Flower will
    restore it slowly,and the Happy Heart will restore any HP lost slowly.The Power
    Plus will put your jump power up by 1.All or Nothing will put it up by 1 again
    if you use the action command,and the Dodge Master will increase chances of
    using the action command.When you have at least 6FP left,use the Mega Jump and
    action command.The damage will be extremely high! The highest I got was 33
    damage while practicing on a Goomba.Can you do more?
    Boss strategics
    Each big boss tests you for a certain skill.Be ready for them by reading this
    and finding what skill they test you for...
    Prologue - Goomba King tests you to see if you will do good later.
    Chapter 1 - Koopa Bros. will test your ability with multiple enemies.
    Chapter 2 - Tutankoopa will test your ability with different attacks.
    Chapter 3 - Tubba Blubba's Heart will test your defense and evasion.
    Chapter 4 - General Guy will test your item using and long battles.
    Chapter 5 - Lava Pirhana will test your ability to find weakspots.
    Chapter 6 - Huff.N.Puff will test your battle strategies and plans.
    Chapter 7 - Crystal King will test your strategy and attack power.
    Chapter 8 - Bowser will test all your strategics!
    ...And that's about everything you need to know.You can become a Paper Mario
    Master like me! But even I needed help,so if this guide doesn't help
    enough,e-mail me.
    You are about to read the full guide to Paper Mario.There are 4 parts,here's
    what is explained in each...
    Part 1 - Goomba Village to Boo's Mansion
    Part 2 - Boo's Mansion to Star Way
    Part 3 - Star Way to The Ultimate Battle
    Part 4 - The Best Strategies,Tips and Cheats!
    Paper Mario -The Guide Part 1!
    When you begin,you'll go to Peach's Castle with Luigi.Explore and talk to
    people if you want and when you're ready,head through the second set of double
    doors to the north of the castle to meet Peach.Bowser will attack and fight you
    - just play along,it's impossible to win - and he'll blast you out and lift the
    Castle into space.On earth,the seven Star Spirits will heal you and Goombaria
    will take you to the Toad House.A Star Spirit will tell you to go to Shooting
    Star Summit.Thus,the adventure begins...
    Goomba Village-First,go and speak to Goompa on the balcony through the back of
    the Goomba House.When you go back out the front of the house,the gate will be
    fixed.Kammy Koopa will drop a block on it.Go back to the balcony and you will
    fall and meet Goompa.Find the hammer at the far left of the area.Whack the
    trees to get the dolly.Head back east and defeat Jr.Troopa.When you get back to
    Goomba Village,Get the badge and Goombario will join you and remember to give
    Goombaria her Doll.Head east out of Goomba Village until you come to the Red
    and Blue Goombas.Take out the blue guy first because he is weakest.Eat a
    Mushroom if your HP gets low.Save and head east.
    Goomba King and the Goomba Brothers-They are weak,so use a fire flower to do
    3hp damage to them all.Whack the tree to make a goomnut fall on the king.Power
    jump and headbonk him to finish him off.Go east to Toad Town.
    Toad Town-Before entering,whack the tree and bounce on spring to badge on
    roof.Explore Toad Town and when youre done,exit the huge star gate to the north.
    Shooting Star Summit-Head east from where Peach's Castle used to be until you
    see falling stars and a sign.Visit the Magicians Merlvurlee and Merlow for
    clues and badges,then take the top path above the sign.Climb the steps to
    Shooting Star Summit.Listen to a long boring story from the Star Spirits and
    the Rod.On the way back,get the Lucky star from Twink and kill Magikoopa with
    the action command! Go Mario!
    Toad Town continued...-When you arrive back in Toad Town,head east from the
    star door you just exited and speak to the black Toads blocking the east exit
    from town.Go to the house with the spinning roof in Toad Town and chap the door
    twice.Talk to Merlon (stand beside him,not across the table) and follow him
    east.He'll reveal that the black Toads were the Koopa Brothers!Chase the Koopas
    east and head along Pleasant Path.
    Pleasant Path-On Pleasant Path,get the badge from the red block.Head on and
    when you see a gap in the ground,whack the nearby tree and a switch will fall
    out.Hit it to make a bridge appear.Keep going east and get the Honey syrup
    infront of the stripey Candy Cane.When you reach an area with 3 Candy Canes and
    a sign,run around the left Cane.Its eyes will follow you and it will throw out
    hearts!Take the low road to the village.
    Koopa Village-Fuzzies are causing Havoc.Whack the Fuzzies and the tree to get
    the shells back for the Koopas.Head east to the next area and whack Fuzzies to
    clear the area.Enter the house with the green roof where a Koopa runs out
    asking for help and chase the Fuzzie out the back door.Follow it to the east
    and win the Fuzzie's game to get the shell.Be careful,if you hit the wrong tree
    you will have to fight a Fuzzie.Return Kooper's shell and He'll join your
    team.Use his Power Shell attack to beat the Fuzzies who will attack.Use
    Kooper's field power to grab the HP plus badge and in Koopa Village,push the
    blue block under the brick and jump for star piece.Go to the furthest house to
    the right and do Koopa Koot's favours to get coins and Secret credits for a
    Playroom.Hmmmm...where could it be?
    Pleasant Path continued...-Head back to Pleasant Path and go west.In the next
    area,go down the small path down the steps and kick Kooper over to grab a star
    piece.Keep heading east and use Kooper to get the Thunderbolt on the brick
    block and hit the switch on the other edge of the stream to make a path to the
    fort.Hit trees for star piece.
    Koopa Brothers Fortress-Save and enter fort.Kill Koopa guard to get key.open
    door and find the room with stairs.Beat Koopa and hit switch.Go down stairs and
    beat Parakoopas.head left and avoid flame bars to get key.Go back east and open
    the locked door by steps.South door leads to a save block.Head for the top and
    hit ? block.Fall into prison and Bombette will join your team.Use her to blow
    the wall open and escape.Beat Koopa and Bob Bombs.Go back to the room where you
    fell down and blast open the wall to the right of the southern door.Go out and
    get the Refund badge from the chest.Remember the area where you fought the
    Koopa when you entered? Head east 2 rooms from it to the room with prison
    cells.Blow a hole in them for Power Bounce badge and key.Head back to the door
    next to the block that made you fall into prison.Open it and in the next
    room,Use Kooper to hit switches to make bridges across.Go up stairs and hit
    blue switch to access stairs going down.Blow wall open and grab key.Go back
    upstairs and open door.Go in.Hit blue switch and go up for Smash Charge
    badge.Go in door on the right.Outside,go down and blow up rock for Maple
    Syrup.Avoid Bullet Bills and head right.Go down again and hit refil block and
    save.Destroy the Cannons and go in the tower.
    Koopa Brothers-They appear first in a Bowser robot with 10HP.Use hammer and
    Bomb until it explodes.Then the Koopa Brothers appear.Use bomb to knock them
    over when they stack up.When they fall down,Use 2 Fire Flowers to defeat them
    all,or Power Bounce them.Well Done! The first Star Spirit is saved!
    Toad Town continued...-On your way back from the fortress,fight Jr.Troopa.He
    hides in his egg.Use bomb and the hammer to win!
