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    FAQ/Walkthrough by rolltide19921

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    Turok 2 Seeds of Evil
    I wish I could do ASCII art....
    Table Of Contents
    Oblivion Portals................(VII)
    Port of Adia....................(VIIII)
    River of Souls..................(X)
    Death Marshes...................(XI)
    Lair of the Blind ones..........(XII)
    Hive of the Mantids.............(XIII)
    Primagen's Lightship............(XIIII)
    Primagen keys locations.........(XVII)
    Contact Information.............(XX)
    Legal Stuff.....................(XXI)
    Intro (I)
    Hello, and welcome to my walkthrough for Turok 2 Seeds of Evil. This 
    game is one of the more challenging games for the N64. I need help on this 
    sometimes, so it'll probably take me awhile to finish it. This game has six
    levels, but it's longer than some games that have twenty.
    Story (II)
    **Spoilers For Turok Dinosaur Hunter**
    This game takes place after Turok Dinosaur Hunter. After Tael Set threw the
    Chronosepter into the volcano, he awakened the Primagen, the main villian in
    this game. At the end of each level you must stop the primagen's men from
    destroying the energy totems which keep him trapped in his lightship. 
    These are the arcade controls.
       Joy stick: Move
               A: Switch weapons
               B: Switch weapons
               Z: Fire Weapon
               R: Jump
               L: Map
       C up/down: Freelook
    C Left/right: Strafe
     D pad right: Sniper mode
        D pad up: Change ammo type
      D pad left: Change weapon type
      D pad down: Crouch
           Start: pause
    Items (IIII)
        Yellow Health- Raises your health 100 points
           Red Health- raises your health to 100
          Blue Health- raises your health 10 points
        Silver Health- Raises your health 10 points
       Satchel Charge- used to destroy objectives
                  Key- found in every level, used to open up new levels
       Red life force- gives you 10 life force points
    Yellow Life force- gives you 1 life force point
        Eagle feather- Take them to Talisman Chambers to receive a special ability
         Primagen key- You have to open up the door in the center of the HUB.
        Cave Door Key- Used to unlock caves in the Lair of the Blind Ones
    Weapons (V)
    Description: A peice of leather with two razors on the end that makes it look
    like a bird's talon, hence the name.
    Strength: Weak
    Best Against: Small creatures like compies
    Worst against everything else
    Ammo: None
    What it does: Scratches things
    Description: A long knife with serated edges
    Strength: Strong
    Best Against: Small and medium sized creatures
    Worst against: Bosses
    Ammo: None
    What it does: Cuts up things
    Razor Wind
    Description: A circular blade with serated edges all the way around
    Strength: Strong
    Best against: Large and slow-moving enemies
    Worst against: The opposite of above
    Ammo: None
    What it does: You throw it and it'll cut through every enemy in front of you
                  then come back to you like a boomerang.
    Bow & Arrow
    Description: Just your average Bow and Arrow
    Strength: Weak
    Best Against: When you have no ammo
    Worst against: Everything
    Ammo: 20 arrows
    What it does: Shoots arrows
    TEK Bow
    Description: A metal red colored bow. Has a scope
    Strength: medium
    Best against: Far off enemies
    Worst Against: Fast small creatures close to you
    Ammo: 20 arrows, 10 TEK arrows
    What it does: It has a sniper scope, the TEK arrows flash blue then explode 
                  which does medium damage.
    Description: A 9mm pistol
    Strength: medium weak
    Best Against: Medium sized enemies
    Worst Against: Big strong enemies, and bosses
    Ammo: 50 bullets
    What it does: shoots bullets
    Mag 60
    Description: A handgun that looks like a magnum, upgrade to the pistol
    Strength: Strong
    Best Against: Anything
    Worst Against: Small enemies
    Ammo: 50 bullets
    What it does: Shoots a quick burst of three bullets that can bring down even
                  the strongest enemies
    Description: A double barrel shotgun
    Strength: Strong
    Best Against: Medium, and large creatures
    Worst Against: nothing
    Ammo: 20 shotgun shells, 10 explosive shells
    What it does: It shoots a spray of bullets that can take an enemies head off
                  if you're up close.
    Description: A gray alien gun, upgrade to the shotgun
    Strength: Strong
    Best Against: Everything
    Worst Against: nothing
    Ammo: 20 shotgun shells, 10 explosive shells
    What it does: It shoots a blue laser that bounces off any surface and breaks
                  up into smaller lasers that also bounce around. This is lethal 
                  in small spaces or hallways.
    Harpoon Gun
    Description: A long crossbow looking weapon with a spear at the end
    Strength: medium
    Best Against: underwater creatures
    Worst Against: land creatures
    Ammo: 10 harpoons
    What it does: It acts as a bow and arrow underwater
    Torpedo Launcher
    Description: A wide weapon with two popellers on the back
    Strength: medium
    Best Against: underwater creatures
    Worst Against: opposite
    Ammo: 10 torpedoes
    What it does: It makes you swim faster and shoots damging torpedoes
    Tranquilizer Gun
    Description: A sniper rifle looking gun
    Strength: none
    Best Against: When you have no ammo, or want to put something to sleep
    Worst Against: everything
    Ammo: 30 darts
    What it does: Puts enemies to sleep for about a minute
    Charge Dart Rifle
    Description: A yellowish gun with a square end
    Strength: none
    Best Against: same as tranq. gun, can kill robot enemies
    Worst Against: everything else
    Ammo: 30 darts charge it and it'll take more ammo
    What it does: Electricutes enemies stunning them for a while. The longer you
                  charge it, the longer the enemy will be stunned.
    Plasma Rifle
    Description: A sniper rifle alien gun
    Strength: strong
    Best Against: Far off enemies
    Worst Against: close enemies
    Ammo: 150 (5 per shot)
    What it does: Shoots a green laser, has a sniper scope
    Firestorm Cannon
    Description: A mini gun with five rotating cannons on the end
    Strength: Very Strong
    Best Against: Evrything
    Worst Against: nothing
    Ammo: 150 plasma rounds
    What it does: Rapidly shoots plasma rounds that will rip apart enemies in
    Flame Thrower
    Description: A flame thrower with a constantly burning pilot light on the end
    Strength: medium
    Best Against: insect creatures
    Worst Against: strong enemies
    Ammo: 50 fuel gallons
    What it does: sets things on fire
    Sunfire pods
    Description: A round stone with a bunch of orange and yellow cracks around it
    Strength: none
    Best Against: kills blind ones instantly
    Worst Against: everything else
    Ammo: 8 pods
    What it does: Stuns enemies by blinding them and kills blind ones
    Grenade Launcher
    Description: A regular grenade launcher
    Strength: strong
    Best Against: big enemies
    Worst Against: opposite
    Ammo: 10 nades
    What it does: Shoots a bouncy grenade that explodes upon impact with an enemy.
                  If it doesn't hit an enemy it will bounce around dangerously and
                  could kill you if you don't aim it right.
