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"The reason I started playing FPS games."

Back a long time ago I thought that FPS games were the dumbest things ever conceived. I then rented Turok Dinosaur Hunter for the Nintendo 64. In my mind all I could think was that this thing was going to stink as bad as Doom for the SNES. Well I plugged that little cartridge right in and I must say, this game blew me away. I was so surprised that I thankfully reversed my paradigm of thinking all FPS's were garbage, and began playing this game religiously. It is in my opinion the third best FPS on the console and a reason enough to own a Nintendo 64.


I am not going to lie here, the graphics are blocky. I mean there is no other way of putting it, when I popped in the cartridge not long ago I was so shocked and amazed how far we have come in, oh let's say 8-10 years. The character models are decent enough for me, but the modern gamer who has not lived through the blocky graphics will complain. The only characters that do not actually look blocky are the dinosaurs themselves.

Now onto the graphical effects found within the game all I can say is that they did a tremendous job in this particular area. My favorite effect in the entire game, and one I had not seen in a game before this, was the ability to pump the enemy full of lead, and actually watch the blood spray onto the walls. The gun effects are also tremendous. They range from the Chronoseptor's laser beam shot and following white light explosion, to the relatively nice looking machine guns blazing a stream of bullets.

The only area where I can find fault is in the environments themselves. The levels all have this fog in them and it sort of hinders you sometimes. The levels are large and sometimes feel very sparse. The level of detail within the levels leaves something to be desired, but for the time it was made in, this was sufficient enough for me.


The sounds are decent. There is very little music and the music that does play you'll just want to turn down. There are no voice overs, which considering the systems capabilities is not much of a problem for me, but may be a turn off for others. Other than that, the sound effects are so so. I mean they do everything they are supposed to, but they are a little flat and uninspired. I mean it just does not jazz up the game play for me in any way shape or form. The guns all sound the same except for the Chronoseptor and the Fuse Cannon which just give off tremendous explosions. Other than, that the death chokes of human enemies shot in the neck are a decent touch. However, that is the extent of the good audio from this game.


The controls in this game require some getting used to. You have to learn all the controls by yourself with no helpful tutorials in the game. The game basically plops you in the game and gives you a few words of advice and then says see ya at the end. I mean it is not that hard to learn them by yourself and reading the manual, but for beginners that have not played very many FPS's, the control scheme can be frustrating. The button layout for the control schematics just feels wrong, and just feels uncomfortable in your hand. Once you do master the control schematic and get the basic gist of what is going on control wise, you will probably be well within the first level.


Basically the story goes like this: The Campaigner basically flings all the parts of a very powerful weapon all over the place. You eventually go through the game and collect its pieces and then confront The Campaigner. Basically, the story seems to be just thrown into the game to make you feel like you are doing something important with your time. I found the story to be lame, and to tell you the truth, did not pay any attention to it. I mean who is going to be afraid of a evil bad guy named the Campaigner.


The game runs smoothly and is just a great FPS. The game has 8 levels which increase in difficulty. Plus in each map there are keys that allow you to move on and find things, etc. The game features tons of hidden goodies and the ability to putting together a weapon of immense power. The game also features tons of challenge, as you try to withstand withering assaults on your character.

The life gauge is a pretty standard type life gauge. I mean you'll be collecting things to increase your health, you'll find plenty of ammunition, etc. within the game. Otherwise, the game is your typical FPS, A brainless shooting game that invites you just to mow down your enemies with impunity.

There seems to be few bugs to report, and that is a great thing. There are no invisible walls or things like that and the camera seems to be made to work well. All in all, the factors all add up to make this one fun game.


I would definitely recommend buying this game. It is a great FPS that is to always be overshadowed by the likes of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. The game is fun with a nice amount of challenge. If you are in the market to find all the great old FPS games then you have a good game to get right here.

THE RUNDOWN- just because I like to type up numbers for things!

GRAPHICS-8/10 (Blood on the walls baby!)
SOUND-6/10 (Very average, nice explosions.)
CONTROLS-7/10 (Takes time to get used to.)
STORY-1/10 (Who buys a FPS for it's epic storyline?)
GAME PLAY- 8/10 (everything runs well, I hate the life gauge)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/23/07

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