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"crazy yet boring"

When Tonic trouble was first announced all those years ago, I was looking forward to it more than I was Banjo Kazooie. It looked funny, bizarre and original and I wanted it, but i had to wait and wait and then wait some more for it to finally turn up, now I wish I'd never bothered.

Many elements of the game that I saw in previews seem to have been removed from the game, for one there are no bosses, no cut scenes, and no level where villagers worship a shiny CD, but the game still has traces of it's original craziness, one of the game's main enemies are an army of crazy vegetables, which can be funny, as are the angry toasters and the sweetcorn guy, and the way the characters have no limbs.

But UBI Soft seem to have done their best to make sure that none of this craziness fits in, with all these visual images, no jokes are made, all the characters only really say serious stuff, so the wacky characters only seem misplaced, and it doesn't feel right.

but anyway, the plot is fairly original, Ed the alien has dropped a can of tonic on the earth, which subsequently has screwed everything up (flying sheep etc) and the can is stolen by an evil viking called Grogh.

The graphics are very attractive, while the textures in the game are mostly dull, theres a nice stylised crookedness about Ed's whole world, although the whole game looks very blurred and fuzzy, lessening the visual pleasure that could be on offer. The sound also tries to fit in with the bizarreness of the game being very....... well, stupid. There are no voices in the game apart from a few choice noises from Ed (Whoaaaaah, yaaaaah uh-huh) this gets very annoying, especially when he's making them in his little victory dance which you HAVE to sit through just about every time you reach a new door.

For a game that's been in development for the longest I can think of, you'd think it would boast some kind of revolutionary gameplay, unfortunately you find that it's quite the opposite, stealing shamelessly from all other platformers, and it has such shoddy presentation of it's tasks, making the game seem so cheap and like it was hardly worked on. Get to the top of a load of rock platforms, do it again, and then stand on a moving platform.

Around 5 or 6 times in the game you might catch sight of an enemy, and then you can whack it with your stick, the enemy will then blur across the screen and disappear, yawn. The length of the game is questionable, while not horrendous, but there's not really anything to make you want to go through to the end.

This game could and indeed should have been so great, and revolutionary, but it seems like an average rushed out platformer,it does have a few moments of excitement perhaps even bits you might want to replay bit. But ultimately, it just isn't worth it. Although if you are still intrigued (you sicko) then renting the game and plodding through it might be worthwhile.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/07/01, Updated 05/07/01

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