    Proximity Fragramation Mine (PFM) layer
    Description: A large gun with a slot with mines on the right side
    Strength: very weak
    Best Against: nothing
    Worst Against: everything worst weapon in the game
    Ammo: 10 mines
    What it does: Lays extremly weak mines that rocket up and explode barely 
                  damaging the enemy.
    Scorpion Missile Launcher
    Description: A large missile launcher with four turrets on the end
    Strength: very strong
    Best Against: Tough enemies
    Worst Against: nothing
    Ammo: 12 rockets
    What it does: Locks on to an enemy, then you can shoot four rockets that will
                  kill just about anything in one shot.
    Cerebral Bore
    Description: A brown circular weapon with a bunch of bores in a circular slot
    Strength: Very strong
    Best Against: everything
    Worst Against: Purr Linn
    Ammo: 12 bores
    What it does: It locks on and when fired, a bore will travel to the unlucky
                  enemy's head and start drilling spewing blood everywhere. Then 
                  the bore will explode, taking the enemies head with it.
    Description: A HUGE weapon with a few rotating parts on the front
    Strength: Very very very very very strong
    Best Against: Everything
    Worst Against: nothing
    Ammo: 6 nukes
    What it does: After you have charged it, release the trigger button to shoot 
                  out a big ball of energy. A few seconds afterward it will 
                  explode turning the screen white for several seconds. Any enemy 
                  anywhere near the blast will freeze and explode.
    Basics (VI)
    Always use cover when your health is low. Especialy when a few enemies are
    firing at you from a long way off.
    If you don't want to be overwhelmed by enemies because you don't have any
    ammo always try to conserve ammo. The number one weapon for this is the 
    Try not to miss anything before you move on to the next area. It really sucks
    when you have to go back to the beggining of the level because you missed a 
    key or objective.
    When your in a firefight try to take out the more dangerous enemies first. 
    Warclubs before Endtrails etc.
    In most of the levels, it's almost inevitable that you'll get lost so use 
    your map often as it can be very helpful.
    Always go for headshots. The TEK bow will kill any enemy in one shot to the 
    Sometimes you can make enemies get in fights. If they accidently shoot each 
    other they'll start fighting. Keep in mind they have to be a different species
    to fight. It's very entertaining sometimes.
    Near energy totems, boss fights, and at some points in the levels you will
    find respawning health and ammo. It makes a distinctive noise noise that 
    you'll know when you here it. It gives you health until you reach 100 and ammo
    until you're filled to the brim on everything.  
    Oblivion Portals (VII)
    In each of the levels is an oblivion portal, which must be opened by a switch.
    There are a bunch of tough enemies inside. After you've defeated all of them,
    you'll be able to collect a peice of the nuke
    Talismans (VIII)
    In each level is a portal that looks exactly like an oblivion portal. If you
    take a sacred eagle feather inside the spirit will give you a talisman
    which gives you a special power, which you need to get the primagen keys.
    Leap of faith  found: River of Souls
    Breath of life found: Death Marshes
    Heart of fire  found: Lair of the blind ones
         Whispers  found: Hive of the Mantids
     Eye of truth  found: Primagen's Lightship
    Port of Adia (VIIII)
    Objectives - Rescue 4 children
               - Activate 3 distress beacons
               - Locate the energy totem, and defend it at all costs 
    Enemies: Endtrail
    When you start, jump in the water. In each of the alcoves is a red life force.
    Also inside of the two ships are some more life force. Go up the path, 
    ignore the machinery on the wall in the alcove, this is your first distress
    beacon. Fire an arrow at the barrel against the wall, and go inside. Go up the
    ladder, and through the tunnel to find your first power cell. Take it back to
    the distress beacon. Go back to the previous area, and go to the area with
    water surrounding a platform. Don't go inside the warp just yet, jump to the 
    ladder on the wall to find the pistol, now go through the warp.
    Go up the ladder to find some more life force, then go up the path. You'll now
    encounter your first enemy: a raptoid kill him and grab the key on the 
    pedestal. Continue, and two more raptoids will jump out from the corner
    attempting to scare the hell out of you. Blow up the barrel, and crawl through
    the hole. Go into the next area. Grab the pistol bullets and put one in the 
    Endtrails head, who is shooting at you from the above catwalk. Jump in the 
    water and go through the tunnel filled with life force. Jump up on the rocks
    to the above area and flip the switch to let a raptoid out, kill him and go 
    up the ladder. When you reach the top head right, flip the switch in the 
    alcove and keep going. Grab the flashlight and go through the passage. Kill
    the Endtrail and go through the door on the opposite side of the room. Go up 
    to the top level of the room via the blue health filled path. Flip the switch
    to open the cage and let a Raptoid out. Go down to the child, and run into
    her to free her. " Thank you Turok" your welcome you little bi- errrrm never
    mind. Go back into the room with the water in the middle. Go through the newly
    opened door and through the warp.
    Go foward and kill the two Endtrails. Go up the path to the right, make sure 
    you have your talon equiped and run around the corner and kill the annoying 
    compies. Flip the switch and go through the newly opened door. Go up the path
    until you reach a door that openes by itself, kill the endtrail, climb up the
    ladder and activate the switch. Go up the path and kill the raptor. Climb up
    the ladder and activate the switch. Drop down and kill another raptor and
    go through the newly opened door. Kill the Raptoid and collect the life force
    on the way up. When you reach the end, look slightly to the left and you'll
    see a yellow health, time your jump right and get it. 
    Now go back to the path you were on a few minutes ago and follow it. At the
    end you'll meet a raptoid, raptor, and an endtrail. After they're dead jump on 
    top of the stone and onto the ladder. At the top you'll find some silver 
    healths, go through the door. Now go through the passageway until you
    reach a large misty area. On top of the ladder to your right is a health and 
    ammo place. Here health and ammo constantly spawn until you're full on 
    everything. These are located throughout the game so be on the lookout for
    them. Take out the Raptoid that runs toward you and move along to the next 
    area. Kill the raptoid. To your right is a pile of crates, and at the top is
    another distress beacon. Kill the Endtrail and shoot the barrel on the wall 
    to find a power cell, take it to the distress beacon on top of the crates. Now
    head through the door the Endtrail was blocking to find a warp.
    Go foward, and an Endtrail will walk by so kill him. Go to the next area. A 
    raptoid will come from from the water to your left. Go to the left side of the
    area to find a ramp shoot the Endtrail at the top. On the left side behind 
    some crates is the last distress beacon. Activate the switch, and two doors 
    will open, one of them has an Endtrail, and the other has a power cell. Take
    the power cell to the distress beacon. (objective complete) Activate the other
    switch to release a raptor, kill him and go up the path he came from. Destroy
    the barrels to get some pistol ammo and continue up the path. Kill the 
    raptoids and the Endtrail and go across the bridge that will automaticly 
    lower. Collect the shotgun and use it to blow the endtrail's head off. Go into
    the room to find your first save point, but before you do activate the switch
    on the left side of where you entered. Inside of the save point you will be 
    given three options: save, have your health refilled, or have your ammo 
    refilled. You can only have your health or ammo refilled once per level.
