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Reviewed: 03/04/01 | Updated: 03/04/01

An alright adventure game that needs serious work and fast.

Ed's Tonic Trouble is a major no-no when it comes to a choice of buying but is not to terribly bad a rental to try out a few times as it is fun. (For the first hour, that is). It boosts okay graphics, poor sound, average play control and a hilarious story that will make you laugh pretty heartily at times throughout the game. On to the reveiw.

The graphics need some major sprucing up in Ed's Tonic Trouble. They should have made the option for expansion pack combatibility as it would spice up the visuals greatly and make for an all around more zesty game to play. Ed's Tonic Trouble was made by the French develepor team, Ubi Soft, the same company that was responsible for the Rayman series that will came to know and love as we do today. Ed (the main charachter of the game) himself was designed alot like Rayman and his physical appearance is twin-like. Ed has no arms, legs, or neck connected to his body whatsoever as with Rayman. The detail level was rather low and could use some more attention. Over all Tonic Trouble is a colurful three dimensional game that will dissapoint in the pretty face area.

Yuck. Tonic Troubles's sound is very quiet and gets dull. There is not much sound in the game at all really. Every now and then, Ed will speak up during gameplay and say something like: 'Hey!' or 'Wow!'. The music that IS included in Tonic Trouble is always under a wacky mood that will keep the consumer in a fresh, humourous mood. The sound could have reached a higher level with me had it been somewhat louder than it is. The most positive word I can direct toward the sound category of Ed's Tonic Trouble is: 'Goofy'.

The play control is the second best part of Tonic Trouble in my opinion and I'll rate it as 'average'. It is pretty well done and is responsive enough to still have fun with the game. The biggest problem is that it's a bit wobbley at times and can throw off your grip of Ed's movements sometimes. Ed is not the fastest runner in the world ether and can confuse you at times. Just keep a steady head and you should be able to get around with plenty of ease and little effort.

The story is very farfetched but is humourous and entertaining. Ed was cleaning a room on the S.S. Albatross and saw a bug while cleaning. He chased after the bug and knocked over a deadly can of hair tonic while attempting to squash the bug flat. It falls down to Earth and into the hands of an evil viking named, Grogh. He turns himself and all the creatures of Earth into mutated bullies who begin to try to enslave all of the uneffected inhabitants. Ed must come down to Earth and stop Grogh then take back the can of tonic that he spilled by accident. 'Goofy', huh?

Like I said this is strictly a rental becuase of it's horrible replay value. If yo do rent it, enjoy.

1. Has funny story.

1. Bad sound.
2. Requres controller pack to save game data.
3. A rip off of Rayman.

Have fun playing Ed's Tonic Trouble and good luck defeating Grogh! Doak out.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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