    Back in Toad Town,visit the new Badge Shop beside the flower bed.You can buy
    rare and excellent badges here for coins.Visit often because their stock
    changes regularly.When your done, head south.Visit Tayce.T in the yellow
    house.She will cook foods with the items you give her.Try cooking Volt
    Head south again and when you enter the next area,whack the tree to your left
    to open a pipe to the Playroom.Use the Credits from Koopa Koot to play
    mini-games!Exit and head south to station.Blow up the rock with Bombette and
    talk to the black Toad.Take the train to the mountains.
    Mount Rugged-Search the bush when you get off for an Egg.Cross the track and
    head up the mountain.Ignore the stone block for now.Talk to Parakarry and he'll
    ask you to find his letters.Go down the steps and get the Sleepy Sheep from the
    ? block.Smash the yellow block on the left and meet Whacka.Hit him for the
    brilliant Whacka's Bump.Get lots of these,but eventually,Whacka will leave if
    hit too many times.head east.Save and keep going untill you see a ledge with a
    letter on it and use Kooper to grab it.Ignore the hammer badge for now.Climb up
    the mountain and head east until you find a gap.Jump down for letter and bounce
    back up on the spring.Head back west.Stick to the top route and fall onto
    wooden ledge for star piece.Climb back up and go left.Slide down chute and land
    on cliff.Climb up inside the cave for Damage Dodge badge.Head left and use
    spring to get up.Slide down the slide and land on cliff.Grab letter.Go back to
    Parakarry and give him the letters.He'll join the team! Use Parakarry to get
    that badge you saw and reach the Bub-Ulb for the Magical Seed.Go back to where
    the gap with the letter was and fly across with Parakarry.Cross the bridge and
    Buzzar will stop you.You can skip this tough fight by saying you are Luigi,but
    fight if you want.Shell Shot comes in handy but don't waste good items in this
    battle - you'll need them for later.Climb down mountain,save an head east.
    Dry Dry Desert-Talk to Kolorado and make Parakarry deliver his letter for star
    piece.If you want to go straight to Dry Dry Outpost,stick to the yellow path
    and walk east.If you want to explore a bit,find a stone cactus along the
    path.From there,Head 2 areas south and then go east to find a blue cactus.Jump
    into the Whirlwind and you'll be blown to a Spin Attack badge.Jump down and
    head north to the path.Go back to Kolorado's campsite and head north 1
    area,then go east until you find a triangle of trees.Jump between them and
    you'll uncover a Runaway Pay badge.There is also a SFX badge to collect
    somewhere in the desert.Head along the path until you see a sign saying "Dry
    Dry Outpost ->".Hit tree for letter and head south until you find an oasis.Use
    the super block to upgrade a member of your team.Get the Lemon and a Lime from
    the fat trees.Go back to sign and go right.
    Dry Dry Outpost-As you enter,a Mouser will run away from the shop.After the
    Toad house,go down the alley and jump over the crates and pay Merlee coins to
    get a charm put on you.Head east until you find a Green Mouse in robes.Give him
    a Lemon and choose "How to see Moustafa"On the menu that appears.Chase the
    Mouser back to the shop and buy in order a Dried Shroom then a Dusty hammer and
    the little Mouser will tell you where to find Moustafa.Go back and discover the
    robed mouse isn't there.Go through door and climb crates,then jump left and
    enter door.The robed Mouser was Moustafa all along! He'll give you a pulse
    stone.Go back to the desert.
    Dry Dry Desert continued...-From the Outpost enterance,head north until you
    find an area full of brick blocks.Head west until the stone flashes rapidly.Put
    it on the altar to rise the ancient temple!!!
    Dry Dry Ruins-Save when you enter.Go east and get the spike shield badge from
    the middle coffin.Go down stairs and get key.Go upstairs and open door.Hit
    switch to make sand fall.Go to bottom room and in door.Walk upstairs and fly
    over gap with Parakarry,then blow the wall open with Bombette.Hit switch,get
    star piece and enter room below to get a key.Go to the very bottom area and
    unlock door.Head left and hit ? block.Fight the Pokey Mummies and get
    key.Unlock door and enter.Solve the stair puzzle by stepping on the
    swicthes.When you reach pit,stay against wall and drop down onto ledge.Walk
    round to the left and walk through wall to get the Slow Go badge.(This will
    come in handy)Drop down pit and get the SUPER HAMMER from the chest.Smash stone
    block and go into previous room and climb stairs.Smash stone block and grab the
    Artifact.Head east from this room.Explore the ruins and find the Lunar,Diamond
    and Pyramid stones,fighting the Chomp Guards.The map in the dark tunnel shows
    where the stones are.Go to the room with the Chomp statues and put the Pyramid
    stone on the far left,Diamond in the middle and the Lunar in the far right
    one,leaving the 2nd and 4th statues empty.A staircase leading to the boss
    appears.Use the heart refil and save blocks and get ready for a big boss battle!
    Tutankoopa-This is an easy fight.Ignore the Chomp and Use Power Jump and
    Bounces on Tutankoopa,with Parakarry's Shell Shot.Quake hammer is useful
    too.Eat snacks to regain HP and FP if your'e in trouble.Careful with his magic
    attack,but he might hit himself!!!
    Alright! The second Star Spirit is saved!!!
    Mount Rugged continued...-Head back to Mount Rugged,giving Kolorado the
    Artifact and smashing the stone block you saw earlier on Mt.Rugged to find a
    super block.Say your goodbyes to the Dry Dry Region and take the train home.
    Peach's Castle-As Peach,press the switch behind the picture next to fireplace
    and exit through tunnel,hit switch to spin wall round and exit the new
    room.Enter the first door on the left in the main hall and sneak through
    it,avoiding the guards until you over hear the Guards.Listen carefully and they
    will eventually carry you away to your room.Also in the castle,putting any item
    or badge you find into the chest in the far right room will be given to
    Mario,If you check the chest at Merlvurlee's house on Shooting Star Summit! Yay!
    Toad Town continued...-Explore the sewers in Toad Town by going down the pipe
    near Tayce.T's House.Smash the yellow block on the right when you enter.Beat
    Blooper with Power Bounce and Shell Shot and get the Shrink Stomp badge.Go back
    left and smash grey block and fight Electro Blooper.Use the same attacks as
    before but dont jump on him when his electricity is charged up.Kill Dark Koopas
    in next room and hit switch to reveal pipes to Dry Dry Outpost,Goomba and Koopa
    villages.Use them to deliver letters and listen to Koover's radio in Koopa
    Village to play competitions!Continue along the sewers for a Snowman Doll,Power
    Smash badge,a star piece and a super block.Exit sewers and take the exit to
    your left.See the guard and the ghost and follow it east into the forest.Hear
    the spooky music and talk with the ghost.It tells you to go to the mansion.Gulp!
    Forever Forest-Enter the forest and take the path in front of the laughing
    flowers and rustling bush.Next,go left and take the first path where you see
    red eyes in the hollow tree.Next,take the path where strange flowers grow,they
    spin when pressed.Next,go left and up the ramp and get the magical seed.Head
    left and take the path where you see a glowing face on a tree.Next, take the
    path where there are lots of mushrooms that glow.Next,go right and down the
    first path.Next,go to where flowers appear when you touch the bush and go right
    and up the ramp and get the FP plus badge from the block,then take the path
    where the flowers appeared.Next,go right until you see a sign that says "If you
    have business at Boo's Mansion,come this way ".Nice one! You made it through
    the gloom!