    Flip the switch if you haven't already, then jump off the right side of the
    bridge. Kill the Endtrail and Raptoid, then go into the tunnel. Kill the 
    Raptoid, and another one will drop down, and attack you. Climb the ladder and
    flip the switch. Hop through the tunnel. Run into the front of the cage to
    make two endtrails come out. After they're dead flip the switch to open the
    cage. Jump back out to the previous area, and go through the warp. Kill the
    raptoid, and grab the key. Take the explosive shells, and go through the door 
    that just opened. Kill the endtrail and go through the warp. Go inside the
    buildings to find some life force and pistol ammo. Go to the northernmost
    path. Follow the path to your first warp portal, kill the endtrail, and 
    activate the strange looking switch on the wall. Go inside the portal and Adon
    will tell you about the Talismans. Go up the path and kill the raptoids and 
    continue up the path, but before you do go behind the buildings, and activate 
    the switch. Go inside and collect the TEK bow. Go up the path. When you
    see the edge with some blue healths (it will be on the left side) on it jump 
    down and flip the switch. Behind  the waterfall is an endtrail guarding a key.
    After that go back on the previous path, and you will eventually reach a save 
    Go through the warp. Grab the TEK bow, and blow up the barrel to find 
    respawning health, and ammo. Kill the Endtrail and hop up onto the rocks he
    was on. Climb the rocks and the ladder to find a switch. A new door will now 
    open so go inside. Take the flashlight, and hop down. Now you have to activate
    a series of switches and kill some raptoids to reach another child. When you 
    get to the room with the child, two endtrails will come in. After they're dead
    flip the switch to open the cage. Go to the large area with waterfalls 
    everywhere. The one in the northwest corner has two switches on either side, 
    flip them and go inside to a new area. Go inside of the building, and activate
    the switch. Go up the path with some life force in front of it to a new area. 
    Go inside this building to find some silver healths and a switch. Go back 
    outside and go up the ramp that has a now opened door at the top. Kill the 
    Endtrail and take the life force. The next door will open and another Endtrail 
    will run out. Follow the path to a warp
    When you enter this area jump over to the right on top of the building. There 
    is a little alcove with a switch nearby. Collect the life force, and a wall 
    will explode with a raptoid in it for the bozilionth time. Go into the door 
    you opened and activate both switches. Activate the switch on top of the 
    crates at the end of the room to open a tunnel behind the crates. Go inside
    the tunnel. This area isn't as confusing as it looks. Just hit all of the 
    switches until you make your way to the top, and rescue the stupid child.
    (objective complete) Jump to the bottom and go through the warp. Follow
    the path until you reach an area with a key on the roof of a house. Go
    around back to find a dark room with a switch. Go through the door across 
    from where you entered this area to find an Endtrail guarding the switch. Now 
    the ladder to the top of the house will be lowered. Collect the key, and go 
    inside of the room that was blown open by an explosion, to find a switch. Now
    go through the warp. Kill the two Endtrails, and activate the switch atop the 
    crates then follow the newly opened path to a save point.   
    Go up the path till you reach a catwalk. This area is full of Endtrails, and
    it is very easy..........to fall. There is a yellow health midway through so 
    that helps. After you're finnaly out of the catwalk area jump down, and climb
    the ladder on the ** Left** side, and activate the switch. Go out, and go to 
    the newly unlocked area to find an endtrail guarding a key. Go up the ladder
    on the other side now, and follow the path to a new area. Kill the stupid 
    lizards of slight annoyance and climb the ladder to your left to find a 
    switch. Go up the other ladder and follow the path to the next area. How many
    times have I said that? Now go to the next area. The end of the level is at 
    the end of this path but now climb the nearby ladder. Go up to the mansion
    looking house and climb the ramp on both sides and flip both switches. At 
    the back of either room climb the ladder to get to the top floor and the last
    key. Go down to the front of the mansion and go into the doors at the bottom,
    and flip the switches.
    Go across the bridge to the other door. Follow the path to the first oblivion
    portal. Jump off the edge to the below catwalk to find the switch. Enjoy the
    awesome cutscene before the fight. Go back to the previous path in front of 
    the mansion to find the exit portal. Now you must defend the energy totem from
    a bunch of endtrails! Make sure you have full shotgun ammo and this should be
    pretty easy. (level complete)
    River of Souls (X) 
    Objectives - Kill the three sisters of despair
               - Destroy two soul gates
               - Locate the energy totem, and defend it at all costs
    Enemies: Endtrail
             Sisters of despair
             Lord of the dead
    Go foward, and run into the dino in the stable to mount him. Now go up the 
    path. All you have to do is fight your way though a ton of raptoids, and 
    endtrails. To get past the gates you'll have to destroy a turret which is
    usually far, and high from you. Be on the lookout for destroyable walls, as 
    some of them hold red healths. At the end of this hellhole is a save point.
    After you've saved go through the warp. Take out your TEK bow, and snipe the 
    far off Endtrail. Run out, and blast the endtrail on the ledge to the left. 
    See those two switch like things on the wall? Shoot them to raise the bridge.
    At the end of the bridge destroy the barrel, and climb the ladder inside. Look
    across to where you shot the endtrail. Blow up the barrel over there to open 
    up the way. Up there you'll find the mighty warblade! Go through the tunnel to
    the next area. Go up the ladder to find some life force, then jump down, and
    kill the compies, and the raptor. Follow the path to the next area. Kill some 
    more compies, and another raptor. You should see another switch, shoot it to
    lower the bridge. Both of the paths lead to a warp, just watch out for 
    Now they will taunt you by putting a key in plain sight, but where you can't
    reach it. Jump down, and go right. Follow this path to a key. There are alot
    of raptoids, and Endtrails in this area. From in front of the key jump down, 
    and go right. Kill the raptoids, and go up the path that has a trail of yellow
    life force in front. Shoot the endtrails to make the bridge lower, then go
    inside. Go right, kill the endtrails, and destroy the barrel that was next to
    one of the endtrails. Go beside the ramp, and destroy the barrel. Follow this
    path to find a red health. Jump down, and continue up the path. Destroy the 
    barrel, and activate the switch. Continue, go through the door with the blue
    health in the middle. Follow this passage to find another wall switch shoot 
    it, and go across the bridge that's right across from the switch you activatd.
    Go right from the warp to find a save point. Go up the ramp, and you'll meet
    your first disapeering Endtrail, kill him, and the other endtrail, and climb 
    up the ladder to get to a new area. Kill the raptors around here, and go up 
    the large ramp, and turn left. Follow this path to find an Endtrail guarding a
    switch. Now you've opened up the path to the oblivion portal. Follow the 
    spider-filled path, and flip the switch in the dark room.
