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Reviewed: 04/29/01 | Updated: 04/29/01

Nintendo's unqiue mosaic

Everyone knows Nintendo - the company who made the famous characters, Mario, Link, Yoshi, Samus...and recently, Pikachu and other Pokemon.

Al the characters were segregated into their respective signature games at first. Ness for EarthBound, Link for the Legend of Zelda, Mario for Super Mario Bros., Samus for Metroid...the list goes on. Every character was special, having a seperate personality and look, as well as special ability. Everyone's happy.

THEN...Nintendo consulted Hal Laboratories (who made Kirby) and then they came up with the most unique (and once-in-a-lifetime) fighting game in the history of Nintendo. The fighting game starred all the main characters that Nintendo created, including Captain Falcon from F-Zero X, Pikachu from Pokemon...and they have their special abilities, and some have their signature stages.

Really, all the characters are a boy's toys and he pits them against one another in unqiue stages designed wonderfully. CAN you resist THIS game??

Gameplay (8.5/10) - Alright, it wasn't the hardest game I'd seen, although you'd lose all your lives once or twice. But the AI is still pretty smart - it very rarely commits suicide. And there's a practice mode - you can have the computer act as a punching bag, or present a little more challenge. To win, it's something like Sumo Wrestling - throw him out of the ring, and make sure he goes into the void and not come back.

Perhaps the most distinctive features of this game is the lack of having six buttons to press for a special combo, and flat stages in which you just jump around here and there, and only a lousy moving picture in the background to complement. To do a combo you need to press a maximum of three buttons, and it's simple to remember - beginners can grasp the game easily within the first half an hour or so. No newbie wild button pressing - keep it simple.

The stages are VERY fascinating - there are platforms to jump on, clouds to help you out, an Arwing which comes down and zaps the heck out of you, even items to help in your fight! You can fight a battle on a high platform or run away by going down a pipe! Or how about having a taste of acid? THIS is what makes Smash Brothers so fun.

Graphics (9/10) - Every character is nicely detailed, although some bits of them DO look a little strange. However some graphics like picking up of items, a hit from Link's sword...they look JUST a little undetailed.

Story (5/10) - Simply put, a boy decides to pit his toys together on his table stages, and all toys are Nintendo characters. Not much of a story, but who cares when you're smacking donw Link?

Audio/Video (9/10) - Sweet! Animation is nice and smooth, and the death screams of the respective characters is great! What I didn't like was the sound of hitting - it sounded kinda strange. Like hitting a hollow iron ball. Hmm...but the background music of the stages is great - they are themes of the signature characters! YEAH!

Replayability (10/10) - The multiplayer option is what makes this such a fun game. Drag this to a friend's house, hook it up and have a melee. Or team up on the computer. Or let the computer team up on YOU! Have four players, and go nuts! Even your little sister/brother can play, this game isn't bloody!

Buy or Rent - I'd say buy 99% of the time - this game is fun for platformers because the stages are greatly laid out. If you have doubts all the same, rent it first, but I would quite guarantee that you'd not regret buying it.

So, this game is great! I fell in love with it the first tine I played, and I've been playing it ever since! Apart from a few umphs here and there, this game deserves a 9!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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