    Boo's Mansion-This area has no enemies,but lots of puzzles! Check the empty
    frame upstairs to find out you need to find a picture.Enter the left room and
    open the middle wardrobe for a game.Guess corectly for the record.Go into the
    room to the left and play the record good to lure the ghost away from the
    chest.Run over and steal the weight.Go to the main hall and bounce on sofa.Put
    weight on the chandelier and go through uncovered door.Go downstairs and open
    the chest.Play Boo's game for the SUPER BOOTS.Spin on the crates for goodies
    and to uncover a star piece infront of the clock.Go to room opposite sofa and
    get Apples from the crate.Spin jump through floor and land on bookshelf.Fly
    over to picture of a Boo with Parakarry and grab it.Spin on crates for star
    piece.Blow the wall open and put the picture in that frame you saw
    earlier.You'll be warped to Lady Bow's room.Talk to her and you'll see a Star
    Spirit trapped in a cage! But the good news is,she'll join you to defeat Tubba
    Gusty Gulch-Head east of the Mansion and Boos will open the gate to Gusty
    Gulch.Keep going east until Tubba Blubba approaches,then use Bow's Outta Sight
    to hide.After he leaves,head east until you reach his castle.Save and enter.
    Tubba Blubba's Castle-When you enter,The flying robots will dump you outside if
    you are caught.Use Outta Sight to sneak in the door to the left.In the
    corridor,Enter small door and grab star piece.Go through big doors,and down the
    small one at the back.Go downstairs and smash through wooden board.Get the key
    in the chest and use the heart block.Speak to Boo,then exit left to find a
    super block,make sure you upgrade Bow.Go back to the main hall and unlock the
    east door and enter.Go upstairs until you find a corridor with a small door.Use
    Bow to evade spikes and get the chest key.Also you can blow up the wall outside
    by the Clubba to get the D-Down Jump badge below the floor.Continue normal
    route.Bounce on spring to get up.Theres a Mega Rush badge in a room behind the
    clock.In corridor,unlock door and meet Tubba Blubba upstairs.Sneak by with Bow
    and enter small door.Equip the Slow Go badge (Told ya itd come in handy) and
    sneak by Clubbas and get key.Unlock big door in corridor.Enter and go round the
    side of the bed.Grab Yakkey.Tubba Blubba will come in and fall asleep.Run like
    heck out the castle and he'll chase you! Outside,talk to the Boos,save,and run
    to the windmill at the bottom of Gusty Gulch.
    Windy Mill-Open the Windmill door with Yakkey,enter and spin jump down the
    well.Go right.Make sure you have quite a few items! A Boss is coming...Could
    this be Tubba Blubba's secret?
    Tubba Blubba's Heart-Keep Bow at your side through this whole battle.When the
    heart charges up,Use Outta Sight or you'll be hit for 12HP! Power Bounce is
    essential and Smack is good.At 5HP,the heart will run off.Chase it and it'll
    reunite with with Tubba Blubba.If your health is low,Eat a good recovery
    item.One more good hit will defeat Tubba Blubba and save the Boos and the 3rd
    Star Spirit!!!
    Peach's Castle continued...-As Peach,Bowser asks you what Mario hates
    most.Escape as usual and when he questions you,answer...
    Thunder Rage
    Super Soda
    Forever Forest continued...-While going back through here you'll be challenged
    by Jr.Troopa.He has a spikey shell and wings.Star Storm is your best bet,Shell
    Shot too and a Spike Shield will let you use Power Bounce...Does this guy ever
    give up?
    Toad Town continued...-Return here and you'll see Shy Guys have invaded the
    town! Tayce.T's frying pan will be stolen when you head north.Let's kick some
    Shy Guy! Whack the one on Minh.T's flower bed then the one in the Toad House.Go
    whack the scamp in the shop beside the Dojo.Warp back to Mario's house and
    whack the Shy Guy annoying Luigi.Finally,Whack the one at the train station.(a
    star piece will pop up if you spin to the right of the station).When done,See
    Twink in the west of town.Listen about the Shy Guy's Toy Box.Go to the sewers
    and spin through the wooden panel.Go left and beat the Dark Koopas to unlock a
    pipe to Boo's Mansion.In Toad Town,go to the area west of the sewers.In this
    place,enter the house at the far left.Use Bow's Outta Sight to hide and watch
    as a Shy Guy comes in and jumps through the wall.Follow him and jump on the
    spring and enter the land behind the closet!
    Shy Guy's Toy Box-When you enter,go left.Battle the Shy Guys who have the
    Calculator and Cake Mix.Don't battle the black Shy guy.Go back to where you
    entered and go right.Spin jump on the star boxes to get through this room until
    you find the Storeroom Key.Exit the Toybox and go to the shop to thr right.Give
    Harry his key.He'll let you take stuff from the storeroom.Take the Toy Train
    and anything else there you want.Give the calculator to Rowf at the Badge Shop
    for the I Spy Badge.Go to the Toybox,but before entering,stand beside it so a
    "!" appears above you.Press A and throw in the train.Enter and take the train
    to Pink station.Get the Mailbag from the chest and head east and make it
    through here for Tayce.T's Frying Pan.Go to Toad Town and give it back to her
    and give the Mailbag to the post office.Go back to Pink Station and go west to
    meet Gourmet Guy.Give him Tayce.T's cake and he'll move,grab the cook book.Go
    across the track and go right to find a switch.Pull it to fix the tracks.Take
    the train to Green Station.To mend the tracks here,hit the colored cubes in
    this order=Yellow,Green,Red,Blue.Go east and use Outta Sight to pass through
    the fences.Beat up Shy Guy for Mystery Note.Climb the blue building and use
    Parakarry to fly over the cubes and get the Dictionary.Go back to Toad Town and
    give Tayce.T the Cook Book.She can now mix items for new recipes.Give the
    Dictionary and Mystery Note to Russ.T,In the house near the pipe to Mario's
    house.Head back to the Toybox and take the train to Red Station-The Boss is
    close!Go left and through the room to meet Big Lantern Ghost.Fight him,hitting
    the lantern until you see him,Then attack his head.When you beat him,smash his
    lantern to release Watt,who'll join your team! Find a Super Block in the
    previous room to upgrade someone,preferably Watt.Exit east from Red Station to
    the right.Use Watt's power to find goodies as you explore.Blow up the wall the
    Shy Guy jumps over with Bombette and in the next room,shine Watt and chase the
    Shy Guys.The wall blows up.Enter and get ready!...
    General Guy-First he sends Shy Squads at you.Power Bounce them to beat
    them.Next up is the Stilt Guys.Jump on them and send them home crying.General
    Guy will send out Shy Stacks which are defeated easily with Watt's Electro Dash
    and Power Bounce.Next is the General himself.First use Electro Dash and the
    hammer to smash the bulb on the tank.Then He'll throw bombs at you.Star
    Storm,Thunder Rage,Shooting Stars and good recovery items are extremely
    helpful.Kick the General's butt and save the 4th Star Spirit! Alright!!!
    Peach's Castle continued...-Find Gormet Guy (again!) in the room to the right
    in the main hall and find out he's hungry.(no suprise there,huh?)Exit the room
    and unlock the big door to the left with his Key.Find the kitchen downstairs
    and get cooking!When it comes to baking,have a stopwatch handy and time it for
    30 seconds.If Gourmet Guy likes it,well done! If not,get your Mom to do it!