    The cages next to the little houses some raptors were in have been lifted. 
    Crawl inside of them to find gate keys. Take them to the pegasus statues to
    open the large gate. Kill the endtrails, and activate the switch on the left 
    side. Go inside, kill the endtrail, and activate the portal switch. Go back
    to the oblivion portal, and go get that peice of nuke. It's a good idea to 
    save after you've beaten the oblivion portal, cause you wont be seeing another
    save portal for a long time. Go back to the area where you activated the 
    oblivion portal. Dive into the water and flip the switch at the end of the
    tunnel. Swim back out, and go through the newly unlocked door to find a warp.
    Kill the endtrails, and go right. Flip the switch, and go through the once
    locked door. Follow the passage to the next area. Kill the man eating lizards,
    and go through the passage. Ignore the path to your right for now. Follow this
    path for a looooooooong time and you'll reach the mag. 60. Now go to the path
    I told you to ignore earlier flip the switch to reach a new area. Go back to 
    the area with the endtrails and the water in the middle. On the left side of
    the room is a barrel blow it up and follow this path. Shoot the switch and 
    keep a going. You'll be back in the previous area go to the door with the 
    symbol over it to find your first soul gate. Go back out and go though the 
    door on the right to find a warp.
    Go up the path and kill the raptor. Jump on the rail alongside the entrance
    ramp on the right side. Follow the path to a switch. Kill the raptoids and 
    head through. Go down the very looooong endtrail infested trench to an area 
    with some fountains kill the endtrails and shoot the switches on the wall. The
    pillar in the middle will raise revealing a warp. Follow the trail of life 
    force to find an endtrail guarding a fountain go down in the water. When you 
    get to the chance go left. Kill the endtrail and go up the ramp. Grab the 
    yellow health, the doors will shut and spiders will start endlessly flooding
    into the room ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Shoot the target to open the door. To your right
    is an open door that wasn't there before. Kill the endtrail and follow the 
    path and go right. Dive into the water and eventually you'll reach a warp. 
    Grab the flahlight so you will have the power of sight for a little while. 
    Kill all of the dead guys to make the gate open. Now you'll be in a much 
    larger area. Kill all of the lords of the dead to make the sister of despair
    come out. After she's dead(er) go back to the warp. Go back to the underwater
    area I told you to go left. Now you should go right. Hop out of the water and
    push in all of the switches on the sides of the pillar in the middle. Kill the
    raptoids and climb the ladder.
    Take this path to another warp. Drop down to the below area and kill the 
    raptor. Follow the path to the next area. Kill all of the endtrails around 
    here and move on to the next. Now kill another room full of endtrails and blow
    up the barrel against the wall. Go right to the ledge, grab the TEK bow, and
    shoot the target across from you. Jump down there and go through the opening
    that was blocked by the bars. Go right and right again to find a switch. 
    Follow the trail of life force and go right to find a warp. Kill all of the
    lords of the dead to make the sister of despair come out. After she's dead go 
    back to the warp. Go to the room where you blew up the barrel to get to the
    sister of despair and continue up the path. Follow the trail of life force
    then go left and dive into the pool in the top left corner. Follow this way
    until you reach a key. To the left and right of the platform you can jump down
    to find enough red life force to hear I am Turok! at least once. Go left out 
    of the pool room and run past the locked door to find a switch unlocking the 
    door. Kill the annoyances and head up the path. Drop off the ledge at the head
    of the pool to find the tranquilizer rifle. Go past the warp portal machine 
    and over the bridge. Kill the endtrails and go around the corner to find the
    warp portal switch. Go up the path and turn left. Once you're on the middle of
    the bridge look right to find a savepoint.(FINNALY!) 
    Go back on the bridge, except this time keep going and jump down the hole at 
    the end. Kill the endtrails to open the doors, behind one of them is a sacred
    eagle feather. Take it to the warp portal to get the leap of faith talisman. 
    Go back to the previous area and go through the warp at the top of the hill.
    Kill the lords of the dead to open up the buildings. Go inside and flip the 
    switches to open the gate. Do the same thing as the previous area here to open
    the gate. Flip the switches on the walls on the far side to open up the last
    two buildings. Go inside both of them to find keys. Take them to the two key
    holes to raise the bridge. Go inside to find the last sister of despair.
    (objective complete) Go back to the warp. Go down to the bottom of the area
    and through the door. Follow the path and turn right. Kill the endtrail to 
    make the door open but ignore that way, for now turn left. Kill the endtrails 
    and get the key and flip the switch. Now go back to the door I told you to 
    ignore to find the last soulgate. (objective complete). Go to the area where
    you turn left to go on a bridge, but instead of turning keep going till you
    reach a ledge. Look down and you'll see an area with some life force jump
    down and flip the switch. Jump into the water that's right beside you to find
    a newly opened cave. Go up there to find the exit warp. This energy totem is
    exactly the same as the first time. (level complete)
    Death Marshes (XI)
    Objectives - rescue five prisoners
               - destroy three ammunition storage facilities
               - locate the energy totem and defend it at all costs
    Enemies: Endtrail
             Warclub gunner
             Swamp Wasp
             Swamp worm
    Go foward over the bridge and up the path. Grab the shotgun and use it on the
    warclub that flies through the bridge. Jump down and hop on the platforms kill
    the raptoid and go across the bridge. If you want you can go left to find some
    health, ammo, and a gunner. At the end of the bridge go right to find the mag.
    60 if you haven't already, or go left to proceed. Kill the gunner and jump 
    across the collapsed bridge. Use the TEK arrows to destroy the wasp hive and
    the wasps then jump across to find some life force and respawning health & 
    ammo. Now jump across and continue down the path. Kill the warclub and head up
    the path. Jump across the logs quickly so you don't drown in the poisoness
    water. Go left through the bushes to find a key. Continue up the path killing 
    enemies as you go until you reach an area with buildings and a warp, but don't
    go through the warp just yet. Go across the bridge near the warp to find an
    endtrail guarding a prisoner. Shoot the lock on the door to open it and touch
    the prisoner to free him. Go into the mud behind the warp and you should see
    some red life force leading into an alcove. Inside is a satchel charge, go 
    back onto the bridge where you got to the prisoner cage, and turn right. You 
    should see some rocks. Jump onto them and climb the ladder. Kill the warclub,
    shoot the locks, and go through the warp inside. Go left when you get the 
    chance and touch the largest crate to set the charge. Hurry and run back to 
    the warp or you'll get blown up too. You can go back in to find a full health.
    Go through the warp I told you not to go through earlier.   
    Hop across the logs, collect the ammo, and kill the warclub. Go onto the stone
    path and turn left when you can. Follow this path to a savepoint, but don't 
    save just yet. Go up this path and follow the life force to a key. Keep 
    following the path until you reach a ledge with a gun floating in midair. This
    is the shredder! Now you can go save. Go back on the stone path except this 
    time keep going and you'll meet your first Juggernaut. Go through the hole in
    the wall he created to find a warp. Go up this path killing enemies, and 
    another Juggernaut will bust through a wall at you. Continue and you'll see 
    some life force going around a corner, follow it to find another save point.
