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"Well drown the kids and shoot the neighbors, an actually decent game on N64!!!"

It was a good year and a half in since I bought the waste of plastics and memory boards known simply as ''N64'', and although I sold the worthless piece of trash several years ago and bought a Dual Shock Playstation with the money, I do have fond memories of one little gem. Oh yeah..

''I AM TUROK!!!''
You' damn right.. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, quite simply the greatest corridor shooter of all time. To hell with Perfect Dark, the Duke, Doom, or even Goldeneye 007. Ahhh.. there's nothin' like trekking through the jungle with a fully packed minigun under one arm, a few grenades under the other. Not knowing what the hell is on the other side of that eerie and dreadfully constant mist, or when a raptor will jump out of no where and turn you into Native American Coldcuts.

''Pre-rendered CG wha? Pixel who?''
Graphically, Turok is one of the most beautiful games I've ever laid eyes upon. A fully three dimensional world allows you to explore every crack and crevice of the absolutely massive, boundless myriad of detail in the eight stages. Only a truly gifted gamer like myself (yes, I am cocky) can really appreciate the detail that went into this baby. In the jungle, every single plant in a corner, every vine hanging from a tree, every leaf upon the ground is included with mind blowing, intricate detail. It's unbelievable once you really take your time and look at the ground beneath your feet, or the lonely palm in the middle of a massive, tropical glade.

But possibly the most beautiful thing about the graphics in Turok is the mist. It's so beautifully done, and realistic. It's so unbelievably awe inspiring when you're walking through a plain, stopping short and watching several monkeys, or birds, or even deer disappear into the mist as they hear your subtle footsteps tread upon the forest floor.

Then there's the actual enemies themselves. Blockiness is to a minimum, and the movements are very lifelike. Also notable is the variety of human opponents. Never once did I ever come across two enemies who looked alike. Every enemy either had a different face, clothing, weapon, etc. Then you have massive beasts such as the triceratops and the terrifying Thunder, a biomechanical tyrannosaurus.

Also notable are the special effects. Beautiful, simply beautiful. From the relatively small grenade blast, to the massive and blinding, yet strangely beautiful blue smoke aftermath of the supreme Chrono Scepter blast. I can't explain it, you have to see it for yourself.

''Ack! ... ugh... hack.. cough.. guh.. *sputter, fall*''
Ahh.. another area of perfection for Turok is it's sound effects and music. I mean perfect. From the subtle cricket's chirp as night threatens to fall, to the thump of the raptor's footstep off in the distance. The tiger's growl from some unknown height, to the sound of fish doing their graceful ballet upon the surface of a shallow river. EVERYTHING is in such gorgeous detail, it nearly brings a tear to my eye. Absolutely unbelievable.

The music isn't nothing to shake a stick at either. It fits the mood of the stages so well. The semi-vocal jungle jitter to the opening stage, to the creepy and yet still majestic tune which guides you through the catacombs. All in perfect harmony with the stages. However, I suggest you keep the music slightly lower than the sound effects, so you can hear all the little details as your quest advances from your doused campfire.

The more intense sound effects make listening to Turok even more enjoyable. You'll find yourself switching from Grenade Launcher to mere Pistol all for the sake of the chance you might get to see your pathetic human victim grab his neck in a vain attempt to stop his blood from spurting out of his neck, choking and hacking on his own plasm before falling to the ground in a silenced thump. The screams of agony uttered by man and beast alike are enjoyable, even if you're not as sadistic as I am.

''Can you fly, Bobby?''
Forgive me for using one of General Hamilton's quotes for this section. And now, the gameplay commentary. It's a corridor shooter, what's there to say? You walk around, shooting a variety of poor jabronies who happen to cross your path with utter ease- WAIT A MINUTE! That's not it. This game is, by no means, easy (unless your weak sauce buttocks can't get past the first stage without using the painfully advertised codes). It presents a lot more challenge, this isn't poaching innocent, wild animals, kiddies. Since the valleys of the jungle are somewhat narrow, you'll find yourself running into dead ends backwards as you try desperately to pump enough ammunition into a raptor before it can sink it's 6' claws into your chaps.

But the most common cause of death in Turok is not enemies, but rather environmental hazards. The oh so frequent fatal pitfall, to getting crushed like a fly by a swinging log trap. You MUST look where you're going, this game uses a sense of strategy, it's not a game where you can run through it just shooting anything that moves. Perilous jumps from small pillar to small pillar hundreds of feet above a pit of lava prove that Turok is also the most suspenseful corridor shooter of all time as well.

''Granny, get your minigun!''
What more can I say? Turok: Dinosaur Hunter kicks ass. If you're one of the unfortunate many who owns a Nintendo 64, I suggest you fall back in love with it by playing this game. Oh yeah... the monkeys are invincable, so don't bother.

Overall Scores:
Graphics - 10
Sound - 10
Gameplay - 10
Replay - 8
Overall - 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/01, Updated 03/26/01

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