    Toad Town continued...-After talking to Muskular and Twink,head left to find
    the Toad Town Port and Kolorado the archeologist.Talk to him and the Whale will
    approach the shore.Spin jump on his back and enter his mouth.Use Watt to light
    up inside his belly and fight the Fuzzipede in him.You'll have to keep Watt by
    your side the whole time or you can't attack.Use Electro Dash and Quake Hammer
    to beat it.When done,the Whale will blow you outside.Talk to Kolorado and the
    Whale and ask to go to LavaLava Island!!!
    Yoshi's Village-When you arrive on the island,get the Stopwatch in the bushes
    behind you.Examine the small curly plants for hearts and when standing on the
    big blue spinning flowers,hold Z to be blown into the air! Head east and save
    Kolorado from the Fuzzie.Hit the palmtrees for Coconuts to throw.Keep going
    east and find Yoshi Village.Theres a Toad House,shop and save point.Head east
    to the Jade Jungle and you'll see the volcano is unreachable.Follow Kolorado
    back and ignore his cries,its a joke.Back in Yoshi Village,the kids are
    missing.Talk to the Leader and take path beside tree into Jade Jungle.
    Jade Jungle-Examine bushes infront of you to make a pathway.Head east into next
    area.Bash the tree to rescue Sushie,who'll join the team! Use her to swim
    around the islands for a star piece and letter.Ignore the Bub-Ulb for now.Go
    back left and get the Power Quake badge from the red block.Keep swimming left
    under the logs in the next area.Land ashore and get the super block.(upgrade
    Sushie)Swim to the land at the top left of the screen.Fight them and you'll
    discover a Red Yoshi kid.Land back on the port that led to the super block and
    head north to the next area.Next,swim over to where you see the blue flower.Fly
    up on it by pressing Z and blow up to warp pipe.Go inside and light it up with
    Watt to find a Green Yoshi kid.Exit the pipe and head west.Go ashore and whack
    the tree stump to make bridge to the Purple Yoshi kid.Theres a star piece in
    the lake too! Head east two areas and land on the southern platform.Go south
    into next place and whack the tree where the Blue Yoshi kid is sleeping.Go back
    north,and from the area with the statue,head right and fight Pirhana Plants in
    next area to save the final Yellow Yoshi kid.
    Yoshi's Village continued...-Go back here and head left.Talk to Village Leader
    on the small islands to get the Raven Statue.What could this possibly do?
    Jade Jungle continued...-Return to the place you saw the statue and saved the
    Yoshi kid.Put the Raven Statue in the big statue and a path to the deep part of
    the jungle opens.Head through and in the area with the blue cubes,push them all
    onto the fountains that seem to skoosh up until a big fountain smashes the
    boulder.Remove a cube from one of the holes you covered and go north.When the
    path seems to end,pull the vine on tree to move further north and spin for star
    piece.Battle Magikoopa's Pirhana Plants.When done,The next area has a big
    tree.Enter it and save.Climb up the inside then exit.Climb the outsides ans
    there is a Happy Heart badge at the top.Enter tree again and climb up to
    Raphael the Raven.Follow the crows off the edge and follow them back to that
    blocked path to volcano you saw earlier.Also grab the hidden Jammin' Jelly from
    behind the big tree where the Ravens build a basket lift for you.Get the Ultra
    Stone from Raphael and enter the volcano by using the basket lift to get up the
    tree then sliding down the zip slide.Use the heart refil block and enter.
    Mount LavaLava-Jump across the sinking platforms and enter next area.Slide down
    the pulley and enter cave for a super block (upgrade Sushie-You'll need it!)
    head back and walk down stairs to save block.Ignore the metal block blocking
    tunnel.Slide left on pulley and jump off half way for the Fire Shield.Equip
    it,drop down and head left.In the next cave,push in the blue blocks to stop the
    lava flow.Fly over lava with Parakarry and enter left room.Push blocks into the
    lava and get the SUPER HAMMER.Enter the previous room and smash the metal /
    gold block and go down steps and get the Dizzy Stomp badge from the chest.Go
    back to room with the save block and use the spring to bounce up.Talk to
    Kolorado and smash block.Enter next cavern.Slide down Pulley and you'll get a
    super block if you jump half way down.Enter room to the right.In the next
    tunnel,run and spin like crazy to escape the Spikbal.Hop across platforms and
    enter next area.Push the blue cube from the east to the right,and use it to get
    onto ledge.Smash the gold blocks and run to avoid getting hurt.Spikbal will
    roll and create a tunnel.Go in and Kolorado will think he's found the
    treasure,but he hasnt.Go left and use heart block then go down stairs and
    save.Get ready,a Boss is approaching!
    Lava Pirhana-Wear the Ice Power and Anti-Fire badges for this.Powerful jump
    attacks and Star Storm are good,but Sushie's Tidal Wave is essential,It attacks
    all 3 plants with maximum power.Keep your HP above 14 and you should be
    fine.The plant reincarnates for a second round,but it's easy to beat.When you
    win,save the 5th Star Spirit.Follow her through the erupting volcano and blow
    up cracked wall with Bombette.Run through and Misstar will carry you away! You
    did it!!! When you land in the Village,Go get the treasure from the chest near
    Jade Jungle's Bub-Ulb and swap it with Kolorado for the Bub-Ulb's Seed.
    Peach's Castle continued...-Escape your room as usual and go downstairs to
    where the kitchen was.Enter the room on the far left and join the trivia
    game-Here are the answers if needed!
    Q1.Lava Pirhana
    Q2.Flower Fields
    Q4.Through the Flower Gate
    Q5.Princess Peach
    Q9.The Flower Garden
    Q10.On Bowser's Castle
    ...You'll win a prize for Mario depending on your points,but afterwards you'll
    get the Sneaky Parasol.Bowser will come in and have you taken back to your room.
    Toad Town continued...-Return to Toad Town on the Whale.When you
    arrive,Jr.Troopa will attack.Wear the Spike Shield badge and use good jump
    attacks like power Bounce.Use Parakarry's Shell Shot too.When you beat him,Head
    east from the Post Office to Pleasant Path and fight Kent.C.Koopa.He's very
    powerful.First,use Lullaby to send him to sleep then use Electro Dash and
    hammer attacks.Go to the sewers and drop down the hole in the floor.Swim to the
    right with Sushie and fight Super Blooper.Use the same methods as the other
    Bloopers and group attacks will kill the baby Bloopers he unleashes.Dont jump
    on him when he charges up and turns red.When he's done,hit the switch to make a
    pipe to LavaLava Island appear.Ignore it for now and go right,down the pipe.In
    the next room,blow up the wall with Bombette.Go in and meet Rip Cheato.He sells
    cool items for 64 coins each.They are very cool,but watch out,this Guy's real
    name is Ripoff Cheat! Go through the next pipe and get key.Unlock door to Toad
    Town and re-enter sewers.Go west of the pipe to Boo's Mansion and use Watt to
    reveal hidden ? blocks.Stand on the blue cube and it'll let you jump and turn
    the orange boxes to steps.Hit Super Block and exit.Go to Minh.T's Flower Garden
    and give her the Magical Seeds from south of Tayce.T,Forever Forest as
    explained,Jade Jungle from Kolorado and the one on Mount Rugged.Give them all
    to Minh and the door to Flower Fields will open!