    Don't get used to the savepoints being this close together. Remember the tower
    with the gunner at the top. Go down the path and two warclubs will bust out at
    you, kill them and continue to find a warp but don't go through yet. Go around
    the corner to the right to find two gunners guarding a warp portal switch. Go
    back to the tower I told you to remember and climb up. Jump over to the 
    building and collect the goodies. Go across the log and jump down to find an
    oblivion portal after you're done here you might want to save again, now go 
    through the warp. Go foward, kill the warclubs, and climb the ladder. Jump 
    over to the wall and jump down to find a satchel charge and some health. Go
    back to the warp and turn left to find another ladder. Go across the log to 
    find another ammo facility. Go left and foward to find the crate you need to
    put the charge on. 2 down 3 to go
    Go up the path till you meet another juggernaut, kill him and hop on the 
    ladder to the left. Kill the gunner and jump to the below area. Go through the
    door to find a juggernaut guarding a warp. Kill the gunners and jugs as you go
    down this path. Go right following the trail of life force to find the plasma
    rifle. Another juggernaut will bust through the wall so kill him and go 
    through the door next to the hole to find a path with a juggernaut, save, and
    a warp. Kill the gunner and warclub, then head up the path. You will now be on
    an enemy infested path. In order you'll face: 3 raptoids, 2 gunners, 3 
    warclubs, and one Juggernaut. At the end of the bridge turn right till you see
    a yellow life force. Jump over the edge to find a prisoner and the grenade 
    launcher. Go back to the bridge and kill the two jugs to lower the gate. 
    Inside you'll find a warp. Go right and through the hole to find two more 
    prisoners. Kill the enemies and jump across the poisoness water to the ladder.
    Remember the pile of rocks you can climb up here. Go right to find the last
    prisoner. (objective complete) Go up the path to find a warp, but don't go in
    yet. Climb up the ladder and follow the path. Eventually you'll see a satchel 
    charge on top of a cage but don't get it yet instead go up the life force 
    filled path to find a warp portal switch, then go get the eagle feather you 
    should've already seen. Jump to the path right in front of the feather to find
    a talisman chamber. Now you'll have the breath of life talisman. Now you can
    go get the satchel charge, then go through the warp I told you to ignore.
    Kill the Juggernaut and climb up the ladder. Go over the bridge on the left to
    find the last ammo facility. turn right to find the crate. Now go through the
    warp. Go through the gate and grab the key to make raptors flood into the 
    room. Kill them to make the gate open. Go inside and kill all of the 
    Juggernauts to open the way to the exit portal. This is the toughest energy 
    totem in the game. Gunners and jugs are everywhere and take awhile to kill. 
    Try to be fulll on shredder and explosive rounds before the battle.
    (level complete)  
    Lair of the Blind ones (XII)
    Objectives: -Seal three thermal vents
                -locate the energy totem and defend it at all costs
    Enemies: Endtrails
             Blind Ones
             Small Spiders by the thousands
             Giant Spiders
    NOTE: When you are jumping down the holes that lead to new areas, you will 
          usually see a warp. Use it and it will take you back up to the previous 
    WARNING: This level is a living hell and will make you want to bang your head 
             on the wall and/or cuss a lot. If you are not a patient person, stop 
             playing this now while there is still time! END WARNING
    Go foward and turn right when you reach a bottomless pit. There is also a full
    health in the area where you warped in. Kill the leapers and jump down the 
    hole. Look behind the waterfalls throughout this area until you find a tunnel 
    behind one of them. Go down the path and jump down the hole. Get used to that 
    as you will be doing it a lot. Turn left following the trail of golden life 
    force. When you reach a seemingly dead end the rock will slide away. Kill the 
    endtrail and jump down into the water. Swim to the bottom to find the harpoon 
    gun. Go into the cave on the right side and ignore the tunnel on the left for 
    now. Keep going to find a warp portal switch. Now return to the tunnel and 
    swim on through. Look to your right to find a path and follow it. Make your 
    way across the bridges and kill all of the endtrails that you run in to. Climb
    up the pegs on the pillar and continue up the path. Keep going through the 
    countless tunnels and up walls until you reach a warp portal machine, this is 
    a talisman chamber Go back the way you came and jump into the water that a 
    path went over previously. Kill the endtrail and grab the health and shredder 
    ammo and then climb up the wall. Also shoot the switch next to the pegs on the
    Ignore the warp and keep following the path until you find a hole to jump down
    to the next area. Ignore the tunnel that has a blue health in it and take the
    only exit. The door will lock and a giant spider will attack you. After he is
    dead,the exit will open, it has a blue health in front of it. Kill the enemies
    and activate the switch to open up the two tunnels with some life force in 
    front of them. Follow them to the end and shoot the switch at the end of each 
    of them which is above the dead end. After you have flipped both switches, go
    back to the main room to find that the gate has been lifted, so swim through.
    Kill the blind one and collect the Charge Dart rifle and the key. Go back to
    the main room and place the key in the slot and go through the newly-opened
    passage. Blow up the barrel to make the pillar fall so you can get across. Now
    rocks will start falling from the sky. Quickly make your way across the LONG
    series of paths until you are in a safe area.
    When you are in the very large room with a bottomless pit in the middle, go to
    the thin path to the right killing the small spiders. Keep going ignoring the 
    first tunnel. At the end you will meet a Giant spider who is guarding a flame
    thrower. Go through the tunnel that I told you to ignore to find a key. Once
    you take the key however a bunch of gooblins will flood the room. After they 
    are all dead a passage will open. Stand in front of the gate for a few seconds
    and it will open up so go through to the next area. Go across the bridge and 
    kill the blind one and keep going through the gate. Kill the enemies and blow
    the barrel to make the pillar fall and cross the bridge to the next area to 
    find a save point. Now turn the game off unless you have a few hours to spare.
    (seriously) When you come out of the save poin, take out your plasma rifle and
    take out both of the blind ones up on the walkways and the one in front of the
    locked passage. Go up to the door and shoot the switch to the right and go 
    through the tunnel. Now cross a few more bridges, hitting some switches and 
    fall down the hole at the end. Now jump across the platforms until you get to 
    a tunnel.
    If you fall, jump down a few waterfalls until you reach a lake and there is a
    warp at the bottom that will take you back to the top. Jump down onto the 
    ledge, kill the leapers, and jump on the platform to collect an eagle feather.
    If you wish you can backtrack ALL the way back to the talisman chamber, or you
    could just wait until you beat the level and then come back and get it. Now
    fall back down into the lake. Swim around until you see a trail of yellow 
    life force leading into a wall. Above it, out of the water you will see a 
    switch. Shoot it, and the wall will slide away and two leapers will swim out.
