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"A good game, but has a minor flaw which can hurt the whole game!"

Turok Dinosaur hunter is quite a decent. Running around killing primitive people and dinosaurs with knifes and guns is something you don't do everyday, so why not start now? The only problem is that the control can be tricky which could make you not want to play this game. Even with the bad controls, it's still a pretty good game, but would be much better with a multi player mode. Turok dinosaur hunter is just a taste of what is to come.

Game play: 8/10 (great)
The game play is fun, but the major let down was the controls. I found them hard to use, but apart from that it's quite an enjoyable game. Running around levels trying to complete the missions while staying alive, then when you find a dinosaur or person pull out your gun an bang bang, blood fly's everywhere and you continue on your mission. The weapons are fun to use but it does seem odd how guns were around in such primitive times. Unfortunately there is no multi player, which could have added so much more fun to this game.

Graphics: 10/10 (excellent)
The graphics are nicely done, the levels, enemies and weapons look excellent. The worst thing is the blood, it comes flying out in big blotches that are basically 2 different coloured red squares. The best looking thing in the game would have to be the levels and dinosaurs, those 2 things look much better then things you would see in other FPS games.

Sound: 10/10 (excellent)
The sound is nice and simple, it isn't annoying either. Bullets and knife's sound pretty good for the Nintendo 64 which makes it more realistic to listen to.

Replay Value: 7/10 (good)
If you finish this game then you will want to finish it again because it's so much fun killing dinosaurs! The levels are big to so by then you could have forgotten what to do, which will make you think of how to beat it again.

Rent or buy?
Buy for sure, it will be very cheap by now so it's very good value. Also, all these years later you most likely wouldn't be able to rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/19/06

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