    Flower Fields-Talk to the Wise Westerwood when you enter and head east from
    here.Talk to Petunia and beat all the Monty Moles.Get the Magical Bean from
    Petunia and get the Red Berries from the tree.Go back to the Westerwood's
    area.Exit here south west and give the Red Berries to the Red Flower.She'll
    open the gates for you.Keep going and hit the tree for Yellow Berries,and spin
    jump for a star piece infront.Head west and get the Fertile Soil from Posie
    under the crystal tree.Go back to the Westerwood's area.Take the southeast path
    and give the Yellow Berries to the Flower.Use Parakarry to fly over the thorns
    and get the Blue Berries from the tree.Go east and talk to Lilly in the dried
    up pond and get the jammin' Jelly from the tree to the right.Go to the Wise
    Westerwood area once more and go west.Give the Blue Berry to the Blue Flower
    and head left to the hedge maze.Beat the Lakitus and go to the north area of
    the maze,then go south through the hedge and from there try to reach the middle
    warp pipe.Go down it and visit Rosie who has the Water Stone.Go back to the
    Westerwood again and head down the south west path.Get a Crystal Berry and take
    it back to Rosie.Get the Water Stone and go to the dried pond and put the Water
    Stone in the little hole.Get the Miracle Water from her and on the way
    back,swim over to the blue tree and hit it for a Bubble berry.Go northwest of
    the Westerwood area and give Bubble Plant the Bubble Berries.Fly across in the
    bubble and go west.Get the Mega smash badge from the stone ledge and head west
    to reach the Sun Tower.Blow up the rock underneath the stairs with Bombette and
    climb up to meet the Sun.Talk to him about the Puff Puff Machine.On your way
    back from the Sun Tower,battle the weird Lakitu who says his name is
    Lakilester,then Michael and then Spike.he is easy to beat,after you beat him
    up,his Girlfriend Lakilulu will stop you and Lakilester will join you!!! Now
    for the Puff Puff Machine!!!
    Toad Town continued...-Youre probably wondering why we're going back
    here,aren't you? You'll need new shoes to get to the Machine! Visit the sewers
    and jump through the hole in the floor.Swim right with Sushie and in the next
    room,use Lakilester to float across the spikes and enter pipe.Walk round and
    smash the block.Smash the block in the next room too.Headbutt the brick block
    with the spring on it and bounce over and open the chest for the ULTRA BOOTS!
    Practice by knocking the spring down from the high block.Go back to Flower
    Flower Fields continued...-From the Wise Westerwood's area,take the northeast
    pathWhen you reach the colored platforms,tornado jump the red panel.Use
    Lakilester to fly to the right and tornado jump the green panel,then tornado
    jump the purple one to the left.Float to the left and tornado jump the first
    green panel.Float round to the right and tornado jump the green panel,then
    reach the cliff by tornado jumping the purple one on the right.At the
    clifftop,go east until you find the Puff Puff Machine.Talk to the Lakitus to
    start a fight.Beat them then use the hammer and Bombette to destroy the
    machine.On the way back to Westerwood,use the spring behind the arches to reach
    a super block.Back at the Wise Westerwood's area,go to the little patch of soil
    beside him and use the items in this order:Fertile Soil,Magical Bean then the
    Miracle Water.A beanstalk will grow to the sky.Save before climbing,the Boss is
    Cloudy Climb-When you reach the top,jump on the cloud moving up and down to
    reach a Super Jump Charge badge.Head east and hit the strange green cloud.Uh
    Oh! It's not a cloud!...
    Huff.N.Puff-He is immune to any paralysis or hypnosis moves,so just Power
    bounce him into oblivion.Keep Bow by your side and use Outta Sight to be
    protected when Huff.N.Puff charges up and goes red.Bow's Fan Smack works well
    too.By absorbing the Tuff Puffs,Huff.N.Puff can restore HP for himself.When he
    says "This fight isn't over yet!" and charges up,use Outta Sight or he'll hit
    you for 15HP! Think strategy to beat this guy.Hint:Thunder Rage won't work!
    Peach's Castle continued...-Escape as usual and press B beside a guard to
    transform into the Koopatrol! Go through the big star door at the top and a
    Koopatrol will tell you to find his Clubba friend.Go all the way down stairs
    and open the front door.Outside,transform into the sleeping Clubba.Go back to
    the guard and through door you should be guarding.Head upstairs until Kammy
    koopa catches you.
    Toad Town continued...-You did it! One Star Spirit to go! But from here it's
    tricky.Shop around for good items and cook some good snacks with Tayce.T,like
    Cake Mix and Berries for Cookies.When you're done,visit Merlon in the house
    with the spinning roof left of Post Office.His Guest urges you to go to the
    Shiver Region in the north.Go to the room in the sewers with the spikes you
    flew over and go through tunnel at far east.Use Watt to see hidden blocks,push
    the blue block under where the are and use it to headbutt them while shining
    Watt.Jump across them and exit the blue door to find an icy room.Before going
    through pipe,head left for a super block then exit into the Shiver Region.
    Shiver City-When you arrive go as far west as you can to find the Mayor's
    house.Enter and go through the backroom.THE MAYOR HAS BEEN
    MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Mario is the prime suspect! You'll have to clear
    your name if you want to save the Star Spirit.Go east outside until you find an
    icy pond.Tornado jump it to smash it then use Sushie to dive under and get the
    key.Open the locked warehouse right ahead of you and go upstairs.Bounce on
    spring up to roof.Slide down to the left and drop down the next house's
    chimney.Follow the suspect to the Mayor's home and clear your name.The Mayor
    wasn't dead all along! Exit and talk to the group of Penguin Kids outside.When
    they leave,tornado jump for a star piece.Head east and leave town into the
    frozen valley.
    Shiver Snowfield-When you leave town,Fight Jr.Troopa again.He has a magic staff
    which does 8 or 9 damage.Be careful! When you beat him,head east until you come
    to Starborn Valley.A big black Monster attacks but it can only do 1 damage (heh
    heh) beat it,but go easy because it's only a bunch of Star Kids! Enter the Town.
    Starborn Valley-Not much to do here! Get the Scarf from Merle who takes you to
    his home and deliver Frost.T's letter if you have it.Head back west.
    Shiver City continued...-Return and visit the death-cheating Mayor.He'll give
    you a Bucket.Head east (again! Sigh...)
    Shiver Snowfield continued...-Before heading out of here,take some time to
    laugh at the frozen Jr.Troopa and senselessly hit him with a hammer.When your
    done,go east to find Snowmen! (Spin nearby for a star piece) Put the Bucket on
    the Snowman with no hat,and the Scarf on the Snowman without a Scarf and the
    gates to Crystal Palace will open!
    Shiver Mountain-You didn't just think you could get there like thet did you?
    Shiver Mountain first! Head east and drop down pit.Smash ice and hit the
    switch.Continue east and drop down the steps for a Pebble,then head up and use
    Kooper to hit switch across the gap.Two Koopers appear.the one who accidentaly
    calls Mario a moron is an impostor.Whack him and fight him.Walk right and climb
    stairs to get a super block.Go east and down steps past star shaped hole.Blow
    up the wall with Bombette and walk into cave.Walk through the wall on the right
    and meet Madame Merlar.After her story,take the Star Stone and put it in the
    star shaped hole you saw.A staircase will appear.Climb up,get the Mega Jump
    badge from the red block behind the Clubba.Head up,save and refil,and enter
    Crystal Palace!