    Swim through the tunnel. Follow the long patyh and you will eventually reach
    a large room. Try to go through the exit with yhe TEK bow and three Giant 
    Spiders will come in. Kill them to open the way to the next area. Go through
    these corridors until you see an opening to your right. Jump out over to a
    platform that holds a cave door key. Climb up the pegs to get back up and 
    continue the way you were going. Kill the blind one and the gate will open,
    continue on some more. Keep going across some more bridges, killing blind ones
    and you will find a satchel charge. When you reach the next bridge look to the
    left and you will see a blind one in an alcove. Kill him and climb up the pegs
    below the alcove and jump down another hole at the end.
    Ignore the warp and turn right to find a key slot. Insert the cave key and the
    door will open revealing a vent chamber. Go up the path to the right and place
    the charge and then run out and go through the warp I told you to ignore. One
    down, two to go. Go forward the stone will move out of the way, revealing the 
    area before the hole. Turn right and you'll be in the area where you killed 
    the Blind One. Fall down into the water and make your way all the way back to 
    the area where you jumped onto the pegs and continue through the 
    passageways, you'll find a hole, drop down. Hop down in the pool of water and
    prepare to get frustrated. Wander around aimlessly through the tunnels, 
    hitting switches and unlocking gates until you have a satchel charge, the
    torpedo launcher and two cave door keys. There are also a couple of warps 
    around here. One of them leads to a vent chamber and another leads to the next
    area. After you have sealed the thermal vent, go through the other warp to
    proceed. If you start getting low on air, there are a bunch of air pockets
    scattered around and some health.
    Use the key to lift open the gate and head through. Hit the switch and go 
    through the endless passageways until you reach a thin ledge. Follow it to the
    bottom area where there are a few lava pools. Go into the alcove to find a
    switch, guarded by a giant spider. Kill the spider and flip the switch and a
    passage will slide open and a fireborn will run out. Kill him and go through
    the tunnel he ran out of. In this room you will meet a couple of more 
    fireborns. To proceed you will need to jump across the platforms. This is
    much easier if you went back and collected the heart of fire talisman. When 
    you reach the large area, carefully pick off the bow-wielding blind one and go
    up to where he was and blow up the barrels. You will find some ammo and 
    health, as well as a warp portal switch. Climb up the pegs on a different 
    part of the ledge to get to the next area. Kill the blind one and head into 
    the warp portal and get another Nuke peice. After you come out, jump off the
    cliff behind the warp portal. No, you won't die, you will be back in the 
    previous area. 
    You should see some red life force leading to a platfrom on a pole. There are
    also some more poles with more platforms. When you jump on, it will rotate up
    to the next platform. Be very patient or you will kill yourself. Follow some
    more tunnels and passages until you reach a hole and jump down.
    Hive of the Mantids (XIII)
    Under construction
    Primagen's Lightship (XIIII)
    Under construction
    Bosses (XV)
    All of this game's bosses are pretty tough and huge. The bosses are only 
    in the last three levels which is bad because they're the toughest.
    Name: Goldeneye
    Description: A giant eye in the ceiling with tentacles all around
    Found: The hellhole that is the lair of the blind ones
    Attacks: wacking you with tentacles, spewing acid at you, sending out leaches
    to attack you.
    When you start, jump down to the platform to start the battle. Kill all of the
    leeches to make the tentecles come out. Shoot the tentecles while constantly
    moving to avoid their hits. Their hits don't take that much health away, so
    don't worry to much. If your health does get low, health and ammo are 
    constantly spawning around the arena. After the tentacles are dead you must
    fight some more leeches. Kill them to start the next phase. Your targets are 
    now the strange objects around the eye who are spewing acid at you. Use 
    explosive shredder shells to quickly take care of them. Now another tentacle 
    will pop out of the wall AHH! Kill it to make another one come out repeat 
    until they're all dead. The target is now his eye Bwahaha shoot it with 
    anything to make it start raining blood.
    Name: Queen Mantid
    Description: A huge spider with two blasters
    Found: Hive of the Mantids
    Attacks: Blasting you, spewing poison at you, punching you
    This boss is very tough so be ready to lose two to three lives here. Her first
    weakpoint is her forearms so shoot them. The hard part about this is it's 
    insanely hard to hit them. Kill all of the mites that appear to be on steroids
    to start the next phase. You need to be constantly on the move in this phase 
    as her new attack can seriously damage you. The target his her abdomen. Use 
    the rocks and pillars as shields and try to make your way behind her. Kill
    some more mites then get ready for the last phase. the target is now the 
    blasters. Get in close and use the flamethrower to quickly do it. Now she's
    lying on the floor and the target is her head. Muhahahaha. Shoot it with a
    couple of shredder rounds to end this.
    Name: Mother
    Description: A huge, fat, zombie, thingy that hangs from the ceiling by her
    Found: Primagens lightship
    Attacks: Wacking you with tentacles, sending out worms to attack you, firing
    a ray at you
    This is the toughest boss yet. The target at first is her arms which she hits
    you with. Be constantly on the move as each hit takes off ten health. She 
    sends strange looking worm creatures to attack you as well. Now she has grown
    new arms, which are attached to the ceiling, which she uses to catupult 
    herself into the air and try to smash you. The target is her arms again but
    now they are VERY hard to hit. Now she grows legs and an abdomen like the 
    queen mantid and starts walking around. Her new attack is firing a bluish ray
    that takes off 20 health! ouchies. Now the target is her head. Put a bunch of 
    explosive shredder rounds into it and the battle will be over.
    Name: Primagen
    Description: A huge alien with tentacles all over his back
    Found: Center of the hub after you have all of the primagen keys
    Attacks: shooting you with fireballs, punching you, fireball shockwaves,
    bluish ray, scaring you with his voice
    This is a very very tough battle, unless you have nine lives. If you have the
    nuke use it to bdestroy all of the fliers that are zipping around and 
    attacking you. The nuke doesn't work on the primagen though. His first 
    weakpoint is the tentacles on his back just above his head. Whenever one of 
    the tentacles is almost destroyed he will attempt to regenerate. To disrypt 
    this continusly shoot him in the head. The next target is the large claw
    looking tentacle that's sticking out away from him. Use a powereful weapon
    like the firestorm cannon on it. Again try to keep him from regenerating. he
    also has a couple of new attacks: Throwing fireballs at you and shooting a 
    laser that does nothing at first, but after he hits you with it three times it
    takes a whopping thirty points away. Now on to the last phase. The target isn 
    now his head. Use explosive shells or what you have left to finish him off.
    Enjoy the ending scene!
    Enemies (XVI)
    This game has the best set of enemies I've ever seen. They are varied 
    just like the weapons. In this section I will tell you their attacks, 
    description, and best death death scene. 
    These are the most common enemies on the first two levels. They have 
    alligator-like skin, and a hangun that shoots rapidly, and can really take
    your health down. They also throw damaging grenades at you. They can also turn
    invisible. They have pretty good stamina and they can take a bunch of shots to
    the mid section and still live. Any of the strong weapons will easily kill 
    them though. These guys also have pretty good speed and ae pretty good at
    dodging your shots and taking cover.
