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"Could have been okay, but has extreme problems"

Here is a catagory rating for the game. I have weird categories.

Graphics 8/10
Absolutely incredible, very detailed, even on low res mode, but the fog gets annoying. It interferes with gameplay too much. Weapons and firing animations are excellent, and the bizzare, polygonal fire is interesting, to say the least.

Sound 7/10
The background sounds are spooky, and add a lot to the game. The death gurgles of most of the enemies is just nasty (e.g. Blind Ones gurgle and vomit when shot) The weapons sound okay except for the Rocket Launcher, which sounds like a man walking on insects.

Music 4/10
The music is very average, with one or two memorable songs, like at the bottom of the Blind One lair. The big problem with the music is that it doesn't always fit with the situation, perky and happy music while you hack limbs off in level 1, or jolly, dancing music while the undead of level 2 are throwing flaming skulls at you and spraying you with blood.

Gameplay 2/20
Uh oh. The game is HIDEOUSLY flawed, with almost no redeeming features. From this point on, I am just gonna ramble as it comes to me. Most of the rest of the categories will be lumped in this. First, frame rate. Huh? What's that? The makers of the game when so far over the top with the graphics when you with an enemy, so much flies out that you see, NO EXAGGERATION, 1 or 2 frames per second. But of course, the enemies still hit you just fine. If you are on lo res mode and every time you fire, you look straight down, the game is still playable, otherwise, forget it. Also, weapons are so wonderfully weak, that you can spray a monster with bullets, and it will be fine. To assit the monsters in this, hit detection is awful. Rockets that hit enemies in the face do nothing, flamethrower juice will hit them and nothing, bullets land 5 feet from them and they die! It is completely random. At the very end of the game, you come across one weapon, the Razor Wind, that is useful. It is this giant circular boomerang that goes through anything and kills it instantly. I killed the Mantid Queen in like 10 hits with it. Also, when it kills, it gets covered with blood :) The most powerful (no) gun (no) in the game, the Nuke, won't damage anything, that's right, anything, unless it can kill it with one hit, so you can't fight bosses, or enemies past level one with it, so of course you get it right before the end. An excellent problem is play control. The controller is always a second or two behind you, so while you are being shot, you slowly build up enough inertia to dodge. Then you move so fast that steering, let alone shooting, are out of the question. While fighting bosses, they move so fast that you can barely see them, and you are supposed to hit one small part of them. Hmm...Radius weapon! Not in this game. Rocket launcher, grenade launcher, etc. None of them have the slightest effect. One incredible disappointment with the game was the fact that it wasn't even slightly scary. Two levels that had the potential to be the scariest ever, the lair of beings that had no eyes and lived forever underground, and the lair of a giant race of intelligent insects, sucked. The Blind Ones lair was a generic, and incredibly boring cave, whose only highlights were a lava area, and a lot of cliffs. The Mantid lair looked like a bunch of plastic and metal melted together and spraypainted green. No slime, no fear, no moody atmosphere (OHH! A rhyme). And the defining factor of this horrible game, the levels. Each one takes hours to get across, each part looks the same, there are no new enemies, items, or landmarks, it is simply a big walking tour. Plus, the levels have so many switches, items to find, and booby traps that there is no was to do everything. Every few feet the path branches out, so you take a route and forget to come back to go down the other. I have an I.Q. of almost...uh...4, and I can barely make heads, let alone tails, out of this game. Practice and a lot of patience will help, but don't expect to succeed. While doing a text search of a walkthrough, I found the word eventually at least 100 times, try it! :( The enemies of the game are varied, but all look stupid, especially the mantids, who look like refugees from an old production of Captain Video (Read Dave Barry). And wouldn't it be nice if Adon didn't look like a drunken stripper? The multiplayer of this game is abolutely awful. Weapons do no damage, and there is always a powerup right around the corner. There is only one new weapon, and it is just a rifle version of a normal gun. Levels are small and fact, there isn't a single good one. And, our old friend Frame Rate returns to borrow the lawnmower again. With four players, forget about seeing anything. By the way, the only reason the game didn't get a one for gameplay is that it is really fun if you cheat. A little. And the category is out of twenty because it is far more important that the others.

Overall Let me do the math... 4.2/10
That's right, graphics do not a good game make, and sucky weapons, incredible difficulty, bad enemies, flat music, stupid big levels, an inane ending, bad level design, impossible bosses, sucky weapons again, and overall sloppiness don't help either. Don't buy it, rent it and play with the cheat codes, it will be quite enough...Actually, my bad, buy it used. I found it at this expensive place in Olympia for 4 dollars, that's right! Old nintendo games like Rad Racer and Blaster Master costed more than that. What does that tell you about a game?.......................................(Answer:It sucks)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled world.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/24/01, Updated 07/24/01

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