    Crystal Palace-Enter the first blue door to the south half and save.Go east as
    far as you can to get a Blue Key.In the main hall,tornado jump the red button
    to raise the floor.Open the door and inside,blow up the wall with Bombette.Go
    in and go through the space in the glass.Blow up the left wall.Enter and defeat
    the Duplighosts.Exit the castle on that side and get star piece.Re-enter and go
    in the north door and get the D-Down D up badge from the chest.Go back to the
    southern save point and drop through the hole where the red cross was.Blast
    open the wall and 5 Bombettes will appear.Whack them all except the one nearest
    you on the left,she is real.Fight them all and win.Go right and get the Red
    Key.Go back to the main hall and tornado jump the blue panel and enter the
    locked door.Beat all 3 Clubbas and exit back.Go through the gap in the mirrors
    and go right,to the mirror side of the Clubba room.Exit through the door on the
    right.Make Bombette trigger the switch and quicly run onto the platform.Go
    right and send Kooper through the gap.Whack all the idiots who obviously aren't
    Kooper and exit room.next,use your mirror image to make Kooper hit the
    switch.Cross the bridge and go through the door.Head north through the gap in
    the mirror and exit to the right.Push the statue and go down for a badge.Go
    back up and take the south door and get the key.Unlock the door on the
    right.Push the Albino Dino statues onto the panels to make a path to the door
    appear.Head through the door.Refil your heart energy and save.Here comes the
    The Crystal King-Use Mega Jump,Mega Smash and Fire Shell on the King in the
    early stages and when he splits into 3,use group attacks like Star Storm or
    Mega Quake or any powerful group attack.Whatever happens,keep battling.Yay!!!
    You saved the final Star Spirit!
    Peach's Castle continued...-Bowser will enter and tie you up and knock Twink
    away out the window! What's gonna happen now?...
    Shiver City continued...-Before leaving the Shiver Region,take a nap the Toad
    House in Shiver City.Santa Claus will leave you an Ultra Shroom and other
    Mushrooms!!! The Ultra Shroom is essential.
    Final Visit To Toad Town-This is your final chance to buy some goods and cook
    some foods (hey,that rhymes!) for your final battle with Bowser.Make sure you
    mix the following items: Jammin' Jelly and Ultra Shroom for the amazing Jelly
    Ultra (50HP and FP!),at least 2 Life Shrooms,some good things like Big Cookie
    (Cake Mix and Berries) a De-Luxe Feast (Whacka's Bump and Strange Leaf or
    Shroom Steak and Potato Salad) a Maple Super (Maple Syrup and Super
    Shroom).That should do for Bowser,but for the journey it's up to you!
    Shooting Star Summit continued...-Swap all your star pieces for badges at
    Merlow's house then head to the top of the Shooting Star Summit.The Star
    Spirits will take you too the Star Way.
    Farewell to the Mushroom Kingdom-After shopping and cooking for good items
    (explained in guide part 2) head north to Shooting Star Summit.At the top,the
    Star Spirits will open the Star Way for you.Let's go!
    Star Way-Head up the path fighting the Embers until you reach the top.The
    adventure is coming to an end!
    Star Haven-This is home to a Toad House,save point and Shop.Talk to the
    resident Stars and head east to the Star Sanctuary.The Star Spirits will give
    you the ultimate skill,Star Beam,which can counter the Star Rod's powers.When
    ready,ride the space chariot.Bowser is waiting!...
    Bowser's Castle-When you arrive outside,go round to the right and in
    tunnel.Fight the Koopatrol for the key.Now go enter the main door.When you
    reach a big Bowser face,it'll dump you in a pit (charming!).Get the Tasty Tonic
    and Super Shroom and blast a hole in the right wall to escape the prison.Next
    up,use Parakarry and Lakilester to cross the lava.Take the small stream of lava
    outside to get a Deep Focus badge.Re-enter and go through the second tunnel on
    the wall with Lakilester.Go upstairs and fight the Koopatrol and the
    Magikoopa.When you beat them,press the switch to harden the lava so you can
    walk on it.Go back left into the first tunnel you passed and get the key and
    the items on the ledges.Open the far eastern door.Use Watt to light the room
    and head up the cavern,taking the right paths and using Parakarry to fly over
    the gaps.When you reach the top,push the statue block to the left to make a
    door appear.The Bowser face will let you through.Head to the east room and
    fight the guard for the prison key.Open the prison and take a nap.Head back
    west and go upstairs.Go to the right and enter the room.Go on until you find a
    locked door.Bounce up on the spring and pull the chain to raise the water.Use
    Sushie to swim to the previous room.Press the blue switch then bounce on the
    spring.Blow up the wall with Bombette and hit the blue switch in the next
    room.Go east along the little tunnel and pull the chain.Head back and get the
    key from the jetty in the next room.Pull both chains again to empty the water
    and open the locked door.Next,use Outta Sight to hide from the Bullet Bills and
    fight the Bill Blaster cannons.Head up and up until you reach the next room.In
    the next room,push the 3rd block from the left to open a passage.Enter and head
    right to find a save point and a locked door.Push the far left block over the
    doorway to find another door.Go through it and get the key.Head back to the
    save point and unlock the door.Complete the quiz in the next room and I'm so
    kind,I'll give you the answers!
    Q2.Red Shy Guys
    Q3.Red Shy Guys
    ...When you win,pass through the Bowser door.Outside,get the Super Shrooms and
    Maple Syrup from the blocks.Head up and back inside.Go down the left stairway
    and fight Koopatrol guard for the key.Open the prison cell and take a nap.Head
    north and go through the left door.Stand on the platform and throw Bombette
    down to trigger the red switch.Hop across for the amazing Ultra Shroom.Enter
    the right door and into upstairs room.Stand on the gray floor tiles.Use
    Bombette to trigger the switch to raise the platforms.Hop across and get the
    key.Exit the room and unlock the bottom door.In the next area is the endless
    passage.Here's what routes to take...High,Low,Low,High,Low,High.This will take
    you to a bridge.Cross it fighting the Hammer Bros. and the Koopatrol and
    Wizards.In the next room,use the heart refil block and lead Princess Peach
    out.Wait a minute,how did she escape? Turn back to discover she's a
    Duplighost.Whack her until she returns to a ghost.Fight it and head east and
    talk to the Bowser face door.Good news and bad news now.The bad news is that
    the Koopa Brothers will return! The good news is that Jr.Troopa will beat them
    up for you! But there's something else to finish...
    Jr.Troopa-This is the final showdown with this kid.He uses all his powers.But
    hey,you beat them all before right? Do it again! When you beat him,exit to the
    right and escape!
    Peach's Castle continued...-When you enter,head for the right door and take a
    rest after pulling Toad out the closet.Get the Last Stance badge and head north
    into the castle to face Bowser...
    Bowser-Use Outta Sight to hide or Parakarry's Shell Shot and Mega Smash and
    Mega Jump for maximum damage.Use Star Beam to netraulize the Star Rod's
    power.Bowser will run off when beaten.