    BDS: Randomly they'll turn their self-destruct mechanism on to try to take you
    with them. They explode in a mass of blood, and gore.
    Best weapons to Use: Pistol
                         TEK bow
    Also common in the first two levels the raptoid is like the Endtrail but 
    smaller, and no gun. They awkwardly hop towards you, and slash you with their
    claws. They are also good at dodging your shots. These guys are not as tough
    as Endtrails and will go down with a few pistol shots to the high or mid 
    section. One shotgun blast is also enough to put them down.
    BDS: If you hit him in the upper body with an explosive shell his torso will 
    be blown off.
    Best Weapons to use: Pistol
                         TEK bow
    You'll only find these a few times in the game, but when you do they're 
    usually in groups. They move very very fast, and do moderate damage. These 
    guys are not very tough and will die with around three shots with a pistol
    and they can't even take one shotgun blast without dieing. Luckily for them,
    their speed makes them extremely hard to hit and will keep them alive for a
    little longer.
    BDS: You can blow his head off, and his body will start running around spewing
    blood everywhere.
    Best Weapons to use: Pistol
    These things are more annoying than dangerous. They run around in little 
    groups, and start biting you. It takes four hits to take away one health.
    It only takes one hit from anything and they will explode into millions of
    tiny peices.  
    BDS: When you hit them they bust into a million peices
    Best Weapons To Use: Warblade
    These things wander around the graveyards, and near the soul gates. If you 
    want to make them offenseless turn the blood off in the options menu since
    throwing blood is their primary attack. Sometimes you can blow their legs off,
    and they will crawl after you. These guys have about the same amount of 
    stamina as the raptoid. They move very, very slow, but when you blow off 
    their legs, they move a lot faster.
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to use: Mag 60.
    Lord of the dead
    These guys are alot like the undead except much bigger. Turning off the blood
    will not make them helpless as they can punch you and shoot a very damaging 
    fireball at you. In the graveyards you'll usually have to kill a few of these
    to get to the next area. These guys are very tough and the fiercest enemies on
    Level 2. 
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to Use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    Sister of despair
    These are your objecives in the river of souls level. They're found in 
    graveyards. The easiest way to hit them is when they stop to summon more 
    enemies. They can shoot a fireball that's like the lord of the dead. They
    can also shoot a skull at you that does moderate damage. If you get in close
    they'll use a spell and knock you back 20 feet. They can take a great deal of
    hits and can even take 4 shotgun blasts before finally killing over. (again)
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to Use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    These inhabit the death marshes. If you get close they will wack you really
    hard. When you're at medium range they'll hit the ground causing a shockwave.
    Some of them will even throw rocks at you. They look like gorrila aliens. 
    These are tough to kill when you are up close because it is hard to get a
    headshot. Most of the time one shotgun blast will blow a hole through them, 
    but sometimes it won't. The best way to deal with them is to retreat back a
    good distance and shoot them in the head with an arrow from the TEK bow.
    BDS: If you hit him with a shotgun to the stomach it'll blow a hole through 
    him and you can see through it.
    Best Weapons to use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
                         TEK bow (far away)
                         Plasma Rifle (far away)
    Warclub gunner
    These guys have a chain gun that it can barely lift and a huge box of ammo on
    its back. The chaingun gets jammed often giving you a good chance to run out 
    and kill him. These guys are tough and can take a lot of hits, so if you 
    attack him out in the open, you will lose a lot of health. Take cover behind
    a tree or rock and wait until he stops shooting, quickly run out and shoot 
    him in the face with a strong weapon. 
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    These are my favorite enemy. They carry a sword that's bigger than you and it
    can shoot lasers. Like the warclub they can cause a shockwave. The best way
    to kill them is a few shotgun shells to the chest, as you can't hurt his head
    because of the helmet. He can also block your shots with that sword. These 
    guys have incredible stamina. They can withstand several shredder rounds to
    the chest and you can't even hurt his head or some other parts. To hit his
    head, shoot a shredder round so it will bounce up and under his helmet and hit
    him in the face. It is impossible to fight him close range because he will 
    mess you up very badly. The best way is to get far off and snipe him. If he
    starts charging you, keep running backwards shooting at him until he falls 
    BDS: You can blow his entire side off and blood will start poring out.
    Best Weapons To Use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    Swamp Wasp
    These things are more annoying than dangerous. They come out of a hive. For 
    some reason if you shoot the hive with a TEK arrow they will start attacking
    each other. One hit from anything will kill them. They are slightly more
    powerful than the compies.
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons To use: Warblade
    Blind one 
    There're two types. One is fat with a VERY damaging crossbow. The other is 
    slimmer with a large sword. Both are dangerous and you'll want to kill them
    quickly. The skinny one can also throw grenades. These guys have about the
    same stamina as the endtrails. The most effective way is to snipe them in the
    head from afar, but a couple of shredder shots to the chest will also kill
    BDS: Sometimes you can blow his chest off.
    Best Weapons To Use: Shredder
                         Mag 60. 
                         TEK bow                    
    Mantid Soldier
    A huge brown cockroach-like bug. They usually just shoot you with their star
    wars-like blasters. On the shoulders they have twin plasma cannons that will
    really take your health down. These guys are one of the tougher and hardest
    to kill enemies that you will encounter. They can take tons of punishment 
    from any weapon. This is another enemy that you are better off staying far
    away from and sniping like a scared little girl. The firestorm cannon is also
    very effective in killing these guys. The scorpion missile launcher is also
    very useful here.
    BDS: Sometimes you can blow his side off. What the hell? his blood glows in 
    the dark. 
    Best Weapons To use: Plasma Rifle (far away)
                         Firestorm Cannon
    Mantid Drone
    These look like praying mantis. Some of them have jetpacks and are ridiculusly
    hard to hit. They carry two blasters that take off five points per hit. If you
    get surrounded by them you're really in trouble. These guys don't have as much
    stamina to go along with their attack power and agility. One shredder round is
    usually enough to kill them. The firestorm is one of the few weapons that you
    will actually be able to effectively hit them a lot with.
    BDS: You can blow their legs off and they'll start crawling around franticly
    then die.
    Best Weapons to use: Shredder
                         Firestorm Cannon
    Mantid Worker
    These look like the soldiers except twenty times smaller. They run around in 
    small groups and start slicing you. The warblade is too weak for them, so the
    best weapon to use is the mag. 60. These guys are a lot more durable than they
    look. The best weapon to use is the shredder.
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to use: Shredder
                         Mag 60.
    These are like a compy in bug form. They hop around in their little groups and
    nip away at your health. Sometimes they'll come out of eggs that you destroy, 
    or they come out of a nest that you can destroy with a well aimed grenade. 
    These things are a lot more durable than compies, but they do about as much
    damage. It takes two to three warblade slices to kill them. 