    Peach's Castle continued...-Take another rest in the room where Toad was.Head
    north when ready to the highest tower and save.Climb stairs for the ultimate
    The Ultimate Battle-Here is an excellent skills and items idea list...
    Items- Jammin'Jelly,Ultra Shroom,Jelly Ultra,De-Luxe Feast,At leat 2 life
    shrooms and some extras like Frozen Fries,Shroom Steak,Maple Syrup and Super
    HP 50 and up FP 35 and up
    Hammer Attacks-Mega Smash,Mega Quake.
    Jump Attacks-Mega Jump,Power Bounce.
    Badges-Mega Smash,Mega Jump,Mega Quake,Last Stance,Feeling Fine,Close
    Call,Power Plus.At least 6 of these will do.Try to use up all your BP.
    Fight with your absolutely powerful weapons at first and Parakarry is good with
    his Shell Shot attack.He'll eventually use the Star Rod to become
    invincible.Use Star Beam and you'll find out it doesn't work.Uh-Oh,this is
    bad!...Peach will meet Twink again and use the pair to beat up Kammy
    Koopa.After that,Peach will upgrade the Star Beam to Peach Beam.This will drain
    the Star Rod's energy from Bowser.Keep plugging away with all your strongest
    weapons and attacks.It's a long hard fight but you can do it!!!
    Victory Festival-After beating Bowser,you can see what the team are up to.Peach
    will invite you to a party.Head to Toad Town with Luigi for the festival! Talk
    to all your pals there and if you want,head home and read Luigi's diary(as
    explained in guide 4) for a new page.Head to Peach's Castle and listen to
    Peach's speech.Now you are treated to a parade of characters.When it says "THE
    END" You have to reset your Nintendo 64 - You'll go back to the save block just
    before Bowser - can you beat him again?
    Extra Secrets
    Somewhat impressive! Youv'e defeated Bowser,but are you a true Paper Mario
    Master? Try these strategies and tips for more out your game!!!
    Luigi's Diary-If your'e nosey,enter the far left room of Mario's House and spin
    jump on the square wooden panel.You'll enter a secret basement.Luigi updates
    his diary in every chapter,so read it for a laugh...Nosey!
    Dojo Diplomas-Beating the Dojo Master for the final time will earn you a
    Diploma and title of "World's Strongest Fighter".Can you get the Diploma? The
    Master is very tough! Only a true warrior can beat him! I cannot explain
    how,it's a test you must face alone.I did it.Can you?
    Trading Events-After completing chapter 2 and defeating Tutankoopa,head for
    Koopa Village and enter the house where a Koopa is sunbathing on a
    deckchair.Change the radio station until the Information Station comes on.This
    will tell you about a trading event.Take the requested item to the Toad with
    the purple hat who will be somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom (it will tell you
    where he is).Swap the item they asked for with him and he'll give you cool
    items such as a Maple Super and Yummy Meal!
    Daniel-People say a man called Daniel lives in a hidden area of the Mushroom
    Kingdom.This is not true! Nobody called Daniel lives in the Mushroom Kingdom
    (not anyone important to the story anyhoo) and if he does,he ain't needing his
    kitchen sink plumbed in!
    Super Blocks-Most were explained in the walkthrus (parts 1,2 and 3)but here is
    where to find them all...
    1.Toad Town-swim in the pond opposite the pipe to Mario's house and enter the
    pipe in the middle to find a super block.
    2.Toad Town Tunnels-When you enter the sewers,head west until you see platforms
    to the right of the pipe you came out.Jump across avoiding the Spiked Goombas
    and enter the door.Jump on one of the rising platforms to enter an upper
    tunnel.Head right and drop through hole in the floor.Get the super block.
    3.Toad Town Tunnels-When you enter,drop through the small hole.In the next
    room, enter the door to the left.Head west past the blue warp pipe.In the
    furthest room,hold Watt to reveal secret ? blocks.Let Watt go and push the blue
    cube under the spot where they appeared.Jump on top of the blue cube and shine
    Watt to make the ? blocks reappear.Jump to headbutt them and turn them to
    yellow blocks.Hop across them to a super block.
    4.Toad Town Tunnels-Go to the icy room with the pipe to Shiver City.A super
    block is to the left of the pipe.
    5.Mount Rugged-start climbing the mountain from the station.A super block is to
    the left nearby,behind a big stone block.
    6.Dry Dry Desert-Head soth from the sign outside Dry Dry Outpost until you find
    an oasis.A super block is here.
    7.Dry Dry Ruins-Enter the room below where you got the super hammer.It's the
    room you blew the wall open to enter.Drop down the side off the platform you
    are on when you enter to find a super block.
    8.Tubba Blubba's Castle-Enter the area under the floorboards where the green
    Boo is hiding and exit to the left to find a super block.
    9.Shy Guy's Toybox-Head right from the room where Watt joined the team and take
    the moving platforms close to the eastern exit up to a super block.
    10.Jade Jungle-When you enter the jungle from Yoshi's Village,head west into
    the next area and use Sushie to swim onto the island that has bridges to the
    north and south.Take the lower bridge to a super block.
    11.Mount LavaLava-After the first zip slide,enter the cave on the right
    and get past the firey dangers to find a super block.
    12.Mount LavaLava-Enter the tunnel beside the save point and jump of the zip
    slide about half way to land on a platform with a super block.
    13.Flower Fields-On the southeast path from the Wise Westerwood's area,head
    along the upper path you see where there are lots of Crazy Daisies.A super
    block is past them all.
    14.Flower Fields-After solving the colored panel puzzle,just before the next
    area,walk behind the arch and walk into the cave from behind where the spring
    is.Bouncing on the spring takes you to a super block.
    15.Shiver Mountain-Shortly after where you saw two Koopers is a flight of
    stairs.There is a super block at the top of these.
    16. - See note at start of tutorial -
    The Li'l Oink Farm-Nearby the train station in Toad Town is the Li'l Oink
    pen.Li'l Oinks are timid little creatures who run if approached.You can have up
    to 10 Li'l Oinks in the pen,but when the eleventh one enters,the oldest one
    runs off dropping an item depending on his color.Here is what they'll drop...
    Black - Dried Shroom
    White - Super Shroom
    Pink - Fire Flower
    Flower - Maple Syrup
    Tiger - Thunder Rage
    Shroom - Life Shroom
    Question Mark - Repel Gel
    Star - Shooting Stars
    Silver - Jammin' Jelly
    Gold - Ultra Shroom
    Pen Pals and Parakarry-You'll notice that Parakarry delivers letters you find
    if he's by your side when talking to that person.Here is the list of where to
    find all the Pen Pals...
    Muss.T - Where Peach's Castle used to be.
    Mort.T - Near the enterance to Koopa Village.
    Fishmael - At the Toad Town Port,fishing opposite the resteraunt.
    Mr.E - In Dry Dry Outpost,near the Toad House,wearing a blue turban.
    Miss.T-By the Toad Town Pond,opposite the Dojo with her two Pals.
    Little Mouser - Working in the Dry Dry Outpost shop.
    Franky - In the hall as soon as you enter Boo's Mansion.
    Dane.T - The little Toad Kid near the Toad Town train station.
    Frost.T - Outside the second highest house at Starborn Valley.
    Goompapa - Beside the gate at Goomba Village.