    BDS: none
    Best Weapon to use: Warblade
    These are an interesting enemy. They get around on a single wheel. Their only
    attack is punching you. The only thing the charge dart is good for is killing 
    these guys, two fully charged shots is usually enough to put them down. If you
    don't use the charge dart rifle they have pretty good stamina and will die 
    with two or three shredder shots
    BDS: He slides around erraticly, and collapses on his wheel. 
    Best Weapons to use: Shredder
                         Charge Dart Rifle
    A squid-faced soldier that carries around some powerful weapons. Ther're two 
    types one has a single laser gun, and the other has two guns like the 
    firestorm cannon. The scorpion missile launcher or the firestorm cannon are 
    effective against these. These guys are very tough to kill. Not even three
    shredder shots is enough to kill them. The two best weapons to use are the
    scorpion missile launcher and the cerebral bore. If you don't have either of
    them, the nuke is quite effective. The firestorm question may be the best one
    to use.
    BDS: You can blow their head off and it lands a few feet away
    Best Weapons to use: Cerebral Bore
                         Explosive shredder rounds
                         Firestorm cannon
    These are the feircest enemies in the game. It takes multiple shots from the 
    scorpion to kill one. They also have an invisble mechanism like the endtrail. 
    If you don't have scorpion ammo use the firestorm cannon. These are incredibly
    durable. The ONLY weapons you should use are the extremely powerful ones like
    the scorpion, and firetorm cannon.
    Best Weapons to use: Cerebral Bore
                         Firestorm Cannon
                         Explosive shredder rounds
    These enemies are awesome. They look alot like the endtrail except they're
    black and flaming. They can throw nades at you and they are lethal at close
    range. These are the toughest enemies that you will find in the Lair of the
    Blind ones. The shredder is the most effective weapon at killing them. NEVER
    get up close to them unless you want to have one less life.
    BDS: Sometimes you can blow them up and all that will be left is their feet.
    Best Weapons to use: TEK bow
    These are amphibeus creatures that hop around with great agility. They go up
    to you and start slashing doing moderate damage. These guys are pretty weak 
    and couple of warblade slices will end them.
    BDS: You can blow his side of and his rib cage will be sticking out.
    Best Weapons to use: Warblade
    Death Guard
    These are one of the toughest enemies you'll find. They are faster than a 
    raptor and carry a gun bigger than you. He fires rapidly and does a ton of
    damage. He can also throw grenades and punch you. They can also take loads of
    damage from the shotgun. Lucky for you he will be standing still a lot of 
    times waiting for you to shoot him in the face with the TEK bow. When they are
    up close, you will want to use a very powerful weapon on him.
    BDS: you can blow his skin off and see that he has no blood. AHHHHHHH!
    Best weapons to use: TEK bow (far away)
                         Cerebral Bore
                         Mag 60.
    They are a little slower than the death guard. They don't carry a gun but 
    instead carry a sword. Like the death guard he can throw grenades. These guys
    are slightly faster than a raptor and do pretty good damage with that sword 
    and they can swing rather fast making them a very lethal enemy. Like the death
    guards, you will sometimes find them standing there for you to pick them off 
    with the TEK bow.
    BDS: You can blow their upper body off and the spinal cord will be sticking
    up with the skull attached to the end of it.
    Best Weapons To Use: Shredder
                         Mag 60.
                         Cerebral bore
    Lord of the Flesh
    These are a lot like the death guard except bigger and red with a cool looking
    spiked shoulder pad. They fire faster than the death guard and are stronger.
    There is another type that can shoot green lasers from his hand. These guys 
    are also faster than a death guard and can take tons of hits. I would like to
    see a fight between one of these and an Elite. Don't mess around with these
    guys and just finish them with a strong weapon. Usually when you fight them 
    you will be on a platform surrounded by lava and when they punch you you fly 
    back a few feat.
    BDS: Same as death guard
    Best Weapons To Use: Cerebral Bore
                         Firestorm Cannon
    Swamp Worm
    These pop out of the mud in the death marshes. They are very annoying. Just 
    don't get in close and you'll be alright. They wack you with their unnaturally
    long tongue doing little damage. Just get to where you are out of their reach
    and shoot them until they die
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to Use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    Giant Spider
    These are large spiders that run around spewing acid everywhere. They can
    also use their web to go up into the ceiling and land somewhere else in the
    room. These things are surprisingly durable, but will go down with three 
    shredder shots or a few Mag 60. shots. The flamethrower is the best weapon to
    BDS: none
    Best weapons to use: Mag 60.
    Cave Worm
    Just like the swamp Worms except........ they're found in a cave! Who knew
    BDS: none
    Best Weapons to Use: Shotgun
                         Mag 60.
    Primagen Keys (XVII)
    Primagen Key 1
    Right after you go into the talis man chamber, and adon tells you about the
    talismans, there are some buildings. Behind them is a switch, activate it. 
    Inside is the primagen key. You need the leap of faith talisman to do this.
    Primagen Key 2
    Go back to the area where you flipped the switch to open up the way to the 
    exit portal. Blow up the barrels to find a new passage. Now you have to do a
    series of leap of faith jumps to reach the key. You need the breath of life 
    and leap of faith talisman for this.
    Primagen Key 3
    Follow the path after the second warp until you see a talisman tile. Dive into
    the water and go through the cave. Follow the stream until you find land. Jump
    up and kill all of the purr linn then grab the key. Make sure you have the
    torpedo launcher or you wont be able to make it back. You need the breath of 
    life talisman to do this. 
    Primagen Key 4
    Primagen Key 5
    Primagen Key 6
    Codes (XVIII)
    bewareoblivionisathand- master cheat
                   STOMPEM- Big Feet & Hands Mode 
                UBERNOODLE- Big Head Mode 
                 LIGHTSOUT- Blackout Mode 
               FROOTSTRIPE- Frooty Stripes 
          WHATSATEXTUREMAP- Gouraud Mode 
                DLVTRKBWPS- Infinite Ammo 
                DLVTRKBNRG- Infinite Lives 
               HEEERESJUAN- Juan's Code 
                DLVTRKBLVL- Level Select 
                  IGOTABFA- Pen & Ink Mode 
                  PIPSQUEAK- Small Enemies 
               HOLASTICKBOY- Thin Enemies 
      O N L Y T H E B E S T- Warp to Credits 
                     AAHGOO- Zach Attack 
    Credits (XVIIII)
    Me- for typing this
    Acclaim- for an awesome game
    Gamefaqs- for codes and for hosting this
    Contact Information (XX)
    Email Adress: rolltide19921@yahoo.com
    Don't send any Junk mail
    If you ask a question already answered in the guide you will be ignored
    If you send in something you will be given full credit for it
    Don't ask the same thing over and over again
    Do NOT post this on your site without my permission
    Legal Stuff (XXI)
    This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
    not be used as any means of profit. 
    Roll Tide Roll

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