    Koover - The sunbathing Koopa with the radio.
    Tayce.T's Recipes-The cook Tayce.T will cook you special food and items if you
    bring her ingredients.If you give her the cookbook (explained in the guide part
    2) She can mix items for really cool snacks.Here are all 50 of her recipes!
    1 Item Recipes
    Bring her the items on the left to get the items on the right
    1.Mushroom - Fried Shroom
    2.Fire Flower - Spicy Soup
    3.Goomnut - Nutty Cake
    4.Koopa Leaf - Koopa Tea
    5.Maple Syrup - Tasty Tonic
    6.Dried Pasta - Spaghetti
    7.Strange Leaf - Dizzy Dial
    8.Lemon - Super Soda
    9.Cake Mix - Cake
    10.Egg - Fried Egg
    11.Melon - Special Shake
    12.Volt Shroom - Hot Shroom
    13.Iced Potato - Potato Salad
    2 Item Recipes
    Bring her both the items on the left to get the item on the right
    14.Mushroom and Koopa Leaf - Volt Shroom
    15.Mushroom and Cake Mix - Shroom Cake
    16.Mushroom and Maple Syrup - Maple Shroom
    17.Mushroom and Honey Syrup - Honey Shroom
    18.Mushroom and Jammin' Jelly - Jelly Shroom
    19.Mushroom and Life Shroom - Shroom Steak
    20.Mushroom and Egg - Bland Meal
    21.Super Shroom and Koopa Leaf - Life Shroom
    22.Super Shroom and Maple Syrup - Maple Super
    23.Super Shroom and Honey Syrup - Honey Super
    24.Super Shroom and Jammin' Jelly - Jelly Super
    25.Fire Flower and Iced Potato - Frozen Fries
    26.Fire Flower and Cake Mix - Fire Pop
    27.Fire Flower and Egg - Egg Missile
    28.Dried Pasta and Koopa Leaf - Koopasta
    29.Maple Syrup and Ultra Shroom - Maple Ultra
    30.Honey Syrup and Ultra Shroom - Honey Ultra
    31.Honey Syrup and Cake Mix - Honey Candy
    32.Strange Leaf and Red Berries - Sleepy Sheep
    33.Strange Leaf and Cake Mix - Strange Cake
    34.Strange Leaf and Whacka's Bump - Deluxe Feast
    35.Strange Leaf and Egg - Boiled Egg
    36.Cake Mix and Ultra Shroom - Sweet Shroom
    37.Cake Mix and Coconut - Coco Pop
    38.Cake Mix and Volt Shroom - Electro Pop
    39.Cake Mix and Jammin' Jelly - Jelly Pop
    40.Cake Mix and Melon - Yoshi Cookie
    41.Cake Mix and Lemon - Lemon Candy
    42.Cake Mix and Lime - Lime Candy
    43.Cake Mix and Apple - Apple Pie
    44.Special Shake and Stinky Herb - Healthy Juice
    45.Spaghetti and Potato Salad - Yummy Meal
    46.Jammin' Jelly and Ultra Shroom - Jelly Ultra
    47.Dried Fruit and Volt Shroom - Thunder Rage
    48. - See note at star of tutorial -
    Badges - Here is a list of all 80 badges!!!
    Name BP
    Power Jump 1 Mega Jump 3
    Multibounce 1
    Jump Charge 1
    Super Jump Charge 2 Shrink Stomp 1
    Sleep Stomp 1
    Dizzy Stomp 1
    D-Down Jump 2
    Power Bounce 2
    Power Smash 1
    Mega Smash 3
    Smash Charge 1
    Super Smash Charge 2
    Spin Smash 1
    Quake Hammer 1
    Power Quake 2
    Mega Quake 3
    Hammer Throw 2
    D-Down Pound 2
    Double Dip 1
    Triple Dip 3
    Group Focus 2
    Quick Change 4
    Peekaboo 3
    Dodge Master 2
    Happy Heart (2) 3
    Happy Flower (2) 3
    Deep Focus (3) 1
    HP Plus (3) 3
    FP Plus (3) 3
    Flower Saver 6
    Power Plus 6
    Defend Plus 6
    Damage Dodge(2) 3
    P-Down,D-Up 2
    P-Up,D-Down 2
    HP Drain 3
    All Or Nothing 4
    Mega Rush 1
    Last Stand 1
    Power Rush 1
    Close Call 1
    Pretty Lucky 3
    Lucky Day 7
    Ice Power 2
    Fire Shield 2
    Spike Shield 2
    Feeling Fine 3
    Zap Tap 4
    Heart Finder 3
    Flower Finder 3
    Runaway Pay 2
    Refund 1
    Money Money 7
    Pay Off 2
    I Spy 1
    Chill Out 2
    Speedy Spin 1
    Dizzy Attack 2
    Spin Attack 3
    First Attack 1
    Bump Attack 5
    Slow Go 0
    Attack FX A 0
    Attack FX B 0
    Attack FX C 0
    Attack FX D 0
    Attack FX E 0
    - See note at start of tutorial -
    Items - They thought I was mad...well,I am! Fwahahahahahahahaha! But here is a
    list of every item in the game,except the ones only cooked by Tayce.T and where
    to find them.Enjoy!
    1.Mushroom - Easy
    2.Fire Flower - Toad Shop
    3.POW Block - Toad Shop
    4.Fright Jar - Toad Shop
    5.Sleepy Sheep - Toad Shop
    6.Honey Syrup - Toad Shop
    7.Maple Syrup - Shy Guy's Toybox
    8.Stone Cap - Harry' Shop
    9.Dizzy Dial - Harry's Shop
    10.Thunder Rage - Harry's Shop
    11.Tasty Tonic - Harry's Shop
    12.Volt Shroom - Harry's Shop
    13.Super Shroom - Harry's Shop
    14.Life Shroom - Shiver City Shop
    15.Ultra Shroom - Bowser's Castle
    16.Repel Gel - Gusty Gulch
    17.Mystery - Boo's Shop
    18.Snowman Doll - Boo's Shop
    19.Stop Watch - Boo's Shop
    20.Apple - Boo's Mansion
    21.Dried Fruit - Dry Dry Desert
    22.Dried Shroom - Dry Dry Outpost Shop
    23.Dried Pasta - Dry Dry Outpost Shop
    24.Lemon - Dry Dry Desert
    25.Lime - Dry Dry Desert
    26.Whacka's Bump - Mt. Rugged
    27.Cake Mix - Shy Guy's Toybox
    28.Thunder Bolt - Dry Dry Outpost Shop
    29.Goomnut - Goomba Village
    30.Strange Leaf - Boo's Mansion
    31.Koopa Leaf - Koopa Village
    32.Coconut - Yoshi's Village
    33.Iced Potato - Shiver City Toad House
    34.Red Berries - Flower Fields
    35.Blue Berries - Flower Fields
    36.Yellow Berries - Flower Fields
    37.Stinky Herb - Flower Fields
    38.Jammin' Jelly - Jade Jungle
    Thanks go to :
    Gamefreak <mickey-salsero1@msn.com> - Error Spotting
    Super Mario and all of its materials are property of NINTENDO 1981.
    Paper Mario is the property of NINTENDO/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS 2001.
    This guide is the property of Andy McDonald HOTPOTATO ENTERTAINMENT 2002.
    Thank